Americans Can Now Obtain Mortgage Reimbursement Checks
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Through a Little-Known U.S. Government Initiative, Americans Can Now Collect…

Dear Reader,

The U.S. government recently issued a stunning order to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…

The two federal mortgage giants must distribute a large chunk of a staggering $72 billion pool of money across America.

This enormous sum is being paid out right now.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

The 2008 Housing Crisis cost many folks their life savings, their retirements, and their homes.

Now, many of these same people have now discovered a way to “stake their claim” on a portion of this money. And the rewards can be substantial…

Take Brent Kelly from Connecticut. He collects $838 every month on average…


Gary Farver picks up $1,012 a month…


Samuel Scott, an ex-government worker from Columbus, gets paid $1,216 a month…


Mark Norton collects $2,580 a month…


Amy Sullivan, who has a lifelong passion for ice hockey, collects $3,254 a month…


And because these rare and exceptional payouts come multiple times per year, she receives a grand total of $39,058 every 12 months. That’s more than enough to take her entire family to a whole ice hockey season and eat a nice meal after each game!

In many cases, this is life-changing money.

You could stop worrying about how you’re going to pay down your mortgage or other debt.

In fact, you could have enough cash left over to put towards retirement, buy that little luxury you’ve always wanted, or share with your closest family members.

And it’s not hard to see how your own retirement could be much more golden with consistent, large paydays like these.

I call them “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks...”

Because they allow you to collect your share of a $72 billion pool of money all stemming from a little-known initiative by the government – that came after YOUR tax dollars bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over a decade ago.

It’s an initiative that senior treasury official Craig Phillips calls “core” to U.S. housing policy.

And with the economy doing so well – growing by 3.2% a quarter – and unemployment at the lowest levels since the 1960s, now’s the perfect time for you to get what you deserve.

In fact…

At This Moment, Americans over the Age of 18 Can Collect Their Own “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

And you can too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re retired or not…

Whether you live in New York, Nebraska, or somewhere else…

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t own a home or have a mortgage...

Or if you receive Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid…

You can collect your own payouts.

And there’s no documentation required to show what you may have lost during the financial crisis.

They’ve made collecting these checks as easy as possible.

You simply need to make one small investment, and you could receive your first “Mortgage Reimbursement Check” next month and every month after. Just take a look at some more of these rare and exceptional payouts…

John Cumello from Arizona collects $1,835 a month on average – or $22,022 every year…


Barbara Holder from Montana collects $3,052 a month – or over $36,000 a year…


Jim Arnold from New York collects $4,440 a month – or more than $53,000 a year…


Of course, these payouts are staggering. Yet some folks have taken matters into their own hands and enjoy even larger payouts…

Folks like Nicolas Johnson, who takes home $76,625 a year…


And Jeff Cannon who – get this – collects $118,140 every single year.


Clearly, this is an incredible opportunity.

In fact, moneymakers like “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” are called a “hidden gem in income” by Jonathan Glowacki, a high-level economic consultant to the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Housing Administration.

Of course, by now a handful of Americans have uncovered how to collect theirs. And you may be wondering why you have this opportunity. So I’ll make it simple…

A decade ago, the mortgage industry imploded.

I’m sure you remember…

The 2008 Housing Crisis was one of the biggest economic disasters in American history.

Almost overnight, many folks saw their retirements cut in half. 8.8 million people lost their jobs. And nearly 10 million Americans lost their homes.

It also led to the biggest market collapse since the Great Depression.

All told, Americans lost $22 trillion in wealth.

Of course, there were many reasons why this tragedy happened.

But there’s no denying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were at the heart of it.

The two enterprises had an 87% market share of high-risk mortgage lending. Not only that, but back then the value of their debts and guarantees were bigger than our own government debt!

So it’s no surprise that when the economy stalled – sputtering to a standstill – these two mortgage giants began to crumble…

And as this unfolded, Washington did something totally unprecedented.

In a stunning emergency measure, they wrote a $191 BILLION check with YOUR tax dollars

An amount equal to buying every NFL team more than two times over…

To rescue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from the brink.

It was an enormous amount of money.

And it brought the two agencies under government control.

Ever since, members of Congress have been fighting to get this money BACK to hardworking taxpayers like you.

The late John McCain ran for president in 2008 with a promise to put “taxpayers first in line for any repayments” from the bailout of the mortgage giants.

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said in 2016: “No more bailouts. Instead, we will reward people who work hard and do the right thing.”

Powerful voices in the press like Bloomberg put pressure on Congress, demanding that…

Washington responded with several programs in the aftermath of the housing crisis, including the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

But none of them gave money directly back to the American public.

Congress just couldn’t work out the details.

Yet the solution was in front of their faces all along… an obscure provision inside U.S. Public Law 99-514. 

The U.S. Government Just Used an Obscure Part of Public Law 99-514 to Open Up a $72 Billion Pool of Money

The law itself was one of President Reagan’s far-reaching tax overhauls to make the mortgage system simpler and fairer. At least, back then that’s the part most Americans knew about.

