The Transform Your Life Summit



1 hour a day… 4 days a week… 50x


I’m Megan Gunning.

I’m standing outside the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


A city whose rich history symbolizes freedom and independence…

Which makes this the perfect place for today’s event.

People from across the country – from around the world – have traveled to be here.

All because the man inside – Andrew Keene – has transformed the lives of so many.

You guys excited?

Line of people in unison:



Sir, tell us your name.


Steve Wilton.


Where ya from?


New York.


How has Andrew transformed your life?



I made $250,000 in one year thanks to Andrew Keene.




My kids – their college funds are paid for.


We’re witnessing the beginning of a movement.

Andrew’s message – you can use the stock market to transform your life no matter your age.

And it only takes one hour a day Monday through Thursday.




Ma’am – you’re clearly very excited.


I am – and yes, it only takes one hour a day – I do it before work.

I’ve made $3,000 a day for three days straight.


Tell us your name.


Carrie Saunders.


I recognize you – we spoke earlier – Mark Befano?

You made – correct me if I’m wrong, $706,000.


In one year.


$706,000 in one year. Incredible.

Sir, you look like you have something to add.


I do.

They often say one person can't change the world.

Well – one person changed MY world.

Andrew Keene.


Tell everybody your name?


Lee Briskel.


Lee, many believe Andrew’s secret is that he’s figured out a way to spot insider trading in real time.


It’s not so much a secret.

He shows you how to “follow the smart money.”

Suddenly, I started making 2,000% in 10 days on one trade – then 800% on another… and so on.

After a few months, I earned enough for a down payment on my dream home – it was life changing.


Okay, the doors are opening.

Sir, I’ll give you the last word.


My name is Jack Ruiz.

Plain and simple, Andrew knows how to make money.

In one year, I made $1.2 million.

I’ve already bought a boat and an Aston Martin, and I still have plenty left over.


Alright, the Transform Your Life Summit is about to begin.

See you inside!


Thank you, everybody – thank you.

Please, take your seats.

I’m grateful to see so many familiar faces here.


We’ve already accomplished so much together.

But we’re just getting started.

For all the folks tuning in – let me introduce myself.

My name is Andrew Keene.

I’m honored – we’re all honored – that you’ve joined us.

Give them a hand, guys.

Today, I’m going to share something with you that transformed my life.

I call it “S.C.A.N.”

It’s up on the big screen behind me.

You’ll notice a lot of blinking lights and action.


Not a crystal ball – just seems that way.

So what are you actually looking at?

And how did it transform anybody’s life?

I’ll show you.

Let’s stay on that screen.

Can we pop that big number up on the board?

There it is.



Your average day on Wall Street – that’s how many shares of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options contracts, and so on will trade hands.

On the surface, there is no pattern – nothing that connects all of it together.

But what if there was?

That’s where S.C.A.N. comes in.

It’s an algorithm that searches through the millions upon millions of seemingly unconnected trades.


It hunts for a small cluster that may in fact be connected.

Might be say two, three, or four trades – identical trades.

All mysteriously appearing within minutes of each other – all for the same company.

Could be four people from four different corners of the world.

Or four people from the same neighborhood.

To everybody else – they’re just four trades lost in a sea of millions.

But there is a connection.

S.C.A.N. can find that connection, and it can transform your life – literally.

Before S.C.A.N., I was a stressed-out workaholic spending 14 hours a day, 7 days a week staring at a computer screen.

Sure, I was a hot-shot trader at the CBOE – with an oversized ego.


But I had no control over my life.

Then, I hit rock bottom – lost almost all of my money.

Experienced what some might call a meltdown.

I ended up in Thailand. In a Buddhist temple. Surrounded by monks. Teaching English to children.

And I’m not Buddhist.

Crazy, right?

You guys knew that part was coming.

But you also know that’s where I came up with S.C.A.N.


It doesn’t eliminate all risk from investing – nothing does.

What it does do – and quite well – is detect small groups of possible insiders making mysterious trades shortly after the market opens.

It then reveals how you could take a tiny amount of money – hundreds of dollars at a time – shadow those investors… and rapidly grow your net worth.

Years back when I launched an early S.C.A.N. prototype, I took the last $100,000 I had in cash and wired it into my trading account.

Less than two years after I made that wire, my account was worth over $5 million.

Pretty wild – I know.

Here’s a screenshot of the actual wire.


The first year, I made over $1.5 million.

Another screenshot for you.


The next year, I rang up more than $3.4 million on top of that.


There’s your proof.

Add it up – more than $5 million.


S.C.A.N. transformed me from nearly broke into a multimillionaire before my 30th birthday.

Today, I believe anybody can use it to grow their net worth 50X.

And that’s just the beginning.

Now that I just celebrated my 40th birthday – S.C.A.N. has set me and my parents up for life.

So I’ve been using it to help others transform their lives as well.

Man in audience:

Thank you, Andrew!


Not sure who said that – but you’re welcome!

I love that energy!

Thanks to S.C.A.N. – today, I’m living stress-free on my own terms, working only one hour a day.

Just 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. – Monday through Thursday.

We’ll talk about what those four letters, S – C – A – N, stand for in a little bit.

And don’t worry: You don’t need to understand this now.

I’m going to dive into everything.

And I can’t wait.

Because S.C.A.N. is the answer to a dangerous problem too many Americans are facing.

We’re literally working ourselves to death – to make other people rich.

A Gallup survey from a while back found...

Your average American – collecting a salary – works 49 hours a week.


Another study determined that 52% of us don’t even use our vacation time.


No big deal – we were taught that this is the path to the American Dream.

Work hard; make your bosses happy; and you’ll be rewarded.

Guess what?


Congratulations are in order!

