“Corruption in U.S. at Worst Levels in Almost a Decade” – Foreign Policy Institute

The Great American Shell Game

Three Major Crises Are Converging on January 15 That Could Turn 2024 into One of the Most Tumultuous Years Since the 1960s...

Take These Three Steps Immediately to Secure Your Wealth

There's never been a 'perfect' time in American history…

But our country came pretty close not that long ago…

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, GDP was strong, unemployment low, and inflation was manageable…

We were full of optimism and hope for the future.

I'm sure you remember.

Those feelings are what made America great… And I remember them specifically as a small-town kid growing up in rural New Hampshire.

My parents rehabbed old colonial homes in New England.

They didn't make a lot of money. We planted our own food. We lived off the land.

But even that small income was enough for us to live a good life…

The American dream.

We believed it because we lived it.

We moved into new houses… we had a couple classic cars… we took family vacations.

All on that small income.

The country was safe, people trusted each other… life was good back then. And we "knew" things were going to get better.

The 21st Century Was Meant to Be the Most Glorious Time In Human History

We had the internet to finally put all human knowledge at our fingertips.

The end of the Cold War meant wars were a thing of the past. Democracy would make the whole world safe and equal for everyone.

Tech breakthroughs promised to raise our quality of life like never before. We had geniuses like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos changing the world.

Medical science… artificial intelligence… blockchain… electric vehicles… all promised to bring a quality of life our grandparents could only have dreamed of.

It was going to be a "new era."

But something went terribly wrong.

Today, our cities have been made unlivable by homelessness… lawlessness… and drugs.

Baltimore, the city my family and I have lived in for 30 years, was once a thriving port and steel city, as well as a tourist mecca for families.

Now it has one of the highest murder rates in the country along with…

Crushing poverty…

Street after street of abandoned homes…

Families leaving in droves.

But it's not just Baltimore. This is the situation all over America…

Public schools are failing our kids. Tests and surveys show they're barely getting a third-world education.

All while using more resources in the process.

Roads and bridges are falling apart.

The country's opioid epidemic continues to run rampant, with no signs of slowing down. The deadly drug Fentanyl is creeping into every stratum of society.

But that's what happens when people are hard up – when things get bad.

The price of everything keeps rising while incomes remain stagnant or fall. People get desperate.

And the days of a young family buying a home on a single income like my parents did are long gone…

Today, a family with two working parents can barely afford to buy a home… let alone food… and gas for their cars.

Government, business, and personal debt have all exploded.

In just 15 years, the US national debt has more than TRIPLED…

From around $10 trillion at the time of the 2008 financial crisis…

To more than $32 trillion today.

US corporate debt has soared to more than $10 trillion.

There were more corporate defaults in the first half of 2023 than ALL of 2022 combined.

Total household debt has ballooned to $17 trillion.

And for the first time ever, debt payments on consumer credit eclipsed $1 trillion…

That's not even touching the fact that we've also completely lost faith in our government.

According to Pew Research, 3 out of 4 Americans have "little or no confidence" in the government.

We no longer trust our neighbors either. Nearly two thirds of Americans believe social media – which was supposed to bring us all together – is responsible for tearing us apart.

Now, things are about to get a whole lot worse…

For the first time in my adult life, I'm afraid for my own kids, my own family – our future.

There Are THREE Disastrous Trends Converging as Early as January 15th that Will Make 2024 the Most Tumultuous Year in America Since the 1960s

Your bank account, your savings, your retirement, and your financial legacy are all at risk.

All because, while politicians want you to focus on the measures they'll "need" to take to resolve these crises – you and I will be left holding the bag while they're lining their pockets.

I call this the great American shell game, and YOU and your money are the mark.

Over the next few months…

The talking heads and inflammatory headlines leading Americans by the nose will try to distract us from the bigger picture.

The bigger threat.

Don't get me wrong — you WILL hear about these three crises.

But you'll only hear what these elitists want you to hear.

We're covering the other side today.

Because, in the end, they'll never tell you that the stock market could crash. That every dollar in your savings account could be worthless one day. And that this turmoil could end with blood on the streets.

