$1 Billion Celebration

$1 Billion Celebration Today!


Hi – I'm Mike Ward, founder and publisher of Money Morning, here in Baltimore, Maryland.

I created this company 11 years ago for one very simple reason: to help good people become wealthier.

So, whenever one of our editors makes it possible for our readers to make an extra $100 million, he's a hero around here.

If he empowers our readers to make $250 million, he's a phenom.

And if his winning trades could have made our readers $500 million or more, he's a bona-fide rock star.

So I'm especially blown away by this report from the professionals who track our performance.

What it shows is beyond amazing. Very simply, the fact is, …

People who follow D.R. Barton, Jr. have had the opportunity to collect 425 extra paychecks worth a collective $969,630,288.

That's about $30 million shy of $1 billion – and with a bunch of promising positions still open, it's pretty much a slam dunk that he'll blow through the $1 billion barrier by the time you see this.


And what this means for YOU is just as astounding…

D.R.’s extra paydays could have added up to over $471,000 so far for you personally. That’s nearly one-half of $1 million!

Now… I believe a massive accomplishment like this demands a massive celebration. So…

I've just authorized the largest giveaway in my company's history to commemorate D.R.'s mind-blowing success.

I’m giving away $1 million today to celebrate D.R.’s achievement – and I’ll show you how to collect your $2,500 prize in just a moment.

PLUS, I want to give you a slew of new trade recommendations that D.R. just identified – trade opportunities he designed to give you huge extra paychecks all in the next 30 days or less.

In fact, I'm so blown away by D.R.'s billion-dollar achievement, I'm doing something I've never done before…

I’m GUARANTEEING that D.R. will get you at least 125 extra paychecks worth at least $150,000 in the next 12 months – or you pay NOTHING!

Plus, I’m also guaranteeing that you will never spend more than 10 minutes per week setting up potential paydays and acting on your Paycheck Alerts.

Now, getting extra paychecks is definitely a big deal.

Look, even just ONE extra paycheck each month would mean far greater financial security than most people have now.

TWO extra paychecks and you could stop worrying about scrimping and saving in retirement.

With FOUR extra paychecks every month, you could brag to your friends about the around-the-world luxury vacation you've just returned from.

But here's the thing…

The plain truth is that D.R. can help you do much better than that.

In fact, D.R. could help you collect one extra paycheck every 2.6 business days, just like he's already doing for his followers…

That's two extra paychecks every week; about EIGHT extra paychecks per month.


And that's just for starters.

He could actually be helping you double your money 41 times

Just like he did for his members last year.

Now, keep in mind – the paychecks I'm talking about are pure profits before commissions.

That means you get all your initial investment back, plus amazing cash benefits.

For instance…

You could have invested $5,000 in D.R.'s ESRX recommendation… walked away with $15,150… and celebrated an amazing $10,150 payday in pure profits.


Money you could spend on anything you like…

Padding your retirement nest egg…

Or simply reinvesting for even more paydays in the days ahead.

D.R.'s been empowering people to get in on EIGHT of these extra paydays every month, from the first day he joined me here at Money Morning.

And look… some of the paychecks are simply breathtaking.

Like the $8,740 you could have made on D.R.'s Wynn Resorts trade…


The $3,306 paycheck on his Nucor recommendation…


The $4,167 paycheck on D.R.'s QQQ trade…


The simple Intel pick that could have paid you $6,464…


His Micron Technology recommendation generated $6,519… 


And his Bank of America trade could have given you another $4,583 paycheck…


You could have collected a $3,859 paycheck on D.R.'s Charles Schwab trade…


A $5,229 paycheck from his PayPal trade…


Another $7,047 from his Viacom play…


Plus $2,718 from D.R.'s next trade on the QQQs…


$6,584 from his Microsoft trade…


And a $5,891 paycheck from D.R.'s Equifax trade.


Your total take on just these 12 trade recommendations? $67,657. And this is just a partial list!

