Watch ‘America's #1 Trader’ Become $1,050 RICHER in 15 Seconds

Whether you're retired, about to retire, or still a few years from retiring, you could become a victim of...

Self-Made Multimillionaire Tom Gentile Shows You How to Survive – and THRIVE – in This Terrifying "New Normal"


Dear Reader,

Something insidious is happening right now...

And it's impacting millions of hardworking Americans, completely changing their lives, the economy, and our future.

It's a phenomenon I'm calling Re'hire'ment.

That's the term I've coined to identify the millions of retirees who've had to forfeit the traditional golden retirement against their will and go back to work.

According to the TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies, Baby Boomers are setting the standard for this new paradigm shift, making it a reality for generations to follow.

In fact, right now, there are more than 9 million Americans who've been forced to succumb to this sad way of life.

When I say sad, I don't mean they're not making the best of their situations.

Most are.

Because that's the fortitude it takes to be an American.

I mean it in more of a nostalgic sense – a longing for what we used to believe our retirement would always be.

We'd work hard and passionately for decades while saving our money, so that when it came time to retire, we'd have all that we ever needed.

Today, there are so many factors – ones completely out of our control – that often dictate where our lives take us.

When it should be the other way around.

We should always have control over our circumstances.

Our circumstances should never have control over us.

But, unfortunately, they do.

Especially when you consider the average net worth of a retiree now has diminished by 39% over the past 10 years.

Most retirees can't afford the lifestyle they were promised.

This new phenomenon is slowly infiltrating our society, which would explain why nearly a quarter of all Uber drivers now are re'hire'es.

Why 22,611 re'hire'es are working in offices, libraries, and schools...

And why 11,830 re'hire'es are making ends meet in the service, auto, construction industries.

By 2024, there will be 13 million re'hire'es in the workforce.

By 2060, there will be 98 million folks who will be 65 years or older...

So based on today's growth rates, I project that there could be as many as 14.7 million re'hire'es in America.

Every day, more and more retirees are returning to work... some out frustration... some out of fear... some out of pure necessity...

But it's not their fault.

Like not getting the pensions they were promised.

In fact, federal retirement benefits are proposed to be cut by $143.5 billion over the next few years.

What's worse is that union pensions could soon be slashed by 90%.

Or they didn't get the full benefits of their 401(k) program because most of them were well into their 40s when these retirement savings programs were officially implemented.

Or they were also lied to by greedy money managers and stock brokers.

Being forced to pay exorbitant fees they didn't realize were in the fine print of their investment contracts.

These folks could have ended up paying $936,390 in brokerage fees when it came time to officially close their accounts.

Which is money they could've easily used for retirement...

What's even worse is that they were told by our government that their monthly Social Security check would cover basic expenses.

Now, a lot of these folks do find this check helpful, but it's just one piece to the massive income puzzle they have to put together month after month.  

Again, this is something they're forced to do.

The most shocking part of all of this is that this is the new norm.

There's no going back to the way retirement used to be – the system just isn't set up for it anymore.

We're already experiencing the shift that will permanently establish re'hire'ment as a mainstay for generations to come.

Whether you're retired... about to retire... or still a few years away from retirement, you need to listen up.

Because if you're not prepared, re'hire'ment could very well be in your future.

Now, I'm telling you this right now not to scare you.

I'm not an alarmist...

I'm an opportunist.

While most naysayers would look at this new normal and say...

Opportunity is nowhere...

I would say...

Opportunity is now... here.

And that's exactly what I'm telling you now.

I have invented a way for you to avoid re'hire'ment entirely – whether you're already retired, preparing to retire, or are still a few years away.

While there are millions of Americans being forced to work longer, retire later, or even work part-time in retirement...

Thanks to my invention, you don't have to be one of them.

In a moment, I will show you how to make consistent income every week using this incredibly powerful strategy – one that's responsible for giving folks the chance to generate $818,778 over a two-year span.

And you'll have the chance to start generating income immediately.

On your terms.

Right now, only 26% of Americans have a back-up plan for retirement income.

Well, I want to help fill that gap and won't stop until it's 100%.

So if you're one of these folks, don't worry.

I'll show you how you can have the opportunity to make three times the cash every week even before you're retired – so you can have the freedom to do what you want, when you want...

On your terms.

I've also found that 65% of folks plan to work past the age of 65 – or not retire at all.

If this is you, I want you to be able to work because you want to not because you have to.

I'll show you how to earn enough income to live the life you want.

On your terms.

You need to see what I've created... because when I shared this same strategy with a small group of readers, their results blew away even my wildest expectations...

For example, Ralph C. from Katy, Texas, wrote me to say...

"No more alarm clocks and no more driving an hour to and from work! You helped me retire last Thursday!" 
Ralph C.
Katy, Texas

And Tony T. from Williamsburg, Virginia, doesn't have to chip away at his nest egg any longer...

"You've helped me replace my retirement funds – completely!"
Tony T.
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Take a look at Donny Pine from Medina, Ohio, who's made a killing and he's just getting started...

"The results I've had with you have been life-changing. I made $21,500 one day and $15,200 the next. I can now make my own future."
Donny Pine
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"I'm 83 years old with no savings. I didn't think I'd ever beable to retire – until now."
Pete B.
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"You have given me hope that I can reach my $1 million goal... even at age 62."
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"I'm already planning for an early retirement and a trip around the world!"
Ron M.
Kansas City, Missouri

Phil L. from New Ipswich, New Hampshire, emailed me to say...

"I now have a way to retire with monetary security."
Phil L.
New Ipswich, New Hampshire

And Anita S. from Lake Havusa City, Arizona, said...

"As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I never thought I would be able to make $1,257 this way. I'm really enjoying building up my account!"
Anita S.
Lake Havusa City, Arizona

Luke L. from North Palm Beach, Florida, has already pulled in $23,836...