Squeezed into Title VI of this law was the legal framework for a simple tax election that’s been overlooked for decades.

In fact, it was almost forgotten about until it was used to initiate the “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

It stipulated that valuable real-estate assets – and crucially, the lucrative income they generate – could be pooled into a single entity.

The dense legalese used in this Public Law makes it hard to follow; I know.

Which is why it was most likely passed over by most at the time.

But today, it’s a game changer.

See, this law was overlooked until the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) finally ordered Fannie and Freddie to use it to open the floodgates that allow $72 billion to flow across America. It’s the reason we have Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

What is the FHFA?

It was established by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.

And it has a strict mission from Congress to help provide resources to folks affected by the 2008 crisis.

Yet while everyday Americans can collect these paydays, most folks don’t know about them. The reason why is simple…

The “Checks” haven’t been advertised on TV, radio, or even in the newspaper.

The only way you probably would have discovered them would be by stumbling across obscure press releases in corners of the web.

So let me be clear because this may be the only time you hear it…

The FHFA just used that Reagan-era law to open the doors wide open to this incredible income stream that ANY American over 18 can collect from right now. And the paydays so far are staggering

John Melvin enjoys what works out to be monthly average payments of $1,400…


Eric Brown from Florida picks up $2,774 a month…


Christopher Ingle from Illinois collects $3,196 a month – or more than $38,000 every year…


Craig Cameron from Connecticut receives $6,367 a month, or over $70,000 a year…


And Jeff Hackett enjoys a staggering $79,831 every year.


Of course, these folks are getting some pretty nice checks where the payouts may be larger than average. Yet one of the greatest parts of “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” is that you’re in control of exactly how large your payouts will be.

You can get started with a small investment and enjoy a healthy payday each month on average. Yet the more you put in, the more you get paid.

The bottom line is that it’s undeniable just how lucrative this opportunity can be for you.

It Takes Just 10 Minutes to Get Set Up and Ready to Collect Your First “Mortgage Reimbursement Check.”

You just need your cell phone or internet access to get started.

And your first check could be on its way to you in a matter of days.

And with a modest investment, you could join hundreds of folks who are already collecting as much as $1,000 – or even more – every single month on average…

William Barton is already receiving $14,160 a year…


Patrick Earl collects $21,532…


Craig Magee got in early and now receives $38,233…


Scott Maguire picks up an even larger $85,665…


John Cannon wasted no time, and now he’s getting paid a staggering $103,900 a year…


And Roger Jacobs was one of the quickest to collect. He’s enjoying a total of $139,818 throughout the year…


These folks are living proof of just how lucrative “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” can be.

So with just a modest investment…

Your First Payout Could Start at a Monthly Average of $1,000.

Very soon, it could balloon even larger.

See, when I first discovered this income stream, I said to myself, “It’s about time!”

You and I both saw people we know get foreclosed on and kicked out of their own homes… all because of the greedy elites at Fannie, Freddie, and the Wall Street banks.

Everyday Americans didn’t deserve to suffer for those people’s actions.

And frankly, $72 billion isn’t enough to cover the pain that so many experienced.

Yet even before this money became easy for everyday Americans to collect, that pot has been growing by more than $13 billion per year on average.

It shows no signs of slowing down – I’ve done my research.

I was pleased to discover that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a further $5.4 trillion on their books that could be added to that pot.

That means nobody who wants to stake their claim will be left out.

And crucially, it means your payouts could grow larger and larger every year.

In other words…

The Money You Tap into Today Could Be Just a Fraction of How Large It Could Eventually Grow.

In fact, the fastest-moving folks have already seen exactly what I mean.

For them, payouts have grown 51% in a matter of months.

For example, Matthew Gibson used to collect $906 a month on average. Yet since November, his payouts have soared to $1,373 a month.


Parker King has seen his paydays grow from $1,238 on average to $1,877.


And John Bailey, who was already collecting a staggering $3,338, now receives a check for $5,060 every month!


I hope you see how your own “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” can grow and grow until the payouts can multiply two, three, even four times over. 

Today, I’m going to show you how to collect on this lucrative opportunity, but first, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself because…

The First Half of My Story May Sound Familiar.

My name is D.R. Barton, Jr.

If you’ve seen any of my weekly appearances on Fox Business or CNBC…

You’ll know I’m passionate about helping everyday people grow their wealth by understanding what’s going on in finance and politics.

So that those folks can achieve financial freedom for themselves.

In fact, I’ve co-authored a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book on just that.

That’s because I started out like many Americans.

Some people call us the “silent majority.”

All I know is that we’ve worked hard to get ahead, and it just hasn’t happened.

See, I’m from a small blue-collar Virginia town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It’s the kind of place too small even for a McDonald’s.

And there was a real shortage of opportunities for folks to live well without moving to some coastal city.

Now, I wasn’t raised rich.

My mom was a homemaker. And my dad was in building construction.

Like you, I worked hard for most of my life.

I became a chemical engineer for DuPont and took on every tough project I could find to get ahead.

At the time, my wife and I weren’t quite living paycheck to paycheck.

But we weren’t far from it.

By being frugal, I’d managed to save up a modest amount.