D.R. could have given you 106 MORE paycheck opportunities in the last year!

Of course, not all of D.R.’s trades made money.  There were frequent recommendations that didn’t make money and as with every investment strategy, there were certainly losses and even losing streaks where the entire investment on the single play would have been lost.

But that’s to be expected with any aggressive wealth-building strategy so no one should have invested more than they could afford to lose.  And anyone who tells you otherwise is pulling your leg.

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to invest $5,000 in every trade.  You can begin with any amount – sometimes even as little $100 – and begin going for your new fortune from there.

And all these extra paychecks… look, they help people do some wonderful things they never thought possible.

LT_15 “I’d like D.R. Barton, Jr. to know that his service has helped me in more ways than he knows.

I just went through a very tough divorce. D.R. gave me a real way to make money and become financially self-sufficient.

He helped me to a 133% profit that even made it possible for me to help my epileptic sister with her medical bills!

And as a plus, the trades have all been very easy to get into. You just watch the videos and follow the instructions!”

Tammy C., Charlotte, NC

That's the key: Each of these paycheck opportunities are real – you could have collected all 118 of them and spent the money any way you liked.

Plus, D.R.'s trading strategy can work on every kind of stock you can name…

It is designed to work on huge stocks like Google with its $832 billion market cap. 

In fact, D.R. could have given you the chance to collect a 212% payout on part of his Google trade last year.


It can also work on smaller stocks like Wynn Resorts with its $12.6 billion market cap: It could have nearly tripled your money after D.R. recommended it.


Plus, it can work on technology stocks like Intel – where D.R. showed his readers how to more than double their money last year…


And it can work just as well on brick-and-mortar stocks like D.R. Horton – the homebuilder that almost doubled after D.R. recommended it.


It can even work on exchange-traded funds – like the QQQs – which could have made you 105% richer last year if you'd followed D.R.'s recommendation…


So with all these winning trades, it should come as no surprise that so many of D.R. Barton, Jr.'s followers send him "love letters." 

LT_15 “Hello, D.R.! I joined you because Social Security and my pension are barely enough to get by – and boy, am I ever thrilled that I did:

I walked away with a $3,564 profit on my very first trade!

I can hardly believe it! Thank you for starting me on a winning track for a change, and restoring my faith in the market.

And please send me more trades!”

Sarwar K., Sebastian, FL

LT_15 “Hiya, D.R.! Before I joined you, I was so broke I couldn’t make my mortgage payments. I was going to lose my home!

But now, thanks to the 943% profit I made on your TBT trade, that ain’t gonna happen! This is UNREAL!”

Fred C., Quinton, VA

LT_15 “Hi, D.R! Listen: I screwed up on the Bank of America position – my first trade since joining you. I got out too early and “only” made a $8,113 profit.

Good news is, I quickly recognized my mistake and bought back in – and walked away with ANOTHER $12,000 profit!

That’s a $20,113 total PROFIT even though I made a mistake!

Please keep the recommendations coming!”

Alonzo C., Dover, FL

How D.R. Barton, Jr. became
Money Morning's $1 Billion Man:

You see, D.R. is a pattern trader.

He uses a very specific chart pattern to identify stocks that are most likely to soar.

He named this remarkably accurate chart pattern after Dr. Robert Hooke – the physicist who developed the mathematical formula behind it.

Dr. Hooke's formula was the first to describe how far an elastic substance will stretch before it snaps back.

You can see Hooke's Law in action right here on this trampoline.


The jumper freefalls until the trampoline begins to stretch.

Her fall then slows until the trampoline hits its limit.

And at that precise instant, the trampoline begins to snap back, propelling her to new heights and creating a pattern that looks just like a hook.


Robert Hooke's formula describes this phenomenon perfectly.

It's F divided by K = X.


F stands for force – in this case, it’s gravity acting on the mass of our jumper.

K represents the elastic strength of the trampoline fabric.