"I'm impressed with your results."
Luke L.
North Palm Beach, Florida

And Cate M. from Hobe Sound, Florida, collected $20,347...

"The confidence and empowerment I'm getting from you at my age are as important as the money."
Cate M.
Hobe Sound, Florida


These stories aren't anomalies in fact they're just a fraction of the hundreds of stories I've heard over the years...

And I have dozens more hitting my inbox every day.

So no matter how old you are or how much money you have in the bank...

I want to help you too.

I don't want you to just survive the re'hire'ment frontier...

But I want to help you thrive in it.

If you're ready to start making money right now so you can retire on your terms, I suggest you keep reading...

Simply because my invention has pinpointed eight opportunities that could make you $15,000 richer over the next 30 days.

I am going to talk about them in a few moments.

But first, I want to tell you a little about how my invention came to be.  

Because while it's allowed me to help thousands of folks change their lives like you just read...

It also changed my life forever.

My name is Tom Gentile.

And I wasn't always rich.

I was born in a modest steel mining town outside of Pittsburgh.

I don't have a college degree and I will never get one.

Because I don't need one.

I actually stumbled upon the secret behind my invention while I worked part-time at a hardware store.

You might have heard of it...

Home Depot.

I was at the fourth store they ever opened.

I wore the orange apron, the tool belt, the whole getup. 

Back then, Home Depot was just a bunch of guys who wanted to sell some tools and lumber to folks looking to fix up their homes.

If you asked the managers how many hammers they thought they'd sell next week...

Or how many wheelbarrows they'd sell next month... they couldn't have told you if their lives depended on it.

Now, I was pretty good with computers, so one morning I go to my boss...

I said, "Give me a shot in your IT department."

"If you do, I'll help invent a program that'll tell you exactly how much you'll sell of any product on the shelves – at any point in the future."

"So when you need to know how many Remington chainsaws you'll sell next September..."

"Or Toro snow blowers you'll sell in January – you'll just push a button, and bam! The answer is on your screen – it'll be that easy."

I was pitching him the equivalent of a crystal ball.

As you can see – I was cocky and young.

So why he said yes – to this day – I have no idea.

But he gave me that break.

I spent the next year of my life doing nothing but inventing that program.

I handed it over to my boss.

Within two years, Home Depot opened 100 new stores.

I delivered on my promise.

Now get this – I wasn't paid a penny over my salary for it.

But I'm not angry about that at all – I'm grateful to Home Depot.

Because – and I know this will sound funny – but they're the reason I'm here today.

You see, like a lot of folks, after I was done paying the bills, I was investing the little money I had left in the stock market.

So one day I asked myself...       

"Could I invent something similar for stocks? Ya know, something that could predict future demand – future buying patterns – for any stock?"

So I got to work answering that question.

I spent my nights and weekends taking apart every piece of electronics I could get my hands on.

I rigged an old beeper – the ones everybody used to wear on their hips – so it would "beep" me whenever the markets changed direction.

I'd get a "1" for a bullish signal or a "2" for a bearish one.

I also took a crummy laptop and hacked into it. I got this thing so powerful it was tapping into what was called the Ram Mobile wireless network.

It was receiving text messages with real-time data straight from the trading floor of the American Stock Exchange.

And remember, this is the early '90s – "texting" wasn't a thing yet.

Then I figured out how to tap into FM radio signals.

Now I could make real-time trades wherever I went...

And I began making a ton of money.

I was beating the best traders on Wall Street.

The Wall Street Journal actually caught wind of what I was doing.

So I've got these inventions and I thought to myself, "why don't I use them to start a financial tech company."

And that's what I did.

Not too long after – this big Wall Street heavyweight offers me $20 million to buy it.

So of course I said yes...

And my company became a part of one of the largest discount brokers in the world.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can't believe this isn't a dream.

But here's the thing – these little inventions each got me closer to my original goal – to be able to predict future buying patterns for any stock.

But it wasn't until years after I sold my company that I finally cracked the code.

And how I figured this out – again – it began with a simple question.

Is it possible that certain stocks – for whatever reason – always go up at the same time each year?

What I discovered is that some do.

So I invented something that found these stocks – marked that short window of time each year.

And then identified a very special kind of trade that allows me to become thousands of dollars richer from those stocks...

And without buying a single share.

The invention I referred to earlier represents the culmination of my life's work.

I call it The Money Calendar.

I chose that name because I know so far in advance when I could make money, I can just circle the dates on a calendar and cash in.

It is so unique, the patent for the Money Calendar has been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

And again, it could make you $15,000 richer over the next 30 days.

Before we get to the details on those upcoming trades, I want to dive deeper into the Money Calendar to show you how it works.

What I love most about the Money Calendar is that – while it was really hard to invent – it's super simple to understand.

So we have about 9,000 stocks that are listed at any given time.

The Money Calendar only cares about 250 of them – the big ones, the blue chippers... basically the most boring stocks.

Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Google, Altria, Caterpillar – these kinds of companies.

Big, boring stocks are predictable.

Predictable is good for the Money Calendar.

What it does is it searches through 10 years of historical data.

It's looking for a short window of time where a particular stock has gone up for at least 9 of the last 10 years.

Take McDonald's – it fits the bill of a boring, blue-chip stock to a tee.

Here are 10 charts for McDonald's – one for each of the last 10 years.

Now check this out...

For whatever reason, McDonald's stock always tends to go up between January 17 and February 22.

It's happened for 9 of the last 10 years.

So what does that tell us?

It tells us there is a 90% chance McDonald's stock will go up during this timeframe.

Alright, so now that you are aware of this very valuable piece of information, it would make perfect sense to just buy some shares right before January 17 and sell them on February 22.

Doing that last January would've made you 5%.

So if you invested $10,000, you would've been paid $500 for your efforts.

That's not bad. 