One day, I had the idea to make my money work for me.

So my wife and I wouldn’t need to work so hard.

And so we could finally enjoy the little luxuries…

Like eating out or upgrading to a newer car – instead of just fixing up my Honda Accord every time it broke down.

Of course, I invested straight into a handful of the biggest companies around.

General Motors, Ford, Coca-Cola…

Big names that everyone knew of – and yet my money didn’t grow.

Well, not as fast as I needed it to.

So I began investing in penny stocks.

They’re smaller than usual, and they’re supposed to hand you profits much more quickly.

Except this was the early days of the web.

There wasn’t nearly as much information out there as there is now.

On my first “bet” – a modest $500 – I remember seeing it get cut in half in a matter of weeks.

I couldn’t understand it.

I thought my small penny stock would fly!

After talking with some friends, I realized I wasn’t the only poor soul to make this mistake.

You could put us in a room, and 90% would tell you we’d lost money when we thought it’d grow.

The other 10%? Well, they’d been too worried to invest their money in the first place.

Maybe this has happened to you; maybe it hasn’t.

Either way, what I discovered next is something you’ll want to know about so you can achieve the same financial freedom I’ve been fortunate enough to reach. 

It’s one of the reasons why I got to retire at just 38.

And why I now have the privilege to write to Money Morning’s 2.6 million daily readers about my wealth-building secrets. See…

My Life Changed When I Began Sifting Through Forgotten Government Archives in My Job at DuPont…

I Found Unique Pools of Money. Rule Changes Enabling “Hidden” Income Streams. Including “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

Little by little, they added up.

$500 per month from here.

$1,500 from there.

All on autopilot. All easy to set up.

Fast-forward to today? I’m a self-made millionaire.

I’m my own boss. I don’t answer to anyone. And I don’t even have to worry about saving up for my retirement anymore – it’s already taken care of.

All thanks to lucrative income streams like “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

In fact, I’m always uncovering opportunities like these.

Take this one from November 2018.

Actually, the best way to describe it is to picture the Hoover Dam…

One side is full of fresh, beautiful water.

The other side only sees a small stream.

Yet in this example, it’s by the stream where you’ll find the Wall Street banks pitching up with as many “buckets” as they can find.

That’s because of the Federal Reserve.

See, it may claim to be independent of Washington, but its seven board members are still nominated by the president and confirmed by Congress.

It’s Donald Trump’s recent pick, Jerome Powell, who just unleashed this stunning opportunity.

See, after almost a decade of no interest rate rises, Powell became chairman and dialed them higher FOUR times.

With each raise, more fresh water from the dam was released into the stream.

Today, that small stream is a powerful, gushing river.

And because the likes of Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and many others hold a unique financial “bucket,” they’re scooping up as much of the water as possible and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from this income stream.

Finally, after months of research, I’ve uncovered a way everyday Americans can join the fat cats and get much, much wealthier. Of course, we can’t collect as much as Wall Street, but my readers are able to pick up as much as $1,091 every month on average.

That’s money they can use to pay down their mortgage or put toward retirement.

And you know what: I’m grateful for the opportunity to help folks write their own success stories.

I Know That Any Income Stream My Readers Have Can Make a Real Difference.

It could be $1,500 or something more modest – like another income stream I uncovered this past March.

See, back in 1812, the state of New York entered into a unique deal with some Americans…

A modest, upfront investment that would pay for a canal, and New York would provide steady, outsized paydays for years to come.

I’m sure you’d agree that sounds like a comfortable arrangement.

And crucially, these kinds of deals still get struck today.

Though now they’re even better thanks to the Revenue Act of 1913.

Because this law turned an unusual agreement into what feels like a “private deal.”

It guaranteed the federal government can’t touch a cent of the incredible income created by these agreements.

Back in March, I found what I consider to be the best way to take full advantage of the Revenue Act of 1913. And right now, it’s handing my readers an opportunity to grab what comes out to a modest $533 per month.

Of course, these income streams add up fast.

Each one piling on top of another…

Here’s one I uncovered in October 2018 that’s been paying handsomely ever since.

It’s the result of a little-known IRS tool called “private letter rulings.”

Usually, these are used to clarify tax laws. Sometimes they change a rule.

And every so often, they reveal a multibillion-dollar opportunity.

Like one investment I recently uncovered that’s opened the doors to getting your hands on a portion of a $555 billion jackpot – while paying very little tax!

My readers can simply fill out one easy form, and today they could be able to collect $1,633 per month!

Income streams like these are just a snapshot of the opportunities I’m able to consistently find.

Sometimes I take a seemingly boring investment and reverse engineer it. Pick it apart. And find an unconventional way to turn it into a lucrative payday.

For example, recently my readers had the chance to quickly make 943% using 20-year treasury bonds. One gentleman told me he’s going to use that payday to save his house from foreclosure.

It’s these kinds of opportunities that help my readers create real wealth.

So if you’re in the same position I once was…

Working hard but unable to get ahead…

Wanting to enjoy more of life’s little luxuries…

Whether that means playing more golf, spending time with friends and family, giving to your chosen charity…

Or just plain worried that your retirement won’t be as golden as you dreamed it would be…

Today, we’re going to take the first step to a better financial future.

