Triple-V Trade Protocol
Introducing Tom Gentile’s 40x Discovery

The V3 Effect

An unprecedented phenomenon with the unique potential to turn a small stake into $2.2 million

GA_00 MIKE: Hi, I'm Mike Ward, founder of Money Morning

I'm here today with legendary trader Tom Gentile for a very important announcement…

And it all begins with the action you see behind me.

Tom, what's going on back here?

TOM: It’s money, Mike. A massive wall of money.


What you're actually looking at is a real-time feed of the global financial markets.

MIKE: And that's, what, every stock on the New York Stock Exchange?

TOM: No, Mike. It's much more than that.

What you're looking at is a special screen. It's only available to market makers. And it effectively puts me on the trading floor. Not only of the New York Stock Exchange.

But on the floor of every market on the planet.

MIKE: So you're talking about the financial markets in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo…

TOM: Yep – everywhere. In fact, this screen monitors every trade, on every stock, on every market across the globe. In real time.

And here's the key, Mike.

Every blip you see… every blink, every flash… is a transaction of real money. Money moving back and forth, constantly changing hands, all day long.

MIKE: So you can track all these transactions, all that money. Incredible.

TOM: Not just incredible, Mike. It's UNPRECEDENTED. We are witnessing a modern-day phenomenon… in fact, the amount of money in motion – the sheer volume has exploded nearly 40-fold. That's a 4,000% surge.

I mean, it's money, money everywhere. And it never stops movingMike, in the 30 seconds we've been talking, over $90 million has changed hands.

MIKE: You mean $90 million in the last 30 seconds has changed hands, right up on the screen?

TOM: That's right. From New York… to Chicago… Stockholm, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and back around, over and over again… 24 hours a day… like I said, it never stops moving.


Take a look right here.


This flashing box is Apple. There goes a 1,000-share trade. And another. By day's end, nearly $5.3 billion will have moved in and out of Apple. People from all over the world. Buying. Selling.

MIKE: And every single one of them chasing a profit…

TOM: Exactly. Take a look at Google. There it is. A trade just hit for 1,100 shares. By day's end, over $1.6 billion will have moved in and out of Google.


MIKE: So the money is constantly moving.

TOM: Yep. And check out Alibaba. It's on a tear. By 4 p.m. (ET), over $2 billion will have changed hands in BABA.


Mike, I've been a professional trader for 25 years, and we've never seen numbers like this.

MIKE: So what you're telling me, Tom, is this volume – this huge amount of money – has exploded nearly 40-fold.

TOM: Mike, when you add it up, that's a staggering $270 billion changing hands, moving back and forth, every single day. In the next 12 months, roughly $68 trillion will change hands.

MIKE: Tom, you and I were talking earlier, and you said this volume explosion is creating the biggest opportunity you've ever seen.

TOM: That's right, Mike. Look – this volume frenzy is a mega-trend that's been building for over 20 years. It's just hit a tipping point in the last six months.

And if you know what you're doing, you can dip your hand into this money surge and pull out $15,000, $20,000, heck, even $30,000 a month.

And, Mike, NO ONE will ever miss it.

MIKE: Thirty grand a month, and no one will ever notice?

TOM: Mike, it's like shearing sheep. You shear a sheep, the wool grows back. And in this case, the money grows back – every day.

MIKE: Tom, can you show us how ordinary folks can pull that kind of money out of the market?

TOM: Absolutely. Let's take a seat so I can break this down for you.

TOM: Now Mike, this massive shift all hinges on a tiny little part of the stock chart…

A component most people never consider.

Of course, you know these lines right here, on the top of the chart.

MIKE: They track the price of the stock.

TOM: Exactly. But if you look down here, buried below the price action, is a different set of lines…

MIKE: Tom, these lines seem a bit obscure.

TOM: They are obscure.

They don't even show up on many charts… and yet, they are critical… because these lines show – second by second – exactly how much money is changing hands in any particular stock.

MIKE: In some cases, millions of dollars per second are flowing in and out, back and forth, changing hands all day long…

TOM: Yeah, and here's the thing: When a stock's money flow surges… and this line right here shoots up like this… it's easy to dip your hand in and grab a chunk for yourself. Right off the top I'm talking about $15,000 $20,000 even $30,000 fast.


MIKE: Sounds easy…

TOM: Mike, it's the easiest money you'll ever see.

IF you know how to do it, OK, because check this out: Here are two identical cash surges… as you can see, they look exactly the same.

But behind the scenes, there are some critical differences… take a closer look at the first stock…

MIKE: Lam Research.


TOM: Right. The money surge is right here on January 25, 2019.

MIKE: Tom, that looks like $1.8 billion changing hands in a single day

TOM: Right.

And if you'd known how to use the technique I'm going to show you… you could have dipped your hand in and sheared a fast $11,125.

MIKE: Right off the top.

TOM: Yep. And no one's gonna miss it. Now, take a look at the other surge. The stock here is Microchip Technology.


See it?

MIKE: About $1.5 billion changing hands

TOM: And yet, if you'd dipped your hand in, you'd have come away with zip. Nothing.

Here's another example… two surges.

MIKE: They look exactly the same to me. Practically identical.

TOM: But watch what happens… on the first one, Coty Inc., you see the surge on February 9, 2019


MIKE: Again, about $280 million changing hands… 

TOM: And if you'd known how to do it, you could have dipped your hand in and snatched $17,825 right off the top in one move

Now, on the other stock, PPG Industries, we saw an identical surge.


Around $855 million flying back and forth on a single day. 

But if you'd dipped your hand into this one, you'd have walked away with NADA.

MIKE: That's a big difference, Tom.

TOM: It sure is.

And again, this time on February 22, 2019

MIKE: Another two identical surges.

TOM: Looks that way, doesn't it? And yet, they're not the same… check out the first. The stock is Extra Space Storage.

MIKE: It looks like $205 million changed hands on that day.

TOM: Yep. And if you'd known the secret, you could have dipped your hand in and pulled $15,425 right out of the frenzy.

