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America’s #1 Pattern Trader Unveils How Answering
His Weekly Money Call Can Land You A...


Hey, Tom Gentile here.

You know, last year when I launched my Friday Night Fortunes program, I was confident that my recommendations could deliver life-changing wealth, week after week, like clockwork.

Well… that’s exactly what’s happened.

You can see it for yourself right here…

I rarely do this… but here’s a look at my actual track record for the last six months – no B.S., no cherry-picking…


In other words, these are NOT hypothetical gains.

These are actual Friday Night Fortunes my Weekly Money Call subscribers had the chance to grab in just the last six months…

And the numbers don’t lie…

Weekly Money Call subscribers have enjoyed total gains – that’s winners and losers – of 1,055%. That’s thanks to 21 winners out of 24 closed trades, an exceptional 87.5% win rate.

The average trade has brought in 43.96% profits with an average hold time of JUST THREE DAYS.

My Friday Night Fortunes have been so lucrative that they’ve already exceeded even my lofty expectations.

Take a look…

Last year, I promised my readers the chance to make an extra $104,000 a year.

If you’d invested a modest $2,500 into each of these plays over the last six months, you’d be sitting on over $86,000 right now.


Meaning that my Friday Night Fortunes could deliver over $170,000 by the end of 2019.


That’s more than TRIPLE the average yearly salary in the U.S.

That’s what I call life-changing income – just imagine what you could be doing with that kind of cash right now.

Now the results are in, and the numbers, as you’ve just seen, are spectacular…

But don’t take my word for it – here’s what just a handful of my Weekly Money Call subscribers are saying about their Friday Night Fortunes

Mike Henson from Robstown, Texas, says that the Friday Night Fortunes program has given him hope for a better future…

“My goal is to trade for a living, and right now this has given me hope for a better future.”

Mike Henson, Robstown, Texas

Zhao Feng made $4,870 in less than a week…

“I made $4,870. I prefer to trade with Weekly Money Call.”

Zhao Feng, Houston, Texas

Jim Edmonds made $5,700 in his first 30 days – enough to cover more than TWO YEARS of Friday Night Fortune recommendations…

“Tom has been impressive - I like his style and openness. I’ve only been [a] member for 30 days and have made over $5700 on small trades.”

Jim Edmonds, Corona del Mar, California

Aaron Tagore from Frisco, Texas, has grown his cash 600%...

“I turned $2,000 into $14,000 with Weekly Money Call.”

Aaron Tagore, Frisco, Texas

Amy likes how easy and profitable it is…

“I needed something that I could make a living at that would be profitable but relatively easy. This is it!!! What a joy it is as well!”

Amy Middleton, Madison, Tennessee

Charles made almost $10,000 in just over a month…

“I’m up almost $10,000 in a little over a month with modest investment. I’m enjoying Weekly Money Call and I’m learning more every day!”

Charles Hobart, Riverton, Utah

Jon is closing out trades almost every day…

“I just made 50% profit in 24 hours. I am a lifetime member and I have trades closing out almost every day with profits ranging from 25% to over 100% on each recommendation. These are the best opportunities I have ever seen. I love your moneymaking system!”

Jon Saotome, Largo, Florida

Jordan made over $15,000 on one play…

“Weekly Money Call is awesome – I’m doubling my money in a few days sometimes. I just made $15,005.80 on a single trade.”

Jordan Stanfield, Marina, California

While Dwight made $4,769 in just one week…

“$4,769.79 – What a great week of profits!”

Dwight Warren, Eagle Mountain, Utah

And Jacob made more in three hours than he would in one week at his day job…

“Cashed in profit of $1040.  What would [take] a week for me to make in my current job, I made in just THREE HOURS!”

Jacob Houlihan, Brooklyn, New York

These are just a few of the hundreds of amazing letters I have received from folks across the country telling me about their incredible success with my Friday Night Fortunes program.

And it’s no surprise…

Because I designed my Friday Night Fortunes to supplement – or even replace – your existing paycheck.

And thousands of people across the country have already experienced this phenomenon firsthand – the chance to grab an additional paycheck – for $586, $1,100, $2,449, or $4,102... enough to double your weekly income – or better – in just THREE DAYS.

It’s happening right now, and I want you to be a part of it.

You’ve already missed out on 21 extra paychecks in the last six months… you’ve already missed the opportunity to grow your cash to $86,000.

I don’t want you to miss another Friday Night Fortune.

In the following video, I’ll show you how you can get in before my next winning recommendation goes live.

“I made $4,102 in one hour.”

Gordon Berry

“I made $2,400 in one hour. That is obscene. That should be illegal, but it isn’t. Keep ‘em coming”

Jeff Reynolds

"Great trade idea… I followed it and ended up 172% in less than 24 hours. When's the next alert? Let's go!!!!"

Randy Beauregard

“100% Profit in 2 Hours and 30 minutes. Thank you very much.”

Rachel Peters

“I entered at $1.65 and exited 2½ hours later for a 100% profit.
That was fast. I made just under $1000.”

David Carter

"It moved so fast i took 57% profits in the first 2.5 hours!"

Gerry Jones

“That was the fastest $586 I ever made! Thanks, Mr. Gentile! Wow.”

Ronan Heller

Everything you’ve just seen is absolutely, 100% true.

For the last two years, I’ve given my readers the opportunity to double their money in just four days, every single week.