If you don't think this is possible, remember that it was only a few short years ago we had violent riots in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, Atlanta, and Philadelphia that resulted in 2,000 injured police and dozens of Americans dead.

One violent protest broke out in my hometown, Baltimore. A band of rioters gathered just a few blocks from where my house is… they broke windows, looted stores, set cars on fire, and marched all the way to the tourist area of the Inner Harbor.

The city government let them riot for three days.

Several years later, downtown still has boarded up buildings and tourists have chosen to stay away.

The lifeblood of the city has been squelched under a pall of fear.

And the local politicians are doing nothing about it.

I'm not surprised. Politicians will always try to find a way to turn a crisis into their own personal gain.

Take a look at all the Senators and Congressmen who cashed out right before the government shut down the economy during the pandemic.

This shell game is rigged.

Conditions are set. Each of the crises I'll describe today is already underway… and ready to intensify.

The speed at which these crises could rip through financial markets… the economy… and society at large…

It'll be staggering. And could put your life savings – even your security – in danger.

But only if you follow these events like they want you to.

Today, I'm turning the tables. To show you how private family offices and big money corporate traders play these chaotic trends.

How the "Smart Money" Plays It

If you've worked hard… if you've used your own skill… your own intelligence… to amass your life savings… I'm speaking directly to you, because you have enough to worry about without this massive risk to your money.

Quite frankly, your investment portfolio IS at risk.

And I want to help you protect it…

Protect your retirement…

Protect your family…

Protect your future.

Before it's gone.

A recent Charles Schwab survey stated that you'll need $1.8 million dollar in the bank to retire comfortably.

Let's keep that in mind as we move through these next events.

Especially since, once these converging crises hit, your money could end up worthless if you don't act today… and it will take even more for you to live on for the remainder of your life.

In the next few minutes, I'll explain to you the full extent of the danger you and your money are in, including…

  • The THREE catastrophic crises jeopardizing your savings and financial future…
  • What the politicians and Washington bigwigs want you to focus on…
  • What you should be focusing on…

And the three steps you can take immediately to protect yourself… and even profit from the fallout.

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Addison Wiggin.

I have been identifying and tracking financial crises for over two decades.

My work began unveiling the fraud that came with the tech wreck of the early 2000s… then led me through the Financial Panic of 2008, when TIME Magazine named me part of "The Armageddon Gang"…

And, of course, the chaos of the pandemic… when I questioned the legitimacy of the lockdowns and the economic disaster they were actively producing.

You may have seen me on numerous mainstream media sources…

I've written and produced groundbreaking financial documentaries, including I.O.U.S.A., which was nominated for an Academy Award.

I've written numerous New York Times bestsellers, including my #1 bestseller, The Demise of the Dollar, which was just released in the third edition in 2023.

Over the years, millions of readers have followed my economic research, financial advice, and off-the-grid investment ideas.

I've worked side by side with Warren Buffett, Alan Greenspan, Arthur Laffer, Ron Paul, and Steve Forbes, to name just a few…

We got to the bottom of what's really going on in the economy, financial markets, and politics.

My financial show – The Wiggin Sessions – helps viewers get new ideas, insights, and recalibrate their portfolios for the best strategic position by always staying months… often years… ahead of the legacy media… and Wall Street.

I have recorded 237 on-the-spot interviews with leading thinkers like Jim Rickards, Porter Stansberry, Bill Bonner, Martin Armstrong, and many more.

Collectively, my interviews, my research, and my experience have led me to the stark conclusions I'm sharing with you today…

So, buckle up.

This First Crisis We'll Cover:
The Ongoing Banking Contagion

It's even bigger than you think. Nobody is talking about the real danger here…

In March 2023, we saw Silicon Valley Bank's collapse spark a global banking disaster on a scale unseen since the financial crisis of 2008.

Americans panicked as not just SVB, but THREE large US banks failed – two over the span of FIVE days and the third just weeks later.

Bank stocks plunged so far so fast that regulators halted trading, the most extreme response available. The stock market, already shaky, dropped. Even stocks without exposure to banking got caught in a broad sell-off.

