You're about to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event...

Michael Robinson

Hi, I’m Michael Robinson.  

Mark my words…

If you don’t invest in 5G right now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Take a look at this map and I’ll show you why.


What you’re looking at is 4G coverage in the United States. 

4G is the fourth-generation wireless network…

Everyone MUST USE it to make calls, texts, emails, shop online, stream videos, use GPS, get an Uber, run a business – you name it.

As of Today, 4G Blankets Every State, City, and ZIP Code in America.

But that’s about to change dramatically.


What You’re About to Witness Is the Biggest Tech Rollout in History.

The next generation – called 5G – is going to make 4G totally obsolete.

It’s going to cover every square inch of real estate in America.

I’m talking about coast to coast…

Border to border…


It’s a forgone conclusion.

In fact, the rollout is happening as we speak.

And the projections are astounding.

It includes dozens of wireless airwaves being recharged and rebooted…

25,000 5G towers being installed...

300,000 of these tiny but powerful “small cell” boxes attached to every streetlamp… telephone pole… and rooftop across America.

And another 25 billion 5G smart sensors embedded in streets and buildings…

cell tower, cell box on house, 5G cityscape

At an Estimated Cost of $1.4 Trillion,
It Could Be One of the Biggest Tech Infrastructure Projects of All Time.

And yes… it’s going to be one hell of an upgrade.

Running at an astounding 10 gigabits per second…

5G will make connecting your smartphone to the internet 600 times faster than 4G.

You’ll be able to download a movie in three seconds instead of six minutes.

And you’ll be able to get an instant Wi-Fi connection – in a train… on a boat… in a 100,000-seat football stadium… even on a plane 30,000 feet high in the sky.

But faster speed is NOT the reason I suggest you invest in 5G right now.


The Financial Times Qualcomm Forbes

In other words, once 5G becomes fully locked and loaded…

Dozens of Life-Changing Advancements – Far More Mind-Blowing Than the Speed of Your Smartphone – Are Going to Take Place Right Before Your Eyes.

I'm talking about society-shifting changes of epic proportions…

Transforming everything from...

Our computers, our cars, our streets, our homes, offices, cities, schools, shops, banks… everything!

futuristic city and data

Make no mistake: The world that will exist after 5G won’t even be recognizable to the world we live in today.  

For example, you probably remember this iconic holographic image of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Star Wars hologram

Well, both Apple and Verizon just announced that with 5G…

Spectacular 3D hologram video calls like this will be available to everyone!

Imagine you’re in Los Angeles… and your wife is on a business trip in Buffalo.

watch hologram

You dial her number…

But instead of her voice saying “hello” through your smartphone…

A 3D hologram version of her appears in front of you. 

You can catch up, drink a glass of wine, do anything you want – in real time… even though you and your wife are over 2,000 miles apart.

Sounds crazy, but it’s happening now with 5G!

Even more incredible…

In China’s Hainan province, a renowned surgeon just performed life-saving brain surgery on a Parkinson’s patient in Beijing… 1,800 miles away!

map of legalized cannabis

The surgeon used 5G technology to manipulate robotic medical equipment halfway across the country – in real time. 

It’s nothing short of a miracle.

It means the greatest surgeons… no matter where they are… can now save the lives of people suffering thousands of miles distant – in disaster areas, shock trauma units – even battlefields – around the world.

And it’s only possible because of 5G.

How About “Death-Proof Cars?”

map of legalized cannabis

Today, nearly 1.25 million people die in vehicle crashes every year. And 20–50 million are injured or disabled.

But Volvo, Tesla, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and more are gearing up to put an end to all deadly car crashes with 5G.

Sounds like a fantasy, I know.

But as you’re about to witness… the amazing technology behind 5G is so advanced… the impossible is becoming possible virtually overnight.

In fact, more than 125 million of these 5G-connected cars are forecast to be shipped over the next three years.

They’ll be outfitted with the most highly advanced 5G sensors that enable them to “talk to each other,” eliminating collisions.  

GSMA, a telecommunications industry group, says 25 billion of these 5G sensors will be deployed within the next few years.

The sensors carry a signal so strong, they can penetrate through asphalt roads, concrete barriers, and even brick shopping centers.

While you’re driving, they send location and trajectory signals to other cars around you…

map of legalized cannabis

The cars avoid crashes by communicating with one another, making sure they don’t occupy the same place at the same time.

It’s Mind-Blowing.
And It’s Only Possible with 5G.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The U.S. government just announced the launch of a $20 billion fund to get all the most important 5G technology up and running as quickly as possible.

That’s why you could soon be seeing the transformations come lightning fast…

How About Door-to-Door Drone Delivery? 

map of legalized cannabis

We’ve been hearing about this for a while.

But it’s finally becoming a reality thanks to 5G!

In fact, the FAA just approved Google’s Wing Aviation to become the first certified drone delivery operator in the United States.

