Ultimate Retirement Money Machine

Dear Reader,

Hi, I'm Tom Gentile.

And whether you're already retired, or just thinking about it…

I’ve got some news that could literally change your life!

In the next few minutes I'm going to prove that…

You can retire with just $12,000, and make $162,000 a year. For the rest of your life.

Now, I realize most people would scoff at the notion of retiring on just $12,000 and making that kind of outrageous money.

Conventional wisdom says you need at least a million bucks.

But look…

Even if you have a million bucks today…

AND you managed to find a way to safely and consistently earn 4% a year on your money...

You’d only end up with $40,000 a year to live on.

And that’s BEFORE taxes for goodness sake!

The hard fact is: To generate $162,000 a year at that rate, you'd actually need more than FOUR MILLION DOLLARS!

And who's got that?

Now, here's the thing.

When you understand how to "loop" your investment dollars, over and over, into very specific trades like I'm about to show you...

Uncommon trades that can double your money in about two weeks...

You'll see how easily you really can retire with just $12,000, and make $162,000 a year.

And if you’re not worried about retirement, then just enjoy the amazing windfall.

Because it’s NOT just wishful thinking. This is NOT a crazy pipe dream.

This is REAL.

It's happening RIGHT NOW for others.

And I want to help make it YOUR reality, starting today!

Think I'm kidding? Take a look at this.

This isn't some micro snapshot, looking through rose-colored glasses.

You're looking at 43 straight trades I recommended between May 1 and October 10. Including every single winner and loser.

"What's the big deal?", you ask.

Well, if you had followed each of these trade recommendations…

Today, you would be sitting on a mind-boggling 1,958% in total gains.

That's an average weekly gain of 78.1%.

Like almost doubling your money every single week from trades that included…

What's more, the gains come so lightning fast…

It's like cashing-in on a regular “payday" an average of every two weeks!

Now, here's where things get really juicy for you.

I figured out a way to combine those extraordinary gains, with super-fast trades, in a never-ending loop.

You simply reinvest your initial stake about every 15 days. Right after you collect your profits.

And the income can keep rolling in without tying up one extra dime of your hard-earned money.

For example, in the last few months, you could have "recycled" a single, $4,000 investment and generated super-fast paydays that included…

Are you getting the picture?

This thing has been cranking out consistent, unbelievable gains for months.

No one – not even me – can guarantee that it will last forever.

Yet if it keeps going like I expect it to… if I can keep delivering the kinds of gains I’m promising here, I fully expect you could see:

Fast, Steady Money! Real CASH PROFITS in your pocket. Like a regular payday every two weeks.

You’ll Have Less at Risk since you only need a small stake invested at any one time. Your investment dollars are freed up so fast, you simply put the same money back to work over and over.

You Get All the Money You Need! So you can retire with a tiny fraction of the money you thought you needed... and generate exponentially more income than you ever dreamed, year after year.

In fact, this may be...

The Most Powerful Income Stream Ever Imagined

I call it the "Ultimate Retirement Plan.”

And what it can mean for you and your financial future is mind-boggling.

First of all, you can stop worrying about having enough money to live the life – and retirement – you've worked so hard for!

You can forget about needing at least a million dollars or more, like the so-called experts claim…

You can forget about nerve wracking strategies where you have to rollover and risk everything you've earned…

And you can forget about having to scrimp and scrape just to try and live off of some tiny percentage of your portfolio.

Because I'm going to show you how, starting right now...

Whether you're already retired or not...



You can just keep doing it over and over. As long as you want.

In fact, as you'll see in a few minutes, I'm even going to GUARANTEE it.

But first, let me show you how easily this Ultimate Retirement Plan can literally change your life.

Chances are, you never imagined you could make so much money… so easily, and so quickly… from so little.

And that used to be true.

But not anymore.

My Ultimate Retirement Plan harnesses cutting-edge technology. And it makes generating extraordinary income so fast and easy…

It’s like having your own
“Retirement Money Machine”

Talk about fuel efficient, I fully expect it to keep churning out gains on a recycling "loop" of just $12,000, just like you've already seen in my illustrated track record, every winner and loser alike.

And of course, the more winners you have, the better this works. And vice versa. That’s just life.

Yet having the chance to retire on a measly $12,000 and pocket regular cash, without ever risking more than that…

Well, wow, what an advantage you could have over almost every other American struggling with money today.

And look… it’s so incredibly easy – it only takes about 10 minutes to follow my simple, once-a-week recommendations. And at the rate it's been going, it’s spitting out average profits of…

$3,115 every week!

$13,500 every month!

And $162,000 every single year!