After some emergency action by lawmakers and the FDIC, people calmed down, the news cycle turned to the debt ceiling debate, and Americans believed the crisis was over.

But contrary to what you may think…

The Banking Crisis is not over. Far from it.

In fact, one of the top academic research think tanks reports that 186 banks in the U.S. are still at risk of total failure or collapse.

These are banks whose books show a serious slowdown in deposits.

When you pair that with rising interest rates, these banks' assets are not adequate to pay their obligations.

The banks themselves are effectively underwater.

And only 39 of them are insured by the FDIC to protect from a bank run.

The federal government just enacted new regulations – requiring banks to have billions of additional cash on hand in case of a run.

They want you to believe that this is the solution to the crisis. That everything is now safe.

But I believe these new regulations are the first part of a radical government scheme to massively shift the entire American banking system under its own control.

JPMorgan CEO Jaime Dimon suggested the same, saying "I would love to know what the regulators really want to accomplish," and warned that this regulation would have severe "unintended consequences" for the U.S. economy.

I'll tell you what I think is going to happen…

This new regulation will be a death blow to the bigger regional banks around the country…

They won't be able to come up with the required reserves.

These are the banks that uniquely make America – America.

Yet our own leaders will be using authoritarian measures to push dozens of them out of business… or forcibly absorbed by bigger banks which are more directly scrutinized and under government control.

The end game for Washington is…

An organized nationalization of the US banking system

You can graph it out.

Behind the scenes the current President, Biden, and his team are making plans. But the problem is bigger than a presidential term.

The FDIC and Treasury Department don't have enough money to handle a widespread banking crisis.

The logical steps forward lead to one final solution: nationalization.

Only a few lone voices have had the courage to speak out…

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy warned of it on Fox News.

Multi-million dollar investor Kevin O' Leary also sent out a warning … saying…

Look, if you don't think a government takeover of banks can't happen in a democracy like the United States, think again. It happens all the time.

It happened during India's economic crisis in 1969.

It happened again during Mexico's debt crisis in 1982.

It happened in Great Britain and the entire United Kingdom in 2008…

It all but happened in the US that year too. Then treasury Secretary Hank Paulson delivered a 3-page document to Congress that kicked off trillions in bank bailouts.

I have zero doubt this, or any future administration, would resort to outright nationalization if they had to.

The wheels are already in motion…

Of course, it won't happen all at once – with a push of a button or anything that simple. There won't be a Janet Yellen or Jerome Powell press conference about it.

It'll happen subtly, piece by piece.

The Feds are many things, but they aren't dumb.

They know that if they start turning America's small town community banks into replicas of your local DMV overnight, all hell would break loose.

There would be serious bank runs and people hiding money under their mattresses…

So, final nationalization will be a slow burn…

Little by little, the Treasury and Federal Reserve will effectively have control of the entire banking system.

The trend is in place.

The plan is clear.

Consolidation, regulation, and centralized control.

This is how the authoritarians take control of the U.S.

What's worse, there's every reason to believe that the U.S. is also only months away from creating a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC – that can be launched, managed, and controlled by a centralized banking system.

The Federal Reserve has already launched the FedNow payment system – what could only be called a "beta-test" for a full-blown digital dollar.

FedNow makes instant payments through digital processing available 24/7… 365 days a year. That's great for banking efficiency…

But there's a downside…

At the stroke of a key, with a digital dollar, every government bureaucrat… including those in the IRS, NSA, DHS, you name it… could know what you buy, where you buy it, and how much you spend.

The government could even turn off your CBDC credit if they decide they don't want you buying certain things. Like, for example, firearms.

They could deny you loans based on what you buy.

They could deny your kids access to colleges, making room for someone else.

It's a shell game. Because the politicians who will benefit from nationalization want you to think banks are private and that more regulation is actually helping you.

But the logical next step is authoritarian control of you and your money.

It's exactly how they operate in places like Belarus, Russia, and China. China is even experimenting with a "social" credit score capable of tying bank accounts to citizens' activities in society.

Do we want that in the US?

We may not have a choice.

A meeting of the 20 largest economies in the world – the G20, as they're known – concluded with a statement that they are moving forward with plans to digitize ALL the major currencies of the world.