You can bet Amazon will be up next.

That means you’ll be able to get your most important medications, medical equipment, packages, and food dropped FROM THE AIR… within hours of ordering it… right onto your doorstep.

In fact, check this out…

On April 19 2019, history was made when a 44-year-old woman from Baltimore with imminent kidney failure had her life heroically saved by a drone!

map of legalized cannabis

That’s right.

For the first time ever, a medical drone delivered a life-saving kidney to surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center, where it was subsequently transplanted into the patient. 

“The whole thing is amazing,” the woman who spent eight years on dialysis said. “Years ago, this is not something you would even think about.”

And just imagine how many more lives can be saved with near-instantaneous organ transplants thanks to 5G.

Now, granted, not all of the new 5G changes are going to be miraculous and save lives.

Most of them will just make life so much more convenient…

Take these new 5G stores for example.

You’re gonna love this because you’ll never ever have to wait in a long checkout line again!

It’s amazing…

map of legalized cannabis

These 5G scanners on your boxes of Cheerios, bags of Doritos, and cans of Coke get a signal directly from your smartphone…

The App on your phone connects to hundreds of cameras on the ceiling (black on black, so they blend in). And they automatically recognize you as you place these items in your cart.

When you finish shopping, the 5G technology automatically calculates your cost and charges your smartphone app as you leave the store.

That means you’ll never have to wait to check out, pull out a wallet or credit card, pay a cashier… nothing.

You just walk in, grab your food, and go.

If you haven’t already seen one of these stores in your area – get ready!

They’re about to be everywhere...

Amazon currently operates 10 of these 5G grocery stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco and plans to open as many as 3,000 more over the next two years.

And Walmart is rolling out similar technology as well.

But here’s something even crazier…

5G is bringing back long-gone musicians.

In fact, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roy Orbison, who died in 1988, is now playing “live” in 23 sold-out shows across America. As a 5G hologram.

Like I said, it’s going to be an entirely new world we’re living in.

And make no mistake, the ramifications are staggering…

Which is why MIT Technology Review said…


CNN described 5G as...


And Hans Vestberg, the CEO of Verizon says...


Look, I have been in Silicon Valley for 35 years.

And I’ve been involved in some of the biggest technological changes of the last two decades.

In the ’80s, I was involved with sensitive military projects tied to President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

In the late ’90s, I took part in mapping out what would become the $160 billion “cloud-computing” industry.

And after the millennium, I worked with Dave DeWalt, the former CEO of McAfee, on cybersecurity technologies just before Intel acquired that company for $7.8 billion.

So, I’ve seen my fair share of the Next Big Thing.

But I’ve never seen anything with as much potential to change the world as 5G.

That’s why I can’t stress enough…

If you want to capitalize on the biggest wealth grab since the internet… this is your chance to be part of history.

Even a small stake of $500 or $1,000 could turn into the biggest gains you’ve ever seen in your life.

How can I be so sure?

Because the fact is…

Every Time a New “G” Has Rolled Out…

Mind-Blowing Disruptions Changed the World – and Early Investors Have Made Fortunes!

Go all the way back to the 1980s and 1G. Most people barely remember it.

Yet without this first “G…” life as you know it would not exist.

Because without 1G…

We would have NEVER seen mass adoption of one of the most life-changing inventions the world has ever seen…

The Mobile Phone.

map of legalized cannabis

1G phones were incredibly slow, with poor battery life and lots of dropped calls.

But they mesmerized humanity, revolutionizing communication around the world.  

And they made a lot of folks filthy rich in the process.

Just imagine if you had been smart enough to invest in a handful of “1G” companies in the 1980s.

Companies like AT&T, which provided the first mobile phone telephone networks.

AT&T jumped from $4.59 per share to $30 – a 554% profit.

map of legalized cannabis

Or, look at Motorola, which built the first handheld phone.

Thanks to 1G, Motorola’s stock skyrocketed from $8.43 to $97.55 – a 1,056% profit.

map of legalized cannabis

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $11,560.

And it wasn’t just mobile-phone makers that created massive wealth.

The mobile revolution created dozens of new technologies out of thin air – and Silicon Valley rose to fame.

Millionaires – even billionaires – were made almost overnight. And it all started with 1G.

Take 3Com, another 1G innovator, for example.

They used their Ethernet technology to build the first local area networks (LAN) for corporations around the world.

And they made early investors a massive sum of money, shooting from 36 cents to $19.18.

That’s a 5,100% return, enough to turn $1,000 into $51,000.

Even better was Nortel, a telecom equipment manufacturer.

Right after the launch of 1G, their stock shot through the roof.

In fact, it climbed from $6 all the way to $682.

That’s a gain of 11,266%, enough to turn $1,000 into $113,660!