And get this. Trades always occur within a very specific timeframe. One that you always know ahead of time. So you could even schedule the profit potential of winning "paydays" right on your calendar.

Let's take a look at a few recent trade recommendations so you can see exactly how my Ultimate Retirement Plan could nail down an extraordinary income for life.

Say you started out with $12,000 you were willing to invest.

You could have got things rolling on September 18 by investing $4,000 of your $12,000 in my recommendation for SPDR Gold Shares ETF GLD.

The next week, you would have invested your second $4,000, following my recommendation for American Airlines.

You would now have $8,000 of your $12,000 investment working hard.

Now, in the third week… that’s when things would start to pop. And they won't stop until you want them to.

First, you would invest your final $4,000 on my recommendation for Utilities SPDR ETF (XLU). You now have your maximum $12,000 making money for you.

At the same time, you would have cashed-OUT the GLD recommendation… and cashed-IN on your first payday. A nice $4,670 in profit.

Plus, you’d still have your initial $4,000 investment ready to be put back to work making you even more money. You would take that original $4,000 you got back from GLD, and keep the money flowing by reinvesting in my recommendation for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).

At the same time, you would collect another nice paycheck… $4,478 profit from cashing-out the American Airlines trade.

And you would automatically free-up THAT $4,000 investment to recycle back into the Ultimate Retirement Plan.

The next week, you would collect $2,216 in profits from XLU. And free up THAT $4,000 to reinvest again.

And, like a machine, it's my goal to make sure it just keeps repeating, over and over!

At this rate, based on my recent track record – every single winner and loser that I've already revealed – do you have any idea what would happen in the very first year?

That would add up to $162,000 in extra annual income for you...

And this never has to stop!

Now THAT'S what I call an Ultimate Retirement Plan!

Do you see how easy and amazing this is?

Based on the winners I've already provided – and those I plan to accelerate moving forward – you just keep doing this week after week after week.

And if I’m doing my job… and nailing winners week after week the way you’ve already seen… it really IS like a Retirement Money Machine.

It just keeps "recycling" $12,000. And giving you the chance to cash-in on $13,500 average biweekly "paydays”…

Month after month, and year after year.

And now that you've seen HOW you can make money this exciting, new way…

You're really going to be blown away when you understand WHY it's so dependable. WHY you can count on it to turn a small amount of money into such incredible profits, week after week.

The truth is…

It's based on simple, common sense you use every day.

Let me ask you a question.

If it snowed on your birthday in 2006… and 2007… and 2008… and every single year through 2016…

Would you have made sure to have your boots handy on your birthday this year?

Of course you would!

You don't have to be a weatherman to know what to do.

With a pattern that repeats for ten years, it's common sense.

Here's another one.

No matter how careful you are, if you manage to catch a cold every summer vacation for 10 straight years…

Are you going to be sure to pack tissues this year?

You bet!

You don't need to know WHY it happens. You don't need to be a doctor to know what to do.

It's just common sense to be prepared, based on the pattern over the last 10 years.

Patterns are "truths" that we all use in life every day.

And it doesn't matter if you're looking at something as unpredictable as the weather, or as common as a cold...

If something happens every year, at the same time, for the past 9 or 10 years...

Chances are it's going to happen at the same time again this year!

It's common sense!

Now, let me ask what you would do if you saw a 10-year pattern like this?

This shows that shares of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) increased by an average of $2.68 per share...

Precisely between July 10 and July 21...


Do you think you could get rich THIS YEAR if you knew about THAT 10-year pattern?

You better believe it!

Common sense tells you that this is WAY MORE than a coincidence.

Just like snowing on your birthday, or catching a cold on vacation…

You don't need to understand WHY it keeps happening to know that it’s highly likely to happen again.

And as you can see here, SPY followed the pattern again this year.

Only better!

By July 19, it didn't just increase the $2.68 a share average. It jumped up a whopping $4.60 per share.    

And the unique trade recommendation that I gave on July 10 based on this pattern…

Would have more than doubled $4,000 into $8,414 by July 19.

That's a spectacular payday. $4,414 cash PROFIT in your pocket... in just nine days.

And anybody who followed along with that trade could have made a fortune.

Lois Cameron, told me…

Money Map reader, Lois Cameron, told me…

“My husband and I are very happy! We GOT A DOUBLE on your SPY trade.”

And Elmer Matise reported...

“I followed this trade and made 163%! THANKS!

So let's take a look at another common-sense pattern.

This one shows that between August 14 and September 15, the S&P Biotech ETF (XBI) has increased an average of $1.68 per share... in 9 of the last 10 years.

Without knowing a thing about XBI, your common-sense tells you it was highly likely to jump again between those exact same dates in 2017.

