The Rule of 40 secret could help you become $250,000 richer!
You Could become $250,000 Richer

Revealed: The Secret Moneymaking Formula Used by the World’s Most Successful Venture Capitalists

Ed: Hi, I’m Ed Berliner.

I’m your host for the Rule-of-40 Summit.

And welcome.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. 

Because, for the very first time, we’re about to reveal a moneymaking secret that has been strictly off-limits to regular folks for more than three decades.

Its origins can be traced back to the prestigious School of Management Science at America’s greatest seat of learning – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Powerful venture capitalists – including Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, Tesla owner Elon Musk, and PayPal founder Peter Thiel – use this secret to collect BILLIONS of dollars.

And today you’re going to meet the man who’s used this secret to rise from humble beginnings in small-town Missouri to become a Silicon-Valley legend.

You may recognize him from Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business.


Or maybe you’ve read his work in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or the San Francisco Chronicle.

He’s even been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Today he’s one of the most sought-after figures in Silicon Valley where he’s served as a board member for a venture capital giant and been a senior advisor to a dozen high-tech startups.

And in just a moment, he’s going to blow the lid clean off this life-changing profit initiative…

To reveal three opportunities that could help you turn a small investment into $250,000 or more by using this very secret.

The best part is…

This is so simple that literally anyone can do it. And you don’t need to risk a ton of money either.

The man I’d like you to meet today is named Michael Robinson.

Michael, thank you so much for joining us today.

Michael: My pleasure, Ed.

Ed: Now Michael, what you’re revealing today – let’s face it – some people aren’t going to be too happy about it.

The likes of Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos – you’re giving up the secret that’s made them billions of dollars!

Michael: Yeah, Ed, you’re right.

But here’s the thing…

Guys like Bezos, Thiel, and Musk – they’re already billionaires.

They have a ton of moneymaking secrets.

The Rule of 40 is the most powerful of them all.

But the way they invest is completely off-limits for regular folks.

Ed: Explain what you mean by that, Michael.

Michael: Well, they’re staking HUGE amounts of money – I’m talking millions of dollars…

And they’re staking it, often in private companies, trying to find the next Google or Facebook.

That’s just not possible for most regular folks.

They don’t have that kind of disposable capital available.

They can’t remortgage their homes or blow their kids’ college funds waiting for that one big winner to come along.

Plus, for these kinds of investments, often you need to be accredited. Or be friends with the company’s CEO.

It’s a no-go. Period.

Ed: Absolutely, Michael.

But what you’re revealing today is for regular folks, correct?

Michael: That’s right, Ed.

You see, venture capitalists are happy betting on 10 companies and finding one big winner. That’s their model.

But what I do differently with this secret is I try to find big winners consistently – from publicly traded companies.

I’m talking about little-known firms with potentially unlimited upside.

You see, the Rule of 40 aims to pinpoint potential generational-wealth targets exclusively.

And what our backtesting study found is nothing short of phenomenal.

Take Tucows for example – a 1,835% winner...


Trex – up 1,515%... incredible...


And just look at NewMarket Corporation – up 1,269%... amazing.


Just think, a $1,000 stake in each of those rare and exceptional plays would have handed you a stunning $49,190 payday.

Ed: That’s amazing, Michael. Most investors never get the chance to make that kind of money. 

But you’re saying that even if they’ve never bought a stock in their life – by using the Rule of 40, the folks at home will get the chance to pocket large windfalls from these kinds of companies?

Michael: Exactly right.

Now, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed winner in the markets, Ed.

You don’t need me to tell you that.

But with the Rule of 40, your chances of pocketing massive paydays increase exponentially.

You see, what most people don’t realize is that every single company – when they’re in early-stage development – experiences a single, definitive moment.

I call it their pivotal threshold.

It determines whether or not the stock could explode many times higher.

And what the Rule of 40 does is tell me exactly when a company could hit that threshold – or miss it altogether.

I’m gonna show you how it works precisely in just a moment.

But let’s take GTT Communications as an example.

Hardly anyone has ever heard of this company, but it’s a great Rule-of-40 play.

It smashed through that threshold I just mentioned on October 31 of 2013 – and its stock rose 1,036%.


Then there’s United Rentals – another Rule-of-40 pick.

Same thing, it breached its pivotal threshold on August 19 of 2011 and soared by 1,345%...


And alternative-fuel-engine maker Cummins – it crashed through its pivotal threshold on November 3 of 2004 and was a Rule-of-40 rocket – up by 1,431%.


Rare and exceptional gains, absolutely. 

And while our historical study proved that these can happen, I can’t guarantee they’ll repeat in the future.

But those are the kinds of companies the Rule of 40 can help you pinpoint.

And by using it, I can analyze almost any company and tell you – with a high degree of probability – whether or not it has the potential to make you a ton of money.

That’s why I really love the Rule of 40, Ed.

Ed: It gives you the chance to get in on these companies early – before they reach that pivotal threshold you just mentioned – when they could explode in price.

Michael: Exactly!

Ed: And again, I’m just looking through your model portfolio right here. And what you’re saying is absolutely right.

Let’s take one of your most famous picks – a play that few expected to work at the time.

Michael: You must be talking about Nvidia, Ed.

Ed: Right!

Michael: Well, I first zeroed in on chipmaker Nvidia using the Rule of 40 way back in November 2015.

Back then, barely anyone had heard of this small company out of Santa Clara.

It hadn’t reached its pivotal threshold just yet. And shares were trading around $30 a pop.

So almost no one was expecting what happened next.

Ed: It shot through the roof like a rocket, right?