There was also…

Analog Devices 1,355%
Fujitsu 1,140%
Hitachi 467%
Micron 629%
National Semiconductor 1,021%
NEC 774%
Siemens 629%
Texas Instruments 1,136%

Folks, this is just 1G!

Are these rare and extraordinary gains? You bet they are! You won’t see these types of gains every day, but… you absolutely could see gains like this with a new groundbreaking technology.

Jump Ahead a Decade to 2G and the Breakthroughs Get Even More Dramatic.

That’s because 2G was all about the internet blowing out like a supernova around the world.

2G was world-changing!

map of legalized cannabis

Everything was suddenly DIGITAL.

Think of all the new websites that popped up…  

Think of AOL… Google… text messaging… MP3s… MMS texting applications… surfing the World Wide Web… online investing, banking, and shopping…

None of it would have happened without 2G.

And once again, early investors were rewarded with some of the biggest gains in history.

Oracle was a penny stock before 2G helped them become the third-largest software maker in the world.

Had you taken a chance on Oracle during the 2G rollout, you would have made a fortune.

It shot up from a mere 53 cents to $42.47.

map of legalized cannabis

That’s a 7,913% gain, enough to turn $1,000 into $80,130!

Communications Systems, built early 2G cell phones. Its stock shot up from $2.50 to $20.75 – a 730% profit.

map of legalized cannabis

Sprint was one of the first 2G carriers. Its stock climbed from $12.08 to $68.48 – a 470% profit.

map of legalized cannabis

Ericsson helped build out the GSM 2G network, taking it from analog to digital. Its stock soared from $3.73 to $131.02 – a 3,412% profit.

map of legalized cannabis

Nokia, which popularized the flip phone, went up from $2.12 to $61.31 – a 2,792% profit.

map of legalized cannabis

In fact, it’s absolutely mind-boggling how many tiny companies became mega-blue chips and transformed early investors into billionaires – thanks to 2G.

Take a look…


Again, are these rare and extraordinary gains? Absolutely! And you won’t see them every day.

Yet, as Big as These Gains Are, Nothing Changed the World More Than 3G and 4G Combined.

3G and 4G made such quantum leaps in technology compared to 1G and 2G that, for the first time in history, the five biggest companies in the world were all tech companies.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.

All of this new technology has made our world unrecognizable compared to a decade ago, both professionally and personally.

Blackberry may have started it all with their early handheld email and smartphone devices.

After the 3G rollout, Blackberrys were required equipment for practically every serious business person around the world.

map of legalized cannabis

Blackberry brought “email on the go” to the masses.

And they saw their stock go ballistic.

In fact, Blackberry could’ve handed you a 1,947% profit – enough to multiply your investment more than 18 times – in less than one year.

map of legalized cannabis

But that was a drop in the bucket compared to what was to come.

I’m talking about the “I” revolution – with Apple putting the internet in your pocket… and reinventing computers, smartphones, music – really revolutionizing everything.

map of legalized cannabis

The iPhone, the iPod, the iPad… none of these breakthroughs would have been possible without 4G. 

If you had only invested a mere $1,000 in Apple when the 3G and 4G rollouts first began, your small stake would now be worth $565,640.

That’s an unheard-of gain of 56,465%. 

map of legalized cannabis

With Apple leading the charge, entirely new businesses using 4G technology suddenly came to life – bringing massive wealth to early investors.

Like Broadcom, which made chips for 4G phones and delivered 1,158% profits.

map of legalized cannabis

And SBA Communications, one of the 4G cell-phone tower stocks generated a 1,460% profit.

map of legalized cannabis

In fact, it’s shocking to stop and think of how all this new technology changed our lives thanks to 3G and 4G.

I’m talking about…

On and on and on and on.

NONE of these world-changing breakthroughs would be in existence today without 3G and 4G.

Nor would some of the biggest windfalls in history, including…

Next-Generation Tech Creates Generational Wealth
ABB 2,767%
Salesforce 2,710%
VMware 980%
Microsoft 647%
Broadcom 1,158%
SBA Communications 1,569%
American Tower 1,978%
Facebook 857%
Netflix 5,355%
Etsy 1,040%
GrubHub 700%
Roku 311%

Just to name a few…

Do you see the pattern here?

I could list dozens more tech firms that shot through the stratosphere after 4G launched.

Every new generation took a chainsaw to existing technology – and created an entirely new way of life.

And tech company after tech company delivered HUGE life-changing windfalls to early investors.

Will 5G make you as much money?

I’ve been in the markets long enough to tell you there are no guarantees in investing.

Now, I don’t have a crystal ball… but if history is any indication, this rollout will be the Next Big Thing, and you can make a fortune from it, too!

Because we are moving into an entirely new realm of existence…

With the most amazing technological advances in history.

And this is where it can get really exciting for you.

The Wealth Created by 5G Is Projected to Be Bigger Than All the Previous Generations Combined.