But on the second stock, Fortive Corp., it was a different story.  


Even with $2.6 billion flying around, if you'd dipped your hand in, you'd have walked away with a goose egg.

MIKE: It's like night and day, Tom.

TOM: Mike, in just these three examples… the difference between knowing the secret and not knowing the secret would have been about $46,875.

MIKE: Tom, I mean, $46,000 or zero.


That's an easy choice.

TOM: Look, for people who know how this works, making money can be like shooting fish in a barrel… the great part is, this new phenomenon this $68 trillion volume surge never stops.

MIKE: That means you can do this every day the markets are open?

TOM: Every single day. In fact, in just this past month, you could have dipped your hand in and pulled out fast stacks of cash, including:


MIKE: That's $20,525! And that's in just the first two weeks of the month!

TOM: Exactly. You do that every two weeks, and you'd be sitting on over $513,000 in a year's time.

MIKE: That's some serious money.

TOM: Especially when you consider it only takes about five minutes a day. Look, Mike. We are in the midst of a phenomenon that offers you a shot at $15,000, $20,000, even $30,000 a month IF you know what you're doing.

MIKE: Well, that's why we're here today. Because, Tom, you're going to show our viewers exactly how they could grab these profits for themselves.

By the way, Tom, you've been in the business for over 25 years.

And this isn't your first game-changing breakthrough. I mean, you've built and sold companies to Wall Street for untold millions…

In fact, back in 2009, you developed a trading system called Platinum 1. And you sold it to a Wall Street firm for $20 million.

TOM: That's right, Mike. And since acquiring my platform, that Wall Street firm went on to increase revenues by a staggering $4.5 billion a year.

MIKE: And of course, there's Alpha-9. In the first 90 days of this year, you've already closed out 51 winners. Anyone following along could have pocketed $210,000 in just three months.

And now, you believe this latest breakthrough is your best and brightest to date.

TOM: Mike, my new system takes things to a higher level.

MIKE: You're going to show us how it works in just a moment.

But Tom, how did this come about?

TOM: Mike, as I said, the markets have been overtaken by a trading phenomenon…

MIKE: That's the volume of money you mentioned… the amount changing hands has exploded 40-fold. A 4,000% surge.

TOM: Indeed. And Mike, this mega-trend has been building for over 20 years, and it's just hit a tipping point in the last six months.

MIKE: And you spotted it.

TOM: Well, I wish I could take credit. But I can't… I have a team of data scientists constantly evaluating the markets.

MIKE: These are the gentlemen who helped you develop Platinum-1?

TOM: Yep, the same guys from NASA who helped me develop Alpha-9. They identified a unique pattern – an anomaly really – HIDDEN in the trading frenzy.

Mike, this pattern is so unique – and so powerful – that when my team first showed it to me, I was like "No way, it can't be that easy."

MIKE: How powerful are we talking, Tom?

TOM: Mike, my guys showed me that when you spot this anomaly… and you tap into it in just the right way it's possible to shear big chunks of cash, right off the top of the market.

MIKE: $15,000, $20,000, even $30,000 a month. That's incredible.

TOM: Well, what's really incredible is the work my team put into it. We've studied billions of historical data points. We analyzed every possible trade. And Mike, we found we can pinpoint winners with 94% accuracy

MIKE: 94%... my God, Tom. That's better than nine wins out of 10 tries.

It's unheard of.

TOM: It is. And like I said, when the team first showed me the data, I didn't believe it. So I made my guys go back and retest the entire data feed seven times, right in front of me. Mike, it turns out my guys were right.

MIKE: So you're talking about a new way that can shear thousands of dollars a month right off the trading frenzy.

TOM: Yes. And it can be done with 94% accuracy. Let me show you. Let's pick some random days… take March 7, 2019 for example.

There you see a volume surge in Dollar Tree…


Mike, that's nearly $1 billion flying around… and if you'd known how to do it, you could have pulled $5,725, right off the top. Here's another…

On March 15, 2019, you see the surge in Dollar General…


MIKE: Looks like about $1 billion flying around.

TOM: $1.2 billion to be exact. And you could have pulled $7,500 right off the top, without anyone ever noticing.

And here's yet another… on April 1, 2019, you see the surge in Constellation Brands. That's $980 million trading back and forth...


And you could have just stuck your hand into the frenzy, and pulled out $9,675, easy as pie. And Mike, this phenomenon just goes on and on.

Heck, just this past month alone, you could have dipped your hand in on five separate occasions and walked away with over $20,525…

MIKE: Tom, I mean, that's $20,525 in just a couple weeks

TOM: Yeah. This past month was fantastic. But Mike, get this: The month before was even better!

You could have grabbed:


MIKE: Tom, that's $52,550.

I've never seen numbers like that…

TOM: They're gonna get bigger, Mike. My team has identified several driving factors that indicate volume could continue to surge for the next 20 years. In short, the opportunity is going to be magnified.

MIKE: What's the potential here, Tom?

TOM: Mike, the opportunity here is so tremendous – and runs so deep – that we had to create a two-tier trading platform to exploit the upside.

First, I want to give folks a daily feast of trading activity, and a shot to pull $15,000, $20,000, even $30,000 out of the market, each and every month.

MIKE: That's a lot of action. I mean, at even $20,000 a month, that'd add nearly a quarter million a year to a person's bottom line.

TOM: It sure could. But Mike, that's just the first tier.

My second objective is to give folks a chance to turn a modest $5,000 into $2.2 million in a year's time… and I want them to do it WITHOUT risking a dime of their own initial capital.

MIKE: And just to be clear, that $2.2 million would be in addition to the $15,000, $20,000, even $30,000 they'd be pulling in a month,correct?

TOM: You got it.

MIKE: How 'bout you show us how your new system works.

TOM: Love to, Mike. And let me start by saying my system is brand new, one of a kind, and completely proprietary.

MIKE: In other words, you're the only one who can do this. Now, you and your team evaluated billions of data points to make this happen.

And it showed how you can find winning plays with 94% accuracy.

Tom, how is this possible? I mean, how in the world did you and your team develop this?