We’re producing a lot more at our jobs than we used to.

Our bosses must be ecstatic!

But wait a second.


We’re still getting paid like this is the ’90s.

We’re working longer hours. Taking less vacation days. Producing more at our jobs. But getting paid like it’s the 1990s.


Where’s all the extra money going?

Into other people’s pockets and not ours.

This is why...



Does that sound like the deal we all signed up for?


Variations of “No.”


No surprise.

This is killing us.

Life expectancy in the United States has dropped three years in a row.

The rest of the developed world is experiencing the opposite trend.


Does that sound like most Americans have control over their lives?


Variations of “No.”


We willingly give up our most valuable resource – our time.

And we allow others to determine what our time is worth.

That ends today.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain and revealing the power of S.C.A.N.


Young or old – if you’ve never bought a share of stock before or you’re a seasoned trader – it doesn’t matter.

This can transform your life.


Yes, yeah, woo-hoo, etc., clapping.


Dedicate just one hour a day to S.C.A.N. – Monday through Thursday – and it could help you grow your net worth 50X.

And it could give you back control of your time.

That’s possible because S.C.A.N. harnesses automation.


Trades can be set up so they’re preprogrammed to only go live if certain conditions are met…

And when the time is right, automatically cash you out – and automatically deposit any winnings in your account.

I already have three trade targets S.C.A.N. uncovered locked and loaded for you at the end of this event.

If you have a question or comment, just raise your hand – and Megan will get you the microphone.

Oh, and you see that $500,000 up there?


I’m putting that up every three months. $500,000 worth of gifts, rewards, and cash.

$2 million over the next year.

All to help everyday folks transform their lives.




You guys ready?


Yes, yeah, woo-hoo, etc., clapping.


Let’s have some fun.

Anybody watch the show Fargo on FX?


Fans of Season 1 might remember this poster.


In a weird way, this describes S.C.A.N.

Sometimes, investors do things on Wall Street that leave you wondering...

What do they know that I don’t?

S.C.A.N.’s job is to figure that out.

Check out what happened last August with Tapestry.

This is a $7.2 billion company that owns luxury fashion brands Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman.

The morning of August 30, S.C.A.N. discovered a mysterious connection between 10 trades on Tapestry.


They all appeared in the span of 32 minutes.

Why Was This Mysterious?

These 10 random investors – completely out of the blue – each made identical trades.


They were so big – take four and a half days of Tapestry’s normal trading volume across all of Wall Street:


These 10 investors matched that in 32 minutes.

I’ll repeat that.

Normally, it would take all of Wall Street four and a half days to accomplish what these 10 investors did in 32 minutes.

What did they know?


What connected these 10 investors to each other?

S.C.A.N. uncovered that connection.

Seven days later on September 5, I collected a 300% windfall


The same day I also collected a 1,300% windfall on Urban Outfitters.

It’s a $2.3 billion fashion retailer.

S.C.A.N. spotted two investors making two identical trades.


They matched nearly three days’ worth of trading volume for all of Wall Street on Urban Outfitters.


What did they know?


S.C.A.N. spotted a connection, and yeah, I made 1,300% in two days.


I’m going to talk about what makes these mysterious connections, well, so mysterious.

Because S.C.A.N. spots them numerous times every morning.

Look at what happened last June with the Blackstone Group.

$56 billion company – into everything. Real estate, infrastructure, biotech – everything.

June 5: S.C.A.N. spotted two mysterious and identical trades. Both occurred less than a minute apart.


22 days’ worth of normal trading volume scooped up in a minute.


What did they know?

What connected those two investors?

S.C.A.N. spotted that connection…

And I collected a 700% windfall in two days from Blackstone Group.


Pretty exciting, right?

Wait until you get a look under the hood.

And in case you’re wondering – I’m not buying shares of stocks the old-fashioned way.

Or any way for that matter.

S.C.A.N. pinpoints the most basic type of options trade.


If you’ve never traded options before, don’t worry.

Guys, raise your hands if you were trading options before you got to know me.

Not too many.

Raise your hands if you love options NOW.

Can we put those three charts up on the screen again for Tapestry, Urban Outfitters, and Blackstone?



Tapestry – $20 gets you into that options trade.

Urban Outfitters – $5.

Blackstone Group – also $5.

That’s it.

Here’s what it would’ve cost to buy the equivalent amounts of those stocks.


Now, check out how much I made with options…

And how much I would’ve made had I invested in those stocks instead.


Case closed.

With Tapestry, 10 mysterious investors made 10 identical trades in 32 minutes.

Urban Outfitters – it was two investors.

Blackstone – also two mysterious investors and two identical trades in a minute.

What did they know?

Quick survey.

Insider trading – is it happening every day on Wall Street, yes or no?

Raise your hand if you think NO – insider trading is NOT happening every day.


Now raise your hands if you believe that YES – insider trading is happening every single day.

Very smart.

CEOs whispering to their golf buddies, lawyers, or friends at the big investment firms…


It’s like they’re doing it out in the open with no fear.


The press has been talking about this for some time.


People are clearly making a lot of money from insider trading.

How did I become one of those people?

Now, I’m not doing illegal insider trading.


Like Martha Stewart.


No – I’m not going to end up like Martha Stewart in a West Virginia prison journaling my recipes for making wine out of toilet water.

No – no – no.

Insiders have been legally – not illegally, LEGALLY – trading their companies’ stocks for a long time.

When CEOs and other C-level executives buy shares, they have to tell the SEC.

But that doesn’t become public knowledge until that company files a monthly report on insider buying and selling activity.

Might as well be a million years on Wall Street.

Some really smart folks over at Harvard conducted a 21-year study.


They analyzed over 558,000 investments.