However, armed with this same information – where I know with 90% certainty exactly when McDonald's will start going up in the future...

I could've pinpointed a very special trade...

One where I didn't need to buy a single share of McDonald's stock...

I only had to invest $500...

And I could've pocketed $1,926.

We'll talk about what makes this kind of trade so special in a little bit.

First though, let me show you how this story played out the exact same way with Costco.

Again, I've put 10 years' worth of stock charts up on the screen.

And what do you know...

The Money Calendar tells me that Costco's stock tends to spike between January 17 and February 14.

It's happened for 9 of the last 10 years. 

With the last go 'round, if I had simply bought and sold shares during this range, I would've made 6%.

So $10,000 worth of Costco's stock would've made me $600.

But remember...

Instead of going that route, I could've identified a very special trade that would've turned $500 into a $4,812 payday.

Again, without buying a single share of stock.

And when it was all said and done this trade would've paid me $4,812.

For kicks, let's look at Home Depot.

My old job.

The Money Calendar tells me this stock really likes going up between January 17 and February 23.

It's done so for 9 of the last 10 years.

Last January, the stock spiked about 7%.

Does making $700 sound great?


It doesn't sound as great though when I consider I would have had to invest $10,000 to get it.

I'd rather get more bang for my buck.

And you probably know what I'm going to say now.

I could've spotted a very special kind of trade, invested a few hundred bucks, a few mouse clicks when it was time to close out – voila! – I made $7,888.

Now, folks, you'll never be left wondering when your potential payout dates are coming down the pike.

Because the Money Calendar is pre-loaded with what I like to call "Payday Appointments" for the next year.

They're all marked and ready to go.

Here's what it looks like on my screen – no surprise – it's a calendar.

I have this for every month.

It looks simple on the surface, but underneath there are all these algorithms running – searching for these specific windows of time.

Some days are marked green. That means we're looking at a lot of bullish opportunities.

Some days are marked red. That means we have some bearish stocks out there.

The orange and yellow days – a little bit of both.

Click on any day and you'll see a screen that looks like this...

On the left we have a list of stocks.

Next to each there is a green or red bar.

Green means that stock historically tends to go up.

Red tells me that it tends to go down.

Now, you'll notice these bars have different lengths.

That's how long the window of time generally lasts – days, weeks, whatever.

So put it all together. I have this calendar with the days already color-coded.

Plus, for any day, I have a list of potential stocks to target. I know whether they tend to go up or down – and for how long.

Start to finish, I can predict the future of that stock.

Does this take all the risk out of investing?

Of course not. 

There is no such thing as absolute certainty when it comes to the stock market, so don't ever bet more than you can afford to lose.

However, look here...

You'll notice another column on your screen – it's labeled Certainty Score.  

And you're seeing a lot of scores that are 90 percent or better.

That's how confident the Money Calendar is in that outcome – based on 10 years of pricing history.

I can click on any stock here to see this data up close.

This is all very simple – it's mouse clicks.

I like to keep things as simple as possible.

Now, what I haven't shown you is the Money Calendar's real secret.

This is where the magic happens.

It takes all of this data and pinpoints a special trade for these opportunities.

A trade that allows my readers the opportunity to collect large profits because I'm able to predict – with at least 90% certainty – that stock's future.

Add that to the mix and it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

In a few moments, I want to talk about these special trades – because I have a bunch of them already lined up – they could make you $15,000 richer.

Before I get to that though...

You may be wondering if the Money Calendar can still make you richer when stocks aren't moving at all – or even worse when we're caught in a bear market.

The answer is yes!

That's because I invented the Money Calendar to run at full speed on all cylinders at all times.

I'll prove it right now.

Everyone remembers 2008.

The markets hadn't been this scary since the Great Depression.

But not every company fell victim to the chaos.

Look at CVS...

Here are 10 stock charts for the last 10 years.

The Money Calendar shows me that CVS went up between February 15 and March 23 every single year...

Even in 2008.

If you had this information in your hands and the guts to invest $10,000 in this stock that year, you could've made 1% – so $100 in a little over a month.

Back then, most people wouldn't have complained at all.

However, and I'm going to sound like a broken record pretty soon...

I could've shown you a way to transform a few hundred bucks into $6,122.

Look at Trinity Industries.

This stock has gone up between February 3 and February 14 every year for the past decade.

But let's just talk about the recession.

In 2008, you wouldn't have lost money from Trinity's stock.

But you wouldn't have made much either.

$10,000 would've paid you $30.

It's still better than losing your shirt, but you aren't going to be telling stories about that one.

On the other hand, if you executed the special type of trade the Money Calendar can find, you'd probably still be bragging to your buddies.

With one of these trades, you could've transformed a few hundred bucks into $12,209.

Apple was another recession payday ripe for the picking.

Here are the 10 charts.

For the last decade, Apple has gone up close to every year between March 13 and March 27.

In 2008, it rose 10%.

So in two weeks a $10,000 stock investment could've handed you $1,000 in profits.

Back then that would've been a pretty exciting return.

But my way was even more exciting.

Instead of having to bet $10,000 that Apple's stock would go up in order to make $1,000.

I could've fired up the Money Calendar... it would've handed me this information on a silver platter.

Then I could've targeted a very different kind trade.

A trade that would've only required $500 up front.

And it could've paid me $24,274.

Now, here's a little secret I love telling people...

If you can make money from stocks that always go up during the same time period year after year...

You can also make money from the stocks that always go down.

Look at Verizon.

For whatever reason, this stock has a habit of falling between January 4 and January 18.

It's happened for 9 of the last 10 years.

I don't have to tell anybody that we were smack-dab in the middle of a big bull market for most of that time.

But still, even last January, Verizon fell 3.5%.

Bad news for the shareholders...

Good news for me!

Last January, I could've flipped $500 into $5,882 from Verizon's fall from one of these special trades.

Cree Inc. – same story.