Michael: Exactly!

Nvidia’s stock rose to a peak gain of over $286 a share – that’s a staggering 879%!


All of a sudden, a few months later – everyone was changing their tune.

Goldman Sachs placed the stock onto its prestigious Americas Conviction Buy List.


In a note to shareholders, one of their top analysts described them as “a unique growth story.”

And listen to this…

By the end of 2016, Yahoo! Finance named them Company of the Year!


Ed: But you knew it all along, Michael.

Now, normally catching the exact high and low on that stock would have been virtually impossible.

But your readers were still able to make a fortune on it.

How did you know what was going to happen?

Michael: The Rule of 40, Ed. It’s simple.

And that 879% rise could have turned every $1,000 you staked into $9,790!

Ed: Stunning!

Michael: Let’s take another little-known company called Square – same thing.

Again, most people never heard of this company.

In July 2016, when I first recommended it, the Rule of 40 was showing me that Square was going to kill it.

It was about to smash through its pivotal threshold.

Ed: And it was right on the money…

Michael: Well, since I recommended the stock, it’s soared to a peak gain of 744%.


Enough to turn a small investment of $2,000 into $16,880.

And once again…

Every “expert” came out of the woodwork to admit they were wrong about this company.


In fact, Canaccord Genuity, a $31 billion wealth-management firm, upgraded the stock almost immediately after my recommendation.

And later they described them as a “truly disruptive company.”


Ed: So what you’re saying, Michael – clearly – is that it pays to get in on these firms early…

Before they’ve hit their pivotal thresholds.

And way before the billion-dollar hedge-fund guys and the Wall Street elite have caught on to their lucrative potential.

Michael: Absolutely.

That’s how the big money can be made. And that’s what the Rule of 40 aims to do every single time.

That’s how you can collect maximum, five-figure payouts.

Take Monster Beverage – the energy drink company.

Most people wouldn’t know it, but it’s another perfect Rule-of-40 example.

Its stock burst through its pivotal threshold on June 30 of 2008 and then exploded like a grenade, up by a staggering 1,218%.


Plus, what about Continental Resources, a small gas company out of Oklahoma City?

You could have cashed in a 986% return – almost 10 times your money – thanks to the Rule of 40.


Ed: Amazing, Michael – really.

Now most folks watching today, I’m betting they’re here because they want to take control of their finances – so they don’t have to rely on social security, a pension, or a paycheck. 

They want to have the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want.

Could be to take a nice vacation twice a year…


Or make a down payment on a holiday home in the Hamptons…


Buy a brand-new Corvette, or a 50-foot yacht cruiser, whatever…


And from what you’ve been showing us, the Rule of 40 could help folks achieve complete financial freedom – without investing large sums.

You’re saying that someone can use the Rule of 40 to potentially turn even a small stake of $1,000 into $250,000 or more.

Michael: That’s right…

And I’ve been using this secret right across the board – helping folks to cash in on companies at the forefront of the hottest tech trends out there.

Take the e-sports revolution, Ed – video games.

Activision Blizzard delivered the smash hit Call of Duty – and it was a 127% Rule-of-40 winner.

How about the Internet of Things? Broadcom, out of San Jose, shot up to a peak gain of 213%...

Then there are micro chips. Nvidia, which we’ve already mentioned, soared to a peak gain of 879%.

And the huge cloud-computing revolution? Veeva Systems was another big, triple-digit winner that my readers claimed a share of.


Ed: Michael, that’s incredible, really. These gains, they’re truly outstanding.

And it’s all because of the Rule of 40.

Michael: That’s right, Ed.

Ed: And you mentioned earlier that your secret has already helped change the lives of a small group of regular Americans.

But I just want to make sure that I’m understanding this right…

This is NOT about finding big-name tech companies – blue-chip stocks – that already trade for $300 a share, correct?

Michael: Absolutely right.

Ed: And it doesn’t involve anything excessively risky or complicated, like options or shorting or arbitrage?

Michael: Correct.

These are pure stock plays, Ed. It’s the easiest way to invest. Anyone can do it.

And I’m focusing in like a laser on little-known Rule-of-40 firms that most people have never heard of with unlimited growth potential.

Companies you won’t read about in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.


KapStone Paper, which thanks to the Rule of 40 soared by 4,434%...


Or transport firm XPO Logistics, which also saw a 2,165% gain...


Or Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp, which saw a 612% gain – all thanks to the Rule of 40, Ed.


Ed: And just to remind everyone at home again…

Shortly, you’re going to share THREE new opportunities that our viewers can act on immediately after this broadcast.

You’re going to reveal the names of these companies…

And how they can invest in them directly, step by step.

You even have a guarantee that these three opportunities alone could make our viewers $250,000 richer.

But first, Michael, for the benefit of the folks at home who don’t know you…

Over the last 35 years of using the Rule-of-40 secret, you’ve gone from humble beginnings right to the top of Silicon Valley.

Michael: That’s right, Ed. I want to make that clear. I haven’t always been rich.

I’m a blue-collar guy.

Growing up in Missouri, my family didn’t have a ton of money.

My dad was in the military, and my mom was a secretary.


We lived paycheck to paycheck because we had to.

Ed: I’m sure a lot of folks at home can relate to that…

Michael: Absolutely.

And I didn’t get to go to a prestigious university either. I spent my first two years in a Junior College in Lee’s Summit Missouri.

And look, I worked dead-end jobs for lousy paychecks. I tried to save as much money as I could along the way.

Heck, I used to drive around in a beat-up, old T-Bird and for a while I had to deliver pizza just to make ends meet.