Truth is, not only did XBI follow the pattern. It shot up even more than expected.

I'm talking a huge $7.38 per share gain.

And if you were one of the lucky few who saw the pattern and followed my recommendation on August 14 with a $4,000 investment in XBI…

You could have cashed-out with a 122% gain by September 8!

That’s a $4,880 payday!

Ivan Killner told me he did even better on that trade.

“I invested $1,600 and profited $2,013 for a total 125% GAIN.”

Are you starting to picture the crazy piles of money you can generate just by following these common-sense patterns?

These patterns are the reason why my Retirement Plan truly is the Ultimate.

THAT'S HOW I made 43 straight recommendations that add up to 1,958% in total gains.

THAT'S WHY this is the ONLY plan in the world that gives you the potential to retire with just $12,000… and generate $162,000 in income every year.

And I'm barely scratching the surface here.

When you can plainly see a pattern that repeats over 10 years, you don’t have to be a stock expert.

All you need is your good, old-fashioned common sense.

It can be like taking candy from a baby.

Except for one problem.

It's easy to remember what happened on your birthdays.

It's easy to recognize the pattern from every summer vacation.

But finding these hidden, microscopic stock patterns that can make you rich… is NOT easy at all.

In fact, they're so obscure, virtually nobody else even knows they exist.

They're buried within billions of data points… involving a decade of transactions… on millions of trades.

So it's almost impossible to find these precise, 10-year patterns that unlock the key to your Ultimate Retirement.

Impossible for everyone, that is... except me.

My Patent-Pending Investing Tool Finds Obscure, Decade-Long Patterns That Have Repeated with 90% to 100% Consistency

I'm the only person on the planet who knows about these exciting, common sense patterns.

And the only person who can lead you to these hot new gains every single week.


Well, I've spent six years... and millions of dollars... creating what may be the most powerful investing tool the world has ever seen.

I call it the Money Calendar.

It micro-analyzes 10 YEARS of DAILY transactions on the best stocks and ETFs you can trade.

I'm talking about crunching through BILLIONS of data points every single day.

With only one goal:

To find the common-sense, moneymaking patterns that nobody else could possibly see.

These are patterns of consistent performance...

That have paid out over and over within the same exact 30-day window each year...

With 90% to 100% reliability, for an entire decade.

Of course, as you can imagine, the computing power and calculations required to unearth these patterns are anything but common or simple.

In fact, they're so complex... Money Calendar is in the process of being granted a patent by the United States government.

So it’s no wonder that nobody else even has a clue about these common-sense wealth building patterns.

But now that YOU DO know about them...

YOU can be in the perfect position to turn a tiny stake into extraordinary income year after year. And secure the lifestyle you deserve.

Let's take a close look at those trades I used in the Retirement Money Machine example earlier, and you’ll see WHY I was so confident they would pay off in spades!

The first trade was Gold Trust (GLD). Money Calendar had already helped me guide readers to tons of profits on GLD this year – recording over 275% total gains in August alone.

So I wasn't surprised at all when on September 18, Money Calendar discovered this new pattern on GLD.

As you can see, over the last decade this pattern repeated 90% of the time between September 18 and October 2.

And the pattern didn't slow down this year either.

Jim Nelson told me he made...

“I made about 105% PROFIT in 1 day!”

Rosemary Pickler wrote:

“I made slightly over 100% PROFIT in 2 hours and 30 minutes after entering this trade. Thank you very much.”

And if you had invested $4,000 on the GLD trade I recommended that day…

You could have had a whopping $4,669 PROFIT payday, just 12 days later!

The next week, Money Calendar revealed this pattern on American Airlines Group.

Even a child can clearly see the gains that piled up in 9 out of the last 10 years, between September 25 and October 30.

And that pattern guided me to a trade for American Airlines that I was confident could double your money in a matter of weeks.

Fact is, it actually did way better than that.

In a little less than two weeks, that AAL trade could have more than doubled your money, with a 111.9% gain.

That's a $4,478 payday!

And that’s exactly what John Ross told me he did…

“I tried one of your trades with some money I squirreled away, and I made OVER $4,800.”

The next week, Money Calendar spotted a winning pattern on Utilities SPDR ETF XLU. You can see this one repeated 90% of the time over the last 10 years, between October 5 and October 18.

Knowing that the only exception for XLU was during the financial crisis of 2008, I confidently recommended a specific XLU trade on October 5.

And within 14 days, you could have lined your pockets with an extra $2,216 PROFIT!

Then you would have recycled your $4,000 investment into the next big windfall opportunity, which presented itself on October 10.

