The 10-Minute Money Machine

I recently taught a small group of regular folks to use my “10-Minute Money Machine.” Our group included a farmer, a printing shop manager, retired grandmother, and an anesthesiologist, among others.

They all had something in common.


They were FED UP with Wall Street.

SICK of following all the rules and still losing money.

TIRED of working so darn hard with nothing to show for it.

Believe me, I’ve been there too.

So these people were understandably skeptical when I told them this hidden pattern helps answer the BIG THREE questions every investor worries about…

  1. WHAT stock to buy.
  2. WHEN to buy it.
  3. WHEN to sell it.

Even better, there’s ZERO emotion or greed involved. It doesn’t even matter what the overall market is doing when this pattern emerges… and it makes a mint for those who pay attention.

Best of all…

You Could Collect a BIG Boost in Income in Just 10 Minutes a Week!

Not bad, right?

So HOW did this investment strategy work for my small group of readers?

Quote 1 Quote 2 Quote 3 Quote 4 Quote 5

They Say Money Can’t Buy Happiness.

I Think That’s Missing the Point.

Just ask the men and women in my small group.

These good people all had CRUSHING financial worries… mortgages, medicals bills, car payments, shrinking 401(k)s, tuition bills… even putting food on the table.

Today, thanks to this ONE secret, they finally have peace of mind.

A truckload of profits, more than you could imagine spending in your lifetime, tends to do that.

It’s Worked for My Group. And I Know It Will Work for You Too.

In the next five minutes, I’m going to explain how this hidden pattern can profoundly improve your financial life… and help you retire with the financial security and FREEDOM you deserve.

My name is D.R. Barton, Jr. You may know me from the Fox Business channel, CNBC, or perhaps you’ve read my best-selling book on building wealth safely.

DR on TV

D.R. Barton, Jr. is a regular guest on Fox Business, MSNBC, and many other financial news outlets

I’m not a Wall Street insider or Ivy League graduate. Far from it.

Just before I discovered this hidden stock pattern, I was an overworked chemical engineer and financial independence was the LAST thing on my mind. We had just completed construction of what’s known as a “continuous uranium denitrator.”

I was physically exhausted and mentally drained. I was 600 miles from my lovely and talented wife. We wanted to start a family… but that’s kind of hard when I was away all the time.

As I completed the project, I remember thinking – for the first time – that I wanted to be something other than a chemical engineer.

I wanted more from my life. I wanted to NEVER worry about money again.

But I was a terrible investor. I did all my homework. Followed all the gurus. And I was getting nowhere. Finally, I decided to try something VERY different.

I Applied the Laws of Engineering and PHYSICS to My Portfolio.

DR Retired 1

A few months later, I discovered a hidden, repeating pattern in a stock’s price that was remarkably predictable, incredibly simple, and hugely profitable. For over 200 years, since the day the stock market opened, this pattern had remained hidden and untapped.

And I jumped all over it.

DR Retired 2

By age 37, I was retired and living the life I always dreamed.

My family and I can do all the things we love to do.

And giving back is a big part of that.

I have more free time to teach at my church. I coached baseball for five years. I’ve coached grade-school kids on the principles of DR Retired 3 economics, and my teams have won state championships at every age level.

Now it’s your turn. Thanks in part to this simple discovery, I have been blessed with more money than I could imagine spending in many lifetimes.

I want that for you too.

So I Recently Decided to Teach a Second Group of Folks How They Can Profit from This Hidden Pattern.

And I Sure Hope You’ll Join Us.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to do something crazy. I’m not even asking you to risk a penny on what I say.

For the next few minutes, just sit back and learn…

  1. How this hidden pattern works…
  2. How to identify the pattern in a stock chart…
  3. And how it can help make you relentlessly richer no matter what the markets are doing.



The best way to start is by watching this 10-second video.

This brave soul stands on a bridge over a river… ties himself to a rubber band… and then JUMPS.

When the bungee is stretched to the absolute extreme, what does it do?

It bounces back, and our brave diver rises again.

350 Years Ago, a Scientist Named Robert Hooke Created a Formula That Predicted the Exact Moment the Bungee Would Bounce Back and How Far He Would Rise.

Hooke’s formula identified the two critical FORCES that controlled EVERYTHING.

Force number one is GRAVITY, of course. That’s what pulls the diver downward.

Force number two is ELASTICITY. That’s the power of the bungee to pull back.

Pretty simple, right? Let’s call this the Hooke Pattern to honor our old friend.