I was even collecting newspaper coupons for my groceries every single week!

Ed: But it’s fair to say that – and I don’t want to put words in your mouth, Michael – since you discovered this incredible secret, those days are behind you…

Michael: That’s right, Ed.

I’m living proof that anyone can use the Rule of 40 – right here in America – to achieve complete financial freedom.

You know, I don’t like to brag, but…

I have a beautiful home overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco…


I get to sail in my luxury yacht whenever I want…


I go skiing in Aspen or at Lake Tahoe at the drop of a hat…


And I dine at California’s finest high-end restaurants with my wife any night of the week.


Ed: It’s fair to say that the Rule of 40 has brought you unprecedented success…

In fact, as the folks at home can see on their screens right now, your track record shows that you landed 192 double- and triple-digit winners for your readers all because of this secret.


It’s staggering. That’s generational wealth, right there.

And capitalizing on money-spinning tech trends early has become your forte.

So give us a little bit of the backstory. How did you discover the Rule of 40?

Michael: Sure. You mentioned it earlier, Ed.

It originated at the prestigious School of Management Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT.


Now, everyone knows MIT as the best university on the planet.

It’s probably the single most innovative place in the history of mankind.

Heck, it’s where Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet!

Look at the things created there – it’s like a time line of all the world’s greatest inventions…

  • Technicolor
  • GPS navigation
  • The transistor radio
  • Radar detection
  • The first minicomputer
  • The fax machine
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Ed: Wow!

Michael: And just look at some of the alumni...

Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations…


George Shultz, a man who held FOUR different federal Cabinet positions…


Ed: Even a true American hero, Buzz Aldrin – the second man to walk on the moon – went to school there…


Michael: That’s right, all of them graduated from MIT.

But what most people don’t realize is that so did the man who pioneered the incredible Rule-of-40 wealth secret we’re talking about today.

Now, for legal reasons, I can’t reveal this man’s name in public, especially not during a live wealth summit!

But this guy’s a genius.

He founded his first tech company while he was actually still an MIT student. He didn’t even wait until he graduated!

He’s appeared on Forbes’s prestigious Midas List, which ranks the top 100 tech investors on the planet.

He’s a best-selling author who counts his net worth not in millions, but in BILLIONS...

And he’s pumped billions of dollars into innovative high-tech startups like Fitbit, Zynga, and Evolv.

Ed: Those are some of the hottest tech startups in America right now.

Fitbit just IPO’ed for a massive $4.1 billion!

Evolv has a former White House national security advisor on its board!

Michael: Yeah, it’s pretty incredible, Ed.

This guy, he’s channeled all that staggering innovation from MIT, everything he’s learned from his work there…

And he’s figured out a way – using this very secret – to make billions of dollars by investing in tech companies.

Ed: But not only him…

You also mentioned that other famous venture capitalists like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk also use this secret too, right?

Michael: That’s right.

Take Audible – the audio-book company – one of Amazon’s acquisitions.

Way back in 2003, it hadn’t hit its pivotal threshold just yet. But thanks to the Rule of 40, Jeff Bezos was able to tell that it was going to skyrocket.

And you know what? He was right.

Its stock surged to a peak gain of 2,794%.


Plus, there’s Twilio, a little-known cloud-communications company.

Same thing happened with it. In 2016, it was still a fairly new company.

It hadn’t hit its pivotal threshold either.

But using the Rule of 40, Bezos invested $130 million in the company – and guess what happened?

Twilio killed it, racing to a peak gain of 804% from its IPO.


And it’s not just Bezos and Amazon who are using this secret for massive paydays.

Tesla boss Elon Musk used it to acquire SolarCity, which smashed through its pivotal threshold on December 21 of 2012 and soared 630%.


Plus, Maxwell Technologies – another Rule-of-40 play that Tesla later acquired.

It rocketed by an amazing 1,010%.


Ed: Amazing.

Now, those are all Rule-of-40 stocks that have shot up like a rocket.

And these guys – Bezos and company – they’re also targeting private firms using this secret.

Michael: Exactly. As you can see right now on your screen, they’re putting in staggering amounts of money.

Just look at the numbers!

$150 million in Lookout… $400 million in LivingSocial… $134 million in Juno Therapeutics… $100 million in Grail… $130 million in Twilio…

On and on and on…


Ed: Some of these guys… they’ve got more money than sense, Michael.

Michael: Absolutely, Ed.

And you know, other big venture capitalists are using the Rule of 40 the same way too.

Take RedPoint, a prominent venture capital firm out of Silicon Valley.

It uses the Rule of 40 to focus on a niche sector of the market – SaaS companies…

Which, by the way, stands for Software as a Service – that includes things like cloud-computing businesses.

RedPoint has 501 companies in its portfolio.


It’s targeting these private firms that are still in the early stages of development, hoping to find the next Google or Facebook.

And it’s committing astronomical sums to achieve its goal.

RedPoint has ploughed a staggering $4.8 billion into these private firms!

It’s nuts!

Ed: And regular investors can’t even touch these companies, Michael.

Michael: Exactly.

But here’s what’s so exciting…

I’ve taken the Rule of 40 a few steps further.
I’ve honed and perfected it over a decade.

So that regular folks can use it to potentially become $250,000 richer from publicly traded stocks without needing to risk hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ed: Show us, Michael.

Michael: Take Discover Financial, a perfect Rule-of-40 example.

Our historical study zeroed in on it… but hardly anyone else realized that this firm out of Illinois would rocket 1,293%.