That’s when Money Calendar alerted me to this pattern on Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). It had been a proven winner between October 10 and November 10, in 9 of the last 10 years.

Once again, the only year it missed was at the onset of the financial crisis in 2008.

And sure enough, anyone who followed my JNJ trade recommendation on October 10, made out like a bandit.

Rodney Sharp wrote me:

“Great trade! I made $3,666 PROFIT!”

Jeff King said:

“I gained 163% IN 8 DAYS. Thanks Tom!”

Marvin Matthews enthusiastically reported:

“Almost a TRIPLE! Wow … I’m a happy man!”

And you could have been very happy, too!

Because if you invested $4,000 following that JNJ trade recommendation…

You could have pocketed an enormous 177.1% gain

And had a $7,085 PURE PROFIT PAYDAY in just five days!

In other words, those four trades could have given you...

A $4,669 payday from GLD on October 2...
A $4,478 payday from AAL on October 11...
A $2,216 payday from XLU on October 19, and...
A $7,085 payday from JNJ on October 18.

That's $18,448 PROFIT in your pocket over 16 days!

Plus you'd still have your original $12,000 recycling to generate more paydays for you.

This keeps happening week after week after week.

So by now it should be obvious why I'm so confident you can retire with just $12,000 and make $162,000 a year!

These patterns – are astounding.

They've showed up on every trade I've shown you... all 43 of them.

Of course, they can’t predict the future every single time. Like I said, nothing on earth can do that.

Yet as you’ve seen, they have the powerful potential to pay huge gains in a regular pattern that’s unmatched by anything else in existence.

Now YOU can take advantage of them to meet your needs and desires. Whatever they may be.

For example, want to make a LOT more money? Just invest a LITTLE bit more.

Recycle $15,000 instead of $12,000 in those last four trades, and you would have ended up with $23,063.

Recycling $18,000 would have given you a total of $27,676.

And if you had recycled just $21,000, you would have had...

An $8,172 PROFIT PAYDAY from GLD...
A $7,838 PROFIT PAYDAY from AAL...
A $3,879 PROFIT PAYDAY from XLU, and...
A $12,400 PROFIT PAYDAY from JNJ.

That's a whopping $32,289 PROFIT in just 16 days!

Bottom line...

This is the easiest way you can live the life of your dreams and retire without worry.

Here's why.

Money Calendar doesn't just stop after it finds these impossible patterns. It takes me a giant step further.

Every week it guides me to the very best one or two unique trades that can leverage those patterns – and your money – for maximum gains.

Like a giant crow bar prying open a bank vault.

For example, when stocks continue the 10-year Money Calendar pattern, they might gain 2%... 5%... maybe even 10%.

And most people would happily settle for those gains.

But even if you've seen the pattern… even if you KNOW that these gains are due...

There's no way you could possibly retire with just $12,000 and generate $162,000 per year on gains like those. 

So, I engineered the Money Calendar to not only find these elusive, common-sense patterns... but also to guide me to very special, maximum-gain, minimum-risk trades.

Trades that take ordinary gains of 2%, 5%, or 10% in the underlying stock...

And turn them into life-changing gains of 80%... 100%... even 150% or more for you!

Let's take a look at a few more recent trades from my track record, and I'll show you exactly what I mean.

Here's the pattern Money Calendar found on May 8.

It shows that between May 8 and May 30, in 9 of the last 10 years, Aetna stock rose an average of $2.93 per share. That's about a 2% gain.

As expected, Aetna stock followed the pattern again this year.

Between May 8 and May 30, Aetna stock rose 2.82%.

But those who followed the very specific Money Calendar trade I recommended on May 8 did way better.

They could have cashed out on May 30… NOT with a 2.82% gain. But with a 104.5% gain.

That's 37 times more profit!

It's the difference between whether your recycled $4,000 investment would put a measly $113 chump change in your wallet... 

Or 37 times more than that... $4,071 for you to REALLY live your life!

Jason Lowers told me he just about doubled his money on this trade:

"I followed your trade on AET. NEARLY DOUBLED my money in just 17 days. That’s a staggering APY on that trade!"

And think about this.

Not only can you live better knowing about these patterns...

You’ll sleep like a baby knowing you could generate income like this – week in and week out, like a machine – as long as I’m hitting my winning picks.

Now, let’s take a look at the pattern on iShares Russell 2000 ETF IWM.

It clearly showed that IWM gained an average of $2.07 per share, between May 22 and June 16, in 9 of the last 10 years.

When I revealed my common-sense Money Calendar trade on May 22, IWM was trading at $136.03 per share.

As expected, it increased to $140.66 by the June 9 payday.