Harvard determined that investors – using legal insider-trading activity – could still beat the market by 829%.

But that’s not good enough for S.C.A.N.

You guys willing to wait 21 years for that type of return?




Where’s Phil Campbell?

Megan, we’ve got a hand up over here.

Phil, I love reading your emails.

Tell everybody how much you’ve made in a week.


I had a week where I made $83,000.

Of course, I did make another $117,000 the week before that as well.


Wow! $200,000 in two weeks. That’s how you transform your life.

So guys, how is S.C.A.N. able to spot possible insiders trading in real time?

Not days or weeks after – but the moment it happens?

And with a high degree of confidence?

Any poker players here?

You guys know what a “tell” means.


It’s when somebody tips their hand at poker.

What would be the equivalent of a “tell” on Wall Street?

That’s the first letter in S.C.A.N.

“S” – stands for “Spot the Tell.”


I’ll show you.

Last June, I made 100% in four hours on Pfizer.

The morning of June 26, S.C.A.N. identified five mysterious trades – all for Pfizer.


And all in the span of 14 minutes – between 10:12 a.m. and 10:26 a.m.

Why was S.C.A.N. so confident it had spotted the “tell?”

Those five investors matched 12 times the daily trading volume Pfizer usually sees from all of Wall Street.


We’re not talking about a small company.

Pfizer makes Lipitor, Xanax, Zoloft, Lyrica, and the EpiPen.

At $191 billion, they put the “big” in Big Pharma.

Another way to look at it…

It would normally take all of Wall Street 12 days to accomplish what these five investors did in 14 minutes.

What do you guys think: Could this be a sign of insiders trading?


Variations of YES.


Let’s be sure.

S.C.A.N. searched the news for June 26…


Pfizer’s in the red.

Pfizer’s the most shorted stock on Wall Street.

Not exactly how you generate positive buzz.

Nothing the day before.

Nothing for a while.

What did those five investors know?

I shadowed them into the same trade they made.

Mysteriously, my investment soared 100% over the next four hours.


And I collected a 100% windfall.

Two days later – looky-looky here.


June 28 – Pfizer announced Phase 3 trial results for their drug Revatio.

And their initial findings from a gene therapy study.

But here’s the jackpot news.

Pfizer received FDA approval for ZIRABEV – a treatment for five types of cancer.

Treating cancer is on pace to become a $200-billion-a-year business.

Crazy those five investors all coincidentally made identical trades on a day when there was no real positive news about Pfizer…

But two days before some really big news would break.

Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence.

S.C.A.N. has repeatedly spotted the tell with biotech companies before major FDA announcements.

The week before that Pfizer trade payout, Iovance Biotherapeutics – a $2.57 billion firm – set me up to pocket 128%.

The morning of June 21 – 9:57 a.m. – a mysterious lone investor made a trade so big it would normally take all of Wall Street 13 days to match it.


13 days’ worth of trading volume all scooped up by one random investor on one random morning.


What did that person know?

No significant news the morning, the day, or the week before.


Nothing really since May.

I mean – no offense to Dr. Athena Countouriotis.

But adding her to the board isn’t fueling that kind of move.

S.C.A.N. spotted that mysterious investor’s tell – and I shadowed the trade.

Eleven days later – stop the presses…

Iovance Biotherapeutics received incredible news from the FDA.


The Phase 2 clinical trial for their cervical cancer treatment was a success.

That lone investor sure lucked out.

Was it luck though?

You be the judge.

Either way, a 128% winner was mine.


Guys, what other “tells” has S.C.A.N. shown a knack for spotting?

Yes – thanks for raising your hand.


Hi, everybody.

I’m Damon Schofield.

I’ve killed it with earnings announcements.

Some weeks, I’ve made up to $25,000 on trades.


Congratulations, Damon!

And yes, when it comes to earnings – S.C.A.N. absolutely kills it.

Let’s load the Cirrus Logic trade from July 25.

There we are.


Sixteen minutes after the market opened, one mysterious investor matched 14 days of normal trading volume for all of Wall Street.


No news worth mentioning about the company either.


What did this person know?

I executed an identical trade.

I made 407%.


Coincidentally, it was right around the time Cirrus Logic announced positive earnings.


The day before S.C.A.N. targeted Cirrus Logic – it spotted a tell with FireEye.


Four identical trades in 40 seconds.

They began at 9:49 a.m., and the clock didn’t reach 9:50 a.m. before the activity ended.

Three days’ worth of trading volume locked up in 40 seconds.


Nothing in the news to explain it.


What did those investors know?

I shadowed them into the exact same trade.

I cashed out with a 246% winner.


Later, the CEO announced on an earnings call that revenue had spiked.


What a coincidence.

Last April, it was the same story with MagnaChip.

April 30 – nine investors all mysteriously made identical trades.


It took them 39 minutes to match 13 days’ worth of normal trading volume.


Nothing stood out in the news.


What did they know?

Hours later, MagnaChip coincidentally announced positive earnings.


I made 250%.



Andrew, I’m here with Samantha Roselle?


Great to see you Samantha.


Hi Andrew.

I’d say it doesn’t take very long to see the power of S.C.A.N.

I remember one morning ­– like two weeks after I started following you – I made $27,000 on Kraft.


Samantha – you’re talking about the Kraft trade from March of 2015.

S.C.A.N. spotted the “tell” – a big tell – before a historic merger.

Let’s load that into the presentation.

So we’re looking at March 10, 2015 – it was a Tuesday.


That morning, you would’ve probably found more action in any bingo parlor in America than on the trading floor of Wall Street for Kraft.

Until the clock struck 10:22 a.m.

Out of nowhere, holy cow.