They manufacture LED lighting.

Between March 1 and March 8, this stock has a knack for falling.

It's been the case for 9 of the last 10 years.

I could've turned $500 into $4,221 from this near inevitability.

Now let's check out CME.

I'm 90% certain this stock will fall between March 30 and May 1 in any given year.

And what happened?

It dropped 3.5%.

Last March it would've given me the opportunity to put up a few hundred bucks, and when I executed the trade, I could've collected $5,611.

It's just as easy for the Money Calendar to find companies that go up during a specific window every year...

As it is to find those that go down.

And in the end, it doesn't matter to me which outcome is in play.

Because both can make me richer.

Now, it's time to delve into this special trade the Money Calendar targets.

I've been a trader for a long time now.

And I became successful by following a very famous rule.

Keep it simple.

I use the Money Calendar to pinpoint an extremely simple options trade.

I'm always traveling around the country and talking to folks.

When I ask them, "Have you ever traded options before?"

I hear it over and over again... "No that's too complicated – that's not for me."

This blows my mind. 

So right here, right now – I want to end all this mystery around options.

Because trading them is too easy and too lucrative to pass up.

Guys, when you buy a stock – Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Chevron, whatever – what it all boils down to is you're making a bet.

You're betting that stock is going to be worth more in the future than it is today.

And it might cost you $5,000 or $10,000 to buy a decent block of shares just to get into that bet.

Options are like side bets.

It's like going to your buddy and saying, "Hey, this stock is trading for $20 bucks a share right now..."

"I'll bet you $300 it's trading for at least $21 bucks sometime within the next month."

If I'm wrong I'm out – worst case – $300.

If I'm right, I get a bigger and bigger payout depending on how right I am.

I can make 15-1, or 20-1, or better... just like that.

And making these trades isn't hard at all – the Money Calendar provides step-by-step instructions.

So you open your trading account...

The Money Calendar pinpoints the company to target...

You just type that in.

You choose what type of option trade you want to make.

If you're betting the stock will go up, you choose a call option.

If you're betting the stock will go down, you choose a put option.

Again, the Money Calendar tells you the direction this stock tends to head.

There's no wondering or guessing.

You just choose the price and date range – it's point and click – and the trade is live.

You're in the game... and you can make a lot of money fast.

These trades can last days, weeks, hours...

Most important, anybody can do this. 

Now folks, there is no such thing as a risk-free investment.

And while past performance doesn't guarantee future results, the Money Calendar tells you...

"Hey, I've got 10 years' worth of data that says you need to get in on this date – and out on that date."

To me, that's like betting on whether the sun is going to rise tomorrow.

Look at PepsiCo.

Here are 10 years' worth of stock charts.

I've highlighted the period between March 10 and April 17 on each of them.

So the Money Calendar would've told you that PepsiCo's stock had gone up during this brief window for 10 years straight.

It's gone 10 for 10...

So knowing this, would you have been willing to make a small bet that this trend would've continued?

I can't speak for you, but with those odds so heavily in my favor, I'm making that bet every day of the week...

PepsiCo's stock went up about 3.5%.

So if you went the conventional route and bought shares of the stock, a $10,000 bet would've only made you $350.

But you don't have to settle for the conventional...

You could've made that side bet – a simple options trade.

And it could've transformed $500 into a $5,214 payday.

So go conventional and your $10,000 bet on the stock pays you $350.

Or go unconventional and your $500 side bet – the options trade – pays you $5,214.

The choice is clear as day.

And the Money Calendar gives you everything – the ticker, the date range, step-by-step instructions...  

All you have to do is make a few mouse clicks.

Check out Starbucks.

There's your 10 years' worth of stock charts.

We're looking at the period between March 1 and April 3 specifically.

And what do you know... for 9 of the previous 10 years, Starbucks' stock has gone up.

And last March, it happened again. It went up about 3%.

So would you rather take the conventional route – bet $10,000 to buy shares of Starbucks so you could win $300?

Or go unconventional – make the side bet, the options trade... 

And without buying a single share, you could turn $500 into $6,551?

You're a winner either way... but that side bet, the options trade, makes you a much bigger winner.

Now let's have some real fun... let's take a walk on the wild side.

Here's Staples.

And here are 10 years' worth of stock charts.

We're paying attention to the period between February 17 and March 7.

For 9 out of the last 10 years, Staples has been an absolute dud...

So buying shares and betting on this stock going up during this time...

Is like going to the racetrack and betting on a horse to win that's so bad, the teller just gives you your ticket already ripped up.

And lo and behold...

This year, Staples' stock dropped 5.5%.

If you had bet $10,000 on this stock, you would've lost $550.

But if you had placed that side bet, a very easy options trade, you could've put up $500 and cashed out with $4,072.

These examples – making this kind of money is exceptional – it doesn't happen every day.

But what I want you to understand is the Money Calendar can be an absolute game changer.

I specifically built it to remove all the guesswork from the equation.

So I can easily go into my account, line up these trades one by one...

It's a few mouse clicks – a few seconds for each.

Then I just sit back.

I have all these potential payday appointments lined up well into the future... they're just waiting for me.

They're marked on my calendar.

Then, when the time's right, if everything goes as I expect...

I just go back into my account, I make a few more mouse clicks, and that's it.

I'm thousands of dollars richer. And then I just repeat that over and over again.

I can do this from anywhere with my cell phone.

I don't need to be anywhere near my computer.

This is passive income, easy income – this is much better than punching a clock.

This is freedom.

Which is why I wanted to share my Money Calendar with my readers as soon as possible.

Because a lot of them are retirees.

And one their biggest needs – I read letter after letter about this – they're searching for simple ways to earn extra income.

They want to be able to replace what they earned during their careers.

And let me tell you, the Money Calendar has the potential to do so much more than that.

I can attest to that firsthand...

Because it's absolutely changed my life.