Remember those government archives I mentioned earlier?

I was flicking through them while working on a federal project for DuPont.

And one day, I noticed the Department of Energy was sending big checks to another government agency – the General Services Administration.

They were making rent payments for a new facility along the Savannah River.

It was a strange concept.

Why was the government cutting itself a check?

So I dug further.

And I found that money moves in a strange way once you hand it over to Uncle Sam.

For instance, a 154-page report published by an Oklahoma senator revealed the government spends $55 billion on outdated technology per year. Including floppy disks for our nuclear weapons!

So I looked deeper, and that’s how I uncovered “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

I found that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are paying billions of dollars every year to the federal government. Up to $59 billion in some cases.

My first thought was, “Wow!” And my second was, “How can everyday Americans like ME and YOU take advantage of this?”

I went to work searching for the answer.

I looked through government reports. Legal documents. Even searched through Freedom of Information requests.

Yet I still came up short.

It looked like the government was keeping this one all to themselves.

Of course, I didn’t give up my hunt for lucrative income streams.

And I’ve found plenty since.

But when I heard the FHFA had ordered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to distribute $72 billion across America, I had to take a look again.

I discovered that the Reagan-era law had just blown the doors wide open to this staggering income stream for everyday Americans to collect “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

I also got to see firsthand just how lucrative these rare and exceptional checks can be…

I saw how Louise Lafferty, who now has plenty of cash to treat her daughters, collects $21,744 every year…


How Mike Sanders, who’s spent most of his life in Ohio, picks up a life-changing $36,120 a year…


And how Peter Graham, a father of six – yes, six – can now treat his family whenever he wants to because he picks up a massive $139,419…


All it takes is just 10 minutes to get set up, and then…

Your Checks Will Arrive on “Autopilot.”

It’s so easy – you even get to choose whether your payouts are delivered to your mailbox or to your bank account.

Personally, I like opening my mailbox and receiving a brand-new payday that I haven’t had to do any work for.

And again, it doesn’t matter where life’s taken you so far.

Whether you own your home or not…

Have an Ivy-league education or just went straight into honest work…

Whether you’re benefiting from Social Security, Medicaid, or nothing at all…

You can pick up these payouts through just one simple investment today.

So if you’ve ever worried you won’t have enough for retirement, then I urge you to join the smart folks already collecting incredible sums of money from their personal “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

Like Shawn Simpson, who receives $20,700 a year…


Jennifer Sullivan, who picks up $33,240 a year…


And David Miller, who gets paid an enormous $106,344 every single year.


So how can you start collecting “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks?”

It’s very easy. I’ll take you through it step-by-step…

Step 1: The FHFA has ordered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to disburse $72 billion across America and into non-government hands.

Typically, you’d need to be a large bank or hedge fund to enjoy this lucrative income stream. But I’ve uncovered a way you can collect from this jackpot without needing to have an office on Wall Street.

That’s because of…

Step 2: See, the obscure provision inside that Reagan-era law has just been used to let a small group of privately held trusts tap into this lucrative income stream.

Here’s what’s great about these trusts: They’re obligated by an IRS ruling to hand at least 90% of their profits over to their shareholders. Better still, you can become a shareholder in a matter of minutes!

Simply follow…

Step 3: You make one small investment to get started, and your name will be automatically added to a special distribution list for “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

Each check will be shared out as a dividend.

You’ll receive yours in the mail or directly into your bank account, depending on your preference.

Once you’re set up, you’ll receive each payday like clockwork.

You don’t need to follow any of these steps again.

It’s that easy to start collecting these staggering payouts.

Of course, almost everything worth doing carries some level of risk. Especially when it comes to investments. Yet you’ve seen today just how lucrative “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” can be for you.

Imagine! You simply get on this special distribution list, and you could finally be on the path to real financial freedom, just like I’ve been fortunate enough to experience myself.

You could achieve a truly golden retirement and still have money left over to treat your family or give to charity.

Let your payouts grow big enough, and you could even buy that dream home you and your spouse have always wanted.

But that’s only if you take action right now.

Your first payout is a matter of days away.

Every month you wait means you could miss out on yet another payment.

Wait a whole year, and you could have missed out on thousands of dollars. Maybe even more. So let’s not waste another second.

I’m going to show you exactly how to get on the distribution list inside a brand-new special research information pack called…

“Mortgage Reimbursement Checks”

Collect Thousands of Dollars, Every Month, Thanks to the Government’s Treasured Mortgage Enterprises

This easy-to-read information pack comes with everything you need to know. You’ll see how much you can expect to receive in your first payout. And I’ll include a simple set of instructions to get you set up in a matter of minutes.

If you follow them word for word, you’ll add your name among the handful of Americans you’ve seen today who are already on the distribution list for “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

I think you’ll be surprised by just how easy it is to get set up.

Anyone can do it, and a simple phone call is all it takes.

Or you can do it online for yourself.

Whatever you choose, it’s easy.