TOM: Great question, Mike. Let me show you the backstory, because this is fascinating. Take a look…

This shows trading volume statistics over the last 20 years… you see that?

Back in 1995, volume was $9.9 trillion a year…

MIKE: A fraction of what it is today.

TOM: Yep. And now, look at this… this is the number of publicly traded stocks. And you can see, back in 1995, the number peaked at over 8,000 stocks for the United States.

MIKE: And it looks like the number has declined.

TOM: Mike, it's not just declined. It's declined by 50%. It's cut in half!

Now let's put these two graphs together, because this will blow you away… you see that?


As the number of stocks has declined by 50%... the global volume has exploded to $68 trillion.

So what you have is a massive surge of money being pumped into fewer and fewer stocks.

And just about six months ago, we hit a tipping point… you see that?

Right there in December 2018…

MIKE: You're pointing at the X.

TOM: Right. X marks the spot. And what that means is you've got a staggering amount of money surging in and out of stocks…

MIKE: And yet, you've only got about half the stocks.

TOM: Mike, think of a garden hose being hooked up to a fire hydrant… the pressure is intense. And it's this pressure – this stunning trading frenzy – that's driving the opportunity today. And here's the thing: Hidden in this frenzy is a unique pattern.

When you know how to spot it, you can just dip your hand into that $68 trillion money surge…

MIKE: And shear off big chunks of cash.

TOM: Exactly.

Look, Mike, you saw the $17,825 we could have pulled on Coty


MIKE: And the $11,125 on Lam Research


TOM: And the $15,425 on Extra Space Storage


MIKE: And Tom, just this past month you saw five plays for over $20,000.

TOM: And the month before we saw over $32,000.

MIKE: That's over $52,000 fast. Tom, what exactly is driving this volume phenomenon?

TOM: I'm glad you asked, Mike. It truly is a phenomenon.

The U.S. markets are the most liquid in the world.

And over the last 20 years, we've seen a surge of global participation. Think of it. We've got trillions of dollars, all over the world, seeking big returns. Banks. Institutions. Sovereign wealth funds.

And there's no better place to go after big returns than in the U.S. financial markets.

Look, I know traders in Japan and China, guys who stay up all night just so they can be awake while the U.S. markets are open.

At the same time, you've got money managers who have tens of millions of dollars a month flowing into their funds.

These guys are under pressure to generate enormous returns.

They can't make any money from bonds paying one or 2%. They have to put it to work with stocks. That's why we've seen a volume explosion.

Add it all up and you're looking at a 40-fold increase.

MIKE: A 4,000% volume surge. And all you do is tap into this frenzy.

TOM: Yes. But, let me be clear…

You gotta know what you're doing because not all volume surges are the same.

MIKE: We saw that. I mean, you pick the right volume surge, and it could hand you 10 grand in the blink of an eye…

TOM: But if you pick the wrong volume surge, you could come up empty-handed, or even lose money.

MIKE: Why is that, Tom?       

TOM: Well, I'm sure you've heard about the influx of high-frequency traders.

These computerized programs buy and sell almost instantaneously.

And they do it over and over again all day long. That can generate massive volume.

But in many cases, the volume DOES NOT drive a tradeable move in the stock.

MIKE: So you see massive volume, but the stock doesn't go up very much. It just sits there, flat.

TOM: That's right. It's like treading water. Lots of activity, but the stock stays in one place. And even worse, with that kind of rapid-fire volume, the stock could reverse itself in seconds and go south.

MIKE: That means you could get lured into a trade by volume… and end up losing money.

TOM: Exactly. Take a look…

Here's a volume spike in Bank of New York on September 21. About $1 billion changing hands… and two days later, the stock tumbles downward a point or so.


MIKE: No money to be made there…

TOM: Nope. Here's another. A volume spike in Carnival Corporation on March 26… $750 million flying around.


And yet, the stock goes nowhere.

MIKE: It even falls a bit.

TOM: That's right. And here's another. Take a look at the volume spike in Cintas Corporation on September 26. $450 million in play…


MIKE: But a week later, the stock dribbles down a couple points.

Not very lucrative.

TOM: Not at all.

But on the other hand, when you know how to spot the right volume signal, the payoffs can come fast and furious.

Take a look.

I already showed you how we saw $17,825 on Coty.

And here's another opportunity Coty offered.


See the money surge. $325 million changing hands. And boom.

You could have pulled $8,875 right off the top.

MIKE: I love it.

TOM: Here's another. In this case, Applied Materials surges.


Mike, that's $2.2 billion changing hands in a single day. You could have just dipped your hand in and grabbed $5,075.

MIKE: The money just keeps coming.

TOM: That's right Mike. Here's another. This time in Disney…


MIKE: Looks like about $2.75 billion changing hands in about six hours.

TOM: Right. And you just need to dip your hand in, and boom that's $11,450, courtesy of Mickey Mouse and friends.

MIKE: Tom, you make it look so easy. And yet, these highly lucrative surges appear identical to the surges that didn't go anywhere.

TOM: Most people can't tell the difference... and Mike, this opens the door to tremendous opportunities for folks who do know the secret.

MIKE: This is really exciting. Tom, can you show us the secret behind your new system?

TOM: I'd love to.

And let me be clear, Mike. my team climbed the ranks at NASA, Raytheon, and Texas Instruments… they've spent years developing air flight control systems, missile guidance technology, as well as radar tracking devices.


MIKE: So they know how to find a target and trace the path a stock is going to take.

TOM: That's right. Oh, and by the way, they hold 11 patents issued by the U.S. government.

MIKE: So these are world-class experts. And now they've applied their expertise to dominating the financial markets…

TOM: That's right. Up market. Down market. It doesn't matter.

Now, like everything I do, my new system is built on state-of-the-art technology and incredibly powerful algorithms.

Remember, we're tracking those millions upon millions of trades from all over the world that you see behind us.

You gotta have that kind of power Mike – because remember: We've got $270 billion changing hands every day. $68 trillion a year.