It has given me complete financial freedom.

Every day when I get up in the morning – I boot it up, and I'm energized.

Because on my screen is this – well – it's a calendar.

And it's marked with all of these potential cash payout dates – those "Payday Appointments" that are coming up.

Look at it this way.

Remember when we were kids and we'd mark the days on our calendars until Christmas or our birthdays arrived?

Now I'm marking down days until these "Payday Appointments" arrive.

This is why the Money Calendar is still as much fun for me as the day I invented it.

I can use it – heck anybody can use it – to grow richer.

So when I first brought it to my publisher – I made him a promise.

I said anybody could use the Money Calendar to set up a seemingly, never-ending series of quick cash paydays. 

And anybody could use it to make an extra $2,000, $5,000, even $10,000 a week.

When I was done with my presentation, he had two words for me – "prove it."

So we conducted an experiment with a small group of our readers.

I agreed to give each person who took part a front row seat to my Money Calendar.

I gave them all the research and step-by-step instructions for setting up these trades.

This way, if they wanted to take part, all they had to do was follow along.

The experiment lasted for 24 months.

And what happened blew away our expectations – it was remarkable.

This experiment gave them the shot to turn a small amount of money into an absolute fortune.

Here's what I mean by that.

If they had followed each of Tom's recommendations making $5,000 investments...

Every one of these folks had the chance to cash out with $818,778 from this experiment.

It's simply stunning.

But you don't have to take my word for it...

We encouraged everybody to track their progress – a week, or two, or six months in – and send us their stories.

So let's hear some of them.

"Hi, I’m John Macintosh from Sussex, Delaware. If there’s one word that sums up my experience with the Money Calendar so far, it’s WOW! Listen, if you just made $4,525 without buying a single share of stock – you’d be saying “wow,” too, all the way to the bank!"
John Macintosh
Sussex, Delaware
"Hi, I’m Julie Bartlett. I live in a sunny little California town called Vista. It’s called Vista for a reason, because it’s got the best “views” around. Well, I’ve gotta say that the view from my beach condo just got even brighter – and I have Tom Gentile to thank. He makes trading options so easy, even for a beginner like me. With just one trade, I made $3,215! Saying I’m thrilled would be an understatement!"
Julie Bartlett
Vista, California
"Hi, I’m Mark Tyrell. I’ve got a small medical practice in Kissimmee, Florida. I’m looking to retire soon, so I started trading options with Tom. He’s invented a sure-fire way to make money. I’m happy to report I just got paid $4,290 on my trade. Tom’s the man!"
Mark Tyrell
Kissimmee, Florida
"My name is Frank Williams. I live out in Westlake Village, California. I’ve just started with Tom, and I’m already seeing big money – and FAST! I just made $12,037 in a week! Thanks, Tom!"
Frank Williams
Westlake Village, California
"I’m Don Davidson. On a typical day here in Woodville, Texas, there ain’t much happening. So I started following Tom’s work to spice up my life a bit. Talk about exciting, I just picked up over $18,000 in pure profit from some Chinese company called Baidu. I’m so glad I put my faith in him, because WHAM – I’m now $18,000 richer!"
Don Davidson
Woodville, Texas
"My name’s Sean Getty, and I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I feel so grateful to take part in this Money Calendar experiment. I was paid a total of $25,344 in just 11 days."
Sean Getty
Louisville, Kentucky
"Hi, I’m Carl Simon from Marietta, Georgia. My account just hit six figures... $115,000 right now. Tom, thank you."
Carl Simon
Marietta, Georgia
"My name’s Wes McAllister, and I’m a proud resident of Miami, Florida. Tom Gentile has helped me make a few bucks. And by a few bucks, I mean $200,000 in less than a year from the Money Calendar. It’s great!"
Wes McAllister
Miami, Florida
"I’m Faren Wilton. I live off the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia in a little town called Bli Bli. I just started trading with Tom under a month ago. Already, I’ve nearly doubled my account balance! It’s completely unbelievable! I’m going to get to $1 million on Tom’s next 20 trades, and I won’t be stopping there. Money Calendar is the best trading system on the planet!"
Faren Wilton
Bli Bli, Australia

Hearing these folks' stories – it's inspiring.

It's living proof that anyone can use the power of the Money Calendar to grab lightning quick payouts – $1,000, $9,000, $18,000, even $44,000 at a time.

They were able to do this over and over again.

And it's worth repeating...

Altogether, each person who followed me had the opportunity to walk away from this experiment with $818,778.

That's verified.

That's life-changing money.

Hands down – bar none – there's no better way to get rich quick than from trading.

Every day the stock market is open – about $12 billion in new wealth is created.

That's every Monday – $12 billion.

Every Tuesday – $12 billion...

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – same story.

So I told these folks...

"Listen, these big shots on Wall Street are making a killing right now – and they're not rocket scientists – they're not smarter than you or me – believe me."

I said, "If you're going to sit on the sidelines while these guys are getting richer and richer – you are going to regret it forever."

"You can beat them at their own game. You can get a big slice of this money. I'll show you how..."

And that's what I did.

I kept things very simple.

Every month, I sent participants their very own Money Calendar.

It came pre-loaded with a series of Payday Appointments marked on it.

I wanted everybody constantly checking their calendars – counting down the days until these Payday Appointments arrived – four days left, three days, two days, one day – BAM.

And then when it was time to collect their cash, I sent them an instant Payday Alert.

I've got one handy – let's put it up on the screen now.

Right at the top you can see this is a Payday Alert for Harley Davidson.

Here we've got the quick, step-by-step instructions for executing this trade.

And check this out – here's all my research and analysis including that 10-year chart...

So what did we have with Harley Davidson?

The Money Calendar determined that it had gone up for 10 years straight between May 2 and June 9.

Everything lined up just right for this Payday.

