Hi, I’m Tom Gentile.

Today, I’m going to let you in on something amazing…

Not too long ago, I started a special initiative. The goal was simple…

Take an exclusive group of regular folks from all walks of life… and teach them how they can take a small account and turn it into a large account – in just five minutes a week.

What happened next surprised even me…

I started hearing from these folks.

Cedric Williams said flat out…

“My life has changed. My stress level is down and I know I can look forward to Tom’s moneymaking plays – every week.”

– Cedric Williams

Langford Broyhill told me…

“Thanks, Tom. You have given me the freedom to work from anywhere.”

– Langford Broyhill

Terri Colemen had this to say…

“I’m a small trader. I’m so happy [with] how much my account has grown. Tom has shown me how to get not only income, but confidence as well.”

– Terri Colemen

Week after week, people were making money…

$647… $900… or $2,181…

The payouts were so consistent – and came so quickly…

Everyone Who Took Part Had the Opportunity to Make 10X Their Money in Just FOUR MONTHS!

The results have been so lucrative

The response so positive

The proof so powerful

That I’m now ready to let everyone know about this unique way to make money.

That’s why I’m here with you today.

I want to tell you about how you can use my “Regular to RichesMethod to take any amount of money and start building your personal fortune immediately…

I’m going to show you exactly how it works – how you can start with a small bank account and…

Multiply Your Money 10X in Just 4 Months!

Can you even wrap your brain around what it would be like to take home THAT much money THAT fast?

Having 10X your money in just four months? From a small, one-time stake?

Let me show you how this works – and how you could have made money from Monday to Friday – every single week… over a four-month period… just like clockwork.

Let’s say you started in mid-January 2019 and had a $5,000 account.


In just the first two weeks, you could have doubled your money thanks to payouts of $2,746 from SPY and $2,515 from INTC.

At this point, you’re up to $10,261.

And you could’ve doubled your money again courtesy of…

That’s a $5,000 account that would have turned into MORE THAN four times your money… $23,796 in just 10 weeks.

And you’re just getting started…

In another four weeks, your money could’ve doubled again.


This time due to big-time paydays from the world’s biggest, most liquid companies, like…

Throw in a modest $914 from Alibaba on April 26 and another $2,551 from PBR on May 1…

And your account could’ve been at $52,455.

That’s More than 10X What You Started With!

Of course… the bigger your account, the more money you can make…

Start with $10,000… and you can be at $100,000

Start with $25,000… and you can be looking at a cool $250,000.

And it doesn’t have to stop there…

Keep going at that rate, and you could have 18 times your money in as little as six months.

At nine months – 27 times your money!

And in just one year…

You’d have multiplied your money an astronomical 36 times!

Think about that…

That’s enough to turn your $5,000 account into $180,000


Or your $10,000 account into $360,000


Or your $25,000 account into a ridiculous $900,000in just 12 months.


Without ever putting in a penny more than your original stake.

Now listen.

These Are NOT Just Some Numbers That We Pulled Out of Thin Air. This Is REAL.

And you can get started for as little as $150

Look – here’s a snapshot of my actual track record going back to last year.


No editing. No cherry-picking my winning recommendations during this incredible five-month streak. Just one profitable trade after another.

You’ve probably never seen anything like this… because most trading experts aren’t good enough to reveal their actual track record…

But I have nothing to hide – as you can see… 

Are you getting the picture?

My “Regular to Riches” Method Can Help Me Deliver Consistent Gains…

Week after Week, Month after Month.

All it takes is five minutes on Monday morning. Follow my instructions, and whatever money you make is automatically deposited into your account by Friday at the latest.

Picture how your account would look if your average profit was 48% every week for the entire year…

That would be HUGE.

Imagine making 48% in your 401(k), IRA, or other investments every single week.

The average 401(k) account is worth $103,700… 

Just take a look at what 48% per week could do to that nest egg…

Of course, I’m not saying you should take your entire retirement account and put it into one trade. I just want to illustrate how much an initial investment can grow when you can achieve 48% per week

That’s the kind of moneymaking power we’re talking about here. 

If your money manager could pull that off, you’d be ecstatic. But they’re lucky to match the 7% per year that the S&P averages.

And that’s all it is for them. Luck.

But I don’t deal in luck.

This Is the ONLY Proven Way I Know Where You Can Start with a Small Account… and Potentially Have 10X More Money within Four Months.

Yes. This can happen – starting today.

In fact, it happened every single week during a five-month period.

Every Monday, we were in. By Friday, we were out. With an average 48% profit

As I’ve already shown you, THIS is how you can go from “Regular to Riches” and multiply your money 10-fold in four months. 

Now, some people might tell you that the fastest way to multiply your account is to jump on the latest Wall Street “darling” being hyped by the media.

Others might tell you that tech stocks are the answer. Or energy. Or who knows what.

I’ve even heard some yahoos suggest that you go all in on some penny stock and hope it shoots up. 

Well, good luck with any of that nonsense.

The best and fastest way to multiply your account is to pull in consistent gains week after week… but most people haven’t got a clue how to do that.

Because they have no idea that multiplying their money this way is even possible…

And frankly, for most people it isn’t.

