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Dear Reader,

If power is about what you know – and whom you know...

Then the man you're about to meet is one of the most powerful people on Earth.

His power begins with a Rolodex filled with tattered cards.

They hold the names of presidents, prime ministers, scientists, scholars, financers, oil sheiks, power-company CEOs, and energy-policy officials...

All of the biggest people in energy... in the world.

And every night for 40 years, this powerful man has been locking this Rolodex in his desk for international security reasons.

Using his knowledge and connections...

This man has been able to lead a small group of people to extreme wealth in the energy markets.

I'm not talking about "ordinary" gains that you could get from any garden-variety financial expert...

I'm talking about the opportunity to make serious money – the kind that’s beating the Dow this year by almost 10 times over...

The kind that could hand you blockbusters as high as 368% in mere weeks...

The kind that produces average market returns of 33% PER RECOMMENDATION.

Let me repeat that...

That's an average of 33% per recommendation.

That means the man you're about to meet is a serious contender for the "Most Powerful Man in the World."

And I'm about to prove it to you right now.

I'm also about to give you the chance to be one of the few people in the world...

Who have ever been exposed to the incredible moneymaking power of this man's Rolodex.

Hello, I'm Mike Ward.

I'm the Publisher of Money Map Press in Baltimore, Maryland.

But who I am really isn't important compared to the opportunity I'm showing you today.

What IS important is who I'm going to introduce you to.

He's the ultimate insider in the most powerful and lucrative industry on the planet: energy.

Forget about super drugs, microcomputers, 3D printing, or i-This and i-That...

For the foreseeable future in this fast-growing world of ours, the really big money will be made in the energy business.

Right now, the global energy industry is worth approximately $5.7 trillion a year.

But you can't just plunk your money into any old energy stock and expect to make boatloads of cash.

There's a secret to consistently nailing huge double- and triple-digit wins in the energy markets...

And it has nothing to do with "52-week moving averages" or forward P/E...

Or price-to-sales ratios or "stochastics" – or any of the other crap that money gurus without any real knowledge obsess over.

No, the "secret" to getting rich in energy, quite simply...

Is to know the man I'm talking about.

And to have access to the incredible moneymaking power of his Rolodex.

This man's Rolodex is like
a trillion-dollar "money wheel."

His name is Dr. Kent Moors, and he's been on the vanguard of the global energy scene for more than 40 years.


For decades, Kent was a Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Duquesne University. He was also the Director of their world-renowned Energy Policy Research Group.

Beyond this, Kent's advised 29 world governments (and the EU) on energy policy and global energy dynamics...

At least 15 of which have been at the special request of the U.S. State Department.

Kent was also part of two State Department task forces, one being the State Department's Global Shale Gas Initiative – a task force providing oil policy guidance to developing nations worldwide.

He's also advised just about every major agency of the federal government on matters relating to energy...

Plus numerous U.S. states and governors...

And just about every major energy company on Earth.

In fact, right now, no less than seven global oil companies are enlisting Kent's aid in restructuring their business models.

Last but not least, Kent is a much-decorated veteran of the U.S. Intelligence Community since the early ‘70s...


In fact, for his work as an Intelligence analyst, Kent has received Presidential Distinguished Service Medals from three U.S. Presidents: Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton.

To give you an idea of how important Kent's Intelligence work has been to this nation's security over the years...

General Colin Powell – former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – has only received two of these commendations.

I'm sure you'll agree, Dr. Moors has quite a résumé.

Now, Kent would never say this...

But as the publisher of his investment research advisories – and as a 14-year veteran of the financial publishing business in my own right...

I can tell you without reservation that
I believe Dr. Kent Moors is the single
most connected and powerful man
in the energy world

Think I'm exaggerating about that?

You wouldn't if you'd been with him on one of his trips to Moscow, as he presented his invaluable "intel" on natural gas to the Russian Ministry of Energy...

Every March, he speaks at the secretive annual summit of the Windsor Energy Group – held in the dungeon of Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England...

And he’s held talks at a series of secure, high-level meetings in Washington, D.C., about the volatile energy situation in Egypt.

And you'd definitely have no doubt that Kent's one of the most connected and powerful people in the world...

If you flipped through his Rolodex.

In other words, on every single tattered card of Kent's well-worn Rolodex...

You'll find a powerful insider who could put you smack in the middle of a major deal, tech development, or policy shift that's going to change the energy world.

You could literally spin it like a money-wheel...

And whatever name comes up could make you obscenely rich – if only you knew what they know (like Kent does).

Now, Kent's got a name for the seismic changes these mega-players routinely send rippling through the energy world...