Many people would have been happy with that 3.4% gain on the stock in just 15 days.

But anyone who made my Money Calendar trade instead, would have been 35 TIMES happier.

Because you would have taken home 35 TIMES MORE PROFITS. A whopping 120% gain over the exact same time.

Talk about a no-brainer.

Frank Wilson nicely understated his Money Calendar trading experience.

"I had a very nice week. Made $12,037. Thank you!"

And believe it or not, my trade on PowerShares QQQ ETF was even more spectacular.

The pattern showed that 90% of the time, between August 28 and September 19, QQQ increased by an average of $1.70 per share.

Just as your common sense told you it would, the stock followed the pattern for another gain.

And if you had followed my August 28, Money Calendar trade on QQQ... you could have collected 73.2% PROFITS IN JUST ONE WEEK!

That's a whopping 57 TIMES MORE MONEY than the 1.2% gain those who bought the stock settled for.

Now let's look closely at one more.

The pattern on iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) made this another common-sense call.

During the month of August, TLT had increased an average of $2.15 per share, for 9 of the past 10 years.

So on August 1, I recommended a very special Money Calendar trade.

Once again, the common sense pattern prevailed. By August 17, shares of TLT increased 1.61%.

But at the exact same time, my special Money Calendar trade could have more than doubled your money, with a 101.75% gain.

That's an amazing 63 TIMES MORE MONEY in Your Pockets!

Now, I realize that after seeing all these huge gains, one after another, they might start to lose some of their impact.

So let me make sure you see how dramatically this one trade could have increased YOUR income.

For every $100 profit made with an ordinary investment in TLT... 

You could have made $6,300 instead with my Money Calendar trade.

If you made $500 on the stock... you could have made $31,500 with my Money Calendar trade...

And instead of settling for a $1,000 profit on TLT stock...

The Money Calendar could have led you to a $63,000 payday!

That's $62,000 more cash in your pockets!

Of course, nothing is 100% perfect – in life or the markets. So there's no guarantee every Money Calendar trade will turn out well.

But this is happening right now. Insane profits are being cranked out over and over, like a Retirement Money Machine.

Money Calendar harnesses all the advantages of very specific trades to give you a totally new, extremely lucrative way to invest.

One that can help you bolster your portfolio, so you can secure the lifestyle and retirement of your dreams.

First, Money Calendar finds the common-sense patterns nobody else can see. 

The repeated moves... that happened in the exact same timeframe... for at least 9 of the last 10 years.

Then it guides me to the best trade to take maximum advantage of this information...

An easy trade that takes you just a couple minutes... with a couple clicks of your mouse!

It's amazing to see how quickly and steadily your income can multiply when you invest the Money Calendar way.

These are powerful, EXPONENTIAL trades where ordinary stock moves of just a few percentage points can DOUBLE, even TRIPLE your money...

Trades with ZERO guesswork because you KNOW your potential payout date... in advance.

And common-sense trades that won't keep you up at night. You KNOW success is overwhelmingly likely because each trade is based on a specific, 10-year pattern of extraordinary performance.

Nobody else has anything even close to this!

And here's a nice surprise...

You can make money on decreasing stocks, too.

With my Money Calendar trades, you get the opportunity to cash in not only whether the overall market is up or down… but even when individual stocks show a consistent downturn.

Take Harley Davidson (HOG), for example.

This is not just a great, profitable company. It’s an American icon.

But Money Calendar discovered a tiny pattern few would even imagine, let alone see.

This chart shows that every single one of the past 10 years, between May 1 and June 9...

The price of Harley Davidson stock has consistently decreased an average of $2.76 per share.

Now, historically, all stocks perform worse between May and October. So it’s not uncommon for investors to sell their stocks and sit out the markets during this period.

But Money Calendar gives you a better, more profitable option.

Rather than sitting out and hoping for an upturn, Money Calendar makes it super-easy to take advantage of consistent "losing" patterns too.

In fact, Money Calendar helped me find a specific trade that would take huge financial advantage of the loss pattern on HOG.

When I sent out my trade recommendation on May 1, HOG was trading at $56.39 per share.

By the May 9 payday, just as the Money Calendar pattern predicted, HOG had dropped down to $52.76. A -6.4% loss.

But instead of LOSING -6.4% – like anyone who bought $4,000 worth of Harley Davidson stock the ordinary way...

Instead of making ZERO profit – like anyone who kept their money parked on the sidelines...

Many Money Calendar readers pocketed a 116.3% GAIN.

In other words, instead of taking a -$257 LOSS...

This Money Calendar trade on a DECREASING stock could have given you a $4,653 payday!