The economic impact of 5G’s buildout and unleashed power will be stunning...

IHS Global Insight, one of the world’s most respected research firms, recently released a comprehensive economic report on 5G.

On page 1, they compare 5G to the launch of the printing press…  electricity…  the steam engine… and the internet.  


That’s how big this is going to be, folks.

In fact, according to their findings, 5G will generate $12.3 trillion of global economic output over the next decade.

That’s $12.3 trillion with a T.

That’s more than the annual GDP of Germany, Japan, and France combined!

Let me show you how this all breaks down.


As you can see, 5G is expected to touch nearly every industry in existence.

$510 billion in agriculture – with 5G sensors helping farmers grow perfect crops…

$3.36 trillion in manufacturing – with 5G augmented reality and robotics producing our most important products…

$742 billion in construction – as we transform places like Boston and New York into 5G smart cities…

$1.42 trillion in communications – as all new smartphones, tablets, and TVs get rewired and advanced for 5G…  

And you’re really going to love this…

The $1.42 trillion communication spend also means the end of your cable guy.

That’s right; you can kiss the dreaded cable box goodbye. 

map of legalized cannabis

No more waiting all day for him to show up…

No more drilling through walls, untangling a gazillion wires, or paying expensive cable bills.  

And no more nasty customer service calls either…

Mark my words: With 5G, cable will become extinct.

Remember those small 5G boxes I told you about earlier? 

map of legalized cannabis

They’re all you’re going to need to stream or download all your favorite TV shows, movies, video games, sporting events, podcasts, YouTube videos – you name it.

Everything can be streamed with blazing speed in mere seconds from a wireless 5G modem.

Why do you think Bill Gates just bought 5.3 million shares of a little-known 5G cell-tower company?

Because he knows the future of the American living room is not cable anymore – its 5G!  

map of legalized cannabis

In a minute I’m going to show you what I found to be the 20 best 5G companies, bar none. These are the ones you should strongly consider putting your money in right away.

But before I get to that…

You may be asking yourself – why is this happening now?

We’ve Had 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G… What Makes 5G So Much More Advanced?

It’s a good question.

And it all comes down to one word…


Latency is the time it takes for devices to respond to each other over the wireless network. 

3G networks had a typical response time of 100 milliseconds.

4G’s response time was around 30 milliseconds.

And 5G?

It will be as low as one millisecond.

It’s really astonishing.

We’re going from 100 millisecond lag down to an astounding 1 millisecond lag – a Grand Canyon size difference – in a few short years.

One millisecond is practically real time.

What that means is…

All of the amazing technology you’ve been hearing about for years can finally be unlocked and scaled.

Everything will work in an instant.

Things like smart cities, smart homes, driverless cars, robotic kitchens… and more.

The lightning-fast speed and ultra-low latency will enable smart stoplights and road sensors for traffic, crime detection and reporting, and better air quality control.

5G will enable vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure communications at a speed and capacity not possible with previous generations.

General Motors is already putting it into the Cadillac CTS, and Mercedes is adding it to the S-Class and E-Class.

Audi is using vehicle-to-infrastructure systems to tell a driver when a light will turn green in cities like Las Vegas that have installed the technology.

Like I said, it’s a foregone conclusion that everything I’ve been showing you here today is projected to happen.

Within a Matter of Weeks, 5G Is Going to Go Live Coast to Coast and Border to Border in America.

And It’s Not Just the U.S.

In fact, 5G is about to create an estimated 22 million jobs worldwide.

map of legalized cannabis

Rollouts are happening right now in…

So as you can see, this is a massive worldwide rollout – and a bona fide bonanza for investors.

This is why it’s so critical that if you want to lock in a ground-floor opportunity on this 5G revolution happening right now around the globe…

You’re going to want to pay close attention to what I’m about to say.

As I mentioned, I’ve been in Silicon Valley for 35 years.

I’ve been a board member of a venture capital firm and a serious advisor in 12 high-tech startups.

For the last eight months, my team and I have dedicated thousands of hours to conducting the most exhaustive analysis of the 5G industry to date.

I’ve met with the leading internet, mobile, and wireless CEOs, experts, and investors.

I have seen, up front and personal, dozens of new technologies that are expected to scale new heights thanks to 5G. 

And I have vetted an entire generation of 5G stocks that can make investors rich.

And judging by the feedback I’ve already received from my followers, I know how to help make people a lot of money very fast from the stock market.

Folks like Brett Sanger from Crystal River, Florida.

He made over $17,000 in just four weeks following my recommendations.

"I made $17,000 in just four weeks!"
– Brett Sanger

David Reingold is a retired teacher from Richmond, Virginia...

He’s made $42,600 with my research.

Julie Cotton lives in Westlake Village, California.

She’s made $91,607 profit.