That’s legitimate, life-changing wealth. And not just for Jeff, Rachel, John, and David…

I hear from my readers all the time about the transformative power of these money-doubling trades.

One reader went from recovering from bankruptcy to a six-figure account in less than a year…

Another was able to retire ahead of schedule…

Another made over $36,000 in a single week

And yet another was able to earn $1,000 per day and quit his job…

I’m Tom Gentile. And like most folks, I love Fridays.

Why? That’s easy – it’s payday.

Now, I haven’t worked a real job in years – I don’t have to. But I still get paid on Fridays… except, now, I pay myself.

If you’ve got a job, chances are, you get paid on a Friday.

Doesn’t matter if you work in an office, at a construction site, in a truck, or at the mall…

Those paychecks always come on a Friday, like clockwork.

And whether you get paid every week, every two weeks, or you collect Social Security every month, those checks are probably not as big as you’d like them to be.

But no matter WHAT your checks look like… no matter WHEN you get paid… I’ve devised a system to help you double – or even triple – that… AND do it every single week of the month.

Imagine having the chance to grab an additional paycheck – for $586, $1,100, $2,449, or $4,102... enough to double your weekly income – or better – every Friday night.

I call these paychecks my Friday Night Fortunes – and they have the power to earn you an extra $104,000 a year…

And if you want to make more, well… that’s entirely up to you. If you want to earn an extra $150,000… $250,000… or $500,000… invest a little more and you can do it.

Best part is, because it’s extra income in addition to what you already make, you can use these Friday Night Fortunes any way you want.

To lock in a comfortable, worry-free retirement…

To help family members who need it…

Or maybe just to pamper yourself and your loved ones.

Here’s how it works…

Every Monday, Like Clockwork

Every Monday, I send you a Money Call alert around noon. Once you decide to take action, all it takes is about 4½ minutes on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to lock it in.

One simple trade – a few mouse clicks, really – and you’re all set. And once you’ve placed your trade – if you’ve followed my instructions to the letter – all you have to do is wait. It will automatically close out on Friday – or when you’ve doubled your money – whichever comes first.

That’s how simple it can be to double your money and claim your Friday Night Fortune. You answer my Money Call on Monday… follow my step-by-step instructions, then, if the trade moves in our favor, cash out before Friday. It’s true “fire and forget” investing.

And the beauty of this strategy is you can collect these Friday Night Fortunes without betting the farm on exotic investments. No penny stocks, commodity futures, currencies, or junk bonds.

If your current paycheck isn’t letting you live the lifestyle you deserve, my Friday Night Fortunes could change everything for you.

Just answer my Money Call on Monday, place your trade, and you could double your investment by Friday night, just in time for the weekend…

I’ve been sharing this strategy with my readers for two years, and the results, as you’ll see, have been nothing short of amazing – a weekly opportunity to double your money every Friday night – in just four days.

But now, I’m upping the ante.

In just a few minutes, I’ll show you how I’m tripling the number of Money Calls I send to my readers. So instead of just getting a Money Call on Monday… you could get one on Monday, another one on Tuesday, and yet another one on Wednesday.

That means you’ll have the chance to pocket as many as three Friday Night Fortunes in a single week.

And I’ll tell you about my guarantee, and how it can help you collect a full year’s worth of extra weekly paychecks in the next 12 months.

But before I do that, let me show you some of the Friday Night Fortunes my Money Calls are already generating…

Here’s a perfect example.


The PowerShares QQQ ETF is an exchange-traded fund that tracks the Nasdaq. This trade handed us a sweet 100.79% return in four days.

Not too bad if I do say so myself.

This is our aim every single week: Get in on Monday, double your money by Friday.

Here’s another…


On March 5, 2018, my system spotted an upward move coming with Chevron Oil – and I let my readers know that this was a perfect opportunity to lock in a Friday Night Fortune.

As you can see from the chart, however, things didn’t go exactly according to plan…

Because – while my goal is to double your money by Friday – the Chevron trade that my system alerted me to hit my 100% profit target within 24 hours.

If you had followed my advice on Monday, you would have doubled your money by Tuesday.

How often does your regular paycheck come early?

Well, with Friday Night Fortunes, it happens all the time.

Here’s another…


On February 13, my system signaled an opportunity coming with the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF – an exchange-traded fund that tracks the Dow.

Once again, we wasted no time, and my readers were able to double their money in a single day, with a 102.92% return.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My system doesn’t always hit its 100% profit target. It does come up short from time to time.


Take this trade we did in April with Apple. When my indicators lit up on April 30, 100% profits seemed certain.

However, the trade didn’t go quite the way I’d hoped, so we got out the next day. The results: a 37.98% gain.

Not quite a money-doubler, but I think you’ll agree that a 37% gain in 24 hours is a pretty efficient use of your money.

Readers who’ve been following along are downright ecstatic with the Friday Night Fortunes they’ve been getting.

Here’s what Greg Bellows of Ontario, Canada, had to say…

“Tom, I made $2,600 on this QQQ trade, exactly 100% in less than 24 hours. Thanks to your service I am able to make money every week, building up my trading account. I can’t find words to tell you how
thankful I am to you.”