HOG happened to be Lee Yen’s very first Money Calendar trade. And she couldn't wait to tell me how she did:

“I netted 75.8% IN 16 DAYS on HOG. Great for my very first Money Calendar trade.”

You see? Just like it does with positive patterns…

Money Calendar consistently guides me to trades that literally turn losses for everybody else… into winners for YOU!

For example, after seeing this common-sense pattern of losses on Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (SWKS)...

Instead of losing -$30 on the stock...

You could have made $1,050 PROFIT in 12 days with the Money Calendar trade I recommended on July 24.


Here's another one.

As your common sense would have suspected after seeing this 10-year pattern of losses by Nucor Corporation (NUE)...

NUE dropped 6.48% between August 7 and August 18.

Those who didn't know about the pattern would have lost -$259 on a $4,000 investment in the NUE stock.

But if you followed the unique Money Calendar trade recommendation I gave on August 7...

You could have made $4,520 PROFIT... instead of losing -$259.


Then there's this pattern.

It shows that Navistar International Corporation (NAV) lost money between June 12 and July 10 for almost a decade.

And as your common sense told you to expect... NAV dropped like a rock again.

Between June 12 and June 19, it lost 8.46%.

But if you would have taken advantage of this common-sense pattern by following the Money Calendar trade I recommended on June 12...

You could have made $4,891 PROFIT... instead of losing -$338.

That's $5,229 MORE INCOME FOR YOU.

So you see...

Up markets or down markets. With Money Calendar, it doesn't matter.

Either way, you can make tons more profits than just about everybody else.

There's no end in sight.

And believe it or not, I'm just now getting to what could be Money Calendar's most exciting benefit.

So far, you've seen dozens of examples of how, thanks to my exciting and unique Money Calendar trades...

You really could retire with just $12,000, and generate $162,000 in annual income!

These are trades that leverage decade-long, common sense patterns that nobody else knows about.

Patterns so obvious, it would be hard to not spot what was coming next. I use these patterns to recommend unique trades that always have the potential to double your money fast... about 15 days on average

Even if the stock only makes a tiny, single-digit percentage move.

And it doesn't matter whether the move follows the pattern up or down.

Either way, you can earn more income... from less money... than your wildest dreams.

But now, in addition to all that...

Imagine being able to make tons of money right along with the hottest, fastest-growing names in the world. 

Companies pioneering the technologies that are shaping tomorrow's future, TODAY.

I'm talking about being able to trade expensive, "FANG" stocks like, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google...

Soaring companies that some folks – for 100 shares of stock – are paying upwards of $50,000, even $100,000 or more!

Now imagine YOUR profits skyrocketing right along with those big boys...

But without using one penny more than the $12,000 stake you're already "recycling."

Sound impossible?

Well, let me show you how – with just one extra click of your mouse – Money Calendar can help you bolster your retirement by leveraging the hottest stocks on the planet... for pennies on the dollar.

Take Alphabet (GOOGL) for example.

From its humble beginnings back in 1998, Google, now known by its parent company called Alphabet, has arguably become THE major technology player in the world. 

This chart shows that in the 13 years since it went public in 2004, one share of Alphabet stock has skyrocketed from an adjusted $50.22... to a recent high of $1,033.04. 

That's an incredible 1,957% gain. And the end is nowhere in sight.

So it was no surprise when Money Calendar recently found this incredible pattern for Alphabet on July 3.

In every single one of the last 10 years – between July 3 and July 18 – shares of Alphabet jumped an average of $31 per share.

That made this one of the juiciest Money Calendar patterns you'll ever find.

But at a price of $919.46 for just one share, it was one of the most expensive stocks on the market.

To buy just 100 shares of Alphabet would have put a ridiculous $91,946 at risk.

Now at this point, most people would make one of two bad decisions...

They'd either just pack it in and give up on this incredible opportunity altogether...

Or even worse, they'd go ahead and buy Alphabet. And take on an unnecessarily HUGE risk and anxiety.

But not me. And not you, either.

Instead, this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an amazing market “loophole” that works great with the Money Calendar.

Hardly anybody knows this tiny loophole even exists... let alone knows how to manipulate it to their maximum benefit.

But Money Calendar squeezes through it like thread through a giant needle.

It would take too long to explain all the details of how the Money Calendar Loophole works in this presentation. But don't worry. You’ll have the chance to learn about all my strategies and loopholes later.

Right now, all you need to know is that with one extra click of your mouse...

You could get in on this incredible, high-roller Money Calendar opportunity as easily and affordably as any other Money Calendar trade. Just by using a part of your "recycled" $12,000 stake.

As expected, in just a few weeks – by the July 13 payday – Alphabet had jumped from $919 to $968 per share.