If folks wanted – all they had to do was follow my instructions – open up their trading accounts – type in that information – a few mouse clicks – and they're in the trade.

And folks had the chance to pocket $1,082.

Basically, that's all we did.

We just monitored the Money Calendar and these Payday Appointments – then they acted when the Payday Alerts told them to.

And each person who followed me had a shot at making almost $1 million.

Honestly, those guys deserve all the credit – not me.

They were the ones willing to take a chance on this.

A bunch of them had never traded before in their lives – some hadn't even bought a stock before.

We had all ages – young and old – all different backgrounds taking part.

None of that mattered.

Because once this experiment got going – you could really see everybody coming together – we became a tight-knit group.

I think it's because a lot of them could relate to my story.

For most of my life I was just this average Joe scraping to get by.

I was tired of busting my butt for 40, 50, shoot – 60 hours a week.

I've been there – done that – I didn't want to do it anymore.

I didn't want to be stuck at a job I didn't like until I was 80.

I hated hearing that alarm clock buzzing in my ear every morning.

It meant that I wasn't in control of my time.

Somebody else was.

It also meant I wasn't in control of my money.

Because if you are working for someone else – they're in control.

And I didn't want somebody else controlling how much money I was able to make – and when I could make it.

So I taught myself how to trade – I had a knack for it – I used my early winnings to start that trading technology company – I was paid $20 million to sell it...

At that point, I was in complete control of my time – my money – my financial destiny.

And I became richer than I ever thought possible.

That is – until I invented the Money Calendar.

And I didn't want to keep it to myself.

I knew it could change people's lives.

Which is exactly what it did.

And now I'm ready to take this to the next level.

That's why I'm here.

I've got a major announcement to make.

My plan is even bigger, bolder, and more ambitious than before.

I only gave those folks in my original experiment a sneak peek under the Money Calendar's hood...

The goal was to make quick cash repeatedly from the most basic options trades.

And that alone gave each of them the chance to pocket nearly a million dollars.

But that's just a fraction of its full potential.

The Money Calendar has been built with custom algorithms that are continuously scanning 10 years' worth of data for stocks, ETFs, options, gold, and silver...

I built a Bitcoin mining rig in my house – and I was feeding this data into the Money Calendar.

I've uncovered an arsenal of very lucrative patterns for nearly every type of investment.

So if I know that for the last decade a stock – say Microsoft, or John Deere – any stock, really – has always gone up during the same one-week period...

I can take that intelligence from the Money Calendar...

Apply it to numerous trading strategies...

And set up a series of take-it-to-the-bank Payday Appointments on that very same stock.

I've been keeping these strategies to myself – personally trading them – using them to grow richer and richer for a long time.

Now – I'm going to share them all.

I'm going to completely pull back the curtain.

I'm looking for a new class of recruits who want to be a part of my Trading Club.

Just like before, as part of your subscription, you will be able to access your own Money Calendar every month.

It'll be on a special website I've created.

And I'm going to email you a digital copy, too.

Your calendar will come pre-loaded with Payday Appointments.

And we're going to hit the ground running...

You will receive your very first calendar right after you join.

It will have eight Payday Appointments lined up over the next 30 days.

These opportunities could make you $15,000 richer right off the bat.

If that doesn't get you pumped up, I don't know what will.

Also, like before, I'm going to release those Payday Alerts.

They'll have the specific recommendations, all the research, and simple instructions for the trades.

That's what we did last time.

And I realize there are going to be people who say...

"That's all I'm looking for. Just tell me what to trade, show me how to set it up, and help me make some money. That was worth about $1 million before – I'm good!"

I don't have any problem with that mindset.

But for those who want to take things to that next level... it's just the beginning.

Guys – I want you to pay extra – EXTRA – special attention to this.

At the beginning of every month, you will be able to attend what I'm calling my Million Dollar Masterclass.

Each Masterclass will cover a new trading strategy, secret, or technique.

And as the name suggests – each could make you a millionaire.

We proved this with the original experiment – applying just one trading strategy – was potentially worth almost $1 million for each participant...

This time you're going to receive training on a new strategy every month!

Each Million Dollar Masterclass will incorporate live trading demonstrations and a virtual step-by-step walkthrough.

It'll be like you're looking right over my shoulder.

The first Masterclass will train you on what we talked about today...

Using the Money Calendar to buy options for potentially huge gains. Then after that – everything is on the table.

Let's talk gold.

Here's what it's been up to for the last 30 years.

At first glance, it looks pretty good, right?

Looks can be deceiving.

What this chart tells me is that if you bought gold coins, bullion, whatever you prefer – 30 years ago – and were still holding that stuff today...

You would've seen your investment grow about 5% a year.

That's the old-fashioned way and it's not good enough.

I can teach you a Speed Gold trade I've invented.

You'll be able to execute it repeatedly throughout the year – jumping in and out of this precious metal – potentially making 10X, 20X, 50X more on your money – than you would from buying physical gold.

101% in 9 days... 70% in 32 days...
84% in 9 days... 101% in 32 days...
101% in 9 days... 101% in 38 days...
132% in 14 days... 65% in 38 days...
100% in 22 days... 165% in 40 days...
123% in 23 days... 149% in 40 days, and...
107% in 23 days... 202% in 40 days.
126%in 23 days...  

I made 101% in a little over a week with my Speed Gold technique.

132% in two weeks.

126% in about three weeks.

Sometimes the trades last a bit over a month, but could be worth 165% or 202%.

My Million Dollar Masterclass can teach you how to line these opportunities up for yourself!

Another one of my favorite techniques is called "flipping stocks."

Turn on the TV, and, every day, it seems there's a new show on flipping houses.

I get it – it's exciting – there is that promise of quick money.

But flipping houses is expensive and risky – and who wants to be renovating houses all day?

Not me – that's too much work.

Instead, I developed a way to "flip stocks."

This is a unique technique for growing rich from beat-up stocks.

