Win BIG When the Markets Are UP, DOWN, and SIDEWAYS

Money Map's Chief Financial Accountant Declares:

To celebrate a record-breaking year, we're taking $2 million out of our net income and sending that money to you, our readers.

To claim your share, here's what you need to do...

Sam Kramer, Chief Financial Accountant for Money Map Press

Hi, my name is Sam Kramer.

I work for Money Map Press...

NOT as a financial analyst, graphic designer, or software developer.

I’m their accountant – their chief financial accountant.

And this is my office.

I spend about 10 hours a day here, compiling and analyzing numbers.

My job is to keep track of every dollar that flows in and out of this business. This gives me access to information that no one else has.

  • I’m the one person that can tell you what each of our 180 employees gets paid annually.
  • I’m the one person who knows how much we pay in rent, electricity, and travel per month, and...
  • I’m the only person who knows how much money we make on a daily basis.

But I’m not here to talk about myself or Money Map Press for that matter.

I’m here for a very different purpose.

To Transfer Money Specifically
from OUR Account and into YOURS.

This is NOT a gimmick.

See that desk behind me?

For the next three days, I’ll be sitting at that desk doing nothing but signing checks, one after the other.

  • Each check will be made out for at least $1,500.
  • Each check will be mailed out starting December 28 at 8 a.m.
  • Each check will be sent to a Money Map Press reader like yourself.

I’m not doing this out of charity...

I’m not looking to sell you a bill of goods...

I’m not trying to win your favor.

I have no incentive to do any of those things.

Truth is...

I WANT to Pay YOU!

See this document...

This is Money Map Press’s Profit and Loss statement for the year.

It lists all of our revenues, costs, and expenses.

No one, aside from our top management team, has access to it.

But today, I’m going to share a few things from this statement, and for a good reason. Take a look.

To you, the numbers on this statement are meaningless.

To me, they mean EVERYTHING.

They tell me – at any point in time – what areas of our business are struggling, improving, and thriving.


  • Line 12, for example, says that our advertising costs are up 20% this year.
  • Line 18 shows me that our telesales revenue is up 14%, which is great news, and…
  • Line 32 reveals that our total sales for the year are up 4.5%, which is even better news.

But the one line I care about more than any other is Line 40 – net income.

This is the money we keep after ALL of our expenses and taxes are paid.

  • A company can make $10 billion a year, but if it doesn’t get to keep any of that $10 billion, it’s all for nothing.

That’s why net income is so critical to our success.

I’m telling you this because in 2018, our net income shot up by a staggering 25%.

Normally, I would take this money and reinvest it into our business.

But recently I met with our publisher Mike Ward and we decided to do something very different.

We’re Taking $2 Million Out of Our Net Income and Sending That Money to YOU, Our Readers.

We don’t have to do this. We want to.

It’s our way of saying THANK YOU.

  • THANK YOU for opening our emails.
  • THANK YOU for giving us the chance to help make you wealthier.

And if you’re a subscriber to any of our research services...

  • THANK YOU for NOT canceling your subscription.

According to this year’s P&L statement...

Money Map’s Refunds Are DOWN 37%.

As chief financial accountant, this is the BEST news I could ever ask for.

  • We’re not a brokerage firm, investment bank, or asset management company. We don’t take funds from our customers, invest it into the markets, and collect a fee for doing practically nothing.
  • We make money by selling subscriptions to our research services.

And every one of our research services offers a FULL refund policy. So if you sign up for a service and you don’t have a chance to profit from it, you’re entitled to a full refund.

Put another way...

If YOU Don’t Have a Chance to Make Money...
WE Don’t Have a Chance to Make Money.

Unlike investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley...

Our profits are NOT guaranteed in any way, shape, or form.

This puts us in a tough spot. Since all of our revenue comes from subscription fees...

If our subscribers don’t like our research and those fees are refunded, we FAIL.

So when I saw that our refunds were DOWN 37% this year – allowing us to keep MILLIONS of dollars in additional profits – I knew this only meant one thing...

We Must Be on the Right Track!

After reviewing all the numbers for each of our 24 research services, I was right.

Right now, we’re delivering bigger and faster opportunities to our readers than ever before.

In 2018, We Produced a Record
629 Double- and Triple-Digit Winners.
(And That Includes Partial Closeouts.)

On top of that, 21 of our 24 research services produced positive gains for the year.

Readers across all our services aren’t just getting the opportunity to make money from following our research. They’re fulfilling their lifelong dreams.