One mysterious investor locked up four days of normal trading volume – for all of Wall Street – on Kraft.


No major news that day or the week before.


But look at what happened on March 25.


Kraft merged with Heinz, creating a $97 billion company.

Samantha had S.C.A.N. working for her.

She made $27,000.

Looking at these examples, it’s certainly possible that two, three, four – some number of random investors – all decided “coincidentally” to make the same trade… on the same company… at the same time.

Also – coincidentally – they all invested when no major news broke for that company.

S.C.A.N. seeks to eliminate coincidences.

So it’s built with another verification step.

The “C” in S.C.A.N.

“Confirm the Signal.”


Where’s Steve Wilton?

Let’s get him the microphone.

Steve, I was in the green room watching your interview outside the theatre.

Tell everybody how much you made in one year.





One last question – how does S.C.A.N. confirm the signal?


The Ichimoku cloud.


Thanks, Steve.

The Ichimoku cloud is arguably the most accurate way to predict whether a stock has momentum…

How much support is behind it… and how much resistance it’s facing.

Basically, the Ichimoku Cloud can give you a glimpse into that stock’s future.

To do this, it combines four formulas.


Each calculates a stock’s average share price over a certain period. It could be minutes, hours, days – let’s go with days.

Don’t try to remember this. There’s no pop quiz.

Tenkan sen runs an average of the high and low prices over the last nine days.


Kijun sen runs the same formula – except now, it’s over a period of 26 days.


Senkou span tracks 52 days.


Finally, you have the Chikou span.


That’s just a stock’s closing price over the last 26 days.

I had some smart programmers integrate the Ichimoku cloud into S.C.A.N.

It’s 1,700 lines of code.

If you love reading code… there ya go.

To make everything super easy, S.C.A.N. automatically plots the Ichimoku cloud on a stock’s chart.

Let’s freeze the screen.

If you see a green cloud, the stock is trending up…


And you have a moneymaking opportunity.

If you see a red cloud – the stock is trending down.


Which still means you have a moneymaking opportunity in front of you.

We’ll talk about that in just a sec.

Believe it or not, the Ichimoku cloud was almost lost to Western civilization.

It was invented by a Japanese journalist before World War II.

He spent decades trying to crack the code – then 20 years testing it over and over again.

Didn’t reveal his findings until 1968.

But get this – since his work was published in Japanese over a half century ago – it remained a well-kept secret for a long time.

How did I find it?

One of the big advantages of hanging out in a Buddhist temple in Asia with a bunch of monks is downtime.

Perfect for reading obscure, dusty books on little-known Japanese investment discoveries.

I’ll be the first to admit this sounds crazy.

How did I end up in a Buddhist temple thousands of miles away from my home?

Alright, I’m going to share my life story as quickly as possible. So bear with me.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.

After high school, I went to the University of Illinois to do what most 18-year-old guys do.

Drink beer, party…

Audience Member:

Meet girls.


Did you catch that?

He said meet girls.

I definitely went to college to meet girls.

I also graduated with a degree in finance.

I landed a job as a clerk at the CBOE – that’s the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Starting salary: $275 a week.

Easy street, here I come!

I’m taking the 5:40 a.m. train from Deerfield, Illinois, to Union Station – each and every morning.

Nine months later, I was promoted to floor trader.

If you’ve seen those old movies with people running around yelling and screaming “buy, sell, buy, sell!” – paper flying everywhere – it was just like that.


I became one of the biggest market makers in the country.

I was setting the price and demand for some of the most famous blue-chip stocks.

Apple… GE… Altria… a bunch of household names.

Pretty impressive right?

I sure thought so.

I was living the fast life – my ego was as big as a blimp.

And when I crashed in 2006, it was just like the Hindenburg.


I started making big bets and losing big.

$500,000 of my life savings – gone on one stock: AMAG Pharmaceuticals.

Must’ve been a fluke, right?


I got caught in a loop.

Tens of thousands of dollars on another trade – gone.

Then another and another.

I went from a seven-figure net worth down to my last $100,000.

I’m in this bad place, so I turn to my dad for advice – he’s always been my hero.

Dad tells me: “Hit reset – go somewhere far away – and do something that helps others and not yourself.”

That’s how I ended up in Asia – in a Buddhist temple teaching English to kids.

Disconnecting from my prior life gave me the opportunity to figure out what went wrong.

The major investment firms were building powerful networks of supercomputers.


They were fighting to get data 1/100 of a second faster than everybody else.


High frequency trading algorithms were replacing real traders.


Here’s what the trading floor at the CBOE looks like now.


A ghost town.

So I had an epiphany.


Believing I could outsmart the megafirms on Wall Street was foolish.

Instead of trying to beat unbeatable opponents – why not let them do the hard work?

I don’t need to be the first to strike.

When a small group of mysterious investors all make the same trade at nearly the same time – that tells me they know something I do not.

That’s the “S” in S.C.A.N. – I’m spotting their “tells.”


And I’m jumping into the same trade right behind them.

Before I do though – I want to make sure it’s not a “false tell.”

That’s the “C” in S.C.A.N. – I’m confirming the signal with the Ichimoku cloud.


Rewind the clock back to February 26, 2014.

This is the Ichimoku cloud reading for EZchip – a semiconductor manufacturer.


Bright green means I’ve got the green light.

I made $31,143 in 20 minutes on this company.


How about something more recent?

Here are the Ichimoku cloud readings for two companies.

GameStop and Carter’s Inc.


Both for last August 28.

I set up both trades.

GameStop was a 100% winner a week and a half later.

Carter’s was a 150% payday in eight days.


What you’re seeing is the beauty of options.

These stocks aren’t jumping triple digits in value – but I can use options on them to grab triple-digit returns.