Then there’s Netflix.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Ed. Everyone’s heard of this company, it’s a tremendous success story.

Ed: Right…

Michael: But back in 2012 – seven years ago – online streaming wasn’t a big deal at all, and Netflix was pretty much a nobody.

It hadn’t reached its pivotal threshold yet.

But if you’d had the Rule of 40, Ed, you’d have known that it was going to be a major player in the industry.

Of course, online streaming went massive, and Netflix’s shares went vertical on the back of it – up 3,901%.


And that’s not all…

There’s also Extra Space Storage – you may have heard of it by now – well, the same thing happened.

Its share price flew up 1,750% thanks to the Rule of 40.


These are remarkable windfalls.

$2,000 in each of those deals would be worth a stunning $144,880 now.

And the THREE urgent opportunities I’m going to reveal today could make you, our viewers at home, even more money – $250,000 richer.

Ed: But before we get to that, Michael, why don’t you reveal exactly what the Rule of 40 is.

Tell us how it works; give us the science behind it.

Because I think it’s really important folks watching today can use it to find the biggest windfalls of their lives.

Michael: I totally agree. I want full transparency here, Ed.

It’s important everyone understands even just the basics of the Rule of 40.

It all comes down to this special formula that the folks at home can see on their screens right now.


Ed: That’s quite a mouthful!

For those who don’t have a whole lot of technical expertise…

Could you explain it to us in layman’s terms?

Michael: Sure.

The easiest way is to think of this like a test and 40 is the pass mark.

Historically, 40 is always the number I’m looking for when I use this secret.

I analyze any company using a specific set of fundamental metrics, and if it scores 40 or higher, I know with a high degree of probability that it could make you – the viewers at home – a ton of money.

Ed: I see. So 40 is actually a specific score you’re looking for?

You’re not looking for a company to adhere to 40 different rules using this formula?

Michael: No, absolutely not... but I’m glad you asked that, Ed.

40 is the cumulative score I’m looking for, the magic number.

Ed: I see, but I’m just looking through these metrics here, Michael. They seem pretty complex.

Break them down for everybody.

Michael: Well, let me show you with an example.

Take VRTS, an investment company.

As you can see on the chart right now, its quarterly-revenue growth year on year was at 27.99%.


This measures how much a company’s net revenues grow each quarter by comparing growth in a specific quarter from year to year.

For example, you compare fourth-quarter growth in 2017 to fourth-quarter growth in 2018…

Plus, it had a trailing 12-month operating margin of 3.18%.


This looks at a company’s profits per dollar after production costs – but before taxes and interest – over the course of a 12-month period.

But – and this is important – not necessarily over a calendar year.

And… its earnings-per-share growth booster of 5.


Now this is my proprietary earnings-per-share ranking.

It’s a unique calculation that no one else on the entire planet has at their disposal.

It makes the entire formula my own. And it allows me to look at how earnings per share changes over time. It gives a good indication of profitability.


Ed: I see.

So that’s a really big deal. The fact that no one else on Earth has this available to them.

Michael: Completely, Ed.

And, Ed, when you plug the numbers into the Rule-of-40 formula, it’s a no-brainer.

VRTS knocked it out of the park, scoring 50!

And its stock exploded by 1,139%.


How about Illumina, a small, unheard-of company out of San Diego?

Thanks to the Rule of 40, I knew it was a lock for a big price jump.

As you can see right now, its quarterly-revenue growth year on year was at 36%.


Plus, it had a trailing 12-month operating margin of 24%...


And an earnings per share of 1.


Illumina crushed it with a score of 79, and it soared 1,099%.


One more, Ed. Industrial distributor EnviroStar.

Here, you can see the quarterly-revenue growth year on year was at 53%...


Along with a trailing 12-month operating margin of 9%...


Plus, an earnings-per-share growth booster of 1.


It all adds up to an incredible Rule-of-40 score of 88.

And its stock spiked by 1,512%.


Ed: Wow.

Folks, that’s what’s possible here. And it’s amazing, really.

But let’s back up one second.

Michael, give us the bottom line…

Tell us, in simple terms, what you’re looking for when you use the Rule of 40 on a company?

Michael: Two things, Ed…

Profit and growth.

I want to know if a company is really healthy.

I want to see if its numbers have real traction. And I’m not just talking about over a short period of time…

I want to know, conclusively, if a company could be about to hit that pivotal threshold and go vertical.

And look, this is the same formula that’s made some of the world’s most famous venture capitalists – Jeff Bezos and company – billionaires.

I’ve gone back many years – decades even – in order to validate that it’s the real deal.

I’ve put it through the wringer to make sure this thing is airtight.

This thing is a virtual slam dunk. 

In fact, right now everyone at home can see some historical examples from our study of the biggest Rule-of-40 winners on their screens…

  • Electronic Arts 1,042%
  • KapStone Paper 4,536%
  • Netflix 3,901%
  • Discover Financial Services 1,293%
  • Delta Air Lines 1,107%
  • Global Medical 8,796%
  • United Rentals 1,345%
  • Baidu 4,667%
  • Cummins 1,431%
  • GTT Communications 1,036%
  • Virtus 1,139%
  • Trex 1,515%
  • Tucows 1,835%
  • Zagg 2,591%
  • Mitek 1,833%
  • XPO Logistics 2,165%
  • MarketAxess 2,371%
  • Monster Beverage 1,218%

Ed: They’re rare and exceptional, there’s no doubt.

Clearly, the Rule of 40 is transformative, Michael.

It’s your top-level analysis.