There's no way a human – or even a team of humans – could keep up for even a minute.

But my new system can.

MIKE: What do you call it, Tom?

TOM: We call it the Triple-V Trade Protocol… or V3 for short.

MIKE: The Triple-V Trade Protocol… I'm betting one of those three “V’s” stands for “Volume…”

TOM: That's right. But listen, Volume alone is not enough.

MIKE: So, what do the other two “V’s” stand for?

TOM: We'll get to that in a moment, Mike. And it's pretty fascinating.

But let me show you just how powerful the Triple-V Trade Protocol is… our data shows that we're seeing a 94% accuracy rate.

MIKE: It just doesn't miss!

TOM: At least not very often. And here's something else that will floor you. The Triple-V Trade Protocol has a tested reward-to-risk ratio of 15 to 1…

MIKE: Look Tom, there are always risks in the market.

And I realize no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, not even you. Losses happen. So you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

TOM: Absolutely, Mike. But with Triple-V, the reward is 15 times greater than the risk.

In other words, for every dollar you put into these trades, you stand to make 15. Or, for every $1,000 you put in, you stand to make $15,000.

MIKE: That's a bet I'd take all day long. Especially with a 94% accuracy rate.

TOM: Yeah. So even if you factor in an occasional losing trade, our strategy is designed so they don't make a dent.

Imagine if we make 100 trades using $1,000 per trade.

If we can get 94% accuracy, you're talking about 94 wins and just six losses…

Mike, if we get a 15-to-1 reward-to-risk ratio, those 94 wins would add up to $1.4 million.

And the six losses would total a mere $6,000.

MIKE: The opportunity to turn $5,000 into $2.2 million just got very real…

TOM: You ain't seen nothing yet, Mike. And by the way, the Triple-V is completely proprietary. OK. Completely proprietary.

MIKE: So, no one else can do this.

TOM: And no one is going to be able to replicate Triple-V. Remember, my team has 11 patents between them, and what we've created is one of a kind.

MIKE: Tom, the trades you find follow a set of very specific steps.

Please show us how the Triple-V Trade Protocol works…

TOM: Let's do it.

And let me start by saying using the Triple-V is as easy as one, two, three... a third grader could do it, because the algorithm does the heavy lifting.

MIKE: Let's see it in action.

TOM: OK. So let's start at the beginning. Even before we get to Triple V. And this first step is critical… Mike, as I mentioned, there are about 4,000 stocks traded daily on the U.S. markets. We only care about 100 of them. 


MIKE: So you're only focusing on a fraction of the market. That's a tight niche.

TOM: And it's a wildly lucrative niche. Now, these companies are from all sectors. Some are manufacturing companies. Some are tech companies. Some are pharmaceutical companies. Some are energy companies. We don't care what these companies do.


We only care about one thing…

Each of these 100 companies share one special attribute that puts them in this elite trading group.

In fact, this attribute GUARANTEES we will see an opportunity – every single week – to double, triple, even quadruple our money.

MIKE: Other companies don't have this attribute?

TOM: Nope. Only these 100... Mike, my team and I have been analyzing these 100 companies.

We've evaluated every single volume surge they've ever generated. And we've determined the reward-to-risk ratio on every single one of them.

After our due diligence, we found these 100 companies are ideal for the Triple-V Trading Protocol.

MIKE: So, the other companies don't pay off.

TOM: Oh, the other companies do pay off.

It's just that we only want to play the cream of the crop. And these top 100 companies have shown us a 94% win rate.

MIKE: That's about as close to perfect as you get… can you share the list with us?

TOM: Mike, I wish I could. But that's a secret we simply cannot reveal. This list of 100 stocks is pure gold, and I simply can't share it with the public. But look, you've already seen how much money this list could put in our hands.

Remember Lam Research and the $11,125. It's on the list… and remember Coty and the $17,825.  It's on the list. Then there's the $15,425 from Extra Space Storage. That's on the list too…

MIKE: Gotcha. And we also saw those wins from this past month…

TOM: Right. And the wins from the month before as well. These companies are all on the list.

MIKE: Tom, how many opportunities do each of these stocks generate per year? Are they one and done?

TOM: Great question Mike. And no, they are not one and done.

Not by a long shot. In fact, each of these stocks generates an average of four trades a year.

MIKE: So with 100 stocks, you're talking about 400 trading opportunities every 12 months.

TOM: That's right. About seven or eight trading opportunities per week. Of course, we don't recommend taking every trade. We only want the cream of the crop. That's why we're hitting a 94% accuracy rate

MIKE: Tom, can you show us the next phase of your Triple-V Trade Protocol?

TOM: Definitely. And this is where the first V comes in… Volume. Now, here's the deal. When you see big volume, you know that strong emotions are flooding the market.

Thing is, for most people big volume surges are terrifying.

But for me, big volume surges mean opportunity is at hand.

But listen, even a 50%, 75%, even a 100% volume spike – doesn't faze me.

For us to bother looking at an opportunity, the stock has gotta be "juiced."

And we don't consider a stock juiced unless we see a 300% volume spike.

This is what it looks like…


MIKE: That's a big spike, Tom.

TOM: Yep. It's a big spike. Most people are freaking out. But we embrace it.

MIKE: Tom, why do you need to see such a big spike?

TOM: Mike, my team and I found that spikes of 300% and higher offer the biggest, fastest gains with the least amount of risk.

MIKE: You have a stunning 15-to-1 reward-to-risk ratio, so it's working.

TOM: And a 94% accuracy rate. Let me show you how it works… the stock here is 3M.


 You see the surge right there. A 300% spike. That's $1.6 billion flying around.

MIKE: And you just reach in and shear some off.

TOM: Yep. In this case, you could have pulled $11,475 right off the top… and here's another. 

This time in Expeditors International.


MIKE: How much money is flying around there, Tom?

TOM: About $315 million… shear some off the top and you've got a fast $10,000 in your hands.

MIKE: Let's try one more.

TOM: OK. Here's Abiomed… 


MIKE: About $500 million moving back and forth.