Raise your hand again if you were NOT – I repeat: you were NOT – trading options before you started following me.

Hey, I’m happy to see you.

What was stopping you?


I didn’t understand how options worked, and I lacked the confidence to trade them.


Tell everybody your name.


Bill Venson.


Bill how do you feel about options now?


I made more money in one year following you than I did the previous three years from all of my trading.


Not bad.

And what about you?


I was trading stocks and ETFs before but not options.

Oh – and my name is Katie Stuart. Hi, guys.


Katie, what changed your mind about options?


Combining options with the Ichimoku cloud greatly – and I mean greatly – improved my trading.

The turning point for me was a while back when I made $12,000 in a single month.


I’m glad to hear that.

Bill, you didn’t know how to trade options. Katie, you didn’t have the tools to trade them. A lot of people also think options are too risky.

Yes – Megan, get that man the mic.


For me, the risk/reward ratio with options is awesome.

You risk a little capital, and you could see a huge reward.


Introduce yourself to everybody.


Larry Feingold.


Larry – did it take a long time to see results?


My first options trade you recommended? I bought a bunch of contracts for $45 a piece.

Three days later, I collected $46,000.


Bill, Katie, Larry – I need your help.

Let’s show folks how easy it is to trade options.

Especially with S.C.A.N. in their corner.

Sound good?

Okay, imagine it’s last March 28. It’s morning.

We boot up S.C.A.N.

At 9:57 a.m., it detects a mysterious trade on Enterprise Products Partners.


Any of you heard of Enterprise Products Partners?

Bill, Katie, Larry:



Definitely not a household name.

But definitely a $60 billion pipeline company.

We’ll just call it by its ticker symbol – EPD.

At 9:57 a.m., one investor must’ve had a really good feeling about EPD.

This individual – whoever he or she was – matched 824 days’ worth of regular trading volume for all of Wall Street.


You heard that right.

824 days’ worth of trading activity – all from one investor.

What did this person know?

S.C.A.N. checked the news from that morning.



Nothing the week before either.

Unless that investor got all excited over boring industry conferences, and nobody does that.

S.C.A.N. spotted the “tell.”

Next, it confirmed the signal.

The Ichimoku cloud was bright green.


There’s your green light to invest in EPD.

But are you investing in shares of stock or options contracts?

Either way, you don’t care if EPD is pushing oil, natural gas, or Jell-O pudding through those pipelines.

All you care about is investing at one price. Selling at another. And hopefully, you make a lot of money – and fast.

Bill – I’ve got a math question for you.

For the sake of discussion, you’ve decided to invest in EPD’s stock.

When the Opening Bell rang, shares were trading for $28.67 a piece.

What would it cost to buy 100 shares?


Putting me on the spot

Um, $2,867.


You nailed it.

But did you make the right decision?

Now, let’s say the options contract on EPD would’ve cost you $17.

How many shares of stock are controlled by just one options contract?




Katie, for a shot at all of the upside of 100 shares of EPD’s stock, would you rather…

Choice 1: risk $2,867 to purchase those 100 shares of stock.


Choice 2: risk $17 to purchase just one options contract?



Choice 2. $17.


Larry, you’re going with…?


Choice 2.


You both made the right choice.

Bill probably would have agreed with you – but he wasn’t allowed to choose.

Sorry, Bill.

That’s okay; you can show everybody how to set up that options trade.

Which brings us to the next letter in S.C.A.N. – the “A.”

We’ll set up the trade to…

Automate and Execute.


We’ll preprogram it to automatically go live if and only if all of our conditions are met.

And to automatically cash you out and deposit any winnings in your account.

Here’s a screenshot of a trading account.


A few fields to fill in – first, it asks for a ticker symbol.

Our target is Enterprise Products Partners.

Bill, what ticker symbol goes in here?





Yes, sir.

Next, we have a pull-down menu with the options contracts available.

Bill, which do we pick?


The same contract that was spotted with the help of S.C.A.N.


We select that.


Next – how many options contracts do we want to buy?

$2,867 gets you 100 shares of EPD’s stock straight up.

But for that same $2,867 – you could buy 168 options contracts.

Katie – you get the math question this time.

168 contracts equal how many shares of stock?


168 contracts times 100 shares per contract equals 16,800 shares of stock.


Larry, would you rather…

Profit from 100 shares of stock or 16,800 shares of stock?


You’re risking the same amount of money.


16,800 shares of stock for the price of 100 sounds good to me.


Let’s type in 168 options contracts.


We hit the button; our trade is ready to go live.

Just one last step.

We’re going to automate the trade so that it automatically cashes us out at the right moment.

Bill, Katie, Larry – thank you.

I’ll take it from here.

When S.C.A.N. first spotted EPD, it simultaneously calculated its “average true range.”

There’s the formula.


It takes the high price for a stock on a given day and subtracts the low price – the difference is the range.

S.C.A.N. calculates an average true range over the previous 14 days.

If the stock pulls back more than that – the trade automatically cashes you out.

With EPD, S.C.A.N. would’ve determined its average true range to be $0.40.

And if you wanted to automate this trade, you’d pop that in here – and hit the button.


You’d never have to lift another finger.

Listen – I’m not looking to time the market perfectly.

That’s too risky and too foolish.

When a stock begins to lose momentum, I want my money.

That brings us to the final letter in “S.C.A.N.” – the “N.”


Guys, finish this for me…

“N” stands for Net Worth…




Six days after I entered that EPD trade, I was handed a 164% windfall.


That’s the very definition of having your…

C’mon – let’s get really loud here.

Net worth…




Later, we found out what might have caused that mysterious investor to make such a big bet.

EPD announced they were raising their quarterly dividend.