So if you divide the force by the strength of the trampoline fabric, you get X – the position D.R. calls "the Zero Line."


This is the point where the momentum shifts and the jumper slingshots upwards – creating a pattern that looks like a hook.

Now, here's Hooke's Law applied to one of D.R.'s stock charts…


The blue line is a day-by-day measure of how far away the stock is from its 20-day moving average.

In other words, that's the stock's elastic resistance.

Next, D.R. determines the stock's force – that's how fast its share price moves in a single day.

Divide the force by the resistance and that gives you the Zero Line.

This is the furthest point the stock can move before it has to spring right back up.

When that blue line hits that Zero Line – it bounces up, creating a "Hooke" Pattern.

When that happens, it's a sign that the stock has stopped falling… turned the corner… and is in a confirmed up-trend… so you ONLY buy stocks that are already going up in value.

And all you have to do is LOOK for the Hooke!

How well does D.R.'s Hooke Pattern work? Let's ask Neil A…

LT_15 “Cheers, D.R.! As a new member of Stealth Profits Trader, I followed you into your Netflix trade on November 3rd. I cashed out on November 11th – just over one week later - with a $185,253.31 profit.

It could have been over a $200,000 profit, but I got excited and closed the position before you told me to. I won’t make that mistake again! Your HOOKE pattern is the REAL DEAL!”

Neil A., St. Petersburg, FL

Yes, Neil, the Hooke Pattern is DEFINITELY for real.

D.R. has just given us nearly $1 BILLION WORTH of proof!

And the thing is, none of this is a fluke.

D.R. has given his readers the opportunity for 425 such paydays, going on five years!

It just keeps going and going.

You could have celebrated a $10,000 payday when the Hooke Pattern appeared on Kroger's chart…

And a $7,854 paycheck from Valero Energy…


Plus, "looking for the Hooke" could have given you an extra $7,652 paycheck from Intel…


Another $7,032 from Google…


A $7,950 paycheck from CME Group…


$2,786 from Micron Technology…


You could have collected $3,021 when the Hooke appeared on the Emerging Markets ETF…


$3,064 from the S&P 500 ETF…


$7,500 from Costco…


$3,807 from United States Natural Gas…


$4,867 from Chipotle Mexican Grill…


And you could have collected an $8,750 paycheck after the Hooke appeared on Wynn Resorts.


So let me ask you:

Would you be willing to spend 10 minutes per week to collect $471,000?

Would you be willing to take 10 minutes out of your busy week to have a shot at collecting a check for $5,000… $7,500… or up to $10,143?

Because when you're with D.R., you only spend about 10 minutes a week setting everything up and acting on your Paycheck Alerts.


D.R. is famous for helping investors grow wealthier in minutes per week!

In fact, D.R.'s so serious about making sure you can do this in 10 minutes per week, he even wrote a best-seller entitled The 10-Minute Millionaire!

That means you enjoy the ultimate convenience and freedom.

You just set up your trades in 10 minutes per week, then spend THE REST of your time doing the things you actually WANT to do!

So you have more time to enjoy family and friends… spend sunny days on your favorite golf courses… volunteer at your church or a favorite charity…

You could even travel the world, secure in the knowledge that D.R.'s locating scores of more potential paydays for you.

Heck: Mike H. wrote us to say he was at Disney World's Cinderella Castle with his wife and kids… when a Trade Alert arrived on his smartphone.

That Trade Alert made him enough money to help him pay for his entire family vacation!

Little wonder D.R.'s fans are so grateful…

LT_15 “Hey, thanks, D.R. – you’ve already made me $ 7,657 richer!

I used to spend hours at the computer each day following recommendations that consistently lose money. When I saw your video, I thought, “It sounds like a winner. I think I’ll try this one.” And much to my surprise, I WAS RIGHT!

I’m already up $ 7,657! I have successfully been losing money trading for probably 30 years now and already told my wife that I’ll never be able to retire. You have given me hope”

Kenneth B.