But, just so we’re clear on everything, walk me through what happens next…

Once a company passes the Rule of 40 – is that it?

Does it become an automatic buy immediately?

Michael: Not exactly, Ed.

If a company passes the Rule of 40, that tells me definitively that it’s high caliber and in great health.

And it goes straight onto my hotlist – an exclusive dossier of companies that I personally monitor closely.

But there’s one final thing I use before I move on a company.

It’s a precise indicator I created that acts like a special filter. And it’s 100% proprietary – it’s completely my own.

I call it my Real Demand Tracking System.

Ed: Are you able to tell us what it does – right here?

Michael: Now I can’t give away all my moneymaking secrets on this broadcast. I’m already giving up the Rule of 40!

But in a nutshell, my Real Demand Tracking System tells me which companies on my hotlist could be about to explode – right now, immediately.

Take a look at this chart real quick. And I’ll show you.

This is Nvidia, the chipmaker we talked about earlier, Ed.

As you can see, I’m looking at three precise technical indicators on the chart.

When they converge, like you can see right here, I know the stock could be about to lift off.


Ed: And that its time to move in, correct?

Michael: Exactly!

And Nvidia, a great Rule-of-40 company, soared to a peak gain of 879%.


Let’s take Square again, we talked about it earlier. It’s one of my favorite plays.

Square passed the Rule of 40 easily and went straight onto my hotlist.

And look what happened next: My three indicators converged – and boom!

Square went off like a rocket, flying to a peak gain of 744%.


And one more, Ed. Electronics firm Zagg.

It scored an incredible 387 on the Rule of 40.

And when the three signals converged on my Real Demand Tracking System the stock shot up 2,591%...


Ed: The results using the Rule of 40 are incredible, Michael, really.

Listen to this…

I’ve said it once before, but it bears repeating…

From across your research services, you’ve already landed 192 double- and triple-digit winners using this secret.


Truly, truly amazing.

And as you saw earlier, a small group of Money Morning readers recently had the chance to try the Rule of 40.

They’ve beta tested it so we could show how powerful it can be.

The results speak for themselves.

Like this one from Wayne P., a reader from rural Canada who just made $150,000.


How about Russel W. from Lewisville, Texas. He paid off his debts and bought a new car thanks to a massive $91,067 payout.


Then there’s Jerry N. from Lexington, Kentucky. He and his wife are now worry-free about retirement after they pocketed $90,000 in one month.


Plus, Rich Hoshkins said that he’s never seen the money coming in so fast! He made $44,000 in just 30 days – and now he’s on track to become a millionaire!


Plus, there’s Rich D., who has already made $245,000…


And finally, Ernest Rice from Belgrade, Maine, can now retire happy thanks to this secret. His account is at $212,000 and climbing.


And again, just to remind everyone – this is just from a small circle of Money Morning readers.

But today, you – the folks at home – have the chance to try the Rule of 40 yourself.

It could blow everything you’ve ever seen completely out of the water.

So now, Michael, if you’re ready, tell us about the three special opportunities you’d like to share with us.

And just to confirm…

Immediately after this broadcast, everyone at home will be able to take advantage of these companies directly.

Michael will be sharing everything you need ahead.

He’s gonna walk you through it all, step by step. He’ll leave no stone unturned.

So… tell us all about this first deal.

Michael: Absolutely.

Right now, the Rule of 40 is focusing in on the hottest trend of all – 5G.

Ed: This is a market that’s ready to explode. It’s already started to hit the mainstream news. It’s projected to be worth trillions of dollars…


Michael: Up to $12.3 trillion, in fact, Ed. And the first company I’ve found could claim the lion’s share of that space. C_32

Ed: Wow! And no one’s caught on to it yet, Michael?

Michael: Not just yet.

In fact, shares are dirt cheap right now… but not for long.

This could be a quadruple-digit winner in the blink of an eye.

Now, there are literally hundreds of 5G companies out there.

And look, I’m not just talking about heavy hitters like Samsung, Verizon, and Apple.

What most folks don’t realize is that there are a ton of chipmakers, software providers, antenna producers, modem makers, fiber manufacturers – and way more – all racing to claim a share of the 5G prize.


Most folks don’t know these companies even exist – yet.

But find the right one, and you could become a millionaire overnight.

Ed: And that’s exactly what the Rule of 40 does, Michael…

It helps you find those millionaire-maker companies.

Michael: In a nutshell, Ed.

I’ve run the Rule of 40 on literally hundreds of 5G companies.

And my Real Demand Tracking System has identified one that could be ready to go today, right now, immediately.

Ed: That’s exciting, Michael.

So what does this company actually do?

Michael: It’s quite brilliant. It’s going to be a major 5G player.

You see, there’s one essential requirement that every 5G carrier on the planet needs, Ed…


And this small company out of New York specializes in the satellite technology that maximizes bandwidth for 5G networks.

Now, the bandwidth is the top speed a particular network can operate at.

5G is going to be 100 times faster than 4G, so it needs a bandwidth that can withstand that.


And this small company’s brilliant new technology is allowing 5G networks across America to operate at a dizzying clip.

In fact, it’s miles ahead of its competitors.

The company just announced a milestone 700-megabits-per-second transmission!

Ed: That sounds quick alright, Michael, but what does it actually mean in simple terms?

Michael: Well I’m sure everyone at home has watched Netflix…

Netflix streams at five megabits per second, which is fast.

But this is more than 140 times faster.


It’s quick enough to download anything in seconds: a movie… the entire contents of the Library of Congress… every episode aired of Jeopardy… every single State of the Union Address…

Literally whatever you like, and you’d barely have to wait – not even for a moment.