You can execute a special trade on a Monday morning...

And 96 hours later you'll automatically cash out – potentially grabbing a triple-digit payday for your efforts.

For example, let's say it's late in the summer and Chevron appears on your Money Calendar.

Historically speaking, these are the dog days for this stock – at least to the average investor.

But you are not going to be an average investor.

With my flipping stocks technique, you could've been handed a fast, 323% windfall from Chevron.

I also banked 107% on Palo Alto Networks, 129% on Delta Airlines, and 106% on Alibaba, using it.

It's very easy – anybody can do it.

This is a perfect example of what I can teach you in a Million Dollar Masterclass.

Now if you know any Big Shot traders – than you've probably heard them toss around fancy sounding words like Iron Condors, Straddles, Credit Spreads, and a million others to make themselves sound really smart.

Don't let them fool you – those guys aren't deciphering hieroglyphics on some ancient Egyptian Pyramid.

In my Million Dollar Masterclasses, you're going to become a wiz on all of these trading strategies.

Like Butterfly Options.

It's another one of those trades that's supposedly only for experts.


Give me 10 minutes and one of my Million Dollar Masterclasses – and you'll be a pro.

Using a Butterfly Options trade, I made 101% in under three months on an investment that tracks 20-year Treasury Bonds.

You heard me right...

101% on a 20-year Treasury Bond investment – the very definition of boring...

But I booked it in less than three months – that's not so boring.

Each Million Dollar Masterclass will be broadcast live.

And if you miss it, it'll be archived with all of the others, so you can review it as many times as you like.

Now, for the beginners out there – the ones who've never traded before – never traded options, stocks, whatever – and that's most folks...

First, you heard me talk about those eight Payday Appointments...

The ones that could put an extra $15,000 in your pockets right away...

Then you're hearing me talk about these new trading strategies every month...

With new moneymaking opportunities...

So maybe you're thinking this is too advanced for you...

Well, think again because you have nothing to worry about.

You don't need to worry about a...

I mapped all of this out – I began with the assumption that everyone would be a beginner.

That way everybody could get the most out of this initiative.

So when you join my research service...

Along with your first Money Calendar...

Your first set of Payday Appointments...

And your first Million Dollar Masterclass...

I'm also going to send you my Quick-Start Cash Course.

This is a simple-to-follow, seven-part video series.

Each video is a step-by-step walkthrough.

I'll quickly take you through trading stocks, ETFs, options, everything.

With options specifically, I'll teach you the terms and lingo you need to know.

I'll show you how to set up an account.

You can just follow along with me.

It's point and click.

No guesswork.

Most importantly – I'm going to lay out my plan for making you a multi-millionaire.

I'll cover this in the Cash Course – but here's the big picture.

So let's say you're relaxing on a Saturday in the very near future.

And you take a look at your Money Calendar and see that on Monday and Thursday I've already lined up Payday Appointments for you.

They could hand you $856 and $1,592 in cash.

So it's already shaping up to be a pretty exciting week.

However, it's about to get even better.

Because month after month – you've been following my Million Dollar Masterclasses...

And now you're able to find and mark down your own Payday Appointments.

And you've set yourself up to score a series of quick-hit windfalls...

125% on Tuesday...

266% on Wednesday, and 86% on Friday.

Each windfall using a different strategy you were taught in a Million Dollar Masterclass.

You're adding these Payday Appointments right next to the ones I've already found you.

This is what's possible, folks.

Over the course of 12 months...

The Money Calendar uncovered – get this... 111 triple-digit recommendations for me.

And that includes the partial closeouts.

That's more than two a week.

And on top of that – with laser precision – it locked in a non-stop series of rapid-fire double-digit winners too.

Add it all up – using all the strategies in my arsenal, the Money Calendar delivered total gains of 3,732% over the last 12 months.

That's an insane number – until you experience it for yourself.

Here's a way to wrap your head around it.

Wall Street is open for business about 251 days a year.

Imagine being handed an 15% winner on each and every one of those days.

That's how you supercharge your net worth.

And if you're thinking this is a lot of work – think again.

Each video in the Cash Course is no more than 10 minutes.

Each monthly Million Dollar Masterclass – no more than 15 minutes.

The trades take minutes to set up.

So we're not talking about a lot of time here.

And you don't have to chain yourself to your computer either.

You can view your Money Calendar, the Payday Alerts, everything on your cell phone.

You can make the trades on your cell phone.

That's what I do.

Down here in Florida – somedays I like to grab my wife, hop in my Tesla, and head down to Key West, or maybe go out on my boat for a few days.

I don't want to be stuck dragging a laptop around with me.

All I want to use is this.

I want you to have this kind of freedom, too.

Heck – I'll be more than happy to shoot you a text message whenever I email out a new issue of the Money Calendar, or Masterclass, or Payday Alert...

That way you can just check it on your phone from wherever you are – and if you feel like making some money that day... you can act.

My text messages are becoming really popular.

I remember reading a letter from a woman named Sarah – she said how excited she was every time she gets one from me...

Because she knows it means a payday is coming.

Sarah said she made more money during her first month following me – than she did the 10 years before on her own.

That story is the real secret here.

You're not going to be on your own anymore.

I'm going to help you – but this is bigger than me.

You're going to be joining a group of like-minded people who are ready to grow rich from trading.

Together we're going to build a powerful support system to help you succeed.

It's called Tom's Trading Network.

Members will have the freedom to create their own chat groups – and share their own Payday Appointments with each other.

I have really high hopes for this.

Let's say you've mastered one of the strategies in a Million Dollar Masterclass – and you've been finding your own Payday Appointments for it.

You could start up your very own chat group where you share those opportunities with other members.

And somebody else could do the same for a different strategy.

Members will also be able to create their own local chapters as part of my research service.

So if you live in Dallas, Nashville, New York, Kansas City, wherever – you'll be able to organize meetups at your neighborhood bar or restaurant.