Not because they don’t have enough money…

(Remember: All it takes is a small account to get started…)

Not because they don’t have enough time…

(It only takes FIVE MINUTES a week…)

No. It’s impossible for them because… 

They Don’t Have Access to the One Incredible Pattern That Can Make These Profits a Reality.

But I do. And today, I’m going to share it with you.

This may be the best opportunity you’ll ever get to go from being a hardworking “regular Joe” to becoming truly wealthy.

It starts right now. I’m throwing down the gauntlet and putting my own money on the line to prove that this can be the fastest, easiest way to grow a small account into real, sustainable wealth. 

I’m Calling It My $1 Million “Regular to Riches” Challenge.

I’ll give you all the details in a few minutes, but here it is, plain and simple…

I’m betting $1 million that following my lead will give you a chance at 10X more money in the next four months!

Now… if my “Regular to Riches Method can do that for you in just four months…

Just imagine what it could do for an entire year…

Or better yet, I’ll show you – take a look…

Using this method, you can get in position to be 36 times richer within 12 months

That would be like taking a measly $250 and turning it into $9,000


Or turning $1,500 into a whopping $54,000


Or even turning $25,000 into $900,000


In just one year.

Even if my strategy performs half as well as I’ve proven it can, that would be enough to change your life.

Now, look…

There’s no shortage of charlatans out there offering you a ticket to wealth…

You may have seen them trading poolside… or while riding a gondola in Italy… or taking a private jet to Miami.

And underneath all that nonsense… all the glitz and glamour…

There’s nothing but risky, flawed investment ideas…

Like sitting in front of your screens all day trading for a few percentage points…

Or risking everything on dangerous penny-stock picks…

Or trade recommendations that make THEM money before they make YOU money.

I promise you that my “Regular to Riches Method is like nothing you’ve ever seen…

Now, I don’t blame you if you’re a bit skeptical. 

In fact, right about now you’re probably thinking one of two things…

Either “This guy has lost his mind…” or “I’m about to learn how to make some serious money.”

Well, all I can tell you is…

You’d Better Get Yourself a Big Safe.

Because I’m definitely not crazy. 

Remember: I just showed you my unedited track record from December 2018 to May 2019… 


Forty-eight percent per week on average, week in and week out. Ten times the money in four months.

These are not backtests. It’s not hopeful thinking. 

These were REAL gains… 

That regular, REAL people like you had the opportunity to make.

People who are taking REAL small accounts

And multiplying their contents into REAL riches

People like Evan Kapo, who just told me…

“I started with $250 and made 80% in 3 days! That’s $200 profit!”

– Evan Kapo

Then there’s Dave Disby, who said…

“I just made $900. And it was my first trade ever!

– Dave Disby

Chad Evans couldn’t believe it…

“I just invested $795 and made $700. An 88% profit in 4 hours!

– Chad Evans

And Tina Collins summed it up this way…

“I just made a 130.64% profit! I got in for just $176 & got out for $405 (a profit of $229)!”

– Tina Collins

See what I mean?

This Really Can Be the Perfect Way for Ordinary Folks to Start with Very Little Money… and Have a Chance to Make a Ton of Extra Cash.

The kinds of weekly gains that can make you 10 times richer in just four months… starting right now.

And it can be as easy as one, two, three…

First, you invest a single, one-time stake on Monday – as little as $150… 

Second, watch it jump up to 50% or even 100% or more in about three days… 

Third, automatically collect any cash by Friday at the latest.

Then, you could take that exact same stake… and do it again – week after week.

And within four months, you can have 10X YOUR MONEY! 

And it’s all because of a one-in-a-million profit pattern I discovered that gives me an unmistakable signal that if you get IN on Monday… 

You can be OUT by Friday with a profit of as much as 50% or more.

Remember: Between December and May, our weekly average was a mind-blowing 48%.

While past performance is never guaranteed to repeat itself, these patterns have proven lucrative time and time again.

Now, these aren’t “pick up a chart and squint” kinds of patterns. 

These are patterns nobody can physically see. 

Not Wall Street insiders. Not even me. 

In fact, I’ve got a team of programmers working around the clock. And they’re tracking the precise price movements shown by the top 250 stocks – millions and millions of data points every single day.

All that data goes into my proprietary tool… which lights up the pattern like a Christmas tree. 

It looks like this…


Now, I’m not going to bore you with the details. 

Here’s the deal… this incredible pattern is created ONLY when three trading channels align…  

Separately, these criteria are good to see… 

And two together could mean a profitable move is brewing…

But two out of three is nowhere near definitive enough that I’d risk even one nickel on a trade. 

And I certainly wouldn’t want you to either.

We only want to make a move when all three channels line up.

Because that’s the signal that you’re likely to…

Cash In on One of the Most Elusive Prizes in the History of Making Money: Buying Low and Selling High.

Think about it.

Do you think you could get rich buying low virtually every single time…

And then cashing in high within four days?

That’s the exact moneymaking power of this pattern – week after weekall year long

Let’s take an in-depth look behind those trades, and I’ll show you exactly how my system works.

First up is Broadcom Inc. (Nasdaq:AVGO). 