Then, one month from now, your first “Mortgage Reimbursement Check” could arrive in your mailbox.

No guesswork. No hassle. No strings attached.

In a Matter of Minutes, You Can Be Set Up to Collect a Hefty Check of up to $1,000 or Even More – Every Month on Average.

Better yet, I’m also going to show you a very interesting loophole that’ll help you keep much of your “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” from Uncle Sam.

It was created in the 1900s by Congress. And you can use it to keep more of your hard-earned money.

You’ll see how to take full advantage of it inside your personal copy of this special information pack.

After this nugget, I’m going to show you how to reduce the modest risk I mentioned earlier using some Warren Buffett “know-how.”

I’m also going to show you TWO more ways to maximize the cash you receive, either down the line or sooner if you’d like.

The first is a way to transform these checks into a multi-generational income stream.

There’s no reason why “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” should be limited to just you.

See, when you lock in your spot, you’re automatically grandfathered in to receiving them year after year for the rest of your life if you want.

As you’ve seen, the longer you’re on the distribution list, the larger your “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” could grow.

Though at some point you may want to transfer your checks to your loved ones. Or perhaps to your favorite charity.

It doesn’t matter why or who you’re transferring to, the point is that you can. And it’s easy. I’ll show you how inside the special information pack.

It’s also easy to take a lump-sum “buyout” for your “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

You’ve seen with your own eyes just how incredible this income stream can be.

Down the road, someone will always want to take your spot on the distribution list. That’s because some folks want to take full advantage of this lucrative income stream as quickly as possible.

So they’re willing to hand over incredible amounts of cash to lock in huge paydays from the very start.

If you’d like to receive one enormous check to give them your spot, you’ll be able to.

For example…

Fiona Baker couldn’t wait to start receiving tremendous payouts so she paid up $165,915 to claim her spot…


Andrew Gaines stumped up $242,497…


And Gary Vinson paid an astonishing $285,039.


Again, the details on how you can do this, along with everything else you need to know about “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks,” are inside your special information pack.

I’m going to send it to you for FREE today.

So you can finally start getting ahead – just like I’ve been fortunate enough to.

Eventually, you could find yourself in my exact shoes.

Checking your mailbox – like you do every day anyway – and finding a dividend check for $1,500.

Then the next day, another for $875.

A few days later, your mailbox could hold another check for $2,100.

I’d suggest that you open each one with your spouse.

It’ll be the happiest hour of your day.

Maybe you’ll put the money towards your next vacation. Or maybe you’ll add it to your retirement savings.

Whatever you’d choose, it’s now possible thanks to the financial freedom you can get from income streams like “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”
And look, I’m always uncovering lucrative income streams that help you become a self-made millionaire.

“Mortgage Reimbursement Checks” are just your first.

In fact, I’m going to share with you another today.

Remember how I said it was unusual the government was cutting a check to themselves?

Well, I dug deeper and discovered something incredible…

Something that could add tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands of dollars – to your savings each and every year.

It’s not part of Social Security or any other social program most folks know about.

This one is FAR more secret.

See, it’s your tax dollars paying for each and every building and facility being used by the DOJ, CIA, NASA, FDA, Congress, and even the president.

If you ask me, it seems fair you should get paid back.

Well, I’m going to show you how to take matters back into your own hands here as well.

Through Another of My Recently Published Research Reports Called…

Federal Rent Checks.

See, in 1971, Congress included a special provision in Public Law 92-313 – otherwise known as the Public Buildings Amendment.

It stipulated that for the first time ever, certain government agencies would be legally required to pay the equivalent of commercial rent for the spaces that have been assigned to them.

And ever since, many of these agencies have…

The FAA is required to pay about $9.7 million to rent this enormous 357,000-square-foot building in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Social Security Administration will pay $21 million to rent this state-of-the-art facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

The National Nuclear Safety Administration will pay an astounding $61 million to rent this sprawling 1.5 million-square-foot complex in Kansas City, Missouri.

And many other agencies, including the DEA, FBI, National Archives and Records Administration, the U.S. Air Force, and even the IRS will pay rent for their properties. 

Overall, rent will be paid for around 9,600 buildings. And here’s how you can take part in the action…

See, the rent from 1,500 of these buildings will end up in the Treasury’s coffers.

The other 8,100 or so buildings will pay their rent to certain private agencies that the government has entered into contracts with.

These agencies are then obligated by an IRS ruling to distribute most of their profits to folks who have “staked a claim” on their share.

I call these payouts “Federal Rent Checks.”

And they can be stunning…

Chris Taylor is collecting about $2,102 a month from “Federal Rent Checks...”


Kendall Brenner, $3,624 a month...


And Joyce Prince is picking up $3,579 a month...


Just like with “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks,” it’s simple to start collecting your own “Federal Rent Checks.”

Everything is inside your bonus special report. You’ll even get my number-one strategy for supercharging this lucrative income stream so you get paid even more money down the road.

I’m also going to give you one more incredible moneymaking research report. It’s called…

How to Collect Between $937 and $2,275 in Healthcare “Reimbursements” Every Month.