When you graph the formula, the pattern actually resembles a hook. That makes it easy to remember.

But wait. It gets even better.

If you divide GRAVITY by ELASTICITY, you get what I call the ZERO line.

That’s the precise moment when our diver snaps upwards.

Imagine, for a moment, if you could identify the ZERO line in a stock.

Now remember, I’m not talking about calling a bottom in a stock. I hope you know that’s basically impossible.

If you try doing that, you’re just throwing money away. Trust me, I know this from personal experience in my early investment career.

The ZERO line is completely different and utterly predictable when you learn how to find it.

The ZERO line is about finding those extreme moments when a stock has been oversold, profiting from the bounce-back, and protecting your money every step of the way.

Here’s a great example…


Here’s a chart from U.S. Steel, one of the pillars of the stock market and the economy.

Nothing special, right?


Can you spot the Hooke Pattern in this chart?

Not yet, but when you add in an extra line that tracks how far away the stock is from its 20-day moving average, a different pattern emerges.


This line now represents ELASTICITY in our formula… let’s label it “E.”

Next, we determine the stock’s GRAVITY. I define that as how fast the stock price is pulled up or down in a single day. Let’s call this “G.”


You divide G by E and voila…

There’s your ZERO line.


When the Green Line Hits the Red Line, the Stock Bounces Back Up.

And It Happens FAST…

Our study showed that when this Hooke Pattern emerged 28 days later, the stock was WAY UP.

You basically would have been minting money.


Here are some more examples…

Take a look at this chart for the Texas oil and gas company Comstock Resources Inc.


Check the graph outlined in yellow.

Bad time to make money with Comstock, right?

Not so fast!

When you learn how to spot the Hooke Pattern, a whole different outlook emerges.


There it is. The Hooke Pattern emerged back on August 2 a while back.

14 days later the stock skyrocketed… just look!


Here’s another one… with even larger profits.


This is the chart for Mechel… it’s a logistics company for the steel industry.

The time period marked in yellow was a great big NOTHING for the stock.

There were no headlines. No major press releases. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

No money there for sure, right?

Wrong again.

A few years back on July 29, the Hooke Pattern appears, and the stock SOARS…


Time and time again, we see the same pattern emerging.

Best of All, This Simple Pattern Can Work in Both Bull and Bear Markets.

In fact, I would argue that the more extreme the market is… the SAFER and more PROFITABLE this secret is.


Because markets always go up and down. And bulls and bears are always predicting what’s ahead for your money.

They talk about interest rates. Geopolitics… regulation tariffs… trade… oil prices… you name it.

And they are almost always wrong!

The only… I repeat, THE ONLY stock market prediction that is ALWAYS RIGHT is this…

The stock market is VOLATILE.

There isn’t an expert on the planet who disagrees with this.

So doesn’t it make sense to simply accept this fact… take comfort in its consistency… and use it to help multiply your wealth say four or five times over?

Of course it does.

We Saw Big Profits, Even When Most Other Investors Got Skinned Alive in 2008.

Let’s go back to October of 2008.

Remember that? How can we forget! Just look at the S&P.


For virtually everyone with a nickel in the market, this chart screams “run for the hills!”

And of course, that’s what everybody did.

But can the Hooke Pattern emerge in times like these?

Look at this chart for Emergent BioSolutions…

It’s a biotech firm based in Maryland.

Biotech companies were absolutely trashed in 2008. Emergent’s competitors were down 90% or more. Then BOOM… on October 8, the Hooke Pattern would have appeared, and sure enough, Emergent SOARED.


Here’s another historical example from 2008.

Crawford & Co. processes insurance claims and plummeted in 2008.

And according to our study… the Hooke Pattern would have appeared right here.

See it?


If you jumped at the opportunity… just look at the gains… you would have been making money all the way UP.

It’s pretty amazing right?

Before we go one step further, I need to say something really important.

The Hooke Pattern is NOT a guarantee of wealth or stock market success.

Nor is it a way to “get rich quick.”

There is NO such thing in the world today.

Yes, the Hooke Pattern can be remarkably successful.

But, as I mentioned before, the Hooke Pattern does not identify a BOTTOM in any stock. It’s not a siren call luring you to buy at the bottom… and then watch your portfolio crash on the rocks.

It’s a smart and fantastically simple way to build wealth.

Once You Learn How This System Works, You Can Spend About 10 Minutes a Week Managing Your Money. And That’s That!

You get a steady climb to the day you realize you NEVER have to worry about money again.