Now, if you’d looked at Broadcom’s chart on June 17, here’s what you would have seen…


Nothing spectacular. In fact, it looks like a tumbling stock heading back to the bottom.

But here’s what I saw…


The pattern lit up clear as day. All three channels are lined up – the signal that AVGO hit a bottom and was virtually guaranteed to make a 180-degree turn.

When I see that signal, I’m laser-focused on just one thing…

Recommending that you get IN right before things turn on a dime… and OUT with an average gain of 48% in four days or less.

Sure enough, what happened next was plain as the eye can see.


I told my readers to get IN on June 17and OUT on June 18

With an opportunity for a money-doubling $2,500 gain in just one day… that nobody else saw coming!

Do you see how powerful this pattern can be?

Do you see why so few people are actually capturing these gains?

They can’t possibly see what’s going on. They can’t possibly know when a stock has hit a bottom and is about to explode to the upside.

They Can't See This Incredible Pattern. Only I Can.

That’s how I was able to show my readers how to grab 48% GAINS PER WEEK on average.

Enough to make 10X your money in just four months.

Like the $2,225 gain on the SPDR S&P 500 the very next week.

Here’s what SPY looked like for most people…


Sort of like an avalanche. On its way from the top to the bottom.

But buried in the rubble, my tool was able to show me this… 


All three channels were in alignment – which meant it was time to move…

So on June 27, I recommended that my readers get IN on a very specific trade.

And within four days, you could have gotten OUT with a hefty $2,225 profit in your pockets.

I know it’s hard to imagine making that much money that fast… 

But this can happen week in and week out. 

Like when my money-multiplying tool unearthed this specific pattern on Intel Corp. (Nasdaq:INTC).

To the naked eye, this was a stock struggling to recover from a tough punch to the gut by stalling trade talks. 

And despite its best efforts, INTC seemed to be going nowhere but down.


But as you can see by the channels, my tool saw INTC as a diamond in the rough.


So I looked at the chart and determined that INTC was about to make a move. I issued a trade recommendation for INTC on Monday to take advantage of the ricochet I KNEW was coming.


By Wednesday, July 10, INTC had turned on a dime. And you could have walked away with a nice $1,050 gain  in two days.

Now, I could show you dozens of charts just like these from recent, actual trades.

And what you’d see over and over would be exactly the same… 

When These Three Channels Align, Regular People Can Get Rich!

And remember: I’m talking about getting rich without already being rich.

You hardly need any money. As little as $150 to get started.

You hardly need any time. You can do this in just five minutes a week.

And you don’t need ANY experience. It’s as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

That’s how you can turn your small account into big gains between Monday and Friday every week.

That’s what Brian Warner told me he did…

“I invested $375 on my first trade and made 100% profit. That was a significant amount of money for me to invest but yielded a significant return.”

– Brian Warner

Made $400. 100% gains.”

– Tim Aldo

Don Cooper “doubled [his] money. $370 bucks!”

And John Cain “turned $208 into $416.”

Notice that these are regular people… taking a little bit of money…

And pocketing the kinds of consistent money-multiplying gains you just can’t get from traditional investments. 

But thanks to this unique pattern…

Gains like these could be flooding your account in just four days – week after week.

From the biggest, safest, most liquid companies on the planet… with no day trading… and no penny stocks.

Now, let me tell you the fascinating story that explains HOW…

I Want You to Get IN on Monday and OUT by Friday… with a Gain of up to 50% or More
Every Week.

My “Regular to Riches Method can help me supercharge the gains from this pattern in a way that’s unusual – even for me.

You see, unlike ANY of my other proven – even patent-pending – wealth-building systems, this is the ONLY one where I can exponentially leverage weekly gains with every single recommendation.

In other words, it has the power to turn a small stock move into a magnified pile of profits. In just a few days.

So how do I do it?

Well, in the simplest terms…

I match up the move that the pattern shows me is coming with a little-known, government-regulated security.

Now, this has only been available for a little over 10 years.

But today, it can help regular folks get rich every single week…

You see, this security is required by law to start, end, and distribute any profits back to you within one week.

Sound familiar?

Now, here’s the cherry on top.

For most people, having to make a commitment that quickly, in that small a window of time, is like financial suicide.

So in return for committing to such a quick turnaround time…

The regulators structured these “Weekly Distribution Contracts,” as I call them, to give you an opportunity for exponential payouts on your money!

The built-in “profit multiplier” is designed to take tiny stock gains and multiply them into double- or triple-digit gains.

Talk about a perfect fit!

The pattern I discovered requires a quick, short commitment with the power to capture superfast gains…

And I married it to an investment that is required by law to REWARD investors for doing just that!

Put those together, and you have my new wealth-building strategy in a nutshell.

And honest to God…

This Is like Strapping a Rocket Engine to a Maserati.

And it can absolutely destroy traditional buy-and-hold stock investing in a head-to-head comparison.

For example, say you have $2,500 to play with.

Look here…


SPY hit my screens twice recently. 

On May 30, it showed me this pattern…

I put together a trade recommendation that leveraged the move I knew was coming with a specific “Weekly Distribution Contract.”  