Ed: Wow, that’s pretty amazing!

Michael: Right.

And this company – even though it is still virtually unknown – it has a history of award-winning innovation.

It’s in more than 160 countries worldwide, across six continents…

And it’s just been granted a series of multimillion-dollar government contracts to support U.S. Army communications.

In fact – its cutting-edge technology is so advanced, it’s being deployed throughout all the most critical sectors of society…

Air traffic control… 911 emergency lines… U.S. Navy battleships… the military front lines…


Heck, this company is fast becoming a world leader in satellite communications – and yet it’s still under the radar.

Ed: Really, really impressive.

And the fact is, it’s passed your most important test with flying colors, too, right?

Michael: Absolutely Ed, the Rule of 40.

As you can see right now, here on this chart, this company crushed it, scoring 46.


This is my number-one play right now.

I’m expecting its share price to lift off into the sky at any moment – maybe more than 15 times higher.

Enough to turn $2,000 into more than $30,000.

Ed: Fantastic, Michael. This could be a true superstar.

How about your second Rule-of-40 pick, is it a 5G company too?

Michael: Not 5G, Ed, but another sector that’s minting millionaires left and right…

Legal cannabis.

Ed: One of your specialties.

Michael: Absolutely.

Now here’s the thing…

Most people don’t realize it yet, but the Green Rush we’re seeing in the U.S. and Canada is just the beginning.


There’s a bigger prize up for grabs…

The global cannabis market – a potential $194 billion space!

And the company I’ve found is strategically positioning itself for world domination.

Ed: We’re talking about a future household name here, Michael?

Michael: You bet! This firm has jumped way ahead of the field.

It’s got factories, commercial partnerships, and distribution networks in FIVE continents already…

Plus offices in Canada, the U.S., Israel, Germany, Poland, and Australia.


Ed: That’s almost unheard of for a weed company. Most of them are concentrated in one or two U.S. cities at most.

Michael: That’s right, but this is fast becoming a global market, Ed.

And get this…

This company also just received a massive $2.4 billion cash injection from a tobacco giant.

It’s flush with cash right now, ready to build out a global empire.

And just take a look at the Rule-of-40 numbers, Ed.

They’re off the charts – this company scored an incredible 60!


Ed: And its share price could be about to jump skywards, right?

Michael: Right.

Its shares are just $15 right now.

It could double or triple in a matter of weeks.

But longer term, this could turn into the greatest company you ever own, Ed.

Based on our revenue projections, this company could soar by a rare and exceptional 9,429%.

This opportunity could help you turn $2,000 into more than $180,000.

Ed: This is exciting stuff, Michael, really.

So once again, folks, remember we’ll be showing you how to invest in both these firms in just a moment.

Michael, you’re on a roll, so let’s not waste another second.

Tell us about your third Rule-of-40 play.

Michael: This could be my favorite, Ed.

It’s a biotech play, and no one understands this particular market like I do…

This is where the Rule of 40 comes into its own.

And one company’s new cancer drugs are about to take the health care world by storm.


This is a play close to my own heart, Ed.

Like millions of people out there, my family has been affected by cancer.

Ed: That’s why cancer drugs are already a $110 billion-a-year business and growing – there’s so much upside to finding an effective one.

Michael: This Rule-of-40 company just got a massive boost with the FDA green-lighting its brand-new liver-cancer drug here in the U.S. – and it’s approved in Europe too!

The potential upside for this company is unlimited.

You see, it doesn’t even have to worry about competition for its new drugs either.

It’s just been granted a slew of hugely lucrative patents – the last of which doesn’t expire until 2033!

Its revenues are even up 90% on the year – that’s huge.

But here’s the thing…

It just started Phase 3 clinical studies to see if its new drug can help beat thyroid cancer too.

If those are a success, this company could go gangbusters. And Wall Street and the big hedge-fund guys could pile into its stock like there’s no tomorrow.

Plus, of course, it smashed the Rule of 40 with an epic score of 54.


According to our projections, its $20 shares could jump 5,934% – enough to turn $2,000 into over $120,000.

Ed: So, Michael, it's pretty clear that a lot of people could become $250,000 richer from companies like these.

And you have a special announcement for all the folks at home right now.

You’ve compiled everything they need to know about these three Rule-of-40 stocks into a single briefing, correct?


Michael: That’s right, Ed.

In fact, I want to send this briefing to everyone watching today – for FREE.

I’m calling it Three "Rule-of-40" Companies That Could Make You $250,000 Richer.

Like I said, I’ve run the Rule of 40 on thousands of different companies.

And I’ve narrowed it down to these three urgent buys. 

One is trading for around $20 a share, the other two are even less than that!

Ed, you know I’m a conservative guy. I’d rather under-promise and over-deliver.

But even based on my most conservative estimates, my projections show you could pocket $250,000 or more from these under-the-radar companies.

If you want to cash in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Ed, this is your ticket.

Ed: That is awesome, Michael.

And just so we’re clear here today…

In Michael’s special briefing, Three “Rule-of-40” Companies That Could Make You $250,000 Richer, you’re getting all the details on his three most urgent Rule-of-40 stocks.

You’ve got the…

  • “5G-Bandwidth King” that could be about to claim the lion’s share of an enormous $12 trillion space…
  • “The Global Green-Rush Giant” that’s strategically positioning itself to dominate a $194 billion market…
  • And “The Cancer Killer” that created innovative drugs and could be about to go gangbusters the moment its new product passes its Phase 3 FDA trial.