Aggressive regulation and a national banking system would make the threat of government overreach possible here in the US too.

There's no doubt in my mind Washington wants to get you under their control – and they're going to make you pay for it.

In order to nationalize the banks… in order to pay for the takeovers…

The government will need to resort to the same tactic it uses to solve just about all the previous problems in America.

Whether it's battling a banking crisis or a pandemic, the answer has been printing more and more money.

In June 2020 alone, the U.S. government printed more money than it had in over two centuries.

It's not a mystery why so much of the American Dream is evaporating…

All this money printing has led to the fastest inflation rate the US has seen in 40 years.

Prices have shot up on food… gas… lumber… medicine… goods and services… everything.

Your money has relentlessly lost purchasing power for decades.

When this bank crisis really gets going, it'll create systemic ruptures. You'll see even more brazen theft at retail stores… more carjackings…more gun violence… more inner city decay… more opioid abuse and hopelessness in the face of overwhelming financial stress.

We've been accustomed to seeing societies break down. But it's usually in some other country…

Now, day in and day out, on Fox… on CNN… on 60 Minutes… on X (Twitter) and other viral sources…

Looting… riots in the street… murder… and retaliations.

In our own country… our own communities…

How bad can it get? There's really no limit.

It couldn't come at a worse time.

Because there's another threat, one that literally no one saw coming…

It's a major shift in the global economy… happening under our noses as we speak.

I'm Talking About the SECOND Crisis:
The End of "Cheap"

"Globalization" has been a disaster for the US economy.

But, I don't need to tell you…

For decades now, big American corporations have been shipping good jobs overseas thanks to politicians and exorbitant taxes.

This helped China leapfrog all other third world nations to become the second largest economy in the world and provided Americans an endless supply of cheap stuff.

In the process, the soul, might, and pride have been ripped from the heart of working- and middle-class Americans.

In New Jersey, the Lower Trenton bridge outside the state's capital, has a sign on it that reads "Trenton Makes, The World Takes." It used to symbolize the pride its citizens had in the products made locally and shipped around the world.

The sign is nothing but a historical artifact now.

Go to any small- to mid-size city in America and you will see the rusting hulk of what used to produce steel, cars, linens, and fabric.

The outsourcing of manufacturing to China hollowed out middle America.

Cheap labor and resources in China have absolutely crushed America's working class… stripping them of their livelihood and source of pride.

It has directly led to despair and addiction for millions of people.

That whole time everything has not been made in America…

It's been "made in China".

Our TVs…

Our smartphones…

Our clothes…

Our cars…

You name it, China has sent it over.

It made sense. American corporations were able to save a lot of money on labor and production.

And, ultimately, it gave us cheap stuff… everything from electronics to baby diapers.

It gave us Amazon and Wal-Mart – and the Big Box stores we all flock to every day.

You probably already know that. You know how China's cheap labor market's been the epicenter of American business growth for over 20 years… Apple and Tesla wouldn't be where they are without them.

But here's what you may not know.

Right now, China is on the verge of a Great Depression.

Everything you like about Amazon and Wal-Mart is at risk. Even Apple is in danger.

Years and years of offshoring factories and manufacturing…

Of remote employees that cost a fraction compared to US workers…

Is now a house of cards ready to tumble.

As the Wall Street Journal reported: China's 40-year boom has ended.

The country's growth has plummeted from 8% annually to around 3%.

For a country who undersold the global labor market on debt and speculation… that's a recipe for an epic economic crisis and the crash is coming.

Real estate companies are imploding after two decades of overbuilding.

Consumer spending, factory production, long-term investments… They've all plunged.

Unemployment in China hit a record high in mid-2023 on several occasions. Especially among the youth. It got so bad that in August 2023, the Chinese government suspended the release of employment data altogether. American companies have spent the last few decades investing heavily in China.

To accommodate, China built factories, skyscrapers, and infrastructure, which gave a massive boost to the economy – but it was through a massive buildup of debt and phony accounting.

It was a false prosperity.

The country's infrastructure sits unused as trade slows…

And residents can no longer afford to fill those new high-rises and skyscrapers – if they were ever meant to at all.