Greg Bellows

Or how about this endorsement from Dmitri Bonner of Milton, New York…

“Tom, thanks for the GREAT trade! I made $2,068.08 – 134.5%. I have learned a great deal from you! I expect that I’ll be able to fund my retirement with my trading account eventually.”

Dmitri Bonner

I’m also thrilled for Anna Gordon, who emailed me to say…

“I made $2,800 on my trades this week! Incredible. Most of all, the entire experience of learning while doing and the alert system make it easy, interesting and actually fun!”

Anna Gordon


Now, as you can see, this remarkable trading system has been helping me give readers the chance to grab some pretty impressive weekly gains. And they look even better when you compare them to the S&P, which is only up a measly 67.24 points this year – a lousy 2.5%.

Not a disaster, but not very encouraging either.

And even if we go back to January 20, 2017, when President Trump took office, the S&P is only up 21.1%. Not a bad return in a little over a year and a half.

But consider this…

On March 28, my system signaled a trade on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, which tracks the S&P.

After I was confident in the recommendation, I sent out a Money Call to my readers. And when I recommended closing out the trade four days later, those who took my advice had made a 70% profit.


That’s nearly three and a half times the growth of the S&P over the last two years. And that’s on just one trade. In just four days.

I’ve got plenty more examples to share with you, but before I go on, I want to make one thing absolutely clear…

Get Up to 156 Friday Night Fortunes Per Year

There’s nothing hypothetical about any of these recommendations, and they’re not the result of backtesting or some computer simulation.

They’re the real deal. And you could have gotten the same results by following my simple trade instructions.

All it takes is 4½ minutes on Monday afternoon to invest in my recommended trade… and then, if you follow my advice, your position would close out automatically at 3:00 p.m. on Friday or when the position doubles, whichever comes first. You don’t have to lift a finger either way.

And then you can do what I do: Spend the weekend having fun with your family, instead of worrying about money. Before long, your Friday Night Fortunes can grow so large, you’ll be enjoying true financial independence.

It’s the easiest way I know to make money in the markets. And starting today, it’s going to get even easier – and more lucrative.

And as of today, I’m tripling the number of Money Calls my readers receive every single week. That’s right – I’m now delivering up to 156 chances at a Friday Night Fortune every single year, making it even easier to earn an extra $104,000 every year.

Because my system has been retooled to triple the Money Calls I send you every week – for a chance to double your money – three times every Friday.

You’ll never have to try to figure out where the stock market will go next. You don’t have to wonder about the impact of the President’s trade policies. And you don’t have to watch CNBC to keep up with the financial news.

Instead, you just sit back and let me and my upgraded trading system do all the heavy lifting for you. And up to 156 times a year – it hands you the opportunity to double your money by Friday, with trades like this…


Turn every $500 into $1,027.

In December 2017, my system spotted an opportunity with Tesla – right in the middle of what looked like a downtrend for the company.

Now Tesla is one of the most talked-about companies in America, and with that kind of chatter, a drop in its stock isn’t exactly a surprise – but my system told me the stock was ready for a quick pop, so I recommended my readers jump on it.

Three days later, they were able to get out for a fast 105.47% gain – good enough to make $1,027 on every $500 invested…

A fluke? Not on your life…  


Just a week earlier, readers were able to haul in a 100% return on the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF – this time in just one day.


A few days before that, it was Comcast, the cable TV giant.

Like Tesla, it too looked like it was headed straight down to oblivion.

But all we needed was a little bounce to double our money. And that’s what we got over the next 48 hours – a 100% profit in just two days.


The week before that, it was the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF again, this time for returns of 70.48% – again in just two days.


On Monday, October 9, Costco Wholesale showed up on my screen. As you can see, the stock had just gone through a slight pullback, but my system spotted it, and I recommended it as a “buy.”

And by Wednesday you had the chance to be counting profits: a 105.78% gain in just two days. It didn’t even take until Friday to pocket this check.

Like I said, it’s the easiest way to make money you’ll ever get. Take this trade for example…


In September 2017, we went back to the well on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF. I have recommended this one a lot – because it keeps handing us triple-digit profits.

And sure enough, it delivered again – delivering a 100% profit in less than a week.


And that’s right on the heels of my August 30 recommendation that doubled our money on PowerShares QQQ ETF in a single day.

As you can see, my system is helping me do exactly what I’ve set out to do: give you the chance to double your money every single week. As a result, these Friday Night Fortunes have become almost routine.

And folks collecting these Friday Night Fortunes couldn’t be happier.

Consider this rave review from Alyssa Chan…

“It was very easy for me to get into the trade at $45 and I was surprised at how fast it moved up. I was able to close the trade at $90 for an even 100% gain.”

Alyssa Chan

Gerry Jones is equally excited, telling me…

“Great trade. It moved so fast, I took 57% profits in the first 2.5 hours on the first half of my investment and then sold the balance for 104% profit. Thank you!”

Gerry Jones

And then there’s this from Allan Zimmerman...

“Got in at $83 and sold half my position for $220. Looks like I’ll be making $15k off this play. Tom you’re great!”

Allan Zimmerman

Of course, nothing is fail-proof…

But in the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal how and why this system works so consistently… why every position I look for can hand you 100% returns week after week… and how you can get in on these Friday Night Fortunes.

My Friday Night Fortunes Could Change Everything

Before I get into that, though, let me tell you a little bit about myself and the lifestyle these kinds of weekly profits can make possible…

Not so I can brag – but so I can give you a taste of what’s possible when your investments are working for you instead of keeping you up at night.