  • On September 11, Joe Winthrop wrote in to say he’s made $70,000 from following our research. In his words: “My wife and I have wanted to build a new house for years, and now that dream is about to happen.”
  • That same day, Paul Pulaski reported making $63,000 on a single trade. With that money, Paul is now looking to buy a big Lund fishing boat.
  • Two weeks later, on September 25, Gary Newcrest told us he made $90,000 in a month, money he and his wife just used to take trips to Israel and St. Lucia.
  • On October 4, Ryan Wyndemere wrote in to say he’s made over $91,500 which he’s now using to buy a new car.

And believe it or not, those are the small numbers...

  • That same day, October 4, reader Kyle Anders wrote in to say he’s made over $100,000 by following our work.
  • A month later, on November 9, Wyatt Paulson said he’s made $150,000 since joining us in January 2018.
  • Then there’s David Louis who says he’s made over $100,000 in less than 90 days. In David’s words, “Your research has given me the opportunity to take my life back.”

I could read messages like these all day long.

They prove to me that the work we are doing here at Money Map Press goes FAR beyond stock analysis.

We’re helping to change people’s lives for the better.

That’s why our REFUNDS are down by a tremendous 37%.

It’s also why our lifetime subscriptions have soared.

For our most expensive products, they’ve gone up a remarkable 217%, a record high for our business.

We don’t follow temporary trends, hyperbole, or flash-in-the-pan opportunities.

Our strategies are designed to work in the long run.

This is why more of our readers are extending their subscriptions than ever before.

I’m not telling you this to convince you to become a lifetime member.

As an accountant, I have no interest in selling you anything.

I’m telling you this because even though we’re a private company, in my eyes...

You Are a “Shareholder” in Money Map Press.

And as a “shareholder...”

  • You deserve to know how we’re performing.
  • You deserve to know what our customers are saying about us.
  • More importantly...
  • You deserve to have a chance to profit from our success.
  • That’s why we’re taking $2 million out of OUR net income and paying that money to YOU, our readers.
  • As I said earlier, the first batch of checks will be leaving my office on December 28 at 8 a.m. The rest will be delivered shortly thereafter.

If you receive a check from me, it’ll look similar to this one.

At the top, you’ll see the official Money Map Press logo, indicating this is a real check and not an ad.

Your check will be paid out to you and no one else.

And each one will be made out for at least $1,500.

But when all is said and done, your take could wind up being $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000.

I’ll explain all of that in a moment.

All you need to know right now is that if you’re watching this video...

You Can Receive a Portion of This $2 Million...

  • NOT because you canceled your membership...
  • NOT because you overpaid for a subscription...
  • NOT because you won a contest...

But because we want you to have this money.

In today’s world, there are thousands of financial research services flooding the internet, each one claiming to be better than the other.

But for whatever reason... you chose US – OUR research, OUR insight, OUR expertise.

And for making that decision, you deserve to share in OUR profits.

But since this is OUR company’s profits, we will be sending this money on OUR own terms.

  1. First off, I need you to keep this between us.

    The last thing I want is for word to get out that we’re paying out $2 million of our net income. At that point, we’ll be swarmed with freeloaders looking for a handout.

  2. Secondly, if you’re going to use this money frivolously, I’d rather NOT send you anything.

    As an accountant I take great pleasure in knowing that bank accounts are growing, not shrinking. If you plan on giving this money to a friend or using it to buy a few dozen cartons of cigarettes... that’s fine, but please don’t waste my time.

  3. Lastly, I need you to be REALISTIC.

    In today’s America, where a small car costs $35,000 (on average), and a latte from Starbucks costs up to $7, a check from me – no matter how big it is – will not change your life.

But here’s something that will...

See this list of stocks…

There are 13 in total.

I’m sure you recognize most of these names, if not all of them.

But here’s something you DON’T KNOW...

Nearly every single year, each of these stocks has gone up in price during the month of January.

  • Not for the last five years.
  • Not for the last 10 years.
  • Not for the last 15 years.
  • But for the last 20 YEARS!!!!

I’ll say that again.

  • Nearly every year – for the last 20 years – these 13 stocks – and ONLY these 13 stocks – have experienced a burst in price during the month of January.
  • And unless the market suddenly crashes tomorrow or the world ends, they’ll likely go up this January as well.

If you want, on January 1, you can use the money I send you to buy shares in these companies.

Then, on January 30, you can sell those same shares.

I will leave that decision up to you.

If the last 20 years is any indication, you’ll likely profit from every position you take.

But that’s not good enough.


And here’s how you can do it…

  • Since we know the EXACT time frame each of these 13 stocks is scheduled to go up in price...
  • Instead of buying shares, you have the rare opportunity to execute what I like to call “loophole” trades on these stocks.

In so many words, a loophole trade gives you extreme leverage on a specific stock over a specific yet short window of time...

What’s the benefit of doing a loophole trade?

Let me show you...

This year, Pandora’s stock has more than doubled in value. It’s gone from $4 to roughly $9 a share.