TOM: And you just reach out and grab it. This time, you could have walked away with $9,300 in your hand.

MIKE: I see how you could give people a shot at $15,000, $20,000, $30,000 a month

But Tom, you mentioned that you don't move forward on volume alone.

TOM: No we don't, Mike. That would be a waste of time. And very risky. Let me show you the second “V” of the Triple-V Trade Protocol.

And Mike, without this, you got nothing…

MIKE: Let's check it out, Tom.

TOM: Remember, trading volume has surged off the charts.

MIKE: But the stock doesn't always move on Volume.

TOM: That's right. It's like treading water. Lots of activity, but no real movement.

MIKE: So you could get stuck in a play that goes nowhere.

TOM: Correct. Or worse, you get lured into a stock that moves against you. You end up losing money. So, before we target a trade, we need to do two things.

First: We need to confirm the stock's DIRECTION. We need to know for sure which way it's going.

Second: We need to make sure the move has a significant and sustainable FORCE behind it.

MIKE: Otherwise the stock could stall before it goes anywhere.

TOM: Exactly. So our second “V” is called Vector.

MIKE: OK. I struggled through a calculus class once upon a time, and vector was part of the mix. As I recall, vector means DIRECTION, right?

TOM: You're half right, Mike. Yes, vector is used in calculus. In fact, it's used in aerodynamics, something my team has decades of experience with.

Anyway, vector is a measure of a moving object's DIRECTION, as well as the FORCE behind the object's move. Not only does VECTOR show where the stock is going, but it also shows the force behind it.

You might think of it as momentum.

MIKE: OK. So, Vector measures direction along with force. Got it.

TOM: Now, to measure this, we require the stock to move ABOVE its high on the day of the volume spike. Take a look…

As you can see, this stock had a volume spike of 325% on Monday.

And on that day, it hit a high of $44.

Now, for us to move forward with our play, the stock must go above $44 on a subsequent day…


And you see, there it goes – on Tuesday it hits $45. That gives us a positive Vector reading.

MIKE: And it confirms the flow of cash – massive cash – into these stocks.

TOM: Exactly. Plus, it lets us know if a stock has enough force behind it for a tradeable run. Let me give you an example.

This time in Atmos Energy.


 There you see a 315% surge on November 29.

MIKE: That's about $423 million flying around…

TOM: But we don't want to strike right away. We need our Vector confirmation. So, on the day of the Volume surge, Atmos Energy hit a high of $93.50.

MIKE: So you need it to hit $93.50 or higher on a subsequent day?

TOM: Exactly. And there it is the very next day, on November 30.

You see that?

MIKE: The stock is hitting $94.

TOM: That gives us our Vector confirmation… you put it all together, and you could have sheared a fast $6,750 right off the market in as little as a few days

MIKE: Fascinating. And there's a third “V” you still need to confirm.

TOM: That's right. Mike, I hate sitting and waiting. I like trades that move quickly. That way, you can get in fast and you can get out fast.

And we've set this system up so that's exactly what we do.

The third “V” stands for Velocity.

MIKE: It's really a measure of speed.

TOM: That's right, we want to see that things are happening fast. That's why the price jump must happen within five days.

MIKE: Can we see an example?

TOM: Sure. Take a look… this stock has a 400% volume spike on Friday. That means that within five trading days it must go above Friday's high. In this case, the high is $24. But for the next five days it stays below $24. The trade is dead in the water Mike.


We are not interested.

But… if we get our Velocity confirmation, the trade is on. Here's an example…

This is Fifth Third Bancorp.


And you can see the 300% surge on May 22

And here you see our Vector confirmation

And it happened within five days, giving us our Velocity confirmation, so we are good to go.

In this case, you could have dipped your hand in and sheered a fat $5,000… right off the top.

MIKE: Amazing.

So Tom, to recap, when the three V’s in your Triple-V Trade Protocol snap into place, it tells you a stock is ready to take off.

So all you need do is get in early and ride the stock for what can be big gains.

TOM: Well Mike, actually, we don't try to get in early. We don't need to get a ground-floor spot. Because look: We did an in-depth analysis of volume spikes.

I'm talking about extensive studies done by my team of scientists.

These men are flat-out experts at determining flight paths. Flight paths for rockets. Flight paths for jets.

MIKE: And flight paths for stocks.

TOM: You hit the nail on the head, Mike. One of our guys worked at NASA, OK. So, he spent decades figuring out exactly where a rocket would go, based on determining factors.

And that's exactly what the Triple-V Trade Protocol does with our 100 stocks.

What my team determined is when you plug in price, volume, range, high, low, etc., and include the stock's historical path…

You can determine with a very high degree of accuracy exactly where the stock is going to go next.

MIKE: So you've got a predetermined flight path BEFORE the stock even starts to move.

TOM: Yep. And we've determined that all of our successful trades looked exactly the same. Take a look at this chart…

You see? So, we can project where the stock is going. And project how long it's going to run.

MIKE: And Tom, I want to emphasize – your team analyzed thousands of trades. And you found when this pattern appeared, 94% of the trades were winners.

TOM: Yes. And as a result, we don't care about getting in early.

And we don't care about staying to grab every last bit of profit.

We only care about grabbing this sweet spot. You see that…

The stock's overall run could be 10%... could be 15%. Hey, it could be 25% or even 30%...But we only care about the middle 3%.


See it right there…

It's the place where risk is low and reward is high.

And look: The Triple-V algorithm crunches all the numbers.

It's designed to tell us exactly where to buy…

And then the algorithm crunches all the data in real time and predetermines the sell point.

MIKE: I see. So you go for the easy pickings. The middle of the surge.

TOM: Yep. And we can do it over and over again. With a 94% win rate

MIKE: This is fantastic. I can see how your accuracy rate is so high, because you're taking the part of the surge that's almost a given.

But Tom, if the stock only moves 3%, how do you make any money?

TOM: Great question. Look: 3% is not worth our time. Nobody is getting rich on a 3% gain, OK?

So we use a special trade to magnify the gains in the shortest time possible.