Back in the early ‘80s, before I became a trader, I used to stock shelves at Home Depot. It was hard work, and the only thing that got me through the week was focusing on that Friday payday.

Even though I was living with my parents and making just $8,000 a year, that paycheck was everything to me.

It represented financial freedom. It was my way out, my ticket to my own life.

But as you can imagine, those paychecks were small. Really small.

Ever since I started trading for a living, I’ve wanted to recreate that feeling of the Friday payday, of heading into the weekend with some extra scratch in my pocket – without having to bust my butt for 40, 50, or 60 hours to get it.

My success has led to regular appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, Fox Business, and many other networks, where I show viewers how to take profitable advantage of my trading strategies.

Those strategies also helped me build one of the largest investor-training firms in the world.

The crowning moment came when I sold my company to a giant Wall Street firm for $20 million.

But those Wall Street bigwigs didn’t get access to the breakthrough system that I’m telling you about now – the system that gives me the opportunity to identify and recommend three extra money-doubling opportunities every single week, all year long.

The system that could make you $104,000 richer in the next 12 months

Why? Simply because I hadn’t developed it yet, even though I’d been trying to figure out the secret to these kinds of Friday Night Fortunes for nearly 30 years.

It wasn’t easy… but they don’t call me America’s #1 Pattern Trader for nothing…

I assembled an army of mathematicians and computer geniuses to analyze millions of trades and billions of market data points.

After years of research and over $2 million of my own money invested, we finally hit pay dirt, a technical breakthrough that gives you the opportunity to collect a Friday Night Fortune every week like clockwork, 52 times a year.

The best part is, this strategy lets me spend more time with family and friends – and live life on my own terms.

And now I can help put you on the road to the lifestyle of your dreams – in just 4½ minutes a week.

A lifestyle that lets you live life on your own terms, living where you want to live, and doing what you want to do, when you want to do it.

For my wife and I, that means splitting our time between Florida’s Gulf Coast, the New York countryside, and New Zealand’s Ruby Bay.

And no matter where I am, my commute is a mere 30 seconds – a quick walk from my bedroom to my home office, where, if I feel like it, I put in a few hours a day.

You know how they say the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys?

Well, I can certainly relate!

And two of my favorite toys are my 34-foot Formula Performance Yacht and my super-luxurious Ford F650 Excursion SUV.

C_01 C_01

But for me, it’s not all about the toys…

I give away a ton of money every year to charitable causes, including the Safe Port Initiative, the True Colors Fund, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Keep Memory Alive (which benefits the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health), and Helen Keller International.

Being able to give back is the most fulfilling part of my financial independence.

And I urge you to make it part of yours, too. There is no better feeling than having a real impact on people’s lives.

Now, I obviously don’t know what your dreams are… where you want to live… or what kind of toys you’d enjoy.

However, I do know that bagging an extra paycheck every week – 52 weeks a year – makes all kinds of things possible – and can bring some serious upgrades to your life.

Imagine having the financial security to never have to worry about money again. Or having the money to help your kids and grandkids get a head start in life. Or having plenty of money to complete even the longest bucket list.

Whatever your dream is, it’s finally within reach thanks to my Weekly Money Call.

Especially with my new upgraded system that triples your opportunities every week.

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you have the chance to generate profits like this every week from now on…


Turn every $500 into $1000.

In May 2017, my indicators spotted something big coming on Raytheon Company’s stock chart.

As you may know, Raytheon is a large defense contractor, and its stock has done great since President Trump’s election. So to some, it seemed like an unlikely play for big profits. However, my indicators told a different story on May 15, so I alerted my readers.

And, bam! Just a day later, they pocketed a 100% profit – enough to turn every $500 invested on Monday into $1,000 just a day later.


Turn every $500 into $1000.

In April, eBay, which had also been rising steadily, handed us another fast money-doubler. My indicators sent a signal on April 3 and readers grabbed a 100% profit in just two days.

Again, that’s enough to turn every $500 invested on Monday into $1,000 by Wednesday.


Turn every $1,500 into $3,313.

And then there’s this double play from February 27 – when I issued two trade alerts.

The first was on Morgan Stanley, which had been rising nicely before flattening out. My indicators told me that the stock was due for a quick upward bounce. And, sure enough… we got it, landing a 120.93% profit in just a couple of days – good enough to earn $3,313 for every $1,500 invested.


The second trade alert was on the SPDR S&P ETF that has been so good to us. And, sure enough, it delivered a 100.44% return – again in just 48 hours.


Turn every $2,000 into $4,480.

We did even better with pharmaceutical giant AbbVie Inc. in January. My indicators told me to jump in. We did, and members who followed my advice hauled in a 124% profit – more than double their money in just one day.

Enough to turn every $2,000 invested on Monday into $4,480 just one day later.

With these kinds of profits coming in like clockwork, it’s no wonder I routinely get comments like this one from John Abrams…

“Tom, you are simply a genius. You made me $1,300 in just 3 short days, a whopping 65%. I never have been happier, and I’ve tried a LOT of other trading strategies.”