A decent 5.3% gain for anyone willing to risk more than $91,000.

But those who made the Money Calendar Loophole Trade I recommended on July 3 pocketed a whopping 197.5% GAIN.

That's an almost unfathomable 36 TIMES MORE MONEY!

On a $4,000 investment, it's the difference between whether you would have a paltry $214 payday... or an incredible $7,900 windfall in your pocket!

Brent Gerber told me how this trade suddenly made him $4,100 richer:

“Hey Tom, I made $4,110 on GOOGL for a 200% GAIN in 9 days! I love your service and teaching style. Thank you!”

Gerry Ortiz loved tripling his money on this one.

“Congratulations to Tom Gentile on the TRIPLE on GOOGL this month! My average gain on the full position was 229% – MORE THAN TRIPLE. Fantastic.”

And you could have made similarly incredible gains from another "out of reach" stock when Money Calendar found this pattern on Amazon.

It shows that in 9 of the last 10 years, between May 22 and June 6, shares of Amazon gained an average of $7.37 per share.

Unfortunately, Amazon cost $970 for just one share. Most people couldn't afford to buy Amazon, even if this hidden pattern fell right into their lap.

But anyone who knew about the "Loophole" trade I recommended on May 22, could have jumped on Amazon with just a fraction of their "recycling" $12,000 investment.

And exactly as the common-sense pattern suggested, Amazon stock shot up again for a 3.33% gain in just 13 days.

For $4,000 invested in the stock, that's a $133 payday.

But if you had followed my Money Calendar Loophole trade, you'd have been looking at a monstrous 130.4% gain...

And could have cashed out on June 6 with $5,218 PROFIT!


Talk about leveraging your money! Listen to how much money Darren Saltzman told me he made on this trade…

“Tom, I executed the Amazon trade and exited with a 126% GAIN. I invested $50,000 and earned profit of $65,500. Thank you.”

And the comments from readers making money hand over fist from Money Calendar Trades goes on and on…

Drew Davidson said…

“The AMZN trade was an excellent play. It netted me a PROFIT OF $1,645.”

Mark Thornberg wrote…

“I just made $2,409.14! Thanks for a great trade.”

Rich Kaufman reported…

“Google was 206% WINNER. And DIA made over 40%. Good week - thank you.”

And Ron Perkins spoke for many readers when he told me…

“Tom, I have made more than $8,000 in the last two months following your recommendations. Returns have varied from 87% TO 136%. You have provided a system that I trust, and you are the reason. I believe you and your track record stands on its own.”

There's only one way to start collecting your $162,000 income this year

So far in this presentation, you've seen how my Money Calendar is the only tool on the planet that can give you a true “edge.”

It determines which of the world's top stocks and ETFs made a consistent price move – on the exact same dates – every single year for at least 9 of the past 10 years...

Then it identifies simple, but very obscure trade possibilities.

The only trades in the world with a statistical expectation to turn tiny moves in a stock into double your money... an average of every 15 days.

Like these incredible paydays many readers enjoyed in the last few months alone...

Here's the problem.

There's absolutely no way you or anyone else could spot these tiny, consistently lucrative patterns on your own. 

How can you go about generating $162,000 in annual income now and throughout retirement... with just $12,000?

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Banking on the extreme power and track record of my Money Calendar Pro. My one-of-a-kind research service for Money Map readers like you.

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I take all the information that Money Calendar finds and boil it down to the most lucrative and high percentage opportunities you'll ever find.

Using my one-of-a-kind tools... and years of trading experience... I literally reject 99.93% of all possibilities.

Then I send you the two very best trades in your Money Calendar Pro Email Bulletin every week.

I'm talking trades with reward-to-risk ratios of 2 to 1... 3 to 1... some even as high as 10 to 1.

And each one is backed by a rock-solid, 10-year pattern that repeats with over 90% consistency.

There's virtually nothing for you to do, other than decide which opportunity is best for you.

Then you just follow my easy, step-by-step instructions, and wait for your next biweekly payday.

Let's face it.

With the common sense 10-year patterns...

Plus, all that patent-pending computing power...

Plus over 30 years of my own personal experience...

All behind every single Money Calendar trade recommendation...

It's hard to imagine doing anything EXCEPT starting with just $12,000... and making $162,000 every year!

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This is the only way I know to retire with more money than you ever imagined, for as long as you want!

And remember… this can all be pure gravy.

I'm not suggesting – or even expecting – you to stop investing the way you are right now.

All you need to do is find $12,000 to invest.

And I’m guessing you could “borrow” that from the bottom-feeders in your portfolio in a heartbeat.