You’ll get everything – all the details on the three companies including revenue projections and stock forecasts, both long- and short-term…

Plus, of course, the names of the companies and details about their amazing teams of engineers and scientists…

And most importantly, exactly how to play these stocks, when to buy them, and for what price.

Now Michael, obviously, the potential for gains is enormous here.

But I know from working with you for such a long time that you’re a straight shooter.

Tell us about the risks involved.

Michael: You know I am more than happy to.

I can’t guarantee which, if any, of these stocks will hit quadruple-digit gains.

Fact is, none of them could. You could hit it big or lose money.

But I see a great opportunity here. And look, I have absolutely nothing to hide.

For transparency purposes, Ed, take a look at my open portfolio here on the screen.


As everyone at home can see, 25 of my 29 open positions are in the green right now.

This is what’s potentially on the table for the folks at home: consistent, big profit opportunities using the Rule of 40.

Ed: Wow!

Michael: And think about this, Ed…

Not long ago, another Rule-of-40 company called Mitek Systems, a software outfit that specializes in digital identification, saw its stock soar 1,833% in under two years.


Another Rule-of-40 company… Baidu.

It also exploded 4,667% – enough to turn $1,000 into $47,670. 


Plus, there’s MarketAxess Holdings, another great Rule-of-40 example. Its share price soared 2,371%.


That, to me, is mind-blowing.

It would be enough to transform $1,000 into $24,710.

Ed: So what you’re saying is Rule-of-40 stocks can change your life?

Michael: And you don’t even have to risk a whole lot of money.

With stocks like these, you can turn just $500 or $1,000 into huge, huge windfalls.

And I want the folks at home to realize that of all the Rule-of-40 stocks on my hotlist, these three that are in this special briefing are the ones ready to go today – right now…


You could easily make a quick fortune today.

And even if just one of these stocks hits it big, you’d be telling that story for the rest of your life.

Ed: Now, Michael, your briefing, Three "Rule-of-40" Companies That Could Make You $250,000 Richer, is valued at $299.

But you’re here to tell folks how they can get a copy of this briefing for free?

Michael: Correct, everyone can get a free copy. I’m going to tell you how in just a moment…

Ed: But you also mentioned to me off air — that — given the nature of this opportunity, you have to limit access to this report.

So you can only allow 1,000 people to take you up on this offer today?

Michael: That’s true, Ed.

Look, I can’t make this a free-for-all. I’m revealing a ton of secrets here today. Some folks in the Bay Area aren’t going to like it. And the fact is, some of these companies are pretty small.

If everyone piled in all together, it’d ruin the opportunity.

But I am going to make this as easy as possible for those who want to get all of my analysis immediately.

Here’s what I’m gonna do…

I will send this briefing for free to the first 1,000 people who contact me today…


And who take a 100% no-risk trial of my dedicated research service: Nova-X Report.

Ed: And for folks who don’t yet know…

Nova-X Report is the best investment newsletter in the market today.

It’s focused on tiny, little-known companies on the verge of breaking out.

These companies could be tech companies from Silicon Valley… they could be pot stocks…

Or biotech firms… defense contractors… whatever.

You even tell your readers how they can get fantastically rich from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, another specialty of yours.

And your track record is unbelievable.

I have it sitting in front of me…

In your closed portfolio, across all your research services, you’ve given your subscribers 192 double-digit and triple-digit winners, including gains of…

  • 264% on Nvidia Corp
  • 213% on Broadcom
  • 400% on Square
  • 178% on E-Trade
  • 107% on Veeva Systems
  • 293% on Qorvo
  • 300% on ESIO
  • 121% on Universal Display
  • 112% on Shopify
  • 111% on Skyworks Solutions
  • 100% on Immunomedics

Just to name a few.

Now, I should mention, for transparency, that not all of your picks have been winners, Michael.

That’s just not possible in the markets. No one has a crystal ball.

Michael: You’re right, Ed, but I showed everyone at home my track record earlier, and I’d put it up against anybody’s in the blink of an eye.

Ed: The fact is most folks NEVER see anything like 192 winners in their lifetime. Let alone double- and triple-digit gains!

So Michael, explain Nova-X Report’s role in everything we talked about today.

How does the Rule of 40 fit in with what you’re doing here?

Michael: Well, with Nova-X Report, Ed…

I’m looking for Rule-of-40 companies that could shoot up in price.


Could be a technology company, a medical pioneer, a government contractor…

If I run the Rule of 40 on them and they have the potential to break out, that's what I'm looking for.

In Nova-X Report, I take folks behind the curtain so they can tap into all these huge potential paydays.

And across the board, my team here at Money Morning and I have brought the hottest opportunities to our readers time and again.

Take a look at the screen right now…

  • Inovio Pharmaceuticals 361%
  • Gilead Sciences 411%
  • Galápagos NV 402%
  • NetQin Mobile Inc. 396%
  • NXP Semiconductors 380%
  • Dyax Corp. 406%
  • Repligen Corp. 418%
  • Ambarella 663%
  • Celldex Therapeutics 629%
  • Novavax 300%
  • RAM Energy Resources 421%
  • Qorvo 200%
  • Westport Innovations 543%
  • Horizon Pharma 337%
  • Neurocrine Biosciences 400%
  • Pharmacyclics 818%

Some of these we’ve already closed out.

Others are still open, and their peak gains are enormous.

These are the types of opportunities I regularly bring readers of Nova-X Report.

Ed: So, Michael, tell us what’s involved in being a Nova-X Report member.