LT_15 “I just earned a big 922% profit with your trade Chipotle Mexican Grill; that’s almost ten times my original investment.

What’s more, it’s so easy to follow you; English isn’t even my first language and you still helped me win big! Thank you!”

Gilberto R.

LT_15 “As a physician, engineer, computer scientist – and a new member of your service - I appreciate the mathematical elegance of your technical approach, enhanced with your insight into the fundamentals.

You have netted me a $7,000 profit in just over one month. Wow. That’s INCREDIBLE! And it’s all thanks to you, D.R.!”

Dr. Robert L.

Obviously, Kenneth, Juan, and Doctor Robert are blown away by the massive amounts of money they're making, thanks to D.R. Barton, Jr.

People who experience these paydays say it feels like being caught in a whirlwind of money!

Holding period: as little as ONE DAY!

And many of your paydays can happen remarkably fast.


The $4,650 paycheck from NetApp in one day…

The $2,500 paycheck from Valero Energy in one day…

The $2,500 paycheck from KLA-Tencor in one day…

The $2,900 paycheck from Quest Diagnostics in one day…

The $2,500 paycheck from Edison International in one day…

The $2,600 paycheck from Cree Inc. in one day…

The $2,850 paycheck from the QQQ ETF in one day…

And some days, you could have plunked down your money and walked away with a handsome profit THAT VERY SAME DAY…

Like the $2,500 payday you could have earned with D.R.'s Pilgrim's Pride recommendation…


And the $2,500 payday you could have earned on Citizens Financial Group on March 17…


All in less than 24 hours!

Paychecks of $22,700 even when stocks TANKED late last year!

Look: We both know any strategy can make good money when the market's going up.

Rising markets can even make a BAD investor look brilliant.


So if you're wondering how D.R. did when stocks crashed nearly 20% late last year, take a look…

The stock market posted an 8.9% gain in the first nine months of 2018 – and D.R. was hitting them out of the ballpark.

By October 1, he'd helped thousands of people find 96 extra paydays.

That's nearly 10 extra paydays every month!

And as you just saw, a lot of those paydays were huge.

But then, the stock market cratered.

Between October 1 and Christmas Eve of last year, the S&P 500 dropped nearly 20%.

Millions of investors flew into panic mode.

Folks who'd had $100,000 in their brokerage accounts just a few days earlier were likely down to just $80,000.

But if you'd been following D.R., you'd have barely noticed the fact that stocks were crashing.

You could have just kept on collecting big paydays even as stocks hit the skids…

In October, the average S&P 500 stock shed 7% of its value, nearly wiping out all the gains in the first nine months of the year.

But D.R.'s trade on the QQQs could have given you a quick 102% payday on the first half of your trade… and another 109% payday on the second half of your trade.

Plus, his trade on The Gap could have earned you a 51% profit on the first half of your trade and a 22% profit on the second half – small by D.R.'s standards, but bordering on miraculous given the fact that the market was plunging.


If you could have invested just $5,000 in each of those positions, you could have earned an extra $7,100 on top of that in October – even while other investors were getting skinned alive.

In November, the story is just as good…

Thanks to D.R., you could have celebrated paydays of 161% and 102% on Microsoft.


You could have grown $6,575 richer even while the overall stock market continued to fall!

And in December, the S&P 500 fell off a cliff, plunging about 15% between December 1 and Christmas Eve.

But you could have closed out the year with extra paydays of 136% and 100% on D.R.'s EFX trade…

PLUS 100% and 25% on his Wynn Resorts trades.


Altogether, you could have celebrated a total of $22,700 in cash payouts – smack-dab in the middle of the most severe decline in a decade!

So it doesn't matter: Any day you get a Trade Alert from D.R. could be a red-letter day.

Of course, it's no surprise that earning all these extra paydays has transformed D.R.'s followers and friends into raving fans…

LT_15 “I’m kind of a no-nonsense guy… I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves: I got into your Chipotle play at $1.15 and sold for $26.00.