And within one week, that trade could have handed you an enormous $1,600 gain.


That’s an exponential 32 times more profit for you than the $50 gain on the stock itself.

A rocket-powered return if there ever was one!

Prior to that, I saw another pattern on SPY


You could have pocketed a $1,250 profit on my trade recommendation…

Instead of only $25 on the stock.


That’s an exponential 50 times more cash profit in your pocket.

Here’s one more.

In April, I saw this pattern on OXY


The stock barely moved.

But on that same microscopic stock move…

You could have made $1,250 on my recommendation.


That’s a gain of 50%… instead of .5%.

Almost 100 times more profit for you!

Now THAT’S how you can multiply a small amount of money and become rich!

No matter how you look at it… my “Regular to Riches Method really can make you more cash…

Faster and more consistently than just about anything else you’ve ever seen.

And those are the kinds of profits that can make a really significant difference in your life.


My Mission Is to Give Ordinary Folks a Chance to Take a Small Account and Have Fun Getting Rich.

Take a minute to think about what that could mean to you…

What YOUR next year could be like with a money stream like that.

You could take the money you might use for one night of dinner and drinks…

And turn it into an entire family vacation!

Or take a month of gas money… 

And turn it into a new car!

You could even take the amount of one month’s credit card payments… 

And become completely debt free!

It’s totally up to you.

One of my followers, Lorraine Spooler, was able to get out of bankruptcy… AND build a $100,000 nest egg

“I was able to get out of bankruptcy… AND build a $100,000 nest egg!”

– Lorraine Spooler

Jeff Griffith used his winnings to help buy a 300-acre hunting ranch in Texas

“I've already used my winnings to help buy a 300-acre hunting ranch in Texas…”

– Jeff Griffith

Stan Coolidge was able to buy the car of his dreams – a 2019 Corvette ZR1 with a sticker price of $126,995

I just bought the car of my dreams – a 2019 Corvette ZR1… with a sticker price of $126,995!”

–Stan Coolidge

But here’s the thing. Whatever you decide…

I promise that you can have 10 times the money to do it… within the next 120 days!

I don’t know ANYBODY else on the planet who can give you that.

And here’s a nice surprise… 

As Long as You’re Using My “Regular to Riches” Method… You Can Multiply Your Money 10 Times – Even When Stocks Go Down.

In the exact same way that my tool can detect when the odds are overwhelmingly likely for certain stocks to make a quick U-turn after hitting the bottom…

It finds the same pattern when stocks hit the ceiling.

And that enables me to deliver trade recommendations that can multiply your money even when certain stocks drop.

Let me show you what I mean.

Here’s what Verizon’s price chart looked like prior to April 16.


Maybe trending a little bit up? Maybe flat? Who knew?

Well, actually, I did.

Because here’s what I saw…


The channels aligned… and revealed that we were looking at a ceiling.

More importantly, it signaled that a definite drop was about happen soon.

So I found a trade that would capitalize on that price drop.

Sure enough, Verizon sunk like a stone.


And if you had followed my lead, you would have GAINED 100% on your money in just two days.

Yes. You heard that right.

Instead of LOSING a little over 1% holding the stock…

You could have DOUBLED your money on my recommendation.

On a $5,000 account, that’s the difference between ending up with $4,936 or $10,000!


More than twice as much money.

That’s a HUGE difference. One you could feel right in your pocket.

Here’s another one.

PBR, the Brazilian energy company, had been bouncing around for almost a year.


But toward the end of April, it had dropped and appeared to be flattening out a bit.

Whether it would bounce back or take a nosedive was anyone’s guess.

But not mine.

I KNEW what was coming because I could see that all three channels were in alignment.


And that signaled to me that PBR was banging its head on a ceiling and was about to head down.

So on April 30, I recommended a bearish trade.


Within one day, PBR stock dropped 4%…

But my recommendation gained 51%.


That’s over 50% MORE MONEY in your pocket!

Let me show you one more.

Here’s what AT&T was looking like back at the end of May.


It was just dipping a bit from a yearly high. And while it had been popping up and down like a bobber with a fish, it definitely appeared to be on a year-long upswing.

To everyone but me, that is.

Because on May 28, I saw this


So I recommended a trade where you would have been IN and OUT with a 105% GAIN in one day… just before T left its investors holding the bag for a 1.3% LOSS.


On a $5,000 account, that’s the difference between ending up with $4,935 or $10,250!


That’s a HUGE $5,315 difference. More than DOUBLE the amount of money in your pocket.

Here’s the thing. As great as having all that extra money is…

It’s still not the biggest difference my “Regular to Riches” Method can make in your life.

For you, a shot at multiplying your money like this every week could be the difference between living the life – and retirement – of your dreams… or barely scraping by.

I’ve shown you some extraordinary results so far… the kinds of results that most traders can only dream of. 

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in the markets. Future results may vary based on market conditions – as I’ve already shown you, we might not always do as well as 48% per week. Some weeks, we might only do 30%. And there’s always the chance we could lose money.

But there’s also the possibility that we could do much, much more. Some weeks, we’ve pulled in well over 100%.

You should always be aware of the risks involved with investing and never invest more than you can afford to lose – which is why I designed my method to work only with whatever money you have to play with.