Michael: Well, every month I send members a hard copy and a digital version of each new edition…

Each edition comes with two new opportunities I’ve personally researched.

I’ll cover each company's financial strength, proprietary technologies, sources of venture-capital funding, Rule-of-40 score, executive team, upcoming news stories, and profit projections.


Then every week, I’ll release the Nova-X Progress Report.

This keeps readers up to speed on any new developments, product launches, earnings reports, and current gains.

And whenever the moment arrives to collect any profits, members get an Instant Trade Alert.

For instance, Micron Technology…

Folks following my research had the opportunity to get in and out of that trade in a single day!

One reader even let me know he captured 136% while on a cruise.

Ed: And he paid for his entire vacation with the profits!

It’s an amazing story and all thanks to Nova-X Report and your Rule-of-40 secret.

And you’ve also got a website where everything is stored, correct, Michael?

Michael: That’s right, Ed. Nova-X HQ.


This is my exclusive website where I store every intelligence briefing, investment recommendation, and alert.

And if members have any administrative questions with their subscription…

I encourage them to take advantage of the Nova-X VIP Concierge Service.

Ed: So clearly, Michael, your Nova-X Report is a very comprehensive service.

You send folks a new issue every month, with up to two new high-tech, Rule-of-40 profit plays…

Plus progress reports, 24/7 access to the website, and a VIP Concierge Service to answer all administrative questions.

The website gives members full access to all of your research, all of your reports, all of your past issues…


And all that for a price of $299.

That’s a fair price for everything you’re getting.


You’ll also discover that your membership is protected by not one, but two 100% money-back guarantees. So there’s no risk to you for joining.

But there’s one last thing I’d also like to give the folks at home.

Ed: An extra-special bonus, Michael?

Michael: That’s right, Ed.

It’s a fully revised and updated version of one of my most famous publications.

An exclusive dossier that has given countless American investors the chance to become millionaires from cannabis.

It’s my brand new Roadmap to Marijuana Millions

And the moment you read it, you’ll discover the 30 best pot stocks in America.

It gives the folks at home a massive head start on achieving complete financial freedom.

Some people stood on the sidelines when cannabis first broke through in 2016.

But I sincerely don’t want ANYONE to miss the next big opportunity that’s unfolding as we speak. Which is why I've just updated and fully revised EVERYTHING.

Roadmap Cover

And the companies inside this dossier could make you – the listeners at home – more money from stocks than you’ve ever made in your life!

Ed: And everyone can get your Roadmap to Marijuana Millions investment dossier for free too?

Michael: Yes, absolutely FREE, Ed.

I’m giving them both dossiers. The three best Rule-of-40 stocks on the planet right now and a special bonus briefing chock-full of cannabis companies that could be about to skyrocket!

I’ve already proved how powerful and profitable my Rule-of-40 secret could be to a small group of beta testers.

Now I want as many folks as possible to take advantage of my secret.

I’m on a mission to make as many ordinary Americans flat-out rich as possible using this secret.

And I don’t want there to be any barriers keeping them from potentially making big money from these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities – least of all cost.

I’m confident these Rule-of-40 companies will see huge gains… and cannabis is exploding right now.

I want folks at home to collect BOTH these briefings, free of charge, right away.


So that’s…

Three Rule-of-40 Companies That Could Make You $250,000 Richer


A fully revised and updated version of: The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions

Plus, of course, their subscription to Nova-X Report – and all for a very special price today.

Ed: And just so we’re clear, Michael, this is only for those watching the Rule-of-40 Summit today, correct?

Michael: Right.

In fact, let me just reiterate to all the folks watching this summit right now…

This special deal – that you can take advantage of by clicking the button at the bottom of this page – is only being offered to those watching the Rule-of-40 Summit.

But if you’re watching right now, all you have to do is click the button that will appear at the bottom of this page…

In fact, let me be crystal clear… here’s EVERYTHING you’ll get when you become a member…


Every month, you’ll receive my Nova-X Report, which will include at least two ultra-lucrative investment opportunities straight from the world of Silicon Valley.

It will also include my Nova-X Instant Trade Alerts with my research and exact recommendations and specific “buy” and “sell” instructions on every play.

Your membership also includes…

  • Nova-X Weekly Progress Reports – with updates on our current portfolio, insights into new opportunities and emerging trends and shifts happening in Silicon Valley…
  • Nova-X HQ – a password-protected website that gives you complete access to every trade recommendation, every research report, every investor video, and all my research and interviews with some of the most well-known CEOs in the world…
  • And the 24/7 VIP Concierge Services – so you can talk to a real live person anytime you need help with your subscription…
  • Plus, I am going to send you my TWO special briefings immediately when you come aboard…
  • Three Rule-of-40 Companies That Could Make You $250,000 Richer


  • The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions.

As you can see, we’ve pulled out all the stops.

We’re doing everything we can to help you have a shot at creating the kind of wealth that lasts generations.

Nova-X Report gives you direct access to the biggest, potentially most lucrative, and fastest-moving technology opportunities that could make you extremely wealthy.

Ed: That’s incredible, Michael.

The information in those two reports alone could help people retire early… put their kids through college… go on a ‘round-the-world vacation… buy a new car… maybe even a new home.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

But you must act quickly.

Michael only has 1,000 spots available today.

To claim yours, simply click the button below.

If you have any questions about the service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable Concierge Services team at 888-384-8339 or 443-353-4519 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: WNVXVB12.


I want to thank you for taking part in this special Rule-of-40 Summit.

I’m Ed Berliner, and on behalf of myself and Michael Robinson, good day!