If you buy the stock today, and it continues moving up at this rate, you could realistically make 10% on your money over the next month.

Most people would be happy with a 10% return and in a month no less.

But here’s the thing...

  • By executing a “loophole” trade, you can turn that 10% into a 120% windfall, making you 12 times MORE money than Pandora’s shareholders, and over the same EXACT period of time.

This is the purpose of a loophole trade...

  • To give you extreme leverage on a stock over a short window of time.

The reason most people avoid loophole trades is because most people have no idea IF a stock is going up, let alone WHEN. And with this kind of trade, timing is everything.

That’s why it’s easier for most people to just buy shares in a company, wait, and hope that the price flies to the moon. If it doesn’t, you just keep waiting.

This is the life of a shareholder... you’re always at the mercy of a stock.

If the price never takes off, you never make money.

With a loophole trade, however, you are giving yourself extreme leverage.

  • This way, even if a stock only goes up by 1% or 2%, you can still make 100%... 150%... or even 200%... and without buying a single share.

Think of it this way...

If you’re playing an acoustic guitar in an arena full of people, no one – except for maybe a few people in the front rows – will hear you.

Plug that same guitar into a 1960 Marshall Stack Amplifier, however, and every person in that arena will here you loud and clear, even those sitting in the nosebleed sections.

This is the purpose of a loophole trade...

To AMPLIFY your position in a company over a short window of time.

  • The downside to making this trade is that if the stock goes in the opposite direction you expect over this period, your loss is also amplified.

That’s why we suggest you ONLY execute loophole trades on these 13 stocks.

Remember, over the last 20 years, these 13 stocks – and only these 13 stocks – have shot up in price during the month of January.

Cheniere Energy (LNG) is one of them.

Over the last 20 years, Cheniere has gone up in price every January by an average of about 1.5%. The only year it didn’t was in 2015.

Why does Cheniere’s stock behave this way? I have no idea. No one does.

But the WHY doesn’t matter...

When you execute a loophole trade, you’re not investing in a company.

  • You don’t care if its sales have grown...
  • You don’t care if its CEO has just retired...
  • You don’t care what causes its stock to go up…

All you care about is the pattern.

Will Cheniere go up again this January, as it has been doing for nearly the last 20 years?

If so (which is very likely), you could amplify that 1.5% price bump and turn it into a 150% gain for yourself...

And you could do this without buying a single share of Cheniere’s stock.

Nike is another one of our 13 loophole candidates...

For the last 20 years, the stock has exploded in price during the month of January, specifically the end of January.

Why does this happen? Who knows?

Nike is a huge company. Any number of factors could be at play.

But again, the WHY doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Nike’s stock has experienced a burst in price every January for the last 20 years.

The only times the stock didn’t go up was during the market downturn of 2002 and the financial crisis of 2008.

Knowing this, you can execute a loophole trade on Nike and even if the stock only goes up 1%, you can amplify that small bump into a 100%, 150%, or even 200% payout.

You see, most investors don’t realize this, but there are specific periods throughout the year when stocks – especially large stocks – make their biggest moves.

And January tends to be one of the most critical months.

Why January?

Two reasons…

Number one, investors tend to sell stocks for tax reasons at the end of the year. They then reinvest their money after the first of the year which results in a propping up of share prices.

Number two, investors will often use their “end-of-year bonuses” and holiday gifts to purchase stocks, which also drives up prices in January.

This occurrence is known as the “January Effect.”

And it is one of the main reasons why I want to send you a check immediately.

Sure, I could wait until later in the year.

But I Want to Get You This Money in Your Hands

This way, if you want, you can use it to execute loophole trades on these 13 stocks.

Like Comcast, for example...

For the last 20 years, Comcast has gone up in price every January. The only year it didn’t was in 2009.

Now let’s do the math...

  • If you receive a $1,500 check from me, you can buy 40 shares of Comcast on January 1 and then sell those same shares on January 30.
  • If the last 20 years is any indication, you’ll likely make 1% to 2% on your money.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not happy making 1% to 2% on anything, especially a stock.

Execute a loophole trade, however, and you could amplify that 1% gain up to 100%, 150%, or 200%... and you can do that without buying a single share of Comcast.

Same with Walgreens.

Every January, for the past 20 years, Walgreens has gone up in price, specifically between January 1 and January 16. The only years it didn’t were in 2004 and 2008.

Unless the company goes bankrupt tomorrow – which I doubt will happen given that its net income grew 20% this year – there’s NO reason Walgreens’s shares won’t go up this January as well.

Buy the stock and you’ll likely make a little money over the next month.

  • Execute a loophole trade, however, and you could easily pull in 100%, 150%, or 200% gains even if the stock goes up by just 1%.

This is the ADVANTAGE of knowing not only which stocks have the greatest potential of going up, but WHEN – down to the exact day – they are set to.