John Abrams

Dan Morton was brief and to the point…

“I more than doubled my money in about 2 days”

Dan Morton

Ryan Cole said…

“I have completed 9 trades with only 1 losing trade. My 8 winning trades have been gains of 43.64%, 45.29%, 32.77%, 30.15%, 82.83%, 34.84%, 78.54%, and 36.04%. It’s been a great few weeks.”

Ryan Cole

Is there a better feeling than finishing out the week flush with cash?

Not to me.

Even better is how easy it is.

Three times a week, I’ll tell you exactly what to buy – and exactly how to set up an order to automatically close out your trade at 3 p.m. Friday or when it hits 100% profits.

With my upgraded system, you could get these Money Call alerts not just on Monday – but three times every week.

And I give them to you in both written and video form, so nothing is left to chance.

How Weekly Money Call Can Deliver “Explosive” Profits

Let me illustrate my system by showing you something that you may remember fondly from your teenage years…


Yes, it’s a firecracker. Remember these?

Strike a match… light the fuse… and a few seconds later, the tightly wrapped gunpowder explodes with a big bang and a flash of light.

But if you eliminate any of those three components – the gunpowder, the fuse, or the spark – then you’ve got nothing. No bang, no flash of light, and no fun.

A dud.

But when you’ve got all three – a spectacular fireworks show is all but guaranteed.

Well, like our firecracker, the technical breakthrough that’s handing out Friday Night Fortunes also relies on three distinct components for its success.

I’m talking about three historical price trends – and when they converge, it’s a virtual guarantee that the stock price is about to move.

Let me show you how it works with the Raytheon example from a moment ago…

The first thing my system tracks is what I like to call the "Gunpowder Channel," which indicates the stock's real-time trajectory. This is the tightly packed explosive material at the heart of our firecracker.


Next, it looks at the "Fuse Channel." This measures the strength of embedded momentum within the stock. This is the conduit that connects the gunpowder to the spark that sets the whole thing off…


Finally, we have the green "Spark Channel." This may be the most critical of the three channels because it prevents jumping into – or out of – any opportunity too soon. This kicks the whole thing off, like the match that lights the fuse in our firecracker analogy.


Now look what happens when these three channels collide in a particular way. They form a pattern that looks like this...


And just like our firecracker… when all three conditions are met, it usually means something explosive is about to happen.

Now, you might be asking yourself… if it’s so easy to spot these patterns, why can’t everyone do this?

The thing is, these convergences are invisible to the naked eye and are so difficult to find that we had to design a sophisticated computer program to spot them.

That’s why it took so much time and money to uncover the secret to these Friday Night Fortunes.

But it was well worth it…

This technical breakthrough works over and over again – and it can produce 100% profits in every imaginable market environment.

Week after week. 52 weeks a year.

At the same time, like our firecracker, if you remove any of the three historical price trends, you’ve got squat. No convergence. No buy signal. No profits.

A dud.

But you’ve seen the results of my strategy for yourself on this video: Real trades, recommendations made to real people that were able to produce very real profits.

100% profits – week in and week out.

Of course, just because I’ve seen 100% gains so consistently doesn’t mean every recommendation is a winner. That’s impossible – no trading system in history has a 100% win rate.

But for the past two years, my system has consistently helped me identify a convergence every Monday.

Eight months ago, however, I decided that one paycheck wasn’t enough.

So I directed my team of mathematicians and scientists to “rewire” the system, so to speak. And now it is upgraded to find not just one convergence every week – but up to three!

I then vet every trade to make sure it has the potential to double your money by Friday.

Then, I send out trade alerts telling you exactly what to do and – boom – you’re perfectly primed for any Friday Night Fortune that follows.

I’ll even include a video with each alert that outlines exactly why I’m recommending each trade.

Trades like these…


Here’s an opportunity my system spotted with Starbucks – and we grabbed a nice 102% profit in just three days.


Or take a look at this Goldman Sachs chart. We doubled our money in just four days.


Turn every $500 into $1,030.

Not to mention the 106.19% we made on Alibaba Group in three days – enough to bank a cool $1,030 for every $500 invested.

However, the real proof is what my members have to say…

Here’s Jim Regal…

“Thanks sir! I made 102% on BABA. Sold it just as you advised. This is just so sweet.”

Jim Regal

Or Gil Fellows, who wrote me to say…

“I made 120% on this trade on BABA.”

Gil Fellows

Then there’s Richard Bowers, who really racked up some serious profits…

“BABA made about 135% on $1,000 investment, FB 100% on a $1,000 Investment, and $6,800 profit so far on the GS trade!”

Richard Bowers

I’ve built my track record these members are raving about using a special kind of investment vehicle that most investors have never even heard of, but that Wall Street insiders have been taking profitable advantage of for years.

How We Profit with Weekly Options

They’re called Weekly Options because – as the name implies – they’re only good for a single week – while regular options last for weeks, months, or even years.

These weeklies have been around since 2005, but it’s only in the last few years that they’ve come into their own.

In fact, Weekly Options now make up 25% of all options trades.

Unfortunately, most investors are missing out on the profits that weeklies can generate.

As a result, the millions of dollars that are made on weeklies are typically kept in the hands of more seasoned investors...

Investors who know that trading a weekly is as easy as trading a stock… and that the immense reward potential offered by weeklies more than makes up for the risk.

And those rewards come more quickly, too – with the opportunity to double your money every single week.

Better yet, you don’t have to be a genius, a financial wizard, or a rocket scientist to profit handsomely with weeklies. Nor do you need large sums of money to get started. 