If I had invested $2,867 in shares of EPD’s stock, I could’ve made 3.2% – cashing out with $2,958.


But I did not invest in shares of stock.

In the real world, I actually bought those options contracts, and I made 164%.

$2,867 worth of options contracts were worth $7,589.


This is why I trade options.


Andrew, I’ve got a question here.

Sir, what’s your name?


Ted O’Dell.


Ted, welcome.

What have you got for me?


Andrew, since 2009, it’s been mostly a bull market on Wall Street.

How does S.C.A.N. perform when it’s not all rainbows and lollipops and we get hit by an extended bear market – even a recession?


Great question, Ted.

When I deposited $100K into my account and my account ultimately grew into $5 million, that was in 2007 and 2008.

Right in the middle of the Great Recession.

S.C.A.N. worked just fine then.

Which is saying something since that was a very early version. It took a lot of testing, backtesting, and analyzing mountains of data to get to where we are today.

S.C.A.N. works no matter what the market is doing because – as everybody here knows – you can play the downside of stocks too.

Go back to 2008.

You could’ve profited from the poster child of the Great Recession.

Lehman Brothers.

August 26, 2008 – S.C.A.N. could’ve alerted you to 13 identical trades over the course of an hour.


All betting AGAINST Lehman Brothers.

At the time, Lehman Brothers was being celebrated as a $60 billion firm with over $639 billion worth of assets.

Check the news for Lehman.


They were actually winning awards in Asia.

Best Credit Derivatives House in Asia – est M&A House in China.

Why were these investors so confident in Lehman’s downfall?

Here’s the Ichimoku cloud you would’ve seen.


Bright red. Something was up.

You could’ve shadowed those 13 investors into their trade.

Two weeks later, the news broke.

Lehman suffered a $4 billion loss.


And you could’ve walked away with a 568% payday.


That Is Net… Worth…




Five days after your 568% winner… Lehman Brothers went bankrupt.

During the recession, really, it wasn’t hard to find a bunch of losing companies.

But S.C.A.N. can find winners in down markets and make money – just as easily as it can find losers in bull markets and make money.

Nobody thought the recession was over in October of 2009.

So many stocks were in a freefall.

Not MicroStrategy.

S.C.A.N. could’ve spotted this company for you on October 29.


After the Closing Bell, they announced positive earnings.

The next day, you could’ve walked away 182% richer.


And that’s net worth…




In 2010, an earlier version of S.C.A.N. celebrated its third birthday.

The market was still on shaky ground.

That November, S.C.A.N. could’ve spotted InterMune Inc.


17 days later, the European Union signaled that the company could market its treatment for a rare form of lung disease – to all member countries.


And you could’ve been re warded with an 8,383% windfall.


Definitely a rare and exceptional outcome.

And if you’re fortunate enough to make 8,383% on a single trade, that is a shining example of having your net… worth…




Let’s flip this upside down a bit.

By 2017, Wall Street was in full recovery mode.

You could’ve taped a list of random stocks on a dart board, put on a blindfold, tossed a dart at the board, and hit a winner.

Yet on March 29, 2017, one investor thought Hub Group – the $1.5 billion freight logistics company – was set to be a big loser.


They locked up nearly 13 days’ worth of normal trading volume in one shot.


Only this mysterious investor was betting on a crash.

You could’ve shadowed them into that exact same trade and pocketed 210% in 13 days.


Last January 18, S.C.A.N. spotted one of my favorite targets – GameStop.


Only this time, it predicted they were primed for a fall.

They were.

I made 341% in 11 days!


You get the picture.

Alright, I have a big announcement.

You guys want to hear it?




I thought so.

Ya know, trading used to be a lonely life. You were staring at a computer screen all day.

At least if you wanted to make real money.

That’s why for the first few years, I kept S.C.A.N. to myself.

But I always thought there was a better way…

Where people could collaborate – support each other.

Where our wins would be bigger together.

And while it’s impossible to eliminate risk from investing – together, we could help each other lower that risk.

So a while back, I began conducting a series of beta tests with S.C.A.N.

I was cautious at first. Getting people to try new things is difficult.

And here I was telling these brave folks, “Hey, I’ve got this magic algorithm. It spots these mysterious trades that tend to appear between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., Monday through Thursday. Trust me – that’s all the time you need to transform your life.”

Safe to say, I needed to earn their trust.

We took it slow – I only shared one trade target a week from S.C.A.N.

Yet – you’ve heard how this transformed people’s lives.

So I’m ready to finally let people experience S.C.A.N.’s full potential.

Today, I’m launching a brand-new venture.

And you’re invited to join me.

It’s Called the 1450 Club.


That number represents your future.

1 hour a day… 4 days a week… and the 50?

That’s the exciting part.

Everybody tuning into this broadcast – imagine there’s a pile of money in front of you.

It represents your current net worth.

So it has all the cash from your bank accounts – checking and savings – in it.

The value of your stocks, bonds, your 401(k), IRA, any investments – your other assets – all in their too.

How much is in that pile right now?

Now, imagine it growing 50X larger – your net worth has multiplied 50X – and in under two years.

How different would your life be?

This could be your future.

With the 1450 Club, you will not win on every trade.

But you’ll never have to bet the farm on any trade either.

Because if you’re able to take a small amount of money – say $50, $200, or $500 a trade – and use it to collect a 100%, 200%, maybe even a 1,300% windfall every two days…

It won’t be long before you transform your life.


Let’s make that happen.

Every morning – Monday through Thursday – we’re going to meet in our Virtual Trading Room.

Our sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m.

And they’ll last until 10:30 a.m.

This gives you the rest of the day off to do what you want.

And we have Friday off too – so it’s always a three-day weekend.