And that leads me to another advantage that I know you’re really going to appreciate.

You Can Even Become Rich When the Entire Market Is in Turmoil!

It doesn’t matter whether the market is going up… bouncing like a yo-yo… or even tanking.

Money is always going to be moving somewhere.

As long as you’re in position for wherever the money is moving THIS WEEK…

You’ve got the opportunity to make a lot of money. 

That’s the simple key to maximizing wealth…

And that’s EXACTLY what my “Regular to Riches” trades are designed to do for you every Monday.

Remember – this is the ONLY way I know of to precisely track and time the market’s tops and bottomsin real time.

The ONLY way to see the convergence of the three invisible money channels that can drive each week’s specific market moves… in real time.

Moves that have generated an average of 48% profit between Monday and Friday

And that takes the worry out of growing rich and securing your financial future.

In other words, you can…

  • Stop trying to outguess the market… 
  • Forget about what was hot last year… last month… even last week…  
  • Ignore never-ending trade talks…
  • Stop wondering what the Fed may or may not do…
  • And thumb your nose at China, Russia, Mexico… and everyone else on the planet for that matter.

Because none of that makes any difference anymore!

All you need is five minutes on Monday… week after week

And you can make money week after week… even when the market is in turmoil.

Last December’s 9% drop in the S&P 500 is a perfect example.

One of the things I did to help make my readers money in December was… nothing.

For several of those bloody days in December, my system didn’t alert me to any trades at all.


Plain and simple… either the patterns didn’t show up or they didn’t align properly.

So we avoided the carnage.

And that’s great news for you moving forward.

Unless all three criteria for success are met 100% in full – unless all three channels align precisely – I simply will not issue any profit-making opportunities.

If the channels are 95% aligned… that’s not good enough. Ninety-eight percent won’t cut it either. It won’t even budge with 99.99% certainty.

And I will never issue a recommendation without first analyzing every single move…

But the second these channels align 100%, it’s time to make our move.

And most importantly…

My subscribers had the opportunity to take exponential advantage with these winning trades…

  • A $3,050 payout on DIA…
  • A $1,325 payout on Bank of America, and…
  • A $2,025 payout on AT&T.

To fully appreciate those numbers, let me show you the REAL difference that the “Regular to Riches” Method could have made in your wallet last December.

While the market LOST 9% that month…

You could have made an average weekly PROFIT of 46%! 

Most importantly, instead of losing… 

You could have almost TRIPLED your money with a remarkable total gain of 182%.

That’s the difference between whether your $5,000 would have shrunk to $4,545 in the market…

Or bulged to $14,110 in YOUR pocket!


Three times more money for you… while almost everybody else lost money.

And Remember – These Aren’t Just “Paper” Profits.

This can be real cash money.

I’ll show you how you can take advantage of this on a Monday or Tuesday…

For as little as $150!

And by Friday at the latest, you can have every dime from your trade automatically returned to you.

You can have a profit of up to 50% or more in your pocket. And it can happen every week.

In just four days (or less), you could…

  • Turn $250 on Monday into $355 by Friday…
  • Turn $1,000 on Monday into $1,420 by Friday…
  • Or turn $5,000 on Monday into $7,100 by Friday.

At the end of one month, you could’ve had the chance to…

  • Turn $250 into $670
  • Turn $1,000 into $2,680
  • Turn $5,000 into $13,400

And after two months, you could have…

  • Turned $250 into $1,090
  • Turned $1,000 into $4,360
  • Or turned $5,000 into a whopping $21,800!

It just keeps going.

And remember… this is thanks to those “Weekly Distribution Contracts.” That means this happens BY LAW week after week!

Now, let’s stop here a minute to catch our breath.

Clearly, you’ve just seen tons of examples of phenomenal gains.

You’ve seen profits from stocks that are moving up and down.

And you’ve seen how you can multiply those profits beyond what everyone else is making on regular stock trades.

Now, I want to make sure you understand…

How Making Money like This Is Even Possible.

Basically, there are two keys.

First of all, you’d better be darned sure the move is coming.

And not only that, you’d better know exactly which way it’s going to go.

Now, that requirement alone eliminates virtually everyone else on the planet.

But as you’ve already seen, I designed this to know the exact moves that are coming…

And illuminate their money-multiplying patterns like a flare in the dark.

So you’re completely covered on that one.

Now, let me tell you about the second key…

It’s those “Weekly Distribution Contracts” that are at the heart of every one of my recommendations.

Simply put, “Weekly Distribution Contracts” are very specific types of options contracts.

Contracts that are required by law to distribute any profit within one week – not months or years like conventional contracts.

It’s the most unique thing of its kind.

And they’re actually easier than trading a stock.

Anyone with at least $150 can do it.

And what’s even better…

You can trade these without paying any commission. Zero.

For the first time ever, the potential for making huge amounts of money every week can be as easy as calling a simple up or down move in a stock. And combining that hidden knowledge with a specific weekly options contract.

That’s the secret to every money-multiplying trade recommendation.

And I’m the only person on the planet who knows exactly how to do just that.