"Michael, thanks to your recommendations, I made $91,607. I paid off my debts and bought a new car!"
– Julie Cotton

And let me just share one more email with you.

It came from Bill Macfarlane from Fort Worth, Texas.

Bill’s story is one of my favorites.

"I’m up $150,000 since last January. Thanks Michael!"
– Bill Macfarlane

In the coming months, A LOT of Americans who invest in 5G can be making profits like Bill.

Many could become millionaires.

If you’d like to be one of them – I’d like to help you.

I’ve compiled everything you need to know into a very unique research resource.

It’s called…

The 5G Millionaire Report:
20 High-Tech Firms That Could Deliver 1,000%+ Windfalls This Year and Beyond 


After my team and I spent eight months researching every potential 5G company in America, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 20.

I expect these 20 5G companies to deliver 1,000%+ windfall profits to the earliest investors.

If you want a big piece of this 5G revolution – The 5G Millionaire Report can be your ticket.

For instance, you’ll learn about…

5G Millionaire Play #1:
The Secret Weapon to Building 5G

This may be the most important company that will make 5G possible.

You see, the 5G network will need to run on a frequency that’s never been used before.

So, every phone and computer will need new chips and antennae to connect to 5G.

This is why the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), which represents 800 of the world’s largest mobile operators, says companies will have to spend $500 billion in the next 24 months to maximize 5G in the U.S.

And of course, it all starts with new cell-phone towers to broadcast all those new waves.

That’s where this company comes in…

They provide the tiny antennae crucial for 5G towers.

Sprint calls it “our secret weapon to getting 5G built.”

In the previous four generations, companies used 200-foot-tall “base stations” to emit one large signal.

You’ve probably seen these gargantuan towers near your home. 

map of legalized cannabis

They’re huge – but they’re weak compared to what’s coming.

For example, the current 200-foot towers have only eight transceivers and eight transmitters.

These towers can only pick up signals for around 3.1 miles.

This signal is first come, first served. So once it reaches the limit, nobody else can get service in the area. That’s why when you’re at a football game or some other large event, it’s often hard or impossible to get a signal on your phone.

Too many people beat you to it.

map of legalized cannabis

The new 5G towers, however, are only three feet tall – about one-tenth the size of a telephone pole.

Yet these tiny towers pack a powerful punch, providing a 5G signal to over one million devices per kilometer.

This allowed Sprint to increase 5G’s capacity by 300% for the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

And amazingly, instead of just eight antennae, a 5G tower can hold up to 128 antennae.

As I said earlier, for this 5G rollout, there’s going to be around 300,000 5G towers installed across America. And that’s just this year.

By 2020, there will be another 552,000… and almost 850,000 small cells by 2025.

And this one company could install the lion’s share of these 5G towers.

After all, it has the patents and the equipment necessary to make 5G happen.

The company has already doubled its revenue in the last year. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

With the rollout pushing forward, I wouldn’t be surprised if this company sets new records.

In fact, I crunched the numbers. And based on future revenue growth, I estimate its current $7 stock price will shoot up by 3,352%.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $34,520.  

map of legalized cannabis

Next up is…

5G Millionaire Play #2:
The Company That Unlocks Zero Latency for 5G 

map of legalized cannabis

The secret to the 5G speed – and the low latency – is a new wireless system that virtually eliminates any lagging we have with current cellular networks.

This company has created a zero-latency technology system that enables 5G applications. And it covers the entire supply chain for global electronics, including everything from mobile phones and wireless charging to space technology.

The same goes for autonomous cars because it’s critical to transmit and receive safety data in real time. Machine learning, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence must tap into this system as well.

Anybody looking to get into the 5G business has little choice but to do business with this company as far as I see it. And our timing is good…

With a $3 billion market cap, this firm has grown its earnings per share by an average of 30% over the past three years. That’s twice as fast as its growth in sales, meaning this is a very efficient firm when it comes to improving its profit margins.

That’s why I’m looking for the stock to at least double or triple your money in 2019.

5G Millionaire Play #3:
The Gold Standard in Connecting the 5G Network  

map of legalized cannabis

The shift to 5G is projected to lead to a tsunami of 100 billion new devices connected to these new networks by 2025.

So that means cell-phone companies must act quickly to deal with this explosion of traffic worldwide.

It also means you can lock in huge profits with the gold standard in connecting the 5G network.

My next 5G stock gives the big companies an easy way to carry information from many different devices, all via just one single span of fiber-optic links.

This allows companies to transfer your data much more easily and cheaply than ever before.

The firm’s technology requires little to no training to operate, so its platform has now been globally accepted.

In the previous generations, stocks like this one soared as much as 3,849%.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $39,490.

map of legalized cannabis

This time around, it is expected to be much bigger.

Because 57 countries could soon launch 5G with the help of this one company. So I’m looking for much greater profits this time around.