Healthcare costs are rising faster than ever. We both know that.

You’re NOT alone if you feel this is completely absurd.

Most folks pay $10,000 to $50,000 EVERY YEAR toward medical expenses that in the past cost Americans virtually nothing.

And it's getting worse each year, with no end in sight.

But there is a silver lining – one that could allow you to collect a steady stream of monthly “reimbursement” checks for between $937 and $2,275 every month, courtesy of the health-care industry!

Thanks to a little-known amendment made in 1978, some Americans are now collecting these very lucrative checks as a form of payment to offset their health-care costs.

In fact, we estimate this strategy is paying out $485 million PER MONTH.

And in this very detailed report, you’ll see exactly how to collect your share of that money too.

Here’s the most incredible part…

There are zero restrictions on who can collect these paydays.

Just make a small investment, and you could start collecting up to $2,275 every month.

These are checks that must be distributed – so it might as well be you collecting them!

All the details are inside your bonus report.

How can you get your hands on it? Well… 

I’m Going to Rush the "Mortgage Reimbursement Checks" Information Pack and Your Two Bonus Special Reports to You Straight Away – for FREE – in Just a Moment.

Here’s what I’d do if I were in your shoes.

Once you’ve requested them, go straight to your inbox.

My team will have emailed you an instant-access version of your information pack and the reports.

Open them up, and then follow the clear instructions to get started as quickly as possible.

Because look… I’ve got an intimate understanding of all three of these opportunities.

I’ve spent the last few months researching every part – every detail – of them. 

I can tell you that these paydays won’t wait around.

They’re being scooped up fast.

And every day you wait means you could miss out.

So I urge you to get the full details on each income stream TODAY. Because I know what it could mean for you.

You could finally get ahead.

You could finally be rewarded for all the hard work you’ve put in over the past decades.

And you could set yourself up with the retirement you might have thought was just a pipe dream.

And I’m going to go even further…

Through a Special Investment Research Service, You’re Going to Get Access to Every Income Stream I’ve Uncovered in My Life.

I believe I can help put you on the path to becoming a millionaire.

For most folks, there’s no chance.
For you today, I’m certain there is.

That’s because you’re the kind of smart American who’s proven they’re committed to growing their wealth exponentially by making it this far through my presentation.

So I’m going to do all the heavy lifting and introduce you to my most potentially lucrative opportunities every single month. Through my latest venture – called the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider.

It’s comprehensive…

Filled with everything I know about building staggering sums of wealth and finally getting ahead in life. I’ll walk you through it now, starting with my favorite part…

At the Beginning of Every Month, I Will Email You a Brand-New 10-Minute Paycheck Plan.

This is a streamlined set of instructions for setting up a highly lucrative income stream.

Plus, you’ll get all the research and history behind each opportunity because some have pretty interesting stories.

For example, one month, I may reveal how you can cash what I call “Chesapeake Checks.” About 15 years ago, I was scouring through microfiche at my local library when I uncovered an obscure document.

It described a controversial Maryland canal project from the 1830s.

The charter for its construction was actually one of the last things President James Monroe signed while in office.

To finish the canal, the state of Maryland was asked to allocate additional aid. Multiple bills were shot down.

And one part of the Maryland Assembly made a specific demand. 

Basically, if they were going to put up the money to finish the canal, they wanted a piece of the windfall profits it would provide forever.

The deal was inked, and this was the beginning of “Chesapeake Checks.”

And it wasn't long before similar deals were struck in Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania.

If you know how to collect these “Chesapeake Checks,” you could make an extra $1,325 a month or more!

In another Paycheck Plan, I could show how to take advantage of what I call the 22-C Program.

This is a really exciting way to get paid as much as $2,144 a month from some of the hottest privately held startups in the country.

The 22-C Program rose to prominence during the Great Depression. It was thanks to FDR's Brain Trust, which also created the FDIC and Social Security.

With banks failing left and right, they needed to figure out a way to convince the wealthy to provide capital to the markets.

And so this special deal was cut.

It's worth mentioning that not every investment income stream I target owes its beginnings to an obscure government program, deal, or piece of legislation.

For instance, do you own any spare gold coins that are sitting in a drawer or safe deposit box collecting dust?

If so, then you can't be happy with the income you're receiving from them.

Because it's zero.

In a future Paycheck Plan, I can show you how to collect cash off your gold.

Depending on your coins, it could be worth $750 or more a month to you.

And you will never have to give up ownership of your gold!

Again, I’ll bring you income streams just like this one – and many, many more – in each 10-Minute Paycheck Plan.

Once you receive a plan, you can review it and decide if you want to act.

Then, all you need to do is follow the simple, step-by-step instructions.

As the name suggests, each income stream should take just 10 minutes to set up.

Then, it may be a matter of days before you open your mailbox to find that first envelope.

I absolutely love it when folks tell me they've gotten paid in a couple of days.

For some, they may collect their cash after a week.

That’s not too bad either.

And even if it takes a little bit longer, say a month, but that check is made out for $7,000 or so…

I'm happy with that too.