In fact, all you need to get started is a membership to my Weekly Money Call research service… a few hundred dollars… and 4½ minutes every Monday to make my recommended trades.

By next week, you could be consistently earning the Friday Night Fortunes I’ve shown you throughout this presentation.

That’s important. Let me repeat it. 

You could join now, make your first trade this coming Monday, and collect your first Friday Night Fortune in less than four days.

And thanks to my upgraded system, ready for action – you could triple the trades you get each week.

You’re going to love seeing how to trade with my Weekly Money Call.

For starters, you can make big gains on relatively small moves in a stock’s price – and you can make those gains in just four days or less.

While investors in the underlying stock are making a pittance over the course of a week, you have the opportunity to double your money.

Here’s why. As you probably know, an option gives you the right – but never the obligation – to buy or sell 100 shares of a specific stock at a specific price for a specific period of time.

And while buying 100 shares of a stock can cost you thousands of dollars, buying a weekly option on the same stock recommended in my Weekly Money Call will never cost you more than $500.

In fact, it’s frequently a lot cheaper than that. A few hundred dollars is all it takes to get into nearly every trade I recommend, so you never need to risk very much on any one trade – and there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to buy the stock itself.

Let me give you an example...


Remember the Chevron recommendation I just told you about? As you know, Chevron is an expensive blue chip. On the day I made the trade recommendation, 100 shares would have cost you $111 each – a total of $11,100.

Now, as you know, getting a decent return from a stock that’s selling for $111 a share takes some doing – and it takes time, too. Lots of time.

Not so with weekly options!

They let us control 100 shares worth $11,100 – without actually buying the stock – for a mere $350.


And all it took to double our money over the next couple of days was a $2.25 move upward in the stock price!

Chevron shareholders made 2% on that move – my readers were able to make 100%!

Let’s say you invested $11,100 in each position…

If you bought the stock, you would have cashed out for $11,325… not bad for a single day…

But if you bought the option, you would have cashed out for an amazing $22,200.


In less than a week.

In other words, you get to enjoy your profits now, not at some date far in the future.

You will never find yourself wondering when, if ever, your investment will become profitable. 

I hate that feeling. I never invest unless I know EXACTLY when I can expect to get paid.

With Weekly Money Call, you know precisely when the position will close and when any profits will be available to you.

So the ability to leverage small stock gains into big weekly profits is the first big advantage of trading weeklies.

The second advantage is that your risk is strictly limited to the cost of the weekly – and your money is only at risk for limited bursts of time that never last for more than a week.

With Weekly Money Call, you will never have to spend months losing sleep over a stock… wondering if you should sell or buy more… or fearing that the bottom might fall out, nicking you for painful losses.

You just invest on Monday, have the chance to double your money by Friday, and then enjoy the weekend with ZERO money at risk. That’s why I call these weekly paychecks Friday Night Fortunes.

The last big advantage of weeklies is that they’re an all-weather investment. When you belong to Weekly Money Call, it doesn’t matter if the market is soaring or tanking. You can still get the chance to double your money every week.

So when the market’s down, we still have the chance to make out like bandits.

All you do is follow my signal to buy a weekly option that’s designed to go up in price when the underlying stock falls in price. It’s as easy as buying a stock. You just read my analysis and, if you choose, give my step-by-step instructions to your broker. And again, if everything goes as planned, you’re out of the trade with your profits before the week is out.

Here are a few real-world examples of how we capture profits even when stocks are moving down…


On March 21, my indicators told me that Baidu, a Chinese technology giant, was due for a fall. As usual, it was right on the money, and Baidu’s stock began to tank. The value of our weekly shot up almost immediately, and we got out the very next day with a 100% profit.


It happened again in late April with Wells Fargo. And my indicators were spot-on. The stock fell, and we bagged a 34.38% return in just days.


It also happened with pharmaceutical giant Merck in August. And – bam – three days later, we’d pocketed another 66.67% gain.

Now, in recent years, with the market doing so well, we haven’t had much opportunity to go for big profits from stocks and ETFs that are declining in price. And frankly, I don’t expect that to change for the next couple of years at least.

When it does, don’t worry – as I’ve just shown you, we’ll be able to make a killing when stocks go down without missing a beat.

And in the meantime, you can look forward to the opportunity to double your money when stocks go up, with trades like these…


Airline stocks were taking a beating and, as you can see from the chart, Delta Air Lines looked like a stock you’d want to avoid like the plague. But my system spotted an opportunity and we grabbed it for a 128.79% in a single day.


But Delta wasn’t alone. My system helped me spot something very similar happening with United Airlines AND American Airlines – so I recommended a trade on those two stocks as well.


And I recommended closing out both trades the following day for lightning-fast 100% profits on UAL and 68.18% profits on AAL!


Turn every $500 into $1,040.

And all this is right on the heels of a nifty 108.33% profit we snagged on Valeant Pharmaceuticals in just three days.

That’s enough to turn every $500 invested on Monday into $1,040 by Thursday.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve given you a pretty good idea of the kind of money you can make with my Weekly Money Call research service.

Now, let me share five ways your membership in Weekly Money Call can build a better life for you and your family.

First, you get a fresh trade recommendation every Monday – and thanks to my new upgraded system – as many as three each week.