You can deliberately give yourself leverage on that stock over a specific window of time and make 5, 10, or even 20 times bigger profits than the company’s shareholders.

Again, the reason most people avoid loophole trades is because they don’t know how a particular stock behaves.

Instead, they rely on someone else’s analysis of the company... wait for the price to drop to a certain level... and then buy shares like there’s no tomorrow.

Some people make money this way. If you’re one of them, more power to you.

But if you’re like me, you know that MOST stocks go nowhere.

That’s not my opinion. It’s a fact...

Since January 1, 2018...

  • Only 38% of all stocks have gone up in price...
  • Even worse, the average stock has gone up an abysmal 5.5%.

With gains that small, you may as well dump your money into a high interest savings account.

Sure, you could speculate on small tech stocks, drug companies, or mining firms.

But WHY take that kind of risk?

Most of these stocks – at least from what I’ve seen – always wind up six feet under.

And you don’t need that kind of stress in your life, not anymore.

By executing loophole trades on these 13 stocks – and only these 13 stocks – you could make $100,000 in the next month.

And that’s not some outrageous claim either.

As Money Map Press’s Chief Accountant, I’ve Seen the Power of These Trades Firsthand.

On January 9, 2017, we recommended that our readers execute a loophole trade on Priceline.

Why? Every year since 2007, Priceline’s stock has gone up between January 9 and February 17. The only year it didn’t was in 2009.

No one knows WHY this happens.

But like I keep telling you, the WHY just doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that Priceline’s stock follows a pattern.

And by identifying this pattern, we knew that by giving our readers extreme leverage on Priceline’s stock during this specific window of time...

They could wind up breaking the bank...

What happened next?

Priceline shot up 12%. This was a huge move for its shareholders.

But had you executed this loophole trade, you could have amplified that 12% move up to 233%. Even better, you could have made this money on a partial play in just 27 trading days.

That’s like turning $5,000 into nearly $17,000 over the course of a month.

Home Depot (HD) is another prime example.

With 2,286 stores nationwide and over $100 billion in annual revenue, Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the world.

But I bet you already know that.

What you don’t know – and probably none of Home Depot’s shareholders know either – is that since 2010, Home Depot’s stock has experienced a rise in price every year between January 17 and February 23. The only years it did not were in 2009 and 2014.

That’s why on January 17, we recommended that our readers execute a loophole trade on Home Depot.

This way, any gains the stock made over this short time frame could be amplified for our readers if they chose to act on our recommendation.

As expected, over the next month, Home Depot’s stock went up about 6.6%.

That’s a big move for a blue-chip stock like Home Depot.

But had you executed a loophole trade, you could have amplified that 6.6% up to 119%...

And you could have made this money in just 23 trading days.

Money Map Press readers Jim Brexel, Vinny May, and Gerald Higgins can all vouch for that. Each of these guys more than doubled their money on this single trade.

Again, this is the advantage of knowing not only which stocks have the highest probability of rising, but WHEN – down to the exact days – those stocks are likely to take off.

And not just in January – but in February, March, April, May, June, July, and every month thereafter.

Of course, just because we can see what prices have done in the past doesn’t mean we know how they will play out in the future.

That’s just life, and that’s the risk you take in the markets.

But this isn’t about predictions or prophecies.

It’s about identifying patterns that no one else can.

See these 20 stocks?

Over the last decade, each of them has gone up in price every year during the month of February.

And see these 17 stocks?

Over the last decade, each of them has gone up in price every year during the month of March.

I could give you similar lists for every month of the year.

So as you can see, as clear as day...

PATTERNS EXIST in the stock market.

And by honing in on these patterns, you no longer have to buy shares in random companies.

You No Longer Have to Wait Around for a Miracle.

Instead, you can give yourself extreme leverage on specific stocks during specific windows of time and get the chance to make more money than you ever thought possible.

I’ve already told you about 13 stocks that have gone up in price every January for the last 20 years.

And if you decide to execute loophole trades on these stocks, you could start your New Year off $100,000 richer.

But it doesn’t have to end there.

It shouldn’t end there.

I want you to have the opportunity to profit from these predictable price patterns in February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and every other month throughout the year.

And you can... by becoming a member of Money Calendar Pro.

Designed by Tom Gentile, a software engineer who sold his company for $20 million to one of the largest investment banks in America.

The Money Calendar is the only tool of its kind that can identify:

A short window of time… where a specific stock… has shot up (or down) in price in at least nine out of the last 10 years.

And then identify a specific type of trade that gives you extreme leverage on that stock during a short window of time.

This is how I was able to find these 13 stocks.

It’s how I was able to see that their price has gone up nearly every January for the last 20 years...