Again, we've done extensive testing, and we've determined that a 3% move on the stock is all we need to double, triple, or even quadruple our money.

Now, let me show you the Triple V Trade Protocol in action earlier this month.

Here it is monitoring our 100 stocks…

And boom.

It spots a 300% volume spike. In this case, the stock is Fortune Brands


MIKE: And it looks like Fortune Brands is hitting a high of $51 on the day of the volume spike.

TOM: Good eye, Mike. Yes. And here we go. The very next day, Fortune Brands hits $52.

MIKE: That gives you your Vector confirmation.

TOM: Yep.

We've now confirmed that Fortune Brands is moving up with enough force to make a tradeable run.

And because it happened within our five-day window, the trade is on.

We issued a special trade on the first of the month. And just two days later, on the third of the month, we exited with a 187% win.

MIKE: Good enough to shear $4,675 right off the top.

TOM: Yep. Let me show you another.

Here's the Triple-V Trade Protocol monitoring the market.

And it spots a 300% volume surge in Lab Corp.


MIKE: And there's Lab Corp. giving you the Vector confirmation the next day.

TOM: Right. And because it happened within five days, we also have our Velocity confirmation.

MIKE: So the trade is on.

TOM: Yes. And we issue our special trade. And a few days later, we close it out for a 164% gain.

MIKE: Good enough to pocket $4,100.

TOM: Yep. Let's do one more. Here's Triple-V spotting a 300% volume surge in CarMax


 MIKE: The next day, you get both your Vector and Velocity confirmations.

TOM: So we issue our special trade.

MIKE: And cash out for a 268% gain.

TOM: That's right. That's good enough to shear $6,700 right off the top of the market.

And Mike, keep in mind, we aren't trying to uncover the next home-run stock. The next Google, or whatever.

We are simply trying to do what the high-frequency traders do…

Use our technological advantage to squeeze out the easy money.

With one difference.

While the high-frequency traders are grinding for pennies…

We're looking to double, triple, even quadruple our money… over and over again.

MIKE: And this is all done by the trading algorithm?

TOM: Exactly. The algorithm is built on extensive testing, and my 25 years of volume trading is also incorporated.

The great part is the Triple-V Trade Protocol monitors the stock in real time, I'm talking volume, price action, highs, lows, everything.

If at any time the trade veers off our anticipated course – for any reason – the Triple-V Trade Protocol picks up the deviation and is designed to instruct us to get out of the trade.

MIKE: In other words, you want to target a "sure thing" before you play.

TOM: Yeah, because with seven to eight opportunities to choose from every week, we only want the highest reward with the lowest risk.

We only take what we consider the best trades and leave the rest for others.

MIKE: The cream of the crop. And you can do it with 94% accuracy.

Tom, this is incredible.

And look, you've made millions for yourself.

At the same time, you've helped scores of regular folks amass fortunes.

Tom, people love you. With good reason.

And today, you're announcing a new opportunity that could be the highlight of your career.

TOM: That's right Mike.

Today, I'm launching a new research service called the V3 Trader...


And Mike…

I've got one objective: to give ordinary folks an easy way to build wealth fast. I want to give folks a shot at pocketing $15,000, $20,000, even $30,000 a month.

MIKE: And at the same time, you're going to show us how people could turn $5,000 into $2.2 million in a year's time

TOM: Without risking a penny of their initial capital.

MIKE: And Tom, you insisted we make this opportunity affordable to anyone.

TOM: That's right, Mike. And the reason is simple: When I started out, I didn't have a lot of money. I know what it's like to struggle. I don't want price standing in the way.

If people want to change their financial destiny, I want to put the power of V3 Trader at their disposal.

MIKE: That's great. And anyone can do this?

TOM: Absolutely. You don't need any special training. And you don't need a lot of money to invest. Folks can get started with a modest $500 if they choose.

But here's the thing…

The trades we're going to be recommending are the elite – the cream of the crop. And we want our members to be the cream of the crop as well…

That's why I'm going to limit enrollment to 500 people today.

MIKE: Tom, we invited over 2.2 million people to watch us today.

And – look, these are smart people who I'm sure like to make money – so I'm betting most of them will want to give this a try.

But with only 500 spots available today, how are you going to decide who gets a spot?

TOM: First come, first served. This is for people who are ready to stake their claim.

MIKE: Can you tell us what folks can expect when joining V3 Trader?

TOM: I'd love to Mike. And let me start off by saying, the V3 Trader experience is going to be a heckuva lot of fun.

Because, listen, the backdrop to it all is an opportunity for a DAILY FEAST of trading activity.

MIKE: So members will see a trade recommendation every day?

TOM: Mike, look at the frenzy back there.

Trillions of dollars up for grabs. And we're going to tap into it for big, fast action every single day the markets are open.

Now, some weeks, we'll have a trade recommendation every single day. Other weeks, we may have a couple of plays. But getting in and out of the trades is only a small part of the V3 Trader game.

MIKE: So how exactly will things will play out, Tom?

TOM: Every day of the week, the Triple-V Trade Protocol will monitor our 100 select companies.

It's going to be watching for volume spikes that exceed 300% of average daily volume.

Once it isolates a 300% surge, Triple-V will track the stock for a Vector and Velocity confirmation.

If we get the confirmation within five days of the initial volume spike, it's game on…

Triple-V's proprietary algorithm will evaluate all factors, analyze the reward-to-risk ratio, and generate an entry price, a target price, and a set of strict exit parameters.

At that point, I'll step in and use my 25 years' experience as a professional trader to fine tune the play and confirm the trade recommendation.


Then I'll send my analysis and specific trading instructions to our V3 Traders via email.

MIKE: Sounds like a finely tuned, well-oiled machine.

TOM: It's seamless, Mike. And in addition to the trade recommendation, I'll also send a complete breakdown of the opportunity.


That way, readers will see the whole process unfold from volume spike to trade confirmation signals.

They'll also see our exit parameters and our target price.

Members can then review the information and, if it's right for them, they can simply call their broker or enter the trade themselves online or via phone.