The laundry list of China's problems means trade with America could come to a grinding halt.

So, why should you care about the economic crisis in China?

Because it's eerily similar to America in the 1930s.

When our Great Depression struck, America was at the pinnacle of its manufacturing power… we produced 32% percent of all manufactured goods on the planet.

Then came the stock market crash of '29… a massive implosion of debt… and, yes, a national banking crisis. Over 9,000 banks failed over three years.

The economic shock that followed devastated the national economy… and spread to every country in the world that was doing business with the United States.

Everything collapsed – stock markets, personal income, prices, tax revenues.

International trade fell by 50%. Unemployment shot up to 33% in some countries.

Commerce virtually came to a grinding halt – from Europe to Asia.

It was a total global disaster. And some maintain it led directly to World War II.

Could this happen again?


Remember, in the 1930s, the US made up just over 30% of global manufacturing…

Today, China makes up about the same… and does business with countries all over the world.

The Chinese collapse could come any day now. It would create massive ripples of economic depravity, unemployment, market crashes, and unrest all around the world… and especially in the United States.

Imagine what it would look like if trade with China came to a halt.

Say goodbye to cheap labor…

Cheap imports…

Electric vehicles…

Smart homes…

Cell phones…

Everything would be more expensive and less available… If you think inflation is bad now — wait until you see what happens if China's economy collapses. We could be looking at 20% inflation.

Consumers are already tapped out. And we've seen that the dollar buys less and less. Cost of credit is skyrocketing.

2023, saw a surge in retail bankruptcies, with more companies expected to go bust than any year since 2010.

In 2024, we'll see more "balance sheet recessions" and tumbling stock prices in the S&P 500. It could easily intensify into a full-blown market crash worse than 2008 when the Dow dropped by 57%.

There IS a way to protect yourself.

One I'll get to in just a moment.

But only after I discuss the most dangerous trend in place right now.

I'm Talking About Crisis Number Three:
Political Peril in the United States

If you think the government's desire to control your money is bad now… wait until there's blood in the streets…

If I'm right, they're going to come after all your constitutional rights next… right to assemble, right to free speech, your right to bear arms…

They'll mask this as "public safety measures."

But you and I both know better.

Here's something to keep in mind: the bigger the crisis, the bigger the response.

Which is exactly why these people, the politicians and empty suits, want you to believe that their work is "necessary." The more they spend, the more you're hurt, and the more money they'll make.

What's crazy in normal times is crazy in normal times.

Do you think locking down the economy then giving away TRILLIONS in free money would happen during normal times?

Not a chance.

But that's exactly what the government did in response to the Covid virus.

They threw all the rules out the window. All common sense gone.

It's the only time in history the government has quarantined the healthy!

Hundred-year-old businesses forced to close forever…

Millions of children setback for years…

Mental illness and isolation at all-time highs…

Global trade STILL hasn't recovered.

All the while the government was handing out free money and free rent without consequence.

Looking back, it seems absurd now. And yet the whole fiasco will have cost $14 trillion.

That's more than the economic output of Japan, Germany, and India COMBINED.

Powerful people use crises to advance their own agenda.

They line their pockets while we're forced to shelter in place.

The real danger is that the next crisis will be even bigger, and so will their response.

I'm convinced when we look back on this time in history, toxic politics will be the number one cause of the country breaking apart…

The presidential race is a no-brainer crisis in the making.

Regardless of which party wins – half the country will take to the streets. We've already seen marches, protests, riots… even pitched battles.

And yet as bad as things seem…

The Presidential elections will make it worse.

Americans are already at each other's throats.

And when emotions are as high as they are, anything can happen.

I expect January 15, 2024 to be the first test.

That's when the first step of the Presidential elections kick off with the Iowa caucuses.

Listen, when the election is in everyone's face every minute of the day, that's when people get rabid.

The Department of Homeland Security already issued a warning of potential attacks on government buildings.

That's just the start.

The anger… the hatred… the violence…

It all stems from all the crises festering in society, the economy, and politics – the things most wrong with America today…

And what does the government do?

Print more money.