And it’s how Tom Gentile himself has been able to deliver a phenomenal record-breaking 73-winning trade recommendations in 2018 (50 of which were triple-digit winners).

When a stock goes in the exact same direction, during the exact same period, every single year... whether it’s for 10 years or 20 years... it’s likely to repeat the process over and over again...

This is the power of probability...

In the stock market, events happen for a reason. A stock doesn’t just go up or down at random.

There’s always a catalyst behind every move.

  • A new CEO is hired...
  • A new product is launched...
  • A big institution buys shares...
  • Rumors of a takeover emerge...
  • A dividend is about to be issued, etc.

Looking back, it’s easy to determine what caused a stock to go up. Trying to determine its next move, however, is far more difficult.

I am not saying you will never see any losses. Only a fool would tell you that investing does not carry risk.

But just like any major pro-level athlete...


The market’s biggest stocks – the ones that lie at the top of their respective industries...

These companies don’t just move for no reason. They follow patterns.

  • Some always go up before an earnings announcement...
  • Others go up whenever a new drug enters the next phase of the FDA’s approval process…
  • And others, like Las Vegas Sands and Royal Caribbean Cruises, typically will bounce up in the fall, during peak tourist seasons.

The Money Calendar deliberately targets stocks like these – stocks with highly predictable behavioral patterns – like Costco, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Microsoft, Pfizer, and Wal-Mart...

And then designs specific trade recommendations around those patterns that can make you 100%, 150%, or even 200% gains in a matter of weeks...

That’s no exaggeration.

I’ve Seen It with My Own Eyes...

Take Celgene (CELG), the $46 billion drug developer.

Since 2008, Celgene’s stock has surged every year from June 4 to July 12. The only year it didn’t was in 2016.

That’s why on June 4, Tom told his readers to execute a loophole trade on Celgene.

As expected, Celgene’s shares took off over the next month, by 8.9% to be exact.

For shareholders, this was a big move...

But had you executed a loophole trade, you could have amplified that 8.9% into 160%. And you could have made this money in just 27 trading days.

One of our readers, Sharon Weinstein of Utah, made $2,700 off this single trade...

And 80-year-old Terry Todd of Williamsburg, Virginia, made $982. He now admits that for the first time in his 20 years of retirement, he’s making more money than he is withdrawing.

Or let’s talk about Google (GOOGL).

Everybody in America knows Google.

Their search engine has changed the way the world works.

But what no one knows – not even the geniuses who work at Google – is that every year since 2009, the stock experienced a burst in price between June 11 and July 20.

That’s why on June 11, Tom told his readers to execute a loophole trade on the stock.

He knew that unless the market crashed, Google’s stock was bound to rise over the month, just as it has been doing for the last decade.

And it did, it shot up 5%.

Had you executed this loophole trade, you could have amplified that 5% move up to 136%.

And you could have done it in just 20 trading days.

Subscriber Ray Miller made $1,300 and is now planning an earlier retirement trip around the world.

Bill Garner did even better, generating over $4,100.

Reese Spalding made $6,200.

And David Prager of Medina, Ohio, made an outstanding $21,500.

I’ll do one more – Amazon.

With nearly $180 billion in annual revenue, Amazon is arguably the biggest company in America.

But what you probably don’t know is that, every year since 2009, Amazon’s stock has shot up between June 25 and July 23...

That’s why on June 25, Tom told his readers to execute a loophole trade on Amazon.

The stock shot up 8% over the next month.

But had you executed this loophole trade, you could have amplified that 8% up to 270%. And you could have made this money in just 15 trading days.

Todd Ruxton walked away with $2,890 on this trade.

Candice McKinney made $20,374.

And Lance Natal Jr. made over $23,830.

This is what makes Money Calendar Pro so incredibly valuable to our business and even more valuable to its readers.

Kay Macentire has grown her account by 500% thanks entirely to the Money Calendar.

Wesley Miller just made $11,000 on his most recent Money Calendar trade.

And Ryan Langdon who has doubled his portfolio three times since joining Money Calendar Pro, is now making an average of $1,000 per day.

This is why the Money Calendar is in the process of being patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Something This Powerful Has Never Existed Before
and Will Never Exist Again.

Consider this fact...

Right now, there are exactly 8,727 stocks on the U.S. markets – 47,380 worldwide.

Most of these companies are small, volatile, and entirely unpredictable.

They could sink, swim, or go bankrupt at any moment. And no one – not brokers, not CEOs, not even the President of the United States – knows where any stock is headed next...

But the Money Calendar is the one product that uses historical pricing patterns to determine what direction a stock is most likely going in...

And this gives Tom a very powerful edge over everybody else.

On any given day, he can see which stocks have gone up (or down) every year starting on that very day.

On October 22, 2018, for example, Costco appeared in the Money Calendar...