The good news is that you'll always know when you could get paid.

Because inside each 10-Minute Paycheck Plan, for each lucrative income stream, I’ll give you a detailed distribution schedule.

And this is where it gets exciting. And a lot of fun too. Because when you see how easy it is to collect this money, you're going to be hooked.

Once you have five income streams…

Then seven, then 10…

All running on autopilot…

The sky's the limit for how much you could make!

So let's say in the not-too-distant future, you’re flush with cash.

Your bills are paid.

And you’re even finding that you have excess cash every month to spend on your own little luxuries.

Now, I hope you tuck at least some of that away for retirement. That’s always going to be a smart move. But I also want you to enjoy that money.

Because that’s what it’s for.

So if you’ve ever wanted to go to that swanky restaurant downtown…

You can book it.

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a day out on the lake fishing with your buddies…

You can do it – every month.

If you’ve ever wanted to see your grandkids’ faces light up as they unwrap the presents they never thought you’d be able to buy them…

You’ll be able to.

Because you’ll know that you’ve got a consistent, steady stream of income arriving in your bank account every month.

And that’s just the benefit you could get from these 10-Minute Paycheck Plans!

Remember, I’m a chemical engineer by trade.

And I’m ALWAYS looking to find new, unique solutions to complex problems.

So once I’d “cracked the code” to building wealth and removing all my money worries through the lucrative income streams you’re just moments away from accessing…

I started to work on a new way to draw almost immediate payouts from the market.

It became my sole focus.

And for months, I worked on this very problem.

I was so focused that sometimes my wife would have to drag me to the dinner table!

Eventually, I’d invented a bunch of simple trading strategies that worked like a charm for delivering quick paydays.

So when I was creating the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider, I said, "Hey, why don't I share these strategies with members and kick things up a notch?"

That way, if you wanted to carve off a small portion of the money you were earning from all these income streams and put it to work, you could.

That Idea Led to One of the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider’s Most Raved-About Features…

The Money Lab.

This is a virtual training class I release around the middle of every month.

With each session, I take you step-by-step through a quick-hit trading strategy I’ve developed.

Of course, if you want to get straight to the profit opportunity, then you can simply take my specific investment recommendation and follow the steps to get set up.

And don’t be surprised if the returns beat even your most “blue sky” expectations…

I'll even give you a specific investment recommendation to make and show you how to set it up.

These returns may be from my Model Portfolio, but they are the same kinds of rapid-fire windfall opportunities you'll get with the Money Lab, and they could pay off in a couple of weeks…

Possibly a few days…

Maybe even the same day.

And don't worry if you're new to trading; you'll be able to follow my instructions with ease.

Everything is point-and-click.

And keeping with my mission, each Money Lab session will take 10 minutes to view and act upon if you choose.

With your Mortgage Reimbursement Checks and both bonus research reports, along with what you’ve seen is part of the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider so far, you could be set up to enjoy true financial freedom in a matter of months from now.

Yet that’s not all…

I want you to get there as quickly as possible.

So let's talk about communication.

This is going to be a very big part of the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider

Because I know how important it is for you to be completely “in the know” when it comes to your financial future…

So I'm going to be constantly reaching out to members.

In Fact, I'll Be More Than Happy to Send You a Text Message Whenever I'm on TV or Release a New 10-Minute Paycheck Plan.

I've had folks tell me they've gotten my text messages while they were on vacation – and it was so valuable, it helped them pay for their trip!

This is going to be a two-way street.

And I’m always happy to hear from my members, day or night, seven days a week.

Because we're a team.


After you collect your first triple-digit trading windfall…


If you want to let me know about it…

I’m all ears. Because I want to hear from you.

And now, let's talk about another critical element of the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider


Each income stream you set up will motivate you…

Each trade recommendation you act upon will motivate you…

And at the Beginning of Each Week, I'm Going to Record a Motivational Podcast That Will Help You Think like a Millionaire.

It's called The Millionaire's Mindset.

You'll receive it every Tuesday.

This is a private podcast. It's for members only.

I'm going to share my thoughts on wealth management, and we're going to explore the newest income stream I've uncovered for you, as well as our latest trading strategy.

You can think of this as a “direct line” into the mind of a millionaire that you can listen to in the car, while you’re running errands, or whenever's best for you.

The next membership benefit may be the most important of them all.

The 10-Minute Millionaire Success Network.

Harvard and other elite institutions have done oodles of studies on what's known as "the network effect."

Without boring you with too many details, it refers to the power of connections to create vast wealth between groups of people.

The rich have been using this to get ahead for as long as money has existed.

The Skull and Bones Society has helped propel three of its members to the White House.

Members of the ultra-exclusive Tiger 21 club have an average net worth of $100 million.

And although they pride themselves on their secrecy, we do know that billionaires Carl Icahn, T. Boone Pickens, George Soros, and Wilbur Ross have been spotted at their confidential meetings.

On Wall Street, a secret network exists that's known as Kappa Beta Phi.

Its members include billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, and the CEOs of nearly every major investment bank and hedge fund on Wall Street.