How about…

5G Millionaire Play #4:
The “Best Pure Play” in the United States

map of legalized cannabis

I don’t recommend playing the major carriers – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Corp. for this 5G boom. 

Even though these behemoth companies are going to do very well – you’re much better focusing on the smaller tech companies that partner with the giants.

Like this next real-estate company that I recommend. It leases out the towers directly to the big mobile companies.

And because 5G will require more pieces of equipment, this firm will be able to extract more revenue from each site.

When you invest in this tower-real-estate firm, you’ll get to profit off of the rent. That means you’ll get a check in the mail every quarter.

You could earn thousands of dollars in extra income – just because of 5G towers. It’s incredible.

This company in my report has 40,000 cell-phone towers and approximately 65,000 route miles of fiber supporting small cells and fiber-optic lines across America.

Plus, you get paid to own the stock, especially when it’s rising in value: It pays a generous 4.26% dividend, which will almost surely increase over time.

That means there’s a lot of upside potential for this company.


5G Millionaire Play #5:
A Fast-Growing 5G Tower Company

map of legalized cannabis

You could lock in some huge profit potential with this play with one of the most predictable and lucrative business models of any dividend stock in the market.  

First, the company owns 171,000 towers that are located mostly in suburban and rural areas and leased out to wireless carriers under long-term contracts.

Almost all of the leases are not cancelable and usually include an initial term of at least five to 10 years with multiple five-year renewal periods. 

The future remains bright, too. The company ended 2018 with $35 billion in noncancelable tenant-lease revenue, worth about five times its annual property revenue, and has steadily grown over the years.

A similar stock, SBA Communications, generated a 1,824% profit for investors during the 4G launch.

You could’ve invested as little as $5,000 and walked away with a total of $83,450…

Up your stake to $10,000, and you could’ve had a total of $166,900…

And with a $20,000 investment, you could’ve had a whopping total of $333,800.

map of legalized cannabis

And remember, that was with the fourth generation.

5G will be much bigger.

The 5G Millionaire Report Gives You All the Details on These Breakout Stocks.

Plus, Another 15 Stocks I’ve Personally Vetted for the 5G Revolution, Including…

The Only “Pure Play” in Smart Homes.  

map of legalized cannabis

I will walk you through how this company’s ground-breaking technology got to the forefront of the connected-home concept, outflanking companies like Microsoft, Comcast, and Google. And I'll tell you how it is expected to virtually control the global market with a gold mine of patents.

The $6 Stock Paving the Way for the Cities of the Future.

map of legalized cannabis

This firm has created the “new standard” for building and industrial automation. With several recent acquisitions, its technology is in over 150 million devices across all industrial markets, including building automation, smart grids, lighting controls, transportation, and manufacturing equipment.

The #1 Autonomous Car Stock.

map of legalized cannabis

This company has provided millions of chips to auto makers over the past few years for everything from  Bluetooth to GPS systems, plus electric vehicle chipsets used for charging and power management. These existing relationships with auto manufacturers will serve it well in the 5G driverless age.

The 5G Robotic Surgery Stock. 

map of legalized cannabis

This breakthrough robotic surgery stock could help early investors profit up to 1,000% or more. This company is a pioneer in the robotic surgery field. It recently launched a 3D surgical system that was cleared by the FDA. And with over $1 billion annual sales internationally, it’s a multi-front opportunity with huge profit potential.

Every one of the stocks in this report gives you a chance at this very moment to make a few small moves that could reward you with a life-changing fortune.

But I’d like for you to imagine just picking five of the 20 stocks in The 5G Millionaire Report and putting only $500 into each opportunity.

Now think about this…

So, frankly, if you were to only pick five stocks out of The 5G Millionaire Report

And just one of them puts up even a fraction of what these delivered...

You’d be telling that story to your friends for the rest of your life.

In your special report, I give you all the details on these exciting companies… I tell you exactly what to do right now… when you should consider buying each of these stocks… what price you should pay… and exactly when you should expect to take your profits.

However, there is a catch.

Some of these 5G firms are very small. And we simply cannot let too many people pile into them all at once.

That’s why…

I Can Only Allow 1,000 People to Take Me Up on My Offer Today.

And I can’t guarantee it’ll be available a few hours from now.

To secure a copy right now for free, all I ask is that you join me today in a special venture I call the Nova-X Report.


As Money Morning’s director of technology and venture capital research, my job is to show everyday folks how they can lock in a ground-floor opportunity on investments, innovations, and Silicon Valley deals that could generate astronomical levels of new wealth.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over 30 years and have been fortunate to be part of some of the most lucrative investment opportunities in history.

My success has allowed me to serve on the board of two venture capital firms and advise more than a dozen startups.

Silicon Valley is a world where millions of dollars are made in days and weeks – not years.

I created Nova-X Report so I could bring you into this world…


I’m focused on little-known tech companies that have a stranglehold over something incredibly important.