He calls them "Super Shifts." And if you can see these coming – and interpret them correctly...

You can get insanely rich.

"The whole key to making money in this market is being able to see the genuine changes just before everyone else does..." Kent says.

And over the next few minutes, that's exactly the ability I'm going to give YOU...

Along with a way to get rich – thanks to the connections in Kent's Rolodex.

This is NOT insider trading –
but it might feel like it.

As I'm about to show you with three of Kent's specific examples, these "Super Shifts" can be worth trillions of dollars...

And they're the secret to Kent's incredible track record of success at pinpointing investments that could make those who follow him incredibly wealthy.

Now, to be clear right from the start...

What I'm about to offer you access to isn't illegal – it's not "insider trading" by the courtroom definition.

But it's sure going to feel that way.

Especially when you start outperforming everything in sight – your golfing buddies, your broker, your neighbor the hedge-fund manager...

And most certainly when you start crushing the market at large.

Just to give you a snapshot of the power of Kent's insights on these "Super Shifts" in the energy markets (and the connections in his Rolodex)...

Let me hit some of the track record high spots for one of the investment research services I publish for Kent.

It's called Energy Advantage, and looking at both open and closed plays over just the last five years, it boasts…

One more tidbit: So far in 2018, Kent's Energy Advantage has averaged 33% gains per pick – and that's including the few rare losing plays...

That's almost 10 times as much as the Dow is handing out this year!

Think about all this for a minute...

Do you hit 85% of your market picks?

Have you ever seen more than five triple-digit winners of up to 368% – or more than 88 hefty double-digit scores?

And is your current average market pick a 33% win?

Again, that's just a brief snapshot. I could brag on Kent's Energy Advantage research advisory service a lot more...

But you get the point.

When it comes to picking winners in the energy markets, Kent and his Rolodex give you an advantage that can be so powerful...

It'll feel positively illegal.

But it isn't.

We're not doing anything illegal by offering you access to the moneymaking power of the contacts in Kent's Rolodex.

So with that said, let's get started with the moneymaking opportunities, shall we?

The world is starving for energy
and demand is only growing.

It begins with the International Energy Agency's (IEA) forecasting a 30% increase in global energy demand.

Imagine: About 99 million barrels of oil are needed each day. Stack another 30% on top of that and you’re close to 130 million barrels of oil every day.

Frankly, Kent and his Rolodex contacts are concerned that major oil companies won’t be able to keep up.

Even Chevron CEO, John Watson, has warned that U.S. shale oil alone cannot meet the world’s growing appetite for crude oil…

Why are these oil companies, and Kent and his contacts, concerned?

Because of an explosive growth of so-called megacities.”

Allow me to explain…

Twenty-five years ago, there were only 10 urban areas in the world that could boast more than 10 million inhabitants.

Now there are more than 37 so-called megacities worldwide, and by 2040, the United Nations estimates that nearly 65% of the world’s population will call cities home.

The list of megacities is topped right now by Japan’s Tokyo-Yokohama at almost 38 million people.

That’s three million more people than those that live in the entire country of Canada, all living in one geographic metroplex.

Next is Jakarta with just over 31 million people, then Delhi at over 26 million, Manila with 24 million, and you’ll find the first U.S. megacity, New York City, ranked #9 with over 21 million people.

All these people, and all these “megacities,” are going to need a whole lot of oil.

And what do you need to supply this need? A whole lot of money.

According to the IEA, the world needs a $44 trillion investment in global energy supply to fill the coming energy needs.

Here is how the agency breaks it out…

What could that mean for you?

It begins with the three biggest "Super Shifts" – and the greatest moneymaking opportunities that Kent sees coming in the energy markets right now...

You can bet the three coming "Super Shifts"
will slice and dice the spoils of $44 trillion!

According to Dr. Moors, energy is the new playing field for investing.

He likens it to a game of three-dimensional chess...

"I'm not involved in stuff that's right on the surface," he told me. "The sorts of things I work with... take place three or four moves down the road."

And as you'll soon see, it's that three-dimensional, four-moves-ahead perspective that could end up leading you to boatloads of money...

Especially on the three "Super Shifts" he revealed to me recently.

Together, he believes they will each take a cut of the $44 trillion needed in the global energy market.

Here they are…

Finally, the Tech to Capture a Potential
$57.3 Billion Solar Opportunity.

You must’ve heard of solar energy by now.

You probably get what it is and how it works.

But what you probably don’t know is that…

Enough sunlight hits the Earth every two minutes to power the ENTIRE WORLD for a full year!

That’s an extraordinary amount of power that until now has largely gone untapped.