Making money can become a habit instead of a rarity.

Instead of riding a roller coaster with ordinary investors…

You could step onto an escalator going up!

So, how do you do that? And how can you learn to see the Hooke Pattern in a stock chart and then pounce?

Book Bundle with Burst

You get a hard-bound copy of my book PLUS the Action Guide to help you get started fast!

Just recently, I put the finishing touches on a hardcover book and Action Guide that take you step by step through the entire process of showing how you can EASILY profit from the Hooke Pattern.

They’re written in plain English for beginning investors… and it explains everything you need to know to get started.

It’s called The 10-Minute Money Machine bundle.

You get my complete wealth-building manual PLUS The 10-Minute Money Machine Action Guide – to help you get started fast!

So if you order today, the price is just $39. Even better: Shipping is FREE!

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You’ll Learn How to Spot the Hooke Pattern and Begin Going for Big Profits Almost Immediately.

You’ll discover…

  • The secret of the “extreme reversal” and why it’s the number-one most profitable event in the 10-Minute Money Machine system (page 48)…
  • The two BIG and PROVEN approaches the 10-Minute Money Machine strategy uses to help minimize risk (page 68)…
  • A profoundly powerful equation that unlocks the secret to how you can build great wealth rapidly and with far less risk than you ever imagined (page 59)…
  • Why protecting your capital is ESSENTIAL for growing richer with the 10-Minute Money Machine trading strategy (page 72)…
  • How to quickly identify “fast movers” capable of moving two, three, four, or even five times as much as the market indexes like the DOW and S&P (page 129)…
  • How to run an almost instant online scan (including the actual search terms) and identify stocks approaching extremes (page 140)…
  • Why volatility is your friend when looking for extremes and the number-one indicator you need to follow (and it’s NOT “Beta”) (page 131)…
  • How to frame the trade and set up risk controls and stop-loss orders (page 153)…
  • The BIG, COSTLY, and common blunder that almost all traders make. It wrecks your returns and almost guarantees you lose money (page 65).

And of course, this is just a glimpse of what you’ll discover.

And it’s all written in plain English – in a style that’s actually entertaining to read. It’s packed with references and stories that illustrate and simplify every step of the way.

You’ll not only discover HOW you can profit from the Hooke Pattern… but I’ll give you the courage and tools so you can make it happen.

And it couldn’t be simpler.

The Secret to Building Wealth without Risking It All…

When I was a chemical engineer working on nuclear facilities, failure was simply not an option. A nuclear facility is a vastly complex system with a million things that can go wrong, and all of them are bad.

The secret to eliminating risk in any complex system is to break it down into subsets so you can identify the risks, manage them, and then eliminate them one by one.

Our number-one engineering rule was KEEP IT SIMPLE, KEEP IT SAFE.

It’s the same with the stock market. You and I both know that, as a whole, the markets are absolutely overwhelming.

The 10-Minute Money Machine can help change all that in a big way.

How? By breaking it down into easy-to-follow pieces that anyone can understand.

The book is divided into three sections, each with a specific goal…

Section #1:

The Million-Dollar Mindset.

Section one is all about the 10-Minute Money Machine mindset. This is where we learn how to FOCUS and CHANNEL your thinking so success becomes almost inevitable.

If you’ve ever been confused by the stock market, we will erase that confusion once and for all. You’ll learn that the “markets” are nothing more than an auction where hundreds of items (individual stocks) are up for bid each day.

Big Board

Most important of all, you’ll discover that the more EXTREME the auction is… the EASIER and MORE PROFITABLE it can be for you. I know that sounds like a contradiction… but trust me, it’s not. I’ll tell you why in just a few moments.

Section #2:

Find the Wealth-Building EXTREMES.

Section two is where I explain step by step how to identify the extremes that make the Hooke Pattern so obvious. You’ll see how you could identify the stock… find the extremes that bring out the Hooke Pattern… frame the trade so you can protect your money and profits… and then, CASH OUT with a great, big smile on your face.

ALL of this will take about 10 minutes a week.

Section #3:

Practice without Risking a Penny.

This is where the rubber hits the road. We’ll do some practice trades so you can see the system at work without risking a penny. I’ll even show you how you can create your own customized worksheet so you can record and monitor your trades regularly.

And Then, GO LIVE!

Finally, I’ll show you how to “go live” and begin trading so you can gain the confidence to make more money than you have ever experienced in your life.