It could be a technology, a medical treatment, or a process innovation. It could be a new type of energy – like the company we’ve been talking about today.

Once I know a company has a stranglehold on a sector and there’s billions of dollars of potential… I share this company with my readers of Nova-X Report.

Take rare earth metals for instance.

I personally know the advisors and board members of many rare earth-mining companies.

This allowed me to target four specific firms – Rare Element Resources Ltd., Avalon Rare Metals Inc., Quest Rare Minerals, and Great Western Minerals Group.

Together, they delivered 990% total gains in only 16 months.

And across Money Morning, my team and I have time and time again brought the hottest venture capital-like stock opportunities to our readers.

In fact, in the last 16 months alone, I’ve shown Nova-X Report subscribers 21 double-digit and triple-digit winners, including 265% on the second half of Nvidia Corp., 213% on the second half of Broadcom, and 108% on Skyworks Solutions, just to name a few from 2017.

The opportunities we find are as unique as they are potentially lucrative.

For example, I recently showed my readers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “partner” alongside one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists.

This was a guy who had made billions from some of the biggest IPOs of the decade, including Twitter, LifeLock, and FireEye…

And through his VC firm, my readers had a chance to grab stakes in 30 of the most exciting privately held companies in America about to IPO. 

I’m talking about multibillion-dollar companies like Lyft, Spotify, DocuSign, Hightail, Tintri, and Cloudera – all with the potential to pay off in huge multiples, 200-fold or better.

Of course, if you’re not a hedge fund manager or VC billionaire – you normally have no chance at private deals like these.

But my readers had a chance to take advantage with special terms.

This is what all my publications – including Nova-X Report – are all about.

Giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take advantage of the most lucrative ground-floor opportunities you’d never get a shot at anywhere else.

Every month, each issue of Nova-X Report comes with two exciting investment opportunities I’ve personally vetted.

For instance, I shared a pioneer in "cryopreservation" technologies.

In another edition, I found a company that developed a "honeycomb" advanced material that could create the lightest and fastest aircrafts in history.

Each month, I’ll bring you two massive trends and investment targets like these.

Then I’ll show you precisely how you can enter the stock to target the lowest price for the highest run-up potential.


This is the approach that has allowed my Nova-X and our Money Morning team to deliver these types of gains and a nonstop series of enormous peak windfall opportunities...

Every week, you’ll also get my Nova-X Weekly Progress Report

This will keep you up to speed on new developments, product launches, earnings reports – anything that might affect our stock recommendations.

And whenever the moment arrives to collect any potential profits, you’ll get an Instant Trade Alert


These could come at any time.

For instance, with Micron Technology, folks following my research had the opportunity to take advantage of that trade recommendation in a single day.

One reader even let me know he captured over 100% from that play while on a cruise!

Plus as a Nova-X Report member, you’ll have 24/7 access to Nova-X HQ

map of legalized cannabis

This is your password-protected website where I store every intelligence briefing, investment recommendation, research report, and Instant Trade Alert.

I also regularly interview some of the most fascinating moneymakers here in Silicon Valley… and make the recordings available in quick turnaround – so you’ve got their best thinking ahead of the investing public.

map of legalized cannabis

Plus, I’ve set up a Nova-X VIP Concierge Service to answer any subscription question you may have.

The bottom line is Nova-X Report is comprehensive.

It’s for anyone who wants to take this opportunity very seriously.

And understandably, it’s not cheap.

A one-year membership normally runs $299.

But today, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that.

In fact, I have a special surprise I’m going to share with you in a minute. It’s an opportunity to join Nova-X for the lowest price I’ve ever made available.

Forget 50%... or 60%... or 70%... or Even 80% off... You Are Going to Get a Deal That Is Too Good to Miss.

But before I dig in and reveal how to claim your copy of The 5G Millionaire Report, let me explain why I’m so confident about this opportunity.

You see, this is anything but my first rodeo when it comes to working with breakthrough investments.

As you can see, I’ve never been one to be scared of chasing an opportunity to make money.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I would also be early when it came to cannabis investing.

Take what happened in 2016.

I recognized that the end of cannabis prohibition is the best way to build enormous amounts of wealth, fast.

And then I made an announcement that caused the heads of some folks out here in Silicon Valley to explode. 

I Declared That Every American Needs to Go “All In on Cannabis.”

Look, I didn’t care that it was illegal on a federal level. I didn’t care that a lot of people saw it as taboo. None of that mattered.

This was about making money. Plain and simple.

And I had recently met with one of the most influential behind-the-scenes power brokers in the marijuana business.

He confirmed what I was hearing from my sources – the venture capital money was going to come roaring into this industry.

And I wanted to make sure the folks following me had a shot at beating those venture-capital big shots to the punch.

So that September, I released all my research on 30 cannabis stocks to my subscribers.