Once the session begins, you’ll be patched into my live camera feed.

I’ll boot up S.C.A.N. – and it’ll go to work.

Let’s recreate a trade from last June for Sony Corp.

This one paid me 133% in two days.

You’re seeing all the trading activity on Wall Street for the morning of June 12.


9:39 a.m., S.C.A.N. begins uncovering a series of mysterious trades – seven identical trades.

Together, they represent nearly nine days of regular trading activity – for all of Wall Street – on Sony.


These seven investors pulled it off in 49 minutes.

S.C.A.N. compiles and streamlines this critical research so that I can quickly analyze it and present it to the group.

Next, it queries the news on Sony Corp.


It was a news black hole for a while.

What did those seven investors know?

I can tell you what I knew.

S.C.A.N. had spotted the tell.

But to be sure, I needed it to “confirm the signal.”

Instantly, the Ichimoku cloud would have appeared on your screen.


Bright green.

We had a winner.

Time to automate and execute that trade.

I’m going to show you how to preprogram this trade step by step so that it automatically goes live if every condition is met, automatically cashes you out when the time is right, and automatically deposits any winnings in your account.

You can just watch over my shoulder and – if you decide to act – follow my instructions.

Anybody can do this.

You’ll see a lot of action in these one-hour sessions.

Remember guys – during our beta tests, we targeted just one trade a week.

With the 1450 Club, the goal is three a day.

Three trades every morning – four days a week.


Wows and oohs.


During our live sessions, ask any questions you like.


I’m going to handle the biggest ones.

You can also discuss these trades with your fellow members.

And while I hope you don’t miss a session – if you do, it’s not the end of the world.


They’re each recorded and archived.

Fast-forward, rewind, pause – go at your own pace.

Once our new trades are set, I’ll email you my Daily Action Plan.

It includes all of S.C.A.N.’s intel: the Ichimoku cloud readings, my research, and step-by-step instructions for each trade.

If you decide to take advantage of that morning’s action, you have everything you need.


And when the time is right to collect a windfall, I’ll send you a Net Worth Boosted! Alert.

If you followed my instructions – you preprogrammed the trades to automatically cash you out – then these will be friendly reminders to check your account to see how much you’ve made.

For Sony Corp., that Net Worth Boosted! Alert would’ve arrived two days later.

And look what happened during that time.


Billionaire investor Dan Loeb demanded that Sony break up the company and sell off its semiconductor division.

You think those seven mysterious investors knew Dan Loeb?

No way to know for sure.

I do know they helped me make 133% in two days.


What’s great is that S.C.A.N. gives you the freedom to make money from anywhere in the world.

It works as well from the beach…


As it does from my local dog park where I take my dog, Bolt.


There she is.

All you need is this...

You can enter the Virtual Trading Floor from your cell phone.

You can participate in the live sessions from your cell phone.

Your turn – you can set up the trades from your…


Cell phone!



Yes, you can.

I’ll be more than happy to send you a text message before every morning session and another when I email you my Daily Action Plan.


Andrew, I have Jason here. He’s a big fan of your text messages.


I love them.

I remember one morning I was in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Got your text, used my cell phone, and set up a trade on Cronos Group.


The Canadian cannabis firm.


That afternoon – I made 400%.

This has transformed my life.


How so?


After I sold my carpentry business, I was looking for a way to generate enough income so that I’d never have to wear that old carpenter’s bag again.

It robbed me of too much time with my wife and kids.

Andrew, what you’ve developed is so easy.

And the income potential is limitless.


Guys, Jason did this – you can too.

Now, the average length of each trade has been two days.

But that’s the average.

These opportunities can pay out much MUCH faster.

This past August – it got a little crazy.

August 6, I made 100% in one hour on CoreCivic.


On August 8, I made 100% in three hours on Cloudera.


August 27, 59% in an hour on Activision.


Same day, another 85% in – are you listening?

In six minutes on SS&C Technologies.


The next day, August 28, I set up a trade on a SPDR ETF.

I went about my day, went to sleep, woke up on August 29, and found out I made 192%.


Immediately after, S.C.A.N. spotted its next target – Fox Corp.

I set it up.

20 Minutes Later, I Was Handed a 100% Windfall.


You don’t want to miss these opportunities, so take full advantage of my text messages.


After you set up a few trades – you’re going to love our real-time portfolio tracker.

And every morning, you’ll be able to log in to view your Daily Payday Forecast.

S.C.A.N. will analyze our model portfolio to help predict how much you could make that day.

This will get you pumped up.

Now, I realize most people have never traded options.


No problem.

I’ve created an interactive video series I’m calling the Fast Track to Financial Freedom.

These are short videos. You won’t feel like you’re going to college.

I’ll quickly get you up to speed on options – I’ll show you how to set up your current account to trade them.

I’ll take you deep inside S.C.A.N.


I’ll walk you through effective portfolio management techniques.

And how to manage your risk.

I want to empower you to take control of your trading.

Yes, ma’am...


Hi everybody, I’m Susan Espacito.

I’m a retired firefighter.

Andrew, the education and training you provide is incredible.

My first week with you, I pocketed over $5,000.

By Month 3, I was up $30,000.

Shoot – I’ve made $10,000 in two weeks.

It is a lot more fun to trade when you are making money and understand how.


You’d probably agree that motivation and collaboration are also keys to success.

And you’re going to absolutely love what I have in store for you.

This quarter, I’m giving away $500,000 in rewards, gifts, and cash.

Yes or no, would getting a piece of this $500,000 motivate you?




What if I put up another $500,000 every 3 months this year – a total of $2 million over the next year. Would that motivate you – yes or no?




You’re in luck.

I’ve created a points system that rewards you for hitting milestones and collaborating with each other.