So why do these powerful people find such a benefit in joining forces?

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the wildly popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad, summed it up best when he said…

Translation: Your connections create wealth.

The rich form networks to share secrets, opportunities, and to open doors for one another.

We're going to do that with the 10-Minute Millionaire Success Network as well.

Our ranks will be filled with entrepreneurs looking for their next business opportunity, retirees on the hunt for ways to pad their net worths…

Doctors, lawyers, executives at internet startups…

Anybody who is driven to succeed is welcome.

I'm setting out to create a highly engaged community of like-minded individuals.

The kinds of people who value opportunities like “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks.”

And together, we will leverage each other's experiences and expertise to unlock the transformational power of wealth creation.

This live video chat will be broadcast on the 10-Minute Millionaire Success Network.

So take advantage of our collaboration.

And then take it a step further.

You're going to want to get to know your fellow members as well.

Which is why I'm going to empower you to connect and collaborate with each other.

You will be able to host your own forums and private chats on the 10-Minute Millionaire Success Network.

If you'd like, you can shoot and upload quick cell phone videos to share more about yourself, how much money you're making, business ideas that have caught your eye…

And what's next is really big…

I can't wait for you to access this.

With Just the Push of a Few Buttons, You Can Start Your Own 10-Minute Millionaire Chapter in Your Town or City.

It will be easy to organize meetups at your local bar or restaurant, regardless of whether you live in Kansas City, Dallas, San Diego, Pittsburgh… wherever. 

Every one of the folks who attend may have taken full advantage of the “Mortgage Reimbursement Checks...” and many will be able to tell you the difference it made in their lives, I’m sure.

So now it's safe to assume you're asking the big question…

How much does it cost to join the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider?

I think we should flip that around.

What Is This Opportunity Worth to You?

Every month, I'm going to send you a new 10-Minute Paycheck Plan that will reveal a new passive income stream.

This will give you the chance to begin receiving multiple checks in your mailbox – each made out for thousands of dollars – every month.

You could choose to carve off a portion and make a big investment in yourself – I'm going to show you how.

Because every month, I'm going to train you on a new trading strategy.

And I'll give you a specific investment recommendation you can act upon – I'll show you how to set that recommendation up too.

This can help you grow your wealth even faster.

Then, I'm going to provide you with connections – a powerful network of people who, like you, are focused on creating more wealth.

Following This Exact Blueprint Has Been Worth Millions upon Millions of Dollars to Me.

I've spent years developing it.

And I'm going to hand it all to you on a silver platter.

So let me ask that question again – what is this worth to you?

If I said it would cost you $10,000 to become a millionaire – or multimillionaire – would that be a smart investment?

Without question.

What about $5,000? Of course it would be.

But I'm not going to charge anywhere near that to subscribe to my research.

My goal is to give you the same break I experienced years back.

So here's what I decided to do for the 10-Minute Millionaire Insider.

Down the road, I may charge $499 a year to join.

But today, I'm going to make you an offer that is too good to pass up.

Forget, 50%, or 60%, or 70% off…

I'm going to let you subscribe at a rate that is way better than that.

There’s a “Join Now” button at the bottom of the page that will give you all the details. Oh, and before you click it…

I Almost Forgot to Mention Something.

When You Join, I'm Also Going to Send You a Large Welcome Package.

It's going to be full of gifts like this 10-Minute Millionaire Income Ledger.

I know there's all kinds of fancy software out there for tracking your money, but I'm an old-fashioned guy.

I like writing things down.

It helps me remember what's important.

If you've got all these income streams set up – you could write down when the checks are scheduled to come in and for how much.

You could jot down any questions you have for the next Millionaire Roundtable Discussion.

If you're making contacts in the Success Network – you can put all their info here.

And remember how I told you that I had already written one New York Times best seller?

I expect my latest book – The 10-Minute Millionaire – will be my next one.

I'm going to give you a copy of it for free.

I've also prepared three special reports that will be yours too…

They're called…

  1. The 10-Minute Millionaire's Guide to Money Management
  2. The 10-Minute Millionaire's Ultimate Tax Secrets
  3. The 10-Minute Millionaire's Passport to Wealth

The first two were pretty self-explanatory, but that last one sounds a little mysterious, so let me explain.

I'm a frugal guy.

But I like the finer things from time to time.

I just don't like to pay full price for them, much like you’re not going to pay full price today.

So I created a special report that reveals how you can golf in Scotland, take Caribbean vacations and European cruises, buy the finest bottles of wine, and always have a table waiting for you at the best restaurant in town – all for pennies on the dollar.

And there's one last thing I want to point out.

Every year, we're planning to gather in a different exotic location to celebrate our success together at our annual 10-Minute Millionaire Retreat.

Miami, Monte Carlo, Rio de Janeiro – we're going to pick a different spot for each retreat.

With that said, I want to thank you for giving me so much of your time today.

I'm really excited to go to work for you.

And that starts with getting the Mortgage Reimbursement Checks Information Pack  and everything else you’ve seen today into your hands.

So let's get started!

Click the “Join Now” button below, and have a great day!

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July 2019