Why? Because since 2009, the stock has experienced a burst in price every year between October 22 and November 30.

So on October 22, Tom issued a Money Calendar Alert.

This is exactly what it looked like.

At the very top, Tom identified the stock he was targeting – which in this case was Costco

He then gave a buy-in price for the loophole trade recommendation, telling you how long you’d likely be in that trade, and what the profit potential was going to be.

For Costco, Tom was anticipating a 135% gain in 29 trading days.

After that, Tom gave a brief synopsis on Costco and then revealed its pricing pattern.

As you can see, not only has Costco’s stock shot up every year between October 22 and November 30, but in 2017, the stock jumped by 25%, its biggest move to date.

That being said, the probability that Costco’s stock was going up again this year was incredibly high...

And it did.

The stock shot up so fast that just two weeks after issuing the trade, Tom told his readers to close half their position for a 75% profit and keep the rest of the trade open.

The next Monday, on October 30, Petrobras (PBR) appeared in the Money Calendar.

Why? Because every year since 2008, Petrobras stock has gone down in price between October 30 and December 10.

Again, I’m sure there is a reason as to WHY this happens.

But the WHY doesn’t matter...

All that matters is that Petrobras follows a distinct pattern.

That’s why Tom issued a loophole trade recommendation that morning. He knew that given its history, Petrobras was bound to drop over the next month...

And it did. In fact, shares plunged so quickly that 10 days later, Tom told his readers to close half their position for a 50% profit and keep the remainder open.

A week after that on Monday, November 5, 2018, Tom issued his next Money Calendar Alert.

This time it was a loophole trade recommendation on the iShares MSCI ETF...

Why? Because the Money Calendar told Tom that every year since 2010, this ETF has gone down in price between November 5 and December 12.

And that’s exactly what happened...

As soon as Tom issued this trade recommendation, shares of this ETF dropped like a bag of bricks. So much so that just three days later, Tom told his readers to close half their position for a 50% profit.

That’s 177% Total Gains in About 20 Trading Days.
(And These Are Just Partial Closeouts.)

Let me remind you that all three of these loophole trades are still open positions.

So as you can see, Tom is not one to sit around and wait for anything, least of all a stock.

For him, buying stocks is no different than flipping a coin. You can do it 1,000 times but your odds of making a profit are always the same – 50/50.

That’s why Tom created the Money Calendar – to identify behavioral patterns in stocks.

He knows that by gaining leverage on stocks during specific windows of time – when those stocks tend to always go up (or down) in price – he can give his readers the chance to make more money and faster than you could buying shares.

And he’s proven this many times over...

Subscriber Raymond Hirsch just made $34,000 in four months and is now using his profits to help put his step-daughter through medical school.

Jared Weinthrup generated $70,000 during his first month as a Money Calendar Pro subscriber. He’s now using that money to build a new house for his wife.

And Wes McAllister from Miami has used the Money Calendar to make an incredible $200,000 in less than a year.

So Why Am I – Money Map Press’s Chief Financial AccountantTelling You All This?

Well, as I said earlier, I want to send you a share of our net income for the year.

If you want, you can use this money to buy a new kitchen appliance, smartphone, or take a vacation to Disney World. It’s entirely up to you.

But as someone who has seen firsthand how the Money Calendar has affected our readers...

If you want, you could use this money to execute loophole trades on these 13 stocks.

I’ll leave that decision to you.

But the only way you’re going to get access to these trade recommendations is by becoming a member of Money Calendar Pro.

As chief financial accountant, I can tell you with ZERO bias that Money Calendar Pro is superior to any other service I know.

Every week, every month, every year, it delivers massive wins to its readers like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Can you lose with the Money Calendar?

Yes, if a stock breaks its pattern and doesn’t go in the direction it normally does over a specific period, you can lose money.

That’s why you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

However, that doesn’t happen very often. And when it does, your losses are kept to a minimum.

I know this because I’ve seen the results of every trade recommendation Tom has ever issued...

That’s why I’ve chosen to record this video.

Since June 2015, when Tom first launched his research service, he’s grown his subscriber base by an incredible 1,010%.

In this business, you don’t grow your subscriber base by over 1,000% by losing people money.

You do it by making people money – a lot of money – over and over again.

Look for yourself.

Tom’s readers aren’t just making a few thousand bucks. They’re buying cars, paying off mortgages, putting their kids through college...

  • Jordan Gilford used his profits from the Money Calendar to buy a 300-acre hunting ranch in Texas. Since then, he’s added another $34,000 to his account in the span of one month.
  • Gary Blanch made $18,277 on his last Money Calendar trade and is using that money to fly to Kenya for a safari.
  • Tony Treston has made $38,000 since joining six months ago and has already used some of that money to buy new hearing aids.
  • And Janet Hollister has made a tremendous $107,000, thanks entirely to the Money Calendar, money she’s now using to pay off the remainder of her home.