Which weakens the dollar…

Hurts your buying power…

AND makes you want to spend instead of save because your money will be worth less tomorrow…

What you end up with is…

A massive and growing wealth gap…

Flying in the face of the American Dream…

Creating envy, animosity, and aggression…

And we both know where that ends up…

What would you do if there was another insurrection…

Regional conflict…

Even an assassination?

In normal times, we believe we're immune.

But the fact is America is no stranger to massive political violence.

So, brace yourself.

As the economy weakens, and politicians look after their own self-interest… there will be worse violence, more political discord, and a severe breakdown of the social fabric.

It's inevitable.

Hopelessness… fear… aggression… whatever it takes to survive.

You think "it can't happen here…"

But it can. And it does.

Unfortunately, it's distracting Americans from bigger problems.

Let me show you what really matters.

Take a look at this chart…

This debt forecasts catastrophic failure for the United States.

Ultimately, you'll foot the bill.

Which is why you owe it to yourself and your family to be prepared. You might even say it's a moral obligation.

None of these crises are going away. And the government is part of the problem not the solution. So… the question is…

What should you do right now?

The Great American Shell Game will bring us to an epic crisis that will forever change the way we think and feel about the country.

I'm sorry to say, millions of unsuspecting people will get crushed.

I don't want you to be one of them.

That's Why My Team and I Spent More Than a Year Developing The Great American Shell Game Protect and Profit Action Plan

This is your three-step plan to make sure your finances are protected – and can even grow through these impending crises.

In each step, I have targeted specific investments.

— Step 1 —
For Immediate Portfolio Protection, Dump These 7 Stocks Now

Look, during the dot com crash, the Nasdaq fell 75%.

During the 2008 mortgage crisis, the Dow crashed by nearly 60%.

In both cases, billions upon billions in wealth got obliterated. Simply because people got stuck in the wrong stocks.

Please don't make that mistake. And don't be fooled into thinking it can't happen again.

I just outlined why it WILL happen.

What you must do immediately is eliminate exposure to the stocks with the biggest risk to your life savings.

In this Action Plan, I'll show you seven stocks to dump right away.

Warning: Some of these stocks could be wrapped up into your personal mutual funds, 401Ks, or pension plans. Don't overlook these.

First up, I'm recommending you remove stocks from the banking and financial sector.

The consequences for these stocks will be severe.

Several dozen banks are at immediate risk. They have the highest exposure to uninsured assets – and carry huge liability on their books.

In the Action Plan, I'll tell you about these banks.

Next, you need to avoid certain retail stocks.

When Americans become overloaded with fear and debt…

Many of these retail operations will plummet. I'm talking about famous names you will know.

These firms are loaded with debt. Debt they can't pay with the current rising rates.

Make no mistake, interest rates will soar even higher. And a slew of bankruptcies will follow.

What about iconic American companies like Wal-Mart and Costco? Is Apple in danger?

The full list of danger zone companies to purge immediately can be found in my action plan.

One thing I can tell you is this…

Any company tied to China will be in big trouble. Very big.

And you're going to want to divest yourself of these companies as soon as possible.

My full list is waiting for you.

Think of this Step 1 directive as your insurance policy. Now let's move onto…

— Step 2 —
Shelter Yourself From The Demise of the Dollar With These Alternative Investments

Remember, as I told you earlier, in order to nationalize the banks… in order to pay for the takeovers…

The government will need to resort to the same tactic it uses to solve all the problems in America, whether it's battling a banking crisis… or a pandemic.

They'll print money. And lots of it.

That's what they did in 2008 following the great financial crisis and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac… $700 billion printed.

And yes, it was done again in jaw dropping amounts, by the Fed in 2020 following the pandemic with an astounding $4.7 trillion pumped out by the presses.

This led to the 40- year high inflation rate we've been experiencing the last few years.…

But I expect when the bank crisis comes to a head – along with China's Great Depression – markets will tumble, and money printing will hit record numbers.

Inflation could easily soar by 20% or more, putting us on the fast-track to Argentina-style, triple-digit inflation.

What we're talking about now could be a 70% or 80% collapse of the dollar's value, maybe even more.