Now, anyone can act on it…

Because Today, I’m Offering You the Chance to Use My “Regular to Riches” Method Every Single Week by Becoming a Member of Weekly Cash Clock.

This is the only legal, sustainable way I know of that can make these kinds of huge gains IN ONE WEEK… week after week!

Not only that…

Weekly Cash Clock Can Help MINIMIZE Risk and MAXIMIZE Gains as It Multiplies Your Money.

There’s something else very important and unique about this Weekly Cash Clock opportunity that I want to make sure you notice.

When I promise that you can multiply your money 10 times in four months…

I’m promising that you can do that on a single, one-time stake.

  • So start your account with $2,500, and watch it go to $25,000…
  • Start with $5,000, and move all the way to $50,000…
  • Or put in $25,000, and see how it runs up to $250,000.

That means unlike just about every other strategy you’ve ever seen…

With Weekly Cash Clock, you DON’T have to risk your winnings.

Not even once – let alone over and over.

You just make the same size trade, whatever you’re comfortable with, week after week.

There’s no doubling your position size as your account gets bigger.

Or gambling and going “all in” like a poker player on one trade.

You just make one trade each Monday, and you can keep growing your account week after week.

And that immediately slashes your risk right there.

Remember: My Weekly Cash Clock trades have averaged 48% profits every week…

And they are required by law to automatically deliver any profits of cash and earnings back to you at the end of every week.

That’s why Weekly Cash Clock is one of the only ways that you can easily multiply your money…

Without ever touching any of your profits…

And without ever investing one cent more than your original stake.

Remember: Investing always carries risk, and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

But that’s just the first of six ways that trading with my Weekly Cash Clock recommendations as your guide actually can help MINIMIZE risk while they MAXIMIZE gains.

Here’s the second: You’ll NEVER have to worry about being burned on penny stocks or fly-by-night long shots.

Weekly Cash Clock ONLY helps me pinpoint trades on the biggest, most liquid companies.

Third, you can have fun raking in extraordinary winners and multiplying your money without already being rich.

I make sure that you can act on every single Weekly Cash Clock recommendation for hardly any money at all. Sometimes as little as $150.

You never have to risk more than you’re comfortable with. Yet you ALWAYS have the opportunity to capture extraordinary, exponential gains in one week or less.

Fourth, my Weekly Cash Clock can give you exponential power over your money.

I only recommend trades where a small move in the stock can give you a gain of up to 50% or more.

Fifth, Weekly Cash Clock recommendations automatically pay you any gains you earn within four days.

So once you get in, there’s nothing to track. Nothing to remember. And you’ll never miss a payday opportunity.

Finally, it’s virtually impossible to make a mistake.

Even if you’ve never traded anything in your life, you can start multiplying your money with Weekly Cash Clock on the very first day.

All it takes is five minutes on Monday and a click of your mouse. I’ll show you exactly what to do. Step by step.

Bottom line: Weekly Cash Clock is the easiest and surest way I know of for you to take a small account and multiply it 10 times in as little as four months.

In fact, my revolutionary Weekly Cash Clock can make capturing one-week gains so EASY

Any “regular Joe” with a smartphone, tablet, or PC can follow my recommendations, place the trades, and be in position to multiply their money with lightning-fast profits like these…

  • $2,550 in three days on Starbucks…
  • $1,175 in two days on SPDR Gold Trust…
  • $1,200 in two days on Suncor Energy, and…
  • $2,650 in three days on Alibaba.

Of course, if you’re like most people, you probably missed these… and just about every one of the other incredible weekly gains I showed you today.

After all, these kinds of profits aren’t laying out in the open ready to be plucked like shells on a beach. 

They’re rare. They’re hidden. And their window of opportunity slams shut every week.

There’s no way you – or anyone else – could have known when these money-multiplying opportunities were even coming.

Let alone being able to cobble together the Weekly Cash Clock trades that can automatically deliver these exponential gains by Friday.

But members of my Weekly Cash Clock advisory research service had the chance to pocket every last one.

And this is your invitation to join them.

Now, let me make one thing clear right up front.

Weekly Cash Clock Is NOT Your Typical Investing Newsletter.

If you just want to sit back and read about making money…

If you need days to think before pulling the trigger…

If you aren’t comfortable following someone else’s lead…

This is NOT for you.

Weekly Cash Clock is a one-of-a-kind research service.

I created this service specifically to help regular people finally have a real shot at BECOMING RICH. Right now.

Think of it as a weekly treasure hunt with me and my amazing Weekly Cash Clock as your guides to the market’s buried bounty.

Of course, the actual hunt takes place behind the scenes. Way before you ever get involved.

My Weekly Cash Clock works around the clock to continually crunch through billions of data points in millions of market scenarios.

All in search of the elusive pattern that could multiply your money in one week. THIS week.

Then, I take those findings and run each of them through my personal gauntlet of analytics and experience.

Some weeks, nothing survives. Nothing meets my stringent standards.

But usually, I boil things down to the top one or two trades.

The top Weekly Cash Clock trade recommendations that could suddenly turn every $250 or more invested on Monday… into $500 or more by Friday.

If that sounds like a ton of work… it is.