You multiplied my money 22 times! That’s a 2,161% profit! Holy Moley! Needless to say, I have decided to rest easy, trust you and enjoy your trades!”

Gordon C.

LT_15 “Hi, D.R.! I hear you’re an engineer. Me too. I have three master’s degrees and my passion is inventing new things. But sad to say, I had to give it up to put my kids through college.

Now, at 52, I am still working very hard so I can eventually retire and begin inventing things again. And that’s why I started to actively trade in the stock market.

And sure enough; with your help, I quickly made a $6,100 net profit in a little over two months.

That’s just exceptional: I have tried 21 trading services since 2012 but yours was THE FASTEST to show profits.

So thank you for your great trades – and please keep them coming!”

Marcelo P.

I'm pretty sure you're getting the picture here.

In fact, D.R.'s results are so consistent, some of his readers from across his services are already looking forward to becoming millionaires!

LT_15 “My husband and I thought we’d saved enough money to live well for the rest of our lives. Then, I was disabled in an accident… I couldn’t work… and we didn’t know how our retirement would play out.

But now, with D.R.’s help, my husband and I are going to be millionaires again – and we’re going be there in less than one year!

In fact, we just closed out another one of D.R.’s WOW trades – and banked an $8,300 profit in just two days.

We are eager to achieve our Millionaire status again, and with wins like these, we’re going to make it!

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU, D.R.!”

Susan W., West Jordan, UT

“A lot of traders fantasize about following Warren Buffet around. But I think you guys have something even better here.

I’m retiring in four months but my pension was frozen six years ago. And as everyone knows, there’s no way to live well on the pittance Social Security pays.”

Daniel B., Broken Arrow, OK

And the "thank you" notes are flooding into D.R.'s inbox.

James B. of Indianapolis, Indiana, writes…

“You made me $4,084 richer on ONE trade! That's a 227% profit – and I'm keeping every penny in my investment account, waiting for your next trade!”

James B., Indianapolis, IN

Jonathon B. of Tacoma, Washington, was thrilled with the 262% payday he'd just celebrated…

“You got me a $3,006 profit on Google, that's a 262% payday! Thanks, D.R.!”

Jonathon B., Tacoma, WA

Dave B. of Midland, Michigan, can't believe the money he's making…

“I have only been with you a short time, but I'm ALREADY up over $5,000!”

Dave B., Midland, MI

Ron F. of Eagle River, Alaska, is probably telling everyone he knows how FAST his profits are coming…

“This ONE trade made me $1,890 in just two days. That's a 196% profit in 48 hours!”

Ron F., Eagle River, AK

Ed D. of Rockford, Illinois, made enough on one trade to go on a luxury cruise…

“You just made me a quick $3,000 profit.
Keep 'em coming!”

Ed D., Rockford, IL

And Allesandro L. has every reason to celebrate. Allesandro wrote to say…

“I follow you from Italy and just made $4,000 in two weeks on your Micron Technology and
natural gas positions.”

Allesandro L., Italy

Now, here's a little experiment for you to try…

Think about the amount of money you thought you'd make this year.

Include every income source you have: any wages, Social Security, returns from your retirement nest egg, perhaps a pension – the whole shebang.

Write that number down on a scrap of paper.

Now, look at that number… and I mean really think about it… and answer this one question to yourself…

How would you like the opportunity to add 118 extra paydays this year, just like D.R. did for his readers in 2018?

I'm talking about paydays that pay you up to $10,143.

Well, to celebrate D.R. becoming Money Morning's $1 Billion Man…

And to offer new readers the chance to experience this unsurpassed record…

I'm reopening enrollment in D.R.'s VIP trading research service, Stealth Profits Trader.

In fact, I'm going to make 400 memberships available to 400 lucky readers today…

I'll even pay $2,500 of your membership fee for you!