That small stake not only starts – but can sustain – a never ending new income stream for you.

An average of $3,115 a week... $13,500 a month... $162,000 every year.

From trades you didn't even know existed before today. 

And even though you've probably never made trades like these in your life...

With my guidance, it only takes about 30 minutes a week to get set up to rake in income like a pro.

Just like these Money Calendar "rookies" did…

Carl Lindon was short and to the point…

“I just made 81% RETURN on my first trade. Very Good!”

Joe Franklin was ecstatic…

“You are the MAN. I just made $1,325.00 PROFIT on GLD. trade. This is my first trade, and I am thrilled.”

Brian Britton is already leveraging his money…

“This was my first trade and it doubled my initial investment with a 123% GAIN. Now I am able to get into more positions and make more money!”

And first-timer, Matt Gilkey wrote…

“Best service ever! I made $1,102.50 on my very first trade and $1,700 OVERALL within the first two weeks. THANK YOU TOM.”

It really is THAT easy!

You benefit from the tools to minimize risk and maximize gains that I've been perfecting for years.

You get me “standing right next to you,” walking you through real moneymaking trades.

And you get the moneymaking power of my Money Calendar behind each trade recommendation.

But only if you subscribe to Money Calendar Pro today.

The "backbone" of your Money Calendar Pro is the in-depth Money Calendar Email Bulletin you'll receive every week.

Here's a look at my latest one.

The first thing you'll notice are my timely Market Observations:

No matter what Money Calendar tells me happened in the past, I make sure to keep my eyes on the present AND the future.

In this section, I'll give you my take on the most critical world events that could impact our trades both today... and tomorrow.

Next comes the meat of my service – Money Calendar Trade Recommendations:

This is where I give you all the details on the two best trades Money Calendar helped me identify for the current week. One of the trades will be my very best "bullish" trade. And the other will be my top "bearish" trade. 

Since Money Calendar identifies profitable trade opportunities no matter which way the market is going... or which way a company is performing... these trades will give you the best of both worlds.

And with every trade, I'll spell out three main things:

  1. Target PRICE
  2. TIME target
  3. EXIT strategy

That's everything you need to know in advance. Exactly what your goal is… when to get in... and when to get out.

And, of course, I'll tell you exactly how to set up every trade based on that exact information. 

The beauty is... once you make your Money Calendar trade, you never have to worry about lifting a finger.

You never have to do anything other than circle your calendar and prepare to collect any potential windfalls... unless you get a specific update from me.

And that brings me to your next benefit – Money Calendar Urgent Email Updates:

While I promise that every week I will deliver you two exciting Money Calendar trades that could double your money...

And I promise to spell out exactly when to get in and out of every trade...

The market doesn't always operate by our calendar. And it often won't wait a week.

That's when you'll receive an Urgent Email Update from me.

Any time there's something you need to know – or a move you need to make – I'll send you an email, so you'll know exactly what to do... or what not to do. 

No confusion. No guessing. No worry.

Now, let's take a look at the Portfolio Review you'll find in every weekly Money Calendar Email Bulletin.

Because I give you all the entry and exit information on every new Money Calendar trade in advance... YOU can pretty much forget about each trade until your potential "payday."

But I never stop watching them.

So in every weekly Money Calendar Email Bulletin I'll review the status of every one of our "open" trades with you like this.

You'll also enjoy Money Calendar Online.

This is your 24/7, members-only web link to the potential behind every current "payout appointment" and all the details behind every recommendation.

Now, if that were the extent of your benefits, Money Calendar Pro would still be an amazing new source of profit potential and new gains for you.

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I'm going to give you something else nobody else can... my Weekly Trade Video.

The very afternoon that you receive your Money Calendar Email, I’m going to let you look over my shoulder via streaming video.

I'll show you exactly how to place BOTH of the new moneymaking opportunities in your Money Calendar Email Bulletin.

You're going to see the screens I see... see the moves I make.

And you're going to be able to walk with me step by step through the mechanics and logic behind every single trade.

Of course I’ll be paper-trading, but the benefits remain the same whether you decide to invest or follow along to simply see how it's done.

This not only makes padding your nest egg with Money Calendar trades fun and super easy...

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Yes, I promise that investing this Money Calendar way is going to be both lucrative and fun!

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Everyone knows that past performance can't guarantee future results. But like we've already shown you over and over...

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Imagine how fast your portfolio could grow if you suddenly had access to the top .07% of possible Money Calendar trades...

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The price for Money Calendar Pro is $4,995 per year.

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Because everything you've seen today is based on my actual track record.

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The truth is... even without my one-of-a-kind $162,000 Ultimate Retirement Guarantee...

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