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If you do NOTHING else, these lessons from The 10-Minute Money Machine will help you transform your financial future like never before.

Lesson #1:

10 Minutes Can Change Your World.

The wealth-building lesson from America’s Revolutionary War

In 1780, during the fifth year of the American War for Independence, British raiders messed with the wrong man.

William Hill

His name was William Hill – and immediately after joining the Colonial Army, he realized they had NO chance against the British numbers and firepower. If they had any chance of winning, it would be with stealthy tactics.

So, on the eve of July 11, 1780, with the stealth of experienced deer hunters, they surrounded the regiment commanded by Christian Huck – a particularly sadistic raider.

American Soldiers

When the sun finally appeared over a nearby plantation, the Patriots opened fire.

And unleashed havoc.

The Redcoats, trained to fight in regimented, disciplined formations and to shoot mass volleys, fell into chaos.

The British were chopped to pieces. Ninety-four were killed and the remaining 24 were captured. The Patriots lost only one man.

Here’s the most amazing part of all…

The total time of the battle from first shot to decisive victory was 10 minutes.

That’s right, 10 MINUTES!

And yet, that one 10 minute battle helped stop the British juggernaut cold. The colonies rose up with renewed confidence, won the war, and placed this country on a trajectory that made us the global superpower we are today.

The moral of the story…

If 10 minutes can change world history, it can change YOUR history and your FUTURE too!

Wall Street is NOT unlike the British Army. It’s stiff. Regimented.

All of this leaves Wall Street vulnerable to investors who are willing to think and act independently – just as the colonists did.

That’s what the 10-Minute Money Machine is all about… spending 10 minutes a week with a trading strategy that could help you get positioned for one decisive investment victory after another.

Some could be small… some are big… others are VERY big.

Ultimately they can help you reach a multimillion-dollar net worth.

All you need to do is learn the strategy I’m about to explain to you.

I’ve done all the heavy lifting, testing, and discovery for you. Think of it as your “money machine.”

All you need to do is “turn the crank.” This strategy is designed to deliver a steady stream of winning trade recommendations and growing wealth.

Lesson #2:

The Law of Moneymaking Extremes.

How Irrational People Can Make You a LOT Wealthier.

Big profit opportunities don’t manifest themselves when investors act rationally. They show up when people get crazy, get irrational, and push prices to extremes.

Remember, the 10-Minute Money Machine is not a classic buy-and-hold strategy. Just like William Hill and his militia, we’re looking for small, short, and decisive victories that add up to life-altering levels of wealth.

To do that, you need to understand the law of moneymaking extremes.

The markets get stretched and pulled by human psychology. Once you learn to recognize these extreme conditions (when the bungee jumper is at the very bottom), the market often snaps back in spectacular fashion.

THESE are the EXTREME moments we’re looking for!

Most people consider extremes to be dangerous. That’s completely wrong.

In truth, I think these extremes are the absolute SAFEST times to invest.

Cashing in on those price extremes is the foundation of the 10-Minute Money Machine. And the good news is that actionable extremes (revealed by the Hooke Pattern) happen all the time.

In The 10-Minute Money Machine bundle, you’ll learn to recognize these extremes and start using them so you can build a multimillion-dollar net worth.

You’ll discover…

  • How to tell the difference between daily price fluctuations and the extremes that can build your wealth (page 146)...
  • The three critical factors you need to use when screening for stocks approaching their maximum extremes and profit potential (page 126)...
  • The BEST indicator to use when searching for stocks that are seriously oversold (page 148)...
  • How to SIZE your positions to eliminate even MORE risk… and BOOST your profit potential at the same time. (page 127)...
  • The world’s easiest online tool that makes screening for extremes (and Hooke patterns) almost automatic. Even if you’ve never invested before, this tool makes it easy as 1-2-3 (page 127)...
  • Why you need to look for stocks that routinely trade more than 500,000 shares a day (page 139)...
  • Why a “bubble” is NOT an extreme. It’s easy to confuse the two, but with the 10-Minute Money Machine system, the difference is important. Bubbles are helpful to learn from… EXTREMES can make you rich (page 37)...
  • Why UPSIDE extremes are the better bet for ultimate success (page 43)...
  • Why you must NEVER confuse profiting from extremes with chart-reading. The 10-Minute Money Machine strategy is about understanding and identifying those moments when a stock is seriously overbought or oversold. It’s NOT about looking for peaks and valleys on a chart (page 43)...
  • How to recognize “extreme continuations” and how you can multiply your wealth. These are far more commonplace and easier to recognize (page 50)...
  • How to recognize short-term extremes – for quick profits you can take to the bank (page 51)...
  • And much more!