That's a $1 million giveaway… and a $1 million windfall for our readers… TODAY, just to help folks get going on this amazing wealth-building ride.

And that's the only condition: We must fill these 400 slots and give away this $1 million TODAY – and there are two reasons why I must strictly enforce these limits.

First, we need to limit the size of our membership rolls to make sure everyone has the chance to act on D.R.'s trade recommendations at the right price.

And I obviously can't give away $1 million every day.

So when these 400 memberships are gone, that's all we can accept today.

But if your reflexes are quick enough, you can get everything: all of D.R.'s research… all of his training materials… and every Hooke Pattern trade he discovers.


You'll even get full access to D.R.'s Hot List – the stocks where he expects the Hooke Pattern to appear – so you can get ready to pounce the minute your Trade Alert arrives.

Easy-to-Follow Trade Alerts


And of course, you'll receive a Trade Alert by email or you can get a text message letting you know that a new recommendation has been sent.

Every one of those Trade Alerts is written in simple, easy-to-understand English and takes mere seconds to read and act on.

Check this out: It's the Trade Alert on the 225% winner D.R. gave his readers in January – and it couldn't be easier to understand.

The second you see it, you know D.R.'s targeting Wynn Resorts.

In other words, D.R. does ALL the heavy lifting for you.

You simply review the recommendation and if you like what you see, simply jump online, click your mouse a few times, and make the trade!


You can invest any amount you like.

And D.R. even gives you allocation suggestions to keep everything dead-cinch simple.

Of course, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

D.R. will also send you a complete Trade Review Video.


He gives you his thinking, strategy, and special trades for each recommendation…

Why he believes the Hooke Pattern appeared…

How he calculated the size of your potential paycheck…

And roughly when you can expect your payday to arrive.

And when it's time to close out the trade, D.R. will send you one of his now-famous "Paycheck Alerts."


I say "now famous" because hundreds of these Alerts have had such an astounding effect on so many, many lives…

This is where D.R. tells you just how big he projects your paycheck should be.

And so far, D.R. has sent out Trade Alerts that made it possible for his followers to collectively earn nearly $1 billion.

As you can see, this Paycheck Alert on Dentsply Sirona went out on March 1 of this year.


Time is critical at this point, so in every Paycheck Alert, D.R. tells you – right at the top of the Alert – precisely what to do.

He tells you how big he believes your payday will be.

In this case, the profits were 118%, and you'd be sitting on an extra $5,900.

On just one single recommendation!

Here's another Paycheck Alert – this one is for Nucor.

Your payday could have been $3,306 – and you could have collected part of it just four days after the Hooke Pattern appeared.

This Paycheck Alert went out on March 17 – the very same day the Hooke Pattern first appeared on Citizens Financial Group.

You could have doubled your money on half of the trade in less than one day.

It seems to be happening a lot for members of Stealth Profits Trader.

Lee H. of Bostic, North Carolina, is depositing the money directly into his IRA – investing it for a richer retirement.

Lee says…

“I was able to close out my Intel positions with a
207% gain!”

Lee H., Bostick, NC

Richard C. hit pay dirt on his very first trade and wrote to tell us…

“I did as you recommended and made a
219% profit.”

Richard C., Warwick, RI

Arnold A. is celebrating a $1,978 payday…

“I just closed out my bond fund position for a profit of 290%!”

Arnold A., Waterbury, CT

Joseph B. is thankful to D.R. for what he says is "A Great Service:"

“I just bagged a 341% profit on your CME trade.”

Joseph B., Nashua, NH

And Bob N. just bought a new house with huge mortgage payments.

Lucky for him, he met D.R.!

He writes…

“In the last 2 months, I earned an overall annualized profit of 453%!”

Bob N., Lincoln, NE

And remember: With Hooke Pattern trades stacked up like a fleet of planes landing at O'Hare, you could have had a payday every 2.6 days.