Every day, the software behind my Weekly Money Call system scours through billions of data points, crunching numbers, searching for patterns, and digging deep for the unique price convergences that tell us a particular weekly has the potential to generate extraordinary profits.

And every Monday morning, I take each of those top Weekly Money Call picks and personally boil them down to the very best trades. The top plays that could suddenly and without excessive risk turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $2,000 or more by Friday.

And by the way, if I don’t find anything… if nothing promising appears on my screens… then I simply won’t issue a recommendation. This has only happened a few times over the last two years, but it’s critical for you to know that I’ll never lower my high standards just so I can send out a recommendation.

The second way Weekly Money Call helps you is by making sure you never go into a trade without an exit plan in place.

Every week, we go into our trades starting on Monday, and then sell them by Friday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern or the moment it doubles, whichever comes first.

And because I always include instructions on when and how to take any profits, you’ll be able to give your broker your sell order ahead of time – so that you don’t even have to be involved.

That way, your position will be closed out automatically even if you’re relaxing by the pool, playing the back nine at your favorite golf course, or are just kicking back with a good book or your favorite TV program.

In other words, you’re never left hanging, wondering if you should sell or not. You know going in exactly when you’re going to get out.

I’ll also send you a sell alert, just in case, to ensure that you have everything you need to make the right move.

Third, you get consistent, weekly, money-doubling opportunities. We’re not going for that elusive 5,000% or 10,000% score on one trade.

Instead, we’re content to double our money and aim for that extra weekly paycheck. Do that every week and you’ll do just fine.

Fourth, you can get started with an investment stake as small as $500 – and often even less. And that makes this service appropriate for just about anyone.

Fifth, it’s drop-dead simple and takes just 4½ minutes to implement each trade – and you can trade from anywhere you’ve got internet access.

And then you can take the rest of the week – and the weekend – off!

Best of all, your membership comes with everything you need to get started with your first weekly money-doubler just a few short days from now.

As a member of Weekly Money Call, every Monday around 12 noon Eastern Time, I’ll deliver my first Weekly Money Call Alert right to your personal inbox.


This short and sweet email tells you exactly what to do and why – step by step, so you’re quickly on your way to the potential weekly money-doublers that can turn every $1,000 invested into $2,000 or more by Friday.

Plus, whenever I issue a trade alert, I record a two- to three-minute-long video with all the details and analysis about the trade and post it on the members-only web portal. It describes the trade and exactly what you need to do – including step-by-step instructions for your broker.


I’ll even send you a text message when I send out a new trade, so you’ll never have to be glued to your computer.

Just listen for a ding on your smartphone right around lunchtime.

When you hear that sound, you know it’s time to open your newest trade alert right on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Once you click on that link, you can check out your latest trade recommendation.

And if you want to take it, it’s just a few more clicks…

And boom!

You can get into position to collect some well-deserved profits. And, thanks to the sell instructions that accompany every trade, you never have to worry or wonder about when to take your profits. You’ll be out automatically by Friday if not sooner.

Plus, if something changes during the week and we need to close out a trade early… you’ll immediately receive one of my Weekly Money Call Urgent Updates via email and text, telling you exactly what to do. No confusion. No guessing. No worry.


Weekly Money Call normally retails at $4,995 value per year – but don’t worry, I don’t want you to pay anywhere near that much.

In fact, I want you to have access to my next 156 weekly money-doublers for a mere fraction of the retail price. 

Believe me: You pay a lot more money for gasoline each week – and yet this service is designed to make you at least $104,000 richer.

More on that in a moment – first, let me show you what you get as a new member…

C_01 C_01

First up is the Weekly Money Call Quick-Start Guide.

This brief guide will get you going fast with details about getting started with options… how to open an account… how to take advantage of everything we offer… the best ways to take advantage of my trades… and even more details about how my system works.


You also have the opportunity to sign up for my Weekly Money Call Text Messaging Service.

If you sign up, I’ll send a text notification directly to your cell phone each time I send out a new Money Call.

Not only will you get email alerts featuring my Weekly Money Call recommendations, I’ll also send regular Alert Updates.


In addition to your regular Monday Money Call, you can count on real-time alerts. The second I release an alert that it's time to close out a trade recommendation or capture profits, I’ll let you know. You'll always know exactly what's going on with every Money Call opportunity... and what to do about it. No worries and no guessing.

This is a big one: the Essentials of Profitable Options Trading video course.


This four-part online video seminar reveals trading strategies that will teach you how to up your trading game, improve your profits, and change your life. It’s valued at $2,995, but absolutely free with your Weekly Money Call subscription.

You’ll also get access to Weekly Money Call Online.


This is your 24/7 members-only web portal, where you’ll have access to every trade recommendation and the details behind it, plus your free bonuses and past webinars.

Then there’s the Weekly Money Call Special Reports

I’ll also send you six additional special reports that break down in detail exactly how to place each and every trade I recommend…


And I want to extend an exclusive invitation to our Special In-Person Celebration.


I want to meet you face to face and shake your hand…

So I’m going to invite you and a guest to join me and your fellow Weekly Money Call subscribers in Carlsbad, California, on October 25–27, 2018, for a very special event.

This is a party to celebrate your success as a member of Weekly Money Call.

We’re going to have cocktail parties, champagne toasts...

Live group-training sessions, networking events...