But only for me and my Weekly Cash Clock.

For you, it’s a piece of cake.

All you have to do is read through all of my analysis and act on the recommendation if you feel it’s right for you.

A quick, one-step process. So easy, a kindergartner could do it. Because there’s…

  • NO guesswork…
  • NO being stuck at your computer, and…
  • NO checking your emails every day.

Heck, barely more than one simple click of your mouse. There’s only one catch…

If you choose to go after that week’s treasure… you must be ready to act. FAST.

But don’t worry.

As a Weekly Cash Clock subscriber…

I’ll Arm You with Every Tool You Need to Help You Understand How to Cash In on Every Money-Multiplying Recommendation.

It all starts with your…

Weekly Cash Clock Alert.


Every Monday, I’ll deliver my Weekly Cash Clock Alert.

You can count on getting it like clockwork… right in your personal inbox around 12 p.m. (ET).

You can practically set your watch by it.

This short and sweet email gives you all of my research on the opportunity.

All it takes is about five minutes on Monday.

And since every trade behind a Weekly Cash Clock recommendation is required by law to pay out any gains by Friday… you never have to worry about when to get out.

You just sit back and watch for any weekly windfalls to pour into your account.

Now, if something DOES change during the week that requires any action… that’s no problem either.

You’ll immediately receive one of my Weekly Cash Clock Urgent Updates.


As you’d expect, it will arrive right in your inbox. And it will spell out exactly what’s going on… what to do… and how to do it.

No confusion. No guessing. No worry.

Plus, every time I issue a trade alert, you’ll also love getting my…

Weekly Cash Clock Alert Video.


This two- to three-minute video is the next best thing to having me and my entire team sitting in the room right there with you.

You get to look over my shoulder.

You can literally SEE all the details and analyses and HEAR the rationale behind each trade recommendation as my team and I walk you through step by step.

We will show you exactly how to place each Weekly Cash Clock recommendation. You’ll know exactly what price to buy and, if your broker allows it, how to set up your exit to ensure all your cash is automatically deposited into your account by Friday.

Not only that, you can sign up for my…

Weekly Cash Clock Text Messaging Service.


You can take advantage of my Weekly Cash Clock trades from anywhere… and my text messaging service will alert you when it’s time to make a move.

So you don’t have to sit in front of your computer waiting for the next recommendation.

You can spend time with your family…

Go to lunch…

Play a round of golf…

As long as you have your phone, you’ll always know when it’s time to open my latest Weekly Cash Clock Alert or Weekly Cash Clock Urgent Update.

So that’s the meat and potatoes – exactly what you can expect from your subscription to Weekly Cash Clock every single week.

But that’s far from everything you’re going to get.

Take a Look at All the Other Money-Building Tools You’ll Receive as a New Weekly Cash Clock Member.

First up is the…

Weekly Cash Clock Quick-Start Guide.


Of course, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions and my analysis with every trade recommendation. But in case you want to know more about getting started with options, this brief guide spells out everything. Things like how to open an account… the best ways to take advantage of my recommendations… and even more details about how my system works.

Now, this next gift you’re going to get is a big one…

The Essentials of Profitable Options Trading Video Course.


This four-part online video seminar is like getting a PhD in making money. Sit back and watch at your leisure. I’ll teach you trading strategies that can up your trading game, improve your profits, and possibly change your life. It’s valued at $2,995, but it’s yours – absolutely free – with your Weekly Cash Clock membership.

You’re also going to receive exclusive access to…

Weekly Cash Clock Online.


This is your 24/7 members-only web portal. You’ll be able to see every trade recommendation, the details and analyses behind them, and the current Weekly Cash Clock Model Portfolio. Plus, you can access all your membership bonuses and past webinars with a click of your mouse.

You’re also going to love your set of…

Weekly Cash Clock Special Reports.


This is like having your own money-multiplying library. Each report in this extensive collection is designed to help you maximize your Weekly Cash Clock subscription.

And that’s still not all. Because I’ve saved the best for last.

Every month, you’ll be invited to my exclusive…

Weekly Cash Clock Coaching Webinars.


You’re going to LOVE every one of these special members-only online group coaching sessions with me and my team. I promise that you’ll come away with valuable tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can be worth thousands of extra dollars to you. You’ll have a front-row seat as I show you things like…

  • How to pay less on commissions
  • The best way to allocate assets
  • How to get the most out of a broker
  • The best ways to manage cash
  • And the fastest way to grow your wealth to $1 million.

These coaching sessions alone are valued at over $7,000. But they can be worth many times more than that to you.

Especially because in each month’s group coaching session…

There’s always a chance that you could receive bonus trade recommendations.

You Simply Can’t Find These One-Week Treasures Anywhere Else.

Now, I do need to warn you.

There are only so many of these Weekly Cash Clock subscription slots available through this offer.

Which means it is first come, first served.

That’s why for now, I’m limiting the number of new Weekly Cash Clock memberships to 500 people today.

And these slots will probably be gone in a matter of hours.

So it’s time for you to make your first move.

There’s a button at the bottom of this page.

Click it, and it will take you to a subscription form where I’ll reveal the price of my Weekly Cash Clock research service.