You can redeem those points for office supplies, fancy electronics, gift cards, special events – so much stuff – not to mention cold, hard cash.

I’m producing a real estate and travel show for CNBC.

I have a strong suspicion we’ll be offering some set visits.

And every quarter, I’m going to put up $500,000 in rewards, gifts, and cash – $2 million over the next year.

There’ll be tons of ways to earn points.

Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. is dedicated to our live trading sessions.

You will earn points for attending those sessions.

From 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., you can upload your own videos – to discuss strategies or share any insights you have.

You will earn points for this.

Every video you watch in the Fast Track to Financial Freedom series earns you points.

Networking with other members gets you points.

Every day, members can post their own investment ideas.

If you like a particular dividend, stock, ETF – heck, even an angel investment or a startup – share why.

See if you have the best moneymaking idea.

Members will vote every day.

The winners get points.


On our website, you can start your own private network with members you have a lot in common with – and you will earn points for that.

Where is Kelly – Kelly Fitzpatrick?

Raise your hand.

Stand up, Kelly.

During our beta test, you formed your own network.

Tell everybody the name.


Women with Options.

It’s for women who are obsessed with trading options.


How many times did you write to say you had your best trading day ever?


More than a few times.

That’s for sure.


Starting your own online group is incredible.

But why stop there?

You can launch your own local chapter of the 1450 Club in your town or city.

Invite people to get together at your favorite restaurant or bar – wherever you want.

You can arrange it all with a couple mouse clicks.

You will earn points for this.

Once you’ve earned enough points – your profile will receive a special badge that lets everybody know you’re an All-Star.

This will unlock some more surprise perks that you’ll have to see to believe.

Are you guys ready to get started?




That’s what I wanted to hear.

Megan, c’mon – join me on stage.

Give her a round of applause.


Thank you everybody.

You’ve given us a lot of your time today, and we appreciate it.

So let’s get down to business.

Andrew, your team has spent millions of dollars to create the 1450 Club.


The Wall Street data feeds alone can cost up to $300,000 a year.

You have a VIP concierge team that is going to help everybody get the most out of this venture.

And you’re giving away $2 million in rewards, gifts, and cash over the next year.

Now, this isn’t one of those situations where only 100 people are allowed in, is it?


That would go against everything I want to accomplish.

Everybody who wants in – I have a spot for them.


You’re making it pretty hard to say no.

The regular price for a subscription will soon be set at $5,000 a year.


But these are not regular memberships.

Today, you can claim a Founder’s Membership.

You will be the first to join.

Andrew, you’ve authorized a discount that instantly drops the Founder’s Membership rate by thousands and thousands of dollars.


And there are no phony tricks or gimmicks.

We’re not throwing in a reading night-light or football phone.


No ShamWows or Snuggies.

It’s an extremely serious venture.


You’re sharing a secret that could boost their net worth 50X in under two years.

It’s already helped so many others transform their lives.

Steve Wilton – one more time, stand up and tell everybody what you made in a year.


Just shout it out.




Mark Befano – I know you’re out there.

I got him.

Mark, how long did it take you to make $706,000?


One year.

Sent you screenshots of my account to prove it.


He really did.


Jack Ruiz – stand up. Tell everybody how much you made in one year.

Jack Ruiz:

$1.2 million.


Who else?

Yes, stand up – shout out your name.


Kerri Vann


Kerri, how fast can this transform your life?


I’ve made $60,000 with one trade before.

This is beyond my imagination.


Phil Campbell – in just two weeks, you made how much?



You’re the man, Andrew!




The message is clear.

S.C.A.N. Can Transform Your Life.

And it has already uncovered your first three trade targets.

They’re yours today.

And it will keep spotting more – up to three new opportunities every session – Monday through Thursday – 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.


There is a button on your screen – click it, and you’ll see all the details.


Now, we just have a few more things to talk about.

When you join the 1450 Club, you’ll be rushed this incredible welcome package.

There’s a bunch of stuff in your welcome package.


But this might be the most important…

Your official Gold Founder’s Membership card.


I have mine here.

You are going to want to bring this Gold card to our annual Bucket List Retreat.


You know what that term means – it’s a list of places you want to visit in your lifetime.

Maybe one year, our retreat will take us to Sonoma, California – the heart of wine country.

Or Martha’s Vineyard on the East Coast.

I’ve taken S.C.A.N. with me to trade in over 60 countries.

The Cayman Islands, Argentina, Japan – we’ll see the world together.

You and a guest are invited to every Bucket List Retreat.


We will absolutely have group training sessions, guest speakers, and all of that serious stuff.

But let’s not kid ourselves – this is going to be a big party.


We’re going to experience the best of everything – the best beaches, the best food, and the best nightlife.

I’m not very good at golf, but who cares – we’ll play on the best golf courses.

I’m ready to get started.

Who’s with me?


Claim your Founder’s Membership to the 1450 Club by clicking the button on your screen and filling out the short order form.

You’ll immediately receive your first three trade recommendations.

You’ll also discover that your membership is backed by a “25X or your money back” guarantee!



Listen: I know S.C.A.N. works.

It transformed me into a multimillionaire.

I know it could boost your net worth 50X too.

And I’ll prove it.

On your one-year anniversary, if you haven’t hit the halfway point – you haven’t been given the chance to make 25X your money – call my team up.

I’ll refund your subscription – every penny.


Let’s not waste another moment.

Click the button below to become a Founding Member of the 1450 Club.

If you have any questions about the service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 855-509-6600 or 443-353-4770 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: WK14VB32.

I’m Megan, and I’d like to thank you for making this event such a success.


Thank you, everybody.

Give yourselves a round of applause.

November 2019