And the best part is…

I’ve got 75 spots open right now for new Weekly Money Call subscribers to gain admission to this event absolutely free.

It’s on me.

We’re still planning some more surprises for this party.

I’ll get all the info out to you once you join.

You aren’t going to want to miss it.

Finally, there’s my Weekly Money Call Coaching Webinars.


Every month, you'll also be invited to a special members-only online coaching session (at least a $7,000 value). I promise you'll come away from every one of these events with valuable tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can be worth thousands of extra dollars to you. I'll be showing things like…

PLUS in each month's group-coaching session I'm going to give participants even more opportunities to make extraordinary profits in one week or less. I'm talking about revealing at least three or four bonus Money Call trade recommendations.

As you can see, Weekly Money Call brings you everything you need to make profitable moves right out of the gate. You could soon be enjoying your own Friday Night Fortunes like clockwork, including profits like these…

106.9% on Palo Alto Networks in just three days…

70.45% on the Fossil Group in two days…

102.01% on Facebook in just four days…

68.18% on American Airlines in just one day…

100% on Viacom in just one day…

64.8% on International in just three days…

And 100% on the The Gap in just a few hours.

And my members give Weekly Money Call a standing ovation. Just look at what Kate Townsend of St. Bismarck, North Dakota, had to say…

“Yesterday I bought 4 DIA options for $1,574.03 and today I sold them for a total of $2,749.89! Unbelievable!! In one day I made a profit of $1,175.86!! Buying a membership in Weekly Money Call is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I’m in for the long haul!”

Kate Townsend

Then there’s this from Riley Roebuck of Marietta, Georgia…

“I bought 50 contracts for $4,370 Monday morning and sold them an hour ago for $10,607. $6,237 profit!"

Riley Roebuck

Now it’s your turn to get in on this weekly money-doubling action by becoming a member of Weekly Money Call.

Remember, thanks to my upgraded system, you could triple your weekly Money Calls – meaning you could get up to 156 opportunities to double your money.

Considering the profits you could be making, the retail price of $4,995 for a year’s membership to this investing research service seems fair. Even at that price, Weekly Money Call could turn out to be one of the best investment you’ve ever made.

But I’ve decided I don’t want to reserve this service only for folks who can afford that admittedly high price tag.

I want even Main Street investors and anyone interested in this strategy to be able to experience the fun and excitement of claiming an additional weekly paycheck. And I’d hate it if an exorbitant price put my service out of reach for you.

So because of your status as a Money Map VIP, my publisher and I decided to offer you a hefty discount off the retail price. It’s a bigger discount than you might expect – in fact, after the discount, it’s likely you’ll be paying more for your cell phone service every month than you do for Weekly Money Call, on average. And any profits from your first few trades alone could easily pay back your investment.

You’ll see your price when you click the button below.

So I urge you to review all the details on the Membership Enrollment Form which you can look at by clicking the button below.

By the way, it’s entirely possible that I’ll increase the price of Weekly Money Call down the road. However, if you subscribe today, you’ll have the right to renew at the original price for as long as you remain a member. You can simply ignore the price increases.

Now, at this point, you’re probably wondering if I back Weekly Money Call with any sort of guarantee.


I guarantee you a full year of Friday Night Fortunes – that’s a guaranteed 52 money-doubling trades over the next 12 months.

Of the trades I send you over the next year, at least 52 of them must hand you a minimum profit of 100% profits.

In other words, every $1,000 you invest must double to $2,000 at least 52 times over the next year.

If I fall short by a single trade or even a single percentage point, then just let me know, and I will immediately add an additional year to your membership absolutely free. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Now, if the idea of getting the opportunity to grab an additional weekly paycheck in exchange for just a few minutes of “work” strikes your fancy, just click the button below right now. You’ll be taken directly to the registration page.

Or, you can call and enroll with a VIP Concierge who knows Weekly Money Call inside and out. The number to call is 1-855-509-6600 (1-443-353-4770 for international callers) and mention your priority code WWCKV209.

Once you’re registered, you’ll get an email with your personal access code to all your online resources in the next few minutes.

But please don’t delay. If you want to get my next weekly money-doubler, you need to act fast. I can only accept 500 investors into Weekly Money Call right now.


Because – as I just told you a few minutes ago, I’m upping the ante.

Once you join in the next few moments, I’m not going to send you just one money-doubling trade opportunity...

Not two money-doubling trade opportunities…

But three money-doubling trade opportunities!

Yes, you read that right…

As a brand-new member of Weekly Money Call, you’ll be among the first to receive three Money Calls – and a chance to collect three Friday Night Fortunes – this week…

And every week going forward!

With an offer this good, I fully expect the floodgates to blow open.

Which means I could even be forced to close the membership doors early on this, because if I allowed an unlimited number of people to see three highly lucrative trades like these every week, it could move the markets and I don’t want to risk that.

Now, I expect these 500 spots to go fast. First come, first served.

But now that I’m tripling the number of trades every week, they could go three times faster.

So don’t delay.

Click on the button below now to get started.

Remember, I’m committed to showing you how to double your money week after week with Weekly Money Call. And I’ll have the chance at up to three fresh, new money-doublers ready for my members this coming Monday.

I’d love to see your name on our membership list so I can send you these trades.

Join us today by clicking the button below.

This is Tom Gentile –viewing this presentation.

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