In the months that followed, every single one of them hit peak positive gains.

In fact, 17 soared into triple digits.

And I was thrilled to see letters coming in from folks who followed my recommendations.

People from across the country were making tens of thousands of dollars…

"$10,000 after three weeks!"
– Maggie Toland
"I made $27,000 and then another $3,000 on just two trades!"
– Ron Gardel
"I'm up $42,600 since joining Nova-X Report!"
– Thomas Kirshner

As you can see, people who have followed my recommendations have made fortunes.

All because they had the guts to take a chance on a “controversial investment.”

This is what’s possible when you follow a prolific venture capitalist who has all the right connections, like me.

These Deal Dossiers are very exciting – you’re going to love them.

This is the most valuable intelligence in Silicon Valley – the next Uber, Facebook, or SpaceX could be in them.

At Nova-X Report, we love having the chance to hit these kinds of triple-digit scores.

And I don't mind telling you that I'm very proud of our success.

But the opportunity I’m tracking today is on a whole new level.

Momentum for 5G is growing at a dizzying clip.

But please understand something…

The 5G rollout is only happening once.

And we won’t be seeing 6G for at least 10 to 20 years.

If you take action, you can be one of the early investors to stake your claim.

But you must act now.

Go ahead and give my research service, Nova-X Report, a risk-free try today... 


The moment you do, you’ll get my exclusive special report, The 5G Millionaire Report, with complete details on the 20 stocks that could deliver up to 1,000% or more this year and beyond.

I’m going to tell you when to act and when to get out for the maximum possible gains.

And to go along with your copy of The 5G Millionaire Report, I want to share with you the free bonus exclusive report…

The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions.


You see, I’m constantly evaluating up-and-coming opportunities that could both change lives and make early investors rich.

The possible applications for cannabis are virtually endless, as you will see in this report.

Get the straight scoop on the 30 cannabis companies that could bolster your retirement portfolio. These are solid growers destined to lead the pack over the long haul… the future “Apples” and “Amazons” of cannabis. 

Plus, as an extra bonus, I’m going to include my special guidebook so you can profit from the defense industry…


Discover the innovative young company that has pioneered hypersonic scramjet propulsion technology for aircraft and missile applications.

Because of their importance to U.S. national security, they’ve already amassed a $13.8 billion backlog of contracts – and by investing today, you could see a 307% return in the weeks and months ahead. 

All three of these reports are yours, absolutely free, just for giving Nova-X Report a risk-free try today.

And still, there’s more…

You see, right now, I’m tracking new innovations and technologies that could mint millionaires in cutting-edge technologies including…

Every month, you’ll receive my Nova-X Report, which will include at least two potentially ultra-lucrative investment opportunities straight from the world of Silicon Valley.

It will also include my Nova-X Instant Trade Alerts with my research and exact recommendations as well as specific “buy” and “sell” instructions on every play.

Your membership also includes…

As you can see, the potential to make a fortune in the technology market is unmatched.

Where else could you start with $20,000 and turn it into over $400,000 in a single play?

Of course, not every new technology is a winner. And there are no guarantees when it comes to investing. A stock may not soar as high as expected – other times you’ll take a loss.

But when you know what you're doing... and you can get in at the right time...

You're setting yourself up for life-changing potential gains of up to 25,700%...

map of legalized cannabis


map of legalized cannabis

Even 68,000%.

map of legalized cannabis

These are rare and exceptional plays that don’t happen every day, and you could have taken advantage of them for peak gains – but I have to ask…

What’s that worth to you?

Many people agree that I could charge $10,000 a year for Nova-X Report, and it would still be an absolute bargain.

The good news is you won’t pay one-hundredth of that! In fact, my research service has a ridiculously low listed retail price.

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Plus, you’ll have instant access to your free copy of America’s First Line of Defense.

You'll also get access to every single recommendation I've made – and will be making – in Nova-X Report... including a handful of picks that are on the verge of major breakouts. 


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I_34 Guarantee

Or I’ll work for free, pure and simple.

In short, if we don’t hit this money-doubling mark, give my team a call – and they’ll extend your membership to Nova-X Report another year on the house.

So I will work for free for you. That’s how confident I am.

Quite frankly, I expect much higher returns with these 20 stocks. But I’d rather under-promise for a chance to over-deliver.

Even if you cancel your subscription, all of the information I give you today – including all of my official "BUY" recommendations up to this point – are yours to keep.

That's right... you keep everything.

But you need to move fast.

Early investors have already started making a small fortune. And I don’t want you to miss out on this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

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The VIP Concierge Service team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about this research service and how it will work for you. I encourage you to contact them at 888-384-8339 or 443-353-4519 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: WNVXV671. 

Thanks so much for being here for this presentation.

From Silicon Valley, I’m Michael Robinson. Have a great day.



Michael Robinson
Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research, Nova-X Report

June 2019