It's really easy to arrange everything through the Trading Club Network.

It's just a couple of mouse clicks on the website.

And if I'm in town – I may try to stop by those meetups to say hi.

Because I want to get to know the group.

And I certainly want everyone to get to know me.

We're in this together.

So again – let's put the pieces of the puzzle together.

First, I'm going to help you fill up those Payday Appointments on your calendar – I'll send you Payday Alerts when it's time to strike.

Second – You're going to help yourself by following my Million Dollar Masterclasses... soon you'll be hunting for your own Payday Appointments.

And third – you can choose to help others by sharing those Payday Appointments you've found – and they can do the same for you.

With this three-part approach, the potential is off the charts.

Now, let's talk motivation – staying motivated is critical with new exercise plans, new diet plans, new jobs, new business plans...

And it's just as critical with becoming a successful trader.

Every week, I'm going to release Trading Club Progress Reports to assess how our recommendations are doing.

Because seeing how much money you're making will motivate you.

Every Friday, I'm going to record a private Trading Club Podcast.

I have a very strong feeling that once you're on board, you're going to be enjoying your weekends a lot more.
But before you kick off your weekend, I want to plan our mission for the next week.
I want to keep the momentum going – because momentum is motivational.
So that's what we're going to do with this podcast.

Then every month we're all going to get together for the Trading Club Roundtable.

This is going to be a live online discussion.

You'll also be able to submit real-time questions and I'll do my best to answer as many of them as possible.

I want everybody to succeed. I want you to succeed.

And this is going to be a lot of fun.

But it's also a very serious opportunity.

Which is why I want members holding each other accountable.

I'm going to encourage everybody to shoot quick cell phone videos – to share more about themselves and updates on their trades – how much money they're making.

You'll be able to upload those videos right to the Trading Club Network.

Who knows – I may want to highlight your story in the monthly Trading Club newsletter.

All-in-all – you're going to get a lot of motivational support from me and your fellow members.

And I think a little healthy competition can be pretty motivational too.

I like to do everything big and bold.

As I said, this is a serious opportunity.

If you take this seriously, I want to make sure you're rewarded for it.

So I'll be holding all kinds of contests.

And yes, the prizes are going to be big.

The winners of just one of my contests will be "wined and dined" at my private vacation home on the South Island of New Zealand, overlooking Ruby Bay.

This trip will be one to remember.

I'll arrange a private chef, a Tesla to drive for the week, wine and helicopter tours – the works...

We're going all out with this.

And every year I'm going to throw a big, BIG party – to celebrate what we've accomplished.

It'll be called the Trading Club Summit. But really – it's going to be an enormous party.

And I'm known for my parties.

We're going to hold it somewhere different every year, somewhere sunny – San Diego, Key West, The Bahamas – we're going to mix it up.

We'll fit in some business too – some live training sessions between the cocktails and rounds of golf.

I'm aiming to meet everybody face-to-face.

We're going to build something big together.

Oh, and – there is one more thing I want to mention.

While I first opened the doors to my Trading Club just a few months ago...

If you join today, you will be a Founding Member.

And there are a lot of perks for being a Founding Member, too.

As you achieve all of these milestones – along with setting up your account, executing the trades, the whole nine yards – I'm going to be rewarding you along the way with special gifts because you're taking this so seriously.

Once you hit your two-month anniversary, my hope is that you'll already be sitting on a nice new pile of cash from this.

Because really, that's the best gift I can give you.

But who doesn't love more gifts?

So on your two-month anniversary, I'll be sending you this special Founding Member Gift Box.

It's going to be filled to the top.

There's this beautiful Trading Club Notebook.

You can use it to record your trades and, more important, all your winnings.

I'm also including my "Roadmap to Riches" – it's a customized timeline you can hang in your office or study.

You can mark down your specific financial goals and see them come to life.

I'm also giving you a Personal Organizer.

It has room to keep all my coaching materials in it.

It has space for the monthly Trading Club newsletter – actually the first edition will come inside the Personal Organizer.

And the most important item in your gift box may be this, right here.

This is your Founding Member Black Card.

It means you were with me from the very beginning.

It also means you will enjoy special perks, including extra special access at our annual party.

Folks, I am offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Thanks to my trading secrets I went from someone who was working at Home Depot, making minimum wage – to hanging out with Home Depot's founder in his owner's suite at the Atlanta Falcons games.

I went from sleeping on my friend's couch because I couldn't afford to pay rent – to owning mansions and property all over the world – even in New Zealand.

I've got the fancy cars. I donate enormous amounts of money to charity.

My story represents the very definition of the American Dream.

And with my Trading Club, I'm going to give you an easy-to-follow blueprint for achieving complete financial freedom.

Once you become a founding member, you will immediately receive your first Money Calendar with those eight Payday Appointments locked and loaded.

They could make you $15,000 richer.

And that's just to kick things off.

After all, you've already seen how I gave a small group of my readers the chance to become nearly one million dollars richer.

And that was from applying just one of my trading secrets to my Money Calendar.

But now I'm going to give you access to all of them.

So the value of this opportunity speaks for itself.

However, membership in my Trading Club has been priced at a rate that is within almost anybody's budget.

In fact, the retail price to subscribe is $599 a year.

But, as a Founding Member, during this open enrollment period, you will be able to reserve your spot for a special rate.

There is a button below that will take you to a short subscription form.

Click it and you'll be presented with an offer that is too good to pass up.

We will only be holding this special open enrollment for a very limited time.

And we're keeping our ranks relatively small to ensure everybody is able to take full advantage of this.

And if you have any questions about my service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 888.384.8339 or 443.353.4519 (international).

So if you would like to secure a Founding Membership slot in my Trading Club, you must hurry.


Signature of Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile
Founding Editor, Tom's Trading Club
September 2018