Once you learn these simple principles, you’ll understand that finding extremes is the golden key to relentlessly building wealth no matter what happens in the market.

Book Bundle Button 4

Lesson #3:

The REAL Reason Babe Ruth Hit 714 Home Runs That No One Ever Told You.

How It Can Help You Avoid “Striking Out” for the Rest of Your Life.

Most people think the great baseball legend Babe Ruth was a slugger and free swinger.

He was nothing of the kind.

In fact, it appears The Babe followed four specific rules – rules that can help you build wealth today:

  • RULE ONE – Wait for your pitch: Babe was a careful and particular hitter. He was NOT a free swinger. He waited for his pitch… something he could really drive. In 1927, the year he hit 60 home runs, he also led the league in bases on balls.
  • RULE TWO – Don’t swing unless it’s PERFECT: He was not afraid to let an “imperfect” pitch pass by – even if it was a strike. He viewed each pitch as an opportunity and was willing to eschew less-than-perfect setups.
  • RULE THREE – Never swing at junk: He never, absolutely NEVER swung at “junk,” which were pitches thrown outside the strike zone hoping to entice the batter into an impossible swing. It’s easy to see why he led the majors in walks an amazing 11 times!
  • RULE FOUR – Strikeouts are just part of the game: Above all, The Babe KNEW that strikeouts were completely permissible.

In short, during his playing days, Babe Ruth was a living, breathing practitioner of the wisdom… the values… and the mindset that underpins the 10-Minute Money Machine trading strategy.

It works like this…

Take enough swings and you’re bound to hit some homers. (Bad idea.)

Take the right swings, meaning you take what the market is giving you without risking everything or lunging for 10-bagger stocks, and you can amass an enviable record.

You will strike out sometimes; that’s unavoidable. But those whiffs should be more than offset by the walks, singles, doubles, triples, and home runs.

If you take this approach as an investor, you will almost inevitably have a chance to amass a fortune.

In The 10-Minute Money Machine, I’ll explain exactly how to apply these principles so you could gain an almost unfair edge every time you trade…

Starting on page 58, you’ll discover the three critical rules that give you an edge EVERY time you invest. Most investors ignore these rules, and that’s why they fail.

Let’s look at them right now…

The 10-Minute Money Machine helps you grow wealthier over the long haul, with respectable profits on many trades. And since we never just buy and hold, you never have time to fall in love with individual stocks and stories. It also virtually eliminates biases and self-destructive investing.

  • Rule #1: Maximize your expected return. Most traders think about their upside potential on a trade-by-trade basis. But most traders are completely wrong.
  • Rule #2: Minimize your downside risk. Rookies believe that big wins and home runs are the key to successful trading. That is completely WRONG. In The 10-Minute Money Machine, you’ll discover that your first and foremost objective is LIMITING LOSSES.
  • Rule #3: Determine your optimal position sizing. To build meaningful wealth, my winning strategy is designed to work when you do lots of trades, each with a high probability of success. That means SIZING your trades is absolutely CRITICAL so you can survive those times when the market turns against you.

In the 10-Minute Money Machine system, I guide you step-by-simple-step through all three of these rules. There’s no confusion. And you’re never wondering “what do I do now?”

You’ll also discover…

  • Why you must size your positions according to RISK profiles rather than equal dollar amounts (page 83)...
  • The simple mental exercise that will REDEFINE how you invest and how successful you become (page 73)...
  • The four important tricks that help you properly manage stop-orders and avoid BIG losses (page 73)...
  • The RIGHT way to use stop-loss orders when trading. Most people do this wrong and the result is a virtually guaranteed loss or missing a huge price jump after you’ve locked in your loss. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself (page 69)...
  • When you must NEVER adjust your stops – one of the BIGGEST mistakes traders make (page 71)…
  • And much more!

Lesson #4:

Five moneymaking breakthroughs I learned from the USS Enterprise.

Obey these laws when trading, and your money will grow relentlessly for the rest of your life.

No… I’m not talking about Star Trek here. I’m talking about the U.S. Navy’s great aircraft carrier.

Three different times during the war, the Japanese Navy declared her “sunk” – only to face her once again. As a result, they nicknamed her “The Grey Ghost.” The Navy had a different nickname for her: “The Big E.”