If you have insurance, annuities, any kind of fixed income, retirement income, a 401K, savings in the bank, you could lose more than half your wealth in a very short period of time.

The best way to handle the dollar's fall – and this is what I focus on in the action plan – is to invest in alternative investments that typically appreciate as the dollar declines.

First, gold.

Gold has long been regarded as a safe haven for investors in times of economic trouble.

It's the ultimate dollar hedge. In fact, it's the only global currency that is no one's liability. It's pure money.

But that doesn't mean it's as simple as "go buy gold."

There are many ways to invest in gold…

And in the Action Plan, I show you four gold investments you need to make right away…

For starters, I'm going to show you how to take direct ownership.

I will show you the best way to buy physical gold. This involves certain gold coins I highly recommend.

I'll also show you how to avoid scams… and the many "fool's gold opportunities" out there.

Second, buy one specific gold fund as soon as possible. This will give you immediate exposure to the best of the best gold stocks in the market. You can buy it with two clicks online. It could be your best move all year.

When the dollar collapses, I expect this gold fund to soar. Bringing you massive protection and profit – at the same time.

Third, I'll show you how to potentially double, triple, or quadruple your returns over just a few years by playing junior gold stocks.

These are tiny gold companies. Typically, they trade for under $5. But they can go up very big, and very fast when markets go haywire.

I have three BUY NOW junior gold miners to give you in the Action Plan.

Finally, for more experienced investors, I have something special.

Unique gold trades using options.

One lets you trade gold at a 50% discount off current prices. Another can give you a potential 10X return within months. One can give you weekly cash payouts.

Everything is explained in detail in my Action Plan.

Now, this next recommendation may not be for everyone. That's okay. But if you take my advice in the action plan, I think you'll see it will be a smart (and even safe) bet.

I'm talking about profiting from crypto.

After the collapse of cryptocurrency exchanges, many regular investors were uncertain about which cryptocurrencies and companies to invest in.

But mark my words: Crypto will soar when the stock market crashes.

Huge profits are there and waiting if you know where to look. This guide tells you:
Exactly where to put your money during Crypto's Rebirth"…

How much you should allocate to Bitcoin – and how much to smaller alt coins…

And which red flags to avoid …

Plus, there's a huge catalyst on the horizon that could send the crypto market up by 1,000% or more.

All the details are in the report.

And there's one more directive:

— Step 3 —
Invest In What The World Can't Live Without

America could be in crisis as early as January 15…

The world won't stop needing essential goods and services…

The world won't stop needing food.

And the world definitely won't stop needing energy.

This is where you should be investing right now.

In the Action Plan

I'm going to show three investments you can make immediately to ride out the storm with massive potential profits.

First, I'm going to tell you about the Ultimate Energy Stock.

It's a company that specializes in building materials for nuclear plants.

You see this stock, regardless of market events, is primed for new levels of profits.

That's because it's the most politically connected company in the entire sector… and when it comes to nuclear energy, this company's ability to sail through the government bureaucracy practically guarantees its quick success.

It's even run by the former secretary of the Department of Energy.

I give you complete details – including name and ticker symbol in the report.

The next thing the world can't live without – and you should invest in right away – is transformational technology.

Right now, that means A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

And right now, the growth of AI is 100% dependent on the growth of data companies. AI can't get smarter without massive amounts of data.

That's why data centers are quickly becoming the most important industry on earth.

Meta just completed their AI supercomputer build – and at the same time, they announced a new data center 500% more powerful than their current system.

And when IBM recently announced its new watsonx, it described the system as – and I quote – an AI and data platform.

Basically, if AI is a rocket ship, data is the fuel it needs to fly. That's why the growth of AI and data line up so perfectly.

Inside the Action Plan…

I'll give you everything you need to get started investing in A.I. – with three specific data companies I believe will skyrocket.

My analysis will include the ticker symbols for each company, along with a detailed analysis and action steps. You'll also get a brief rundown of each company's history, stock chart, and even a comparison to the growth of AI.

You'll want to invest in these companies before the crises converge… Because, come January 15, I believe the world will change forever.

If you act now, your life could change for the better.

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October 2023