MIKE: And Tom, trading opportunities are only part of the experience...

TOM: That's right. Every day, we are going to be monitoring 100 stocks, analyzing volume spikes, reviewing our watch list, and tracking our active trade recommendations.


And every day, we'll send readers our Daily Trading-Action Video, so they can see exactly what's happening and what to expect next.

Of course, my team and I will monitor each and every trade recommendation.

And when the time comes to close out the trade and take any profits, we'll send notice to their email or smartphone.


MIKE: It's like paint by numbers. I can see how the wins could add up fast.

How much can people expect to make as V3 Traders?

TOM: Mike, that's the best part. And I've decided to do something I've never done before. In fact, I've never seen anything like this.

We're going to run a two-tier trading platform for our V3 members.

MIKE: Kind of like two services for the price of one?

TOM: Yes. And this is very exciting. Let me show you how it will work.

First, members will get a daily feast of activity.

We'll be in touch with them every day the markets are open.

I'll let them know about any volume spikes we've spotted…

I'll let them know about stocks on our watch list…

I'll update them on active plays we've initiated. And, of course, I'll let them know about any new trades we're targeting.

And listen: Every week will be a whole new experience.

Some weeks, members will see a recommendation every single day.

Other weeks, they might only see one or two.

My goal is to give readers at least 200 trading opportunities in the next 12 months, each offering a chance to double your money.


MIKE: 200 shots to double your money… that could end up generating huge wealth.

TOM: Absolutely. And remember, these are elite plays. We're zeroing in on the easy pickings. The accuracy rate is 94%. This is a real chance for ordinary folks to amass a fortune while helping to keep risk to a strict minimum.

And that's just the first trading tier of V3 Trader

MIKE: Tell us about the second trading tier.

TOM: Mike, this is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and V3 Trader is the ideal way to make it happen.

Have you ever heard the Nick Darvas story?

MIKE: He was the professional dancer – an amateur trader – who made $2.2 million in just over a year's time.

TOM: Right. Mike, the guy made trades out of his hotel room!

And he's the perfect example of a novice, an amateur, making big money.

I want to give my readers a chance to amass $2.2 million in the next 12 months.

MIKE: And you want folks to do it without risking a dime of initial capital.

TOM: That's the key, Mike. Look, Darvas would take all his winnings and roll every penny into the next trade. And then he'd roll those winnings into the next trade. Every penny, over and over…

MIKE: So, in other words, he turned $5,000 into $10,000. And then turned $10,000 into $20,000. And then $20,000 into $40,000…

TOM: And $40,000 into $80,000 and $80,000 into $160,000…

MIKE: And on and on until he hit $2.2 million.

TOM: Right. And, look, it didn't take him long. But I think that strategy of rolling up your trades is risky. I would never suggest anyone risk every penny of their capital that way.

So, I'm taking Darvas's concept, and altering it a bit for V3 Traders

I call it my V3 Trader Monthly Double-Down.

Here's how it works…

Every month, I'm going to take a special trading opportunity, and make it available to my V3 Traders.

MIKE: This will be in addition to the daily trading activity.

TOM: Yes. Once a month, I'll give folks a Double-Down trade that I believe has outsized potential to triple or even quadruple your money or more


Here's what I'm suggesting.

Folks take a small portion of their winnings from the regular V3 trades we'll be monitoring daily.

Maybe $2,500 or $5,000 of their winnings, or whatever they feel is "play money."

After all, they are in control of their own destiny.

But I suggest they roll that into my Monthly Double-Down trade recommendation.

MIKE: So they'd leave their initial capital alone, out of harm's way.

TOM: That's right. I don't want anyone doubling down with initial capital.

I want them to take some of their winnings – whatever feels comfortable – and put it into the Monthly Double-Down plays.

And then I want them to do what Darvas did.

I want them to roll the winnings over, at whatever level they're comfortable with.

MIKE: That could really add up fast, Tom.

TOM: Now remember Mike, we're going to be making lots of trades in the first tier of the platform.

But these are extra trades. And take a look at how the winnings could multiply fast.

Let's start in January 2019…

MIKE: Kicking off the New Year.

TOM: Right. And let's say you put $2,500 into Celgene. It hit a 114% gain, Mike.

Suddenly, your $2,500 is worth $5,350


The next month, let's say you put your $5,350 into Lam Research… a 445% winner.

Suddenly, you're up to $29,157...


MIKE: And you just keep rolling?

TOM: You don't even have to do that.

To be more conservative, let's take a chunk of the profit off the table and run with $20,000.

And let's say if we can put that $20,000 into Coty a 712% winner.

Mike, now you could be sitting on $162,400


MIKE: I see what you mean, Tom.

This is adding up fast.

TOM: And let's say you take a big chunk of that off the table…

And if we could put $100,000 into your next play, Extra Space Storage… a 617% winner.

Now, you're being more conservative by taking a big chunk of money off the table.

But you've also now got $717,000


MIKE: Incredible.

TOM: And Mike, let's just go ahead and pull half of that back.

And let's say if you can put half – $350,000 – into our next play, Constellation Brands, a 387% winner.

Mike, at this point, we're only five trades in. This has all happened between January and April! And you could be sitting on $1.7 million.


Plus, you've got another $400,000 that you've stuck in the bank for safe keeping.

Imagine what your trading account could look like by year's end…

MIKE: I mean, you could be sitting on $2.2 million fast.

TOM: And you'd be doing it without risking a penny of initial capital.

MIKE: Plus, you've pulled money off the table every step of the way.

TOM: Point is, V3 Trader members will have two tiers.

Our standard plays offering 200 shots to see big double-your-money gains in the next 12 months…

PLUS the Monthly DOUBLE-DOWN plays that could turn $5,000 into $2.2 million in a year's time.

MIKE: Tom, that blows me away. I mean, this is an unprecedented opportunity.

Now, you and I discussed exactly how much extra to charge for the second trading tier, the Monthly Double-Down trades.

And Tom, I told you I felt an extra $5,000 a year for the Monthly Double-Down trades would be a bargain.