And when it comes to USING the 10-Minute Money Machine, or any trading strategy, there are five absolute LAWS I want you to obey.

I refer to them as my “Five Big E’s.”

The strategy makes it almost impossible to react emotionally because it’s designed so that all of your in-and-out decisions are already made. All you need to do is leave them alone. I explain exactly how to do that on page 119.

  • Law #1: You must be EMOTIONLESS. Everyone thinks they are making rational decisions based on numbers and facts. But we all know that’s baloney. The 10-Minute Money Machine is the simplest, easiest strategy for any investor to follow. By making multiple trades for shorter periods of time, you never grow “attached” to your winners or losers.
  • Law #2: You must be EFFICIENT. Step by step, I’ll explain how to RECOGNIZE the Hooke Pattern, feel good about it, and then take positive action. Once you like what you see, there’s no judgment involved. You set up the system. Spend about 10 minutes each week managing your trades. And rake in any cash to grow richer.
  • Law #3: Your trades must be EFFECTIVE. The 10-Minute Money Machine lets you know what to expect so you can max out your winners and cut short your losers. It can be devastatingly effective for anyone who follows the strategy.
  • Law #4: You must ELIMINATE as much risk as possible. Trading without smart risk management is like racing through a big city… while ignoring all the red lights. The 10-Minute Money Machine trading strategy has risk management built in. The entire framework and instructions are actually based upon risk reduction… rather than looking for big winners. It’s the only effective way I know to build wealth, and 99% of all investors ignore it.
  • Law #5: Use a strategy that’s EASY to use. The 10-Minute Money Machine is built to be the absolute essence of simplicity. Once you learn the strategy, you can begin creating new wealth in about 10 minutes a week.

That’s all. Do you think you can handle that?


Button 3

Finally a Strategy That Can Deliver Real Wealth, Help Manage Risk, and Erase Your Money Stress for Life.

Every last page of The 10-Minute Money Machine builds your knowledge and confidence brick by brick. Even if the only investing you’ve ever done is a 401(k) or a mutual fund, this strategy can work for you.

You don’t a need a lot of money to start. Even as little as $2,500 is more than enough so you can start building a retirement nest egg so big you’ll never have to worry about money again.

Book Bundle

You simply have to learn to follow the strategy from start to finish.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is included. After you’ve learned the principles I’ve outlined here, The 10-Minute Money Machine bundle walks you through the process of…

  1. Screening for stocks approaching extremes and identifying the Hooke Pattern…
  2. Staking out your positions and framing your trades, and…
  3. Booking your potential profits.

The 10-Minute Money Machine strategy also includes an actual worksheet you can use to record your trades by writing them down. I’m a firm believer that this simple step is critical to keep you on track.

Nothing Is Left Out.

There’s Never Any Doubt about What You Do Next.

In the end, you can build wealth with a consistency you never imagined possible.

That’s what happened for me… and I know it can happen for you too.

When you see your nest egg growing, it injects a profound positivity into your life. When you know your bills are paid for… your family nest egg is growing… and your time is finally your own, the world is a different place.

Couple Toasting

You get everything you need to build real, lasting wealth!

Life is no longer about what you can or can’t afford to do. It’s about what you and the ones you love want to do. If your job is not fulfilling… you can quit. And you’ll know that you have more than enough money for the future.

Maybe you’ll start your own business… travel the world… or help those who need it most.

It’s all up to you. Suddenly, you can have the money and the time to enjoy life.

This what I call becoming truly rich… and you will call it that too.

Own The 10-Minute Money Machine Now for Just $39!

I’m so sure this will all happen for you, I’m happy to give you a copy of The 10-Minute Money Machine bundle today for just $39!

You get my 10-Minute Money Machine Manual – everything you need to get started…

And you get my 10-Minute Money Machine Action Guide – to help you get started FAST!

Just crack it open to answer the self-check questions for each chapter in my book…

And to identify and select urgent action items in each chapter…

Plus, I give you a concrete starter list of my classic volatility favorites.

These are the stocks I love watching for pullbacks. By knowing about them in advance, you can be one of the first investors to jump on an opportunity whenever the Hooke Pattern appears. (No guarantees, but these can be the most profitable stocks I monitor!)

And I also give you my easy-to-follow guide to opening and using standard features in a trading account.

And it could help YOU learn how to make money with more certainty and less risk than you believed possible.



I can’t wait to hear how much money you’re making!


Signature of Kent Moors

D.R. Barton, Jr.

Author, The 10-Minute Money Machine

July 2019