These stories are inspiring – not just for me, but for our entire company.

They prove to us that...

 Anyone Can Use the Power of the Money Calendar to Get Rich.

As I mentioned earlier, for the next three days I’m sending out checks to our readers.

Each one will be made out for at least $1,500.

But if you want the chance to amplify this money…

Joining Money Calendar Pro is the smartest thing you could possibly do.

The normal rate for a one-year membership is $4,995.

That’s a lot of money, for a lot of people.

But as Money Map Press’s chief financial accountant, I can make price adjustments to our products that not even our publisher – Mike Ward – can pull off...

As the ONE PERSON who keeps track of every dollar that flows in and out of this business...

I know exactly how low a price we can sell any of our products for.

And given the fact that we’ve had a record year...

Not only can I slash $1,700 off the normal subscription rate...

But I can also give you the option of applying your $1,500 check towards your membership.

This means, today, you can become a subscriber of Money Calendar Pro for just $1,795.

This is the LOWEST price that Money Calendar Pro has ever been sold for.

And It Is the LOWEST Price You Will Ever See.

If we sold it any cheaper, we’d potentially be selling it at cost.

And that is something we cannot do. Not ever.

As I said earlier, our business has had a record year in terms of sales growth.

  • Our refunds are DOWN 37%...
  • Our lifetime subscriptions have soared 217%...
  • And our net income is up by an incredible 25%.

To be frank, our business has never looked better...

But now, it’s time for you to have a chance to profit from our continued success.

And I can’t think of a better way for you to do that than to join Money Calendar Pro.

Once you do, I’ll immediately Fed-Ex you a check for $1,500.

After that, it’s off to the races...

The first thing I suggest you do is access Money Calendar Pro’s three-part Options Cash Course.

It consists of three short videos.

  • The first video covers the handful of options terms and lingo you need to know to execute a loophole trade.
  • The second video is a click-by-click walkthrough on how to set up an account. If you already have an account you use to buy stocks, there’s just a few mouse clicks and you can add options to it.
  • Or if you’ve never even bought a stock before – Tom will show you how to open an account.
  • The third video is where Tom talks about how you can use the Money Calendar to make money.
  • Each video is five minutes long, start to finish. Together, they’ll take you 15 minutes to watch.

Once you’re done watching, keep an eye out for the next…

  • Money Calendar Payday Alert: Every Monday morning, Tom will send you an alert with two trade opportunities. Each of these alerts will target stocks that have made the same move at the same time every year for at least a decade.
  • For January, Tom has already identified 13 stocks that have gone up in price every year for the last 20 years. In the coming weeks he’ll be issuing trades on these stocks and many others.

With each Payday Alert, Tom will also be sending out...

  • Live Weekly Trade Videos: In these videos Tom will show you the mechanics behind every single trade. This way, you can see exactly how to execute that week’s trades, click-by-click. You’ll be looking at the SAME screen and making the SAME moves as Tom if you decide to follow his recommendations.

With your membership, you’ll also receive access to Tom’s newest report, called...

  • How to Place a Loophole Trade: Inside, you’ll learn everything there is to know about a loophole trade including how to close your trade early (if necessary). For clarity, Tom has laid everything out in a color-coded grid showing you exactly what information you need to enter into your trading account.

As someone who lives and breathes the Money Calendar...

Tom is going to be in constant communication with you...

In October of 2018, for example, he sent out 24 separate emails to his readers.

So as you can see, the man doesn’t just send you a trade and then disappear for the rest of the month.

In between his payday alerts and sell alerts, he will also be sending you...

  • Money Calendar Urgent Email Updates: Whenever there’s something you need to know – or a move you should consider making – regarding any of Tom’s open positions, you will receive an email from Tom with all the relevant details.
  • On November 7, 2018, for example, a day after the midterms, Tom sent out an urgent email alert where he explained how the election results had a positive impact on his newest trade recommendations.

Finally, at the end of every week, Tom will send you a...

  • Money Calendar Email Bulletin: This is where Tom reviews the status of every open trade recommendation in his portfolio so you can see exactly how those trades are performing.

Lastly, as a subscriber, you’ll get the benefit of having 24/7 members-only access to…

  • Money Calendar Online: This is an exclusive members-only website, where you can access every research report, trade alert, email update, and weekly trade video Tom has ever released.

So as you can see, for $1,795 you’re not just signing up to read about stocks...

The Money Calendar is a lifestyle.

It is the chance for you to…

  • Break away from the disappointing world of stock investing...
  • To free yourself from the idea that you can only make big money on tiny stocks...
  • And to gain access to the most valuable tool ever designed in our industry.