But Stealth Profits Trader isn't JUST about finding opportunities for hundreds of big paydays.

 It's also about something far more precious…

It's about community; working with like-minded people for the common good.

And creating friendships that last a lifetime.

So D.R. has made sure that you can always have access to him.


One way he does that is with his weekly check-ins and webinars.

On these calls, you can chat with your fellow members – and you can ask D.R. anything you like about his recommendations.

Plus, D.R. will ask you to keep him up to date on how well you're doing.

He loves hearing from his friends.


You also get "D.R. Unfiltered" – the videos D.R. records backstage after his appearances on CNBC and Fox News.

Check them out for new insights on the issues he discusses on TV.

And there's still more…

A few seconds after you enroll, I'll make sure you get D.R.'s Quick-Start Guide with everything you need to hit the ground running.

Plus, you're going to get D.R.'s Digital Boot Camp – a five-part video training series with everything you need to maximize your profit potential.


In these training videos, as in everything he does, D.R. leaves no stone unturned.


Plus, because D.R. wants to meet you personally, your membership in Stealth Profits Trader includes two invitations to D.R.'s lavish annual celebration in Phoenix, Arizona!

We're still planning this year's event – but I can tell you there will be live training sessions, Q&A, cocktail parties, champagne toasts, special awards, and more.

Every session is carefully designed by D.R. himself with one objective in mind: to help you collect more paychecks with every passing year.

You can shake D.R.'s hand…

Buy him a drink if he doesn't buy you one first…

And maybe even join him for a round of golf.

And of course, you can also meet your fellow members and forge new friendships.


In that vein, D.R. has created an entire website to make it easy for you to stay in touch.

It's replete with all of D.R.'s Hot Lists, Trade Alerts, Paycheck Alerts, training videos, plus his market research to help you become a more profitable trader.

If you're one of the 400 people who take advantage today, you'll get it all…

  1. Every Hot List…
  2. Every training video…
  3. Every Trade Alert…
  4. Every Paycheck Alert…
  5. Every Trade Review Video…
  6. Every Weekly Check-in…
  7. Every webinar…
  8. Every "D.R. Unfiltered" video…
  9. The Stealth Profits Trader Quick-Start Guide…
  10. D.R.'s Video Boot Camp…
  11. Two invitations to D.R.'s annual gathering in Phoenix…
  12. Full 24/7 access to the Stealth Profits Trader website…

And one more thing…

D.R. has three NEW Hooke Pattern trade recommendations he wants to make sure you learn about.


He'll send complete instructions on all three trades minutes after you activate your membership.

This way, you can have your first three future paydays set up and ready to go just a few minutes from now.

D.R. developed these trades in exactly the same way he develops all of his recommendations.

That means you could earn a $6,518 payday like the one D.R. gave readers on Micron Technology…

The $7,266 payday he made possible on EDC…

The $8,410 payday he found on United States Natural Gas, and…

The $8,600 payday he spotted on CMG Group.

They could be the same kinds of trades that have D.R.'s readers sending him “thank you” notes like these…

Diane C. was thrilled with her results…

“I made a 266% profit on your Valero Energy trade! Thank you so much!”

Diane C., Augusta, ME

Jerome E. is new to trading and is scoring big wins with D.R…

“As a very new trader this was a HUGE win for me: I walked away with a 366% profit!”

Jerome E., Springfield, OH

And Kelly W. is already banking huge profits…

“Thanks to you, I'm up 450%!”

Kelly W., Carmel, IN


You've seen how many paychecks D.R. made possible for members with your own eyes: 425 extra paydays and a $471,126 windfall per member.

You saw how he could give you $22,700 in extra paydays even when stocks plunge.

And you know that D.R. could make the same kinds of paydays possible for you going forward.

So now you have a crucial decision to make.

And I'm going to help make this as easy as possible for you.

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If you have any questions about the service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable Member Services team at 855-509-6600 or 443-353-4770 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: WSPFV509.

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