Believe me – just one of my trades could more than pay for a whole year… and then some.

But you be the judge of that.

If you decide that you want in, I’ll send you everything I promised for this research service…

  • Weekly Cash Clock Alerts…
  • Weekly Cash Clock Update Videos…
  • Weekly Cash Clock Urgent Updates…
  • Weekly Cash Clock Text Messaging Service…
  • Access to the Weekly Cash Clock website…
  • Weekly Cash Clock Coaching Webinars…
  • Six Weekly Cash Clock Special Reports…
  • Weekly Cash Clock Quick-Start Guide
  • And the Essentials of Profitable Options Trading Video Course.

Plus, I’m so confident that with my Weekly Cash Clock trade recommendations I can help you multiply your money 10 times within four months, I’m putting MY money where my mouth is.

Here's My $1 Million "Regular to Riches" Guarantee…


I worked for years to find an easy, fast, and proven way to help regular folks take a small account… and have a chance to become rich.

And Weekly Cash Clock is the culmination of that mission.

Weekly Cash Clock takes the holy grail of "buy low, sell high…" and straps a supercharged rocket engine to it.

Think about how powerful this can be. And how liberating it can be for you.

You don’t have to guess anymore.

Instead of months or years, your money is never tied up for more than four days.

And you don’t have to worry anymore.

I promise that

  • You’re going to love the chance to make money in this new and exciting way…
  • You’re going to learn how to trade like a pro…
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make a ton of NEW money from NEW trades that you probably couldn’t find on your own, and…
  • You’re going to have a blast doing it!

Most importantly, here’s my promise: If you’re one of the first 500 to sign up and take the “Regular to Riches” Challenge today…

I promise that my Model Portfolio will give you the chance to multiply your money at least 10 TIMES in four months. If not, I’ll extend your subscription by an extra 12 months… absolutely free.

In other words – if the Weekly Cash Clock Model Portfolio doesn’t deliver exactly as I’ve told you, I’m on the hook for free subscriptions worth up to $1,000,000.

And I’m not talking about being close either.

This isn’t horseshoes. It’s your life.

So I’ll pony up on my promise… even if you see how to make just 9.9 times your money.

Of course…

I’m Not Worried at All.

Remember when I first promised that you could see how to multiply your money 10 times in just four months?

BEFORE I showed you exactly HOW the Weekly Cash Clock works?

BEFORE I explained WHY this is already happening right now?

I knew you might have thought I was crazy.

But now that you’ve seen dozens of examples of how Weekly Cash Clock has already delivered an average profit of 48% every week for six months straight…

Now that you know how my Weekly Cash Clock can work like nothing else to help me deliver exponential gain opportunities…

Now that you see how you really could have 10 TIMES MORE MONEY in just four months…

I’d say the tables have turned.


With My Promise of the Chance at 10 TIMES YOUR MONEY in Just Four Months… You'd Be Crazy NOT to Accept This Offer.

Let’s be real. This is an offer you’ll likely NEVER see again.

After all…

Who else do you think could guarantee your opportunity to make 10 TIMES YOUR MONEY in the next four months?

No one.

But for me, it’s a no-brainer.

Current Weekly Cash Clock subscribers are getting the opportunity to grab these money-multiplying gains right now. Day after day… week after week.

Joe Rodriguez is a perfect example of the incredible potential of your Weekly Cash Clock membership…

“On 2 trades from your Weekly Cash Clock, I made over $20,000.”

Karl Chaplan’s report is amazing too…

“I have closed out 3 trades this week and I have more than doubled my money on each trade.”

Frank Gasol just told me he made $1,040…

Stan Banco just made a quick $1,000…

And Sue Wilson just told me…

“I love Weekly Cash Clock. I just made $5,100! More than doubled my money!”

And it’s virtually never-ending.

Unless you’re not IN at all.

Every Monday that you wait could be another weekly gain of up to 50% or more that you’re missing out on.

The good news for you is that you’ve made the list.

The bad news is that there’s a strict limit to the number of new members I’ll accept today.

If you don’t click on the button below and get in right now… you may not get in at all.

With so much to gain… why risk it?

I’m the one putting $1 million on the line…

All you have to do to ensure that you become a member of Weekly Cash Clock today is click on the button below.

Or call our VIP Concierge Service team at 1-855-509-6600 (1-443-353-4770 for international callers) and mention your Priority Code: WWCKW725. They’ll answer any questions you may have about the research service and sign you up right away.

I couldn’t sum things up any better than Weekly Cash Clock member Kate Townsend, who told me…

“Unbelievable!! In one day I made a profit of $1,175.86!! Buying a membership in Weekly Cash Clock is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I’m in for the long haul!”

Like it is for Kate and many other regular people who I’m providing the opportunity to turn small amounts of money into riches…

This will be without question one of the most exciting and meaningful things you’ve ever done.

You now have a real shot at writing your own real-life “Regular to Riches” story – and having the wealth to back it up.

A legacy that you’ll be able to pass on for generations to come.

I hope you’ll seize this moment right now before it disappears.

I can’t wait for us to get started!

Tom Gentile
Editor, Weekly Cash Clock

November 2019