I’ve shown you how the Money Calendar has given our readers more moneymaking opportunities than any other product to date.

I’ve shown you a list of 13 stocks that have gone up in price every January for the last 20 years.

I’ve shown you how you can execute loophole trades on those stocks for the chance at making over $100,000 next month.

I’ve also given you an unprecedented discount on a one-year membership that has never and will never be offered again.

But I can only do so much...

It’s time for you to make a decision... perhaps the most important decision of your life.

You can continue investing in stocks and hope to get rich one day.

Or you can accept the same truth I accepted for myself a long time ago...

You Will NEVER Get Rich Investing in Stocks.

Sure, you may see a winner from time to time.

But you will always be waiting for that next BIG opportunity.

Investing is an addiction, and a hard one to beat.

I’m here to break your addiction, once and for all.

As always, there is a limit to how many of you we can let in today...

Given the fact that I’m taking $2 million out of our net income and sending out checks to readers like you, there are only so many checks I can write.

There are only so many checks I WANT to write.

  • If you say YES to this offer, I’ll make sure one of those checks has your name on it.
  • If you say NO, there’s nothing more I can do for you.

But before you decide what course of action you’re going to take, look at what happened last January...

By targeting stocks that have gone up every year during this same time period, Tom was able to deliver one triple-digit gain after another.

Look for yourself…

This is a copy of his track record, straight from our accounting file.

It includes every position Tom opened in January 2017.

Nothing has been cut, edited, or tampered with...

Of the 15 legs Tom initiated, 12 produced double- and triple-digit gains. The other three were losers.

That’s total gains of 1,417%, including partial closeouts.

With $5,000 into each trade, you’d have made over $100,000.

So YES, when I say it’s possible that you can make $100,000 in January, I’m not just pulling that number from the sky.

With the Money Calendar, you can make this kind of money over and over again, month after month...

But look, at this point, my words may be falling on deaf ears.

  • Yes, I love the Money Calendar.
  • Yes, I’ve never been so impressed by anything in my entire life.

But as our chief financial accountant, there is no incentive for me to do this.

I’m doing this because Money Map Press had a phenomenal year.

But sending you a check for $1,500 is just the beginning...

If you want the chance to amplify that $1,500 into $100,000 next month, and every month thereafter...

Joining Money Calendar Pro is the only way you could do that.

Tom and I want to prove that to you in every way possible...

We want you to feel confident that you’ve made a smart decision, the smartest decision of your life.

That’s why I’m also taking an additional $1 million out of our company’s earnings and putting that money in escrow until the end of 2019.

Here’s what I mean by that...

To prove to you that the Money Calendar can make you $100,000 richer not just in January, but in February, March, April, May, June, July, and every month thereafter...

I’m Putting Tom to the Ultimate Test.

If, in 2019, Tom doesn’t give you the chance to double your money at least 40 times, you will receive an equal share of this $1 million.

Even if Tom hits it big on 37, 38, or 39 of his trade recommendations and you acted on those recommendations and made $1 million by years’ end...

You’d STILL be entitled to a piece of this $1 million.

All you have to do is call.

If you’re one of the 500 people who call, I’ll cut you a check for $2,000...

If you’re one of the 250 people who call, I’ll cut you a check for $4,000…

And if by some rare chance only 50 people call...

I will deliver you a check for $20,000.

So one year from now, you could be $1 million richer thanks to the Money Calendar Pro research service… 

And I’ll still send you a check for an amount that could be 10 times bigger than what it cost you to join today.

That’s how confident I am that you are going to be successful.

As Money Map Press’s chief financial accountant, I don’t get a kickback from this...

Whether you join or not makes no difference to me.

I’ve chosen to make this video because...

  • I believe in Tom.
  • I believe in the Money Calendar.
  • I believe you want something more out of life.

If you’re only making 10% a year with your money manager, you deserve better.

If only half of the stocks you bought this year were profitable, you deserve better.

If your 401(k) is stagnant, you deserve better.

You Deserve the Money Calendar.

But you don’t have much time to think about this.

Today, we’re accepting 500 new members. That’s it.

These slots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you reserve one of them, you will immediately get a $1,500 check from me within the next few days.

Then, at the end of the year, if Tom does not deliver at least 40 triple-digit winners...

You will get a second check that could be made out for as much as $20,000 (or more). It all depends on how many people call in.

At this point I’ve done everything in my power to make this as easy a decision for you as possible.

It’s time for you to act.

There is a link below this video – it will take you to a brief Money Calendar Pro membership form.

It will only take a few moments to fill out.

If you have any questions about the service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 855-509-6600 or 443-353-4770 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: ETMCV1EC.

For Tom Gentile, I want to thank you for joining me.

My name is Sam Kramer and it’s been a pleasure talking to you.