TOM: And Mike, you're right. Even $10,000 would be a bargain for these extra trades.

But I really want to make this affordable for anyone who's ready to claim their shot at serious wealth.

So the first 500 folks who secure a V3 Trader spot today will get the Double-Down trades free, no extra charge.

MIKE: Tom, that is beyond generous.

I mean, with the opportunity we are seeing today, that's almost like gift wrapping $1 million and handing it over to the first 500 people who join V3 Trader today.

TOM: Mike, it is. And we're just getting started.

There's so much more that comes with being a V3 Trader.

In addition to all that daily trading activity, as well as the Monthly Double-Down plays…

We're going to give folks our V3 Fast-Start Video Series.

Now Mike, this is based on my 25-year career as a trader.

I've taken everything I know and broken it into a series of five videos.


Folks will learn exactly how easy it can be to exploit trading volume for a shot at doubling or tripling their money, over and over again…

MIKE: Priceless.

TOM: And there's more…

I'm also including the V3 Octagon

As a member, you'll step inside my mind as my team and I show you how to trade live… once a week.

You'll pick up little tricks and internalize the mindset of a trader.

Plus, you'll get V3 Debriefings, where we analyze the trading session and break down the strategy we used.


And remember, as a member, you'll be getting up to five trading opportunities every week, so you can use these tactics yourself in real time.

MIKE: You're right.

This is not only lucrative; it sounds like a lot of fun.

TOM: It's a blast.


And listen, I want my V3 Traders to be able to share information and insights so they can grow.

That's why we're going to create a V3Forum.

Every day of the week, our V3 Traders can go online to connect with other V3 Traders, share breaking information, talk strategy, even boast about winning plays.

MIKE: A gathering place for the elite.

TOM: And it gets better, because in addition to the V3 Trader's Forum, we're going to conduct an annual V3 Summit.


This is a chance for our V3 Traders to meet in person and bond over success.

Finally, there's no substitute for direct feedback.

And that's why we're setting up the V3 Hotline.

Think of it as direct line to me and my team, a way for you to get your most popular trading questions answered fast.


MIKE: Tom, this is absolutely incredible.

Let me summarize.

Folks get a frenzy of daily trading activity, including recommendations that offer shots to double their money.

They get the V3 Fast-Start Video Series.

  • The V3 Octagon.
  • The V3 Forum.
  • The V3 Hotline.
  • The V3 Summits.

Now I'm sure folks are wondering how much this is going to cost… because when you look at everything people get, I'm thinking $25,000 a year would be a fair price.

But like you said earlier Tom, we want the V3 Trader experience to be available to anyone and everyone who moves fast today.


So the price is not going to be $25,000.

Or even $15,000.

It's not going to even be $10,000.

Folks who subscribe now, while spots last, can take advantage of our entire research service for a very reasonable price. It's so reasonable in fact that you could pay for this three times over on the very first trade.

And keep in mind, the first 500 folks who join V3 Trader today will get Tom's second trading tier, the Monthly Double-Down trades, absolutely free.

But again, we have 2.2 million Money Morning readers, and with only 500 spots available today, I'm sure this will be a sell out fast.

So, we want to make it really easy for folks to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

TOM: Right, Mike. That's why I'm offering a Two-Tier Guarantee that makes this a complete no-brainer.

Guarantee Part One: Go ahead and secure your spot as a V3 Trader today.

If at any time during the next 90 days you're not completely delighted with the trading recommendations, analysis, gains, or anything else about V3 Trader

Simply let my team know by phone or email, and we'll promptly refund every penny of your subscription price.

No questions asked.


And here's Guarantee Part Two…

Over the next 12 months, I guarantee to give you at least 200 trading recommendations, each will have the power to double your money.

I addition, I promise to give you at least 12 Monthly Double-Down trades with the potential to triple or even quadruple your money fast.

MIKE:: So Tom, in other words, folks will get at least 200 trade recommendations in the coming year, plus an additional 12 Double-Down plays.

TOM: Exactly. And if they don't get everything I'm promising in a year's time, all they need do is contact my VIP Concierge team…

And I'll give you another year absolutely free. No questions asked.

MIKE: Of course, Tom, to make that kind of guarantee, you must be absolutely confident you can make your new V3 Traders very, very rich.

Because, when you factor in the daily trading activity…

The 200 trades folks will get, each with double-your-money prowess…

And you consider the flood of Monthly Double-Down plays

Opportunities that could turn $5,000 into $2.2 million

Well, when you factor it all in, I'm confident you're gonna make it happen.

Because Tom, you always deliver on your promises.

TOM: Thanks, Mike. This means a lot to me and I won't stop until folks are 100% thrilled.

MIKE: But please understand: This is strictly limited.

Again, because of the nature of this opportunity, I can only open it up for 500 people today.

First come, first served.

If you're ready to turn the volume phenomenon into what can be your own personal wealth-building machine… hit the “Join Us Now” button below.

Tom, this really is an incredible offer.

Thanks so much for being here.

And we'll check in with you soon.

Folks, listen: This is truly an unprecedented opportunity.

In fact, the opportunity is so enormous, Tom has implemented two trading tiers, both loaded with recommendations, into his service.

It's like getting two premium-level services, all in one.

Not only is it a chance to experience the excitement of daily trading activity, every single day of the week for the next 12 months…

But it's also a chance to turn a modest $5,000 into $2.2 million in a year's time, without risking a penny of your initial capital.

That's Tom's promise to you.

Imagine starting tomorrow with V3 Trader and waking up in a year's time with over $2.2 million in your account.

That's the potential at hand.

But we can only hold this open to 500 people today.

First come – first served.

Hit the "Join Us Now" button below.

You'll be taken to a secure page where you can review everything you'll get as a V3 Trader.

But please remember: The 500 spots available today are going to go fast.

Hesitating could cost you your shot at millions.

And remember: With Tom's guarantee in place, this is a real no-brainer you can't afford to miss.

I'm Mike Ward.

From Tom Gentile and all of us here at Money Morning, thanks for watching and have a great day.