Because up until now, there’s been only one crucial, missing piece…

The technology to harness this infinite power at an acceptable cost.

For decades, the world has been missing out on trillions upon trillions of energy particles floating all around us, just out of reach.

It’s simply been too costly.

Harvesting energy from the sun was much more expensive than fossil fuels.

Ten years ago, generating electricity through solar cost about $600 per MWh, and it cost only $100 to generate the same amount of power through coal and natural gas.

Until now...

One remarkable advancement in chemical engineering have cut costs by a stunning, mind-blowing 99%.


Consequently, solar is growing leaps and bounds.

The cost of solar technology has plummeted from over $76 per watt to about 5 cents per watt in some cases.

That’s almost inconceivable. It’s a staggering 99.9% reduction in cost...

And the impact is revolutionary.

Suddenly solar is now cheaper than oil, natural gas, coal, and even nuclear power in many areas.

Two years ago, Jon Wellinghoff, former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), put it this way...

Sun power is “going to overtake everything... it could double every two years...”

He’s not the only expert who thinks so...

According to Ray Kurzweil, a New York Times best-selling author and Google’s Director of Engineering, solar has doubled every two years for the last 20 years as of two years ago.

At that rate, solar is less than 16 years away from meeting 100% of the world’s energy needs.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that solar will soon be the #1 source of energy on the planet, pushing oil, gas, and coal to the side.

A distinguished fellow at Stanford University and Director of Research at Duke University’s School for Engineering, compares solar’s rise to the proliferation of mobile phones.

Within 15 years, 100% of the Earth’s energy needs will be met by solar.

This fact has not been lost on the world’s smartest investors. In fact, billionaires have been rushing in with full force.

For example, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the world’s richest man – the man who once called solar “cute” – did a complete 180-degree turn-around and invested BILLIONS into next-generation energy technologies like solar.

Warren Buffett has already invested as much as $15 billion in solar and wind power and is set to double down.

“There’s another $15 billion ready to go,” says Buffett.

Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son and his partners plan to invest $20 billion on solar projects in India.

I could go on and on.

The richest, sharpest people on the planet are loading up.

I suggest you do the same. Because as Kent has told me…

This is no longer a question of “if.”

And it’s not a question of “when.”

Solar’s total domination of the energy markets is INEVITABLE, and the time for action is NOW.

As you’ll see in these two catalysts, innovation is not only happening in tech but also in HOW solar panels are adopted...

Catalyst One: Solar Helps Fortune 500 Companies Save Money.

Major U.S. businesses are now choosing solar at a rapid rate to power their operations.

And why not?

Solar energy is a cheap and profitable way for businesses to generate the electricity they need for manufacturing, distribution, storage, retail, and many other applications.

The top corporate solar users in the United States have installed enough solar capacity to power 402,000 U.S. homes.

And these Fortune 500 companies have installed solar at more than 7,400 individual installations nationwide.

Here are the top 10 corporate solar users…

  1. Target at 203.48 MW
  2. Walmart at 149.43 MW
  3. Prologis at 120.72 MW
  4. Apple at 101.40 MW
  5. Kohl’s at 51.49 MW
  6. Costco at 50.75 MW
  7. General Growth Properties at 50.21 MW
  8. IKEA at 44.85 MW
  9. Macy’s at 38.98 MW
  10. Amazon at 33.60 MW

That’s a solid list and only a start.

You’ll see even more corporations doing this, as commercial prices have fallen by 58% since 2012 and by 16% in the last year, which is bound to increase adoption even more.

This map below shows you where the top 25 corporate solar users in the U.S. have installed solar energy systems.


And it’s not just corporations.

Schools are going all in, as well.

About 5,489 K-12 schools in the U.S. now have solar-power installations, according to a report from the Solar Foundation.

The total capacity of all the school installations is 910 megawatts, which produces enough electricity each year to power about 190,000 homes.

What’s behind this solar adoption?

The cost of solar power installations at schools has decreased about 60% in the last seven years.

Now that solar power is at its most affordable, schools that have gone solar are saving money on their utility bills and have a backup source of electricity in case of outages.

Take a look at this map, where each pin on the map below represents a K-12 school or school district with a solar energy system:


Now, there’s one key to corporations and schools adopting solar. It’s not just because it’s affordable.

They have an unused, free resource which is solar friendly…

Flat-roof space.

Many school and commercial buildings have empty flat-roof space which is very well-suited for solar power installations.

There’s no new construction or land needed.

And speaking of (relatively) flat surfaces...

Catalyst Two: Floating Solar Panels Are Finally Happening.

Here, look at this…


That’s a 13.7 MW floating solar farm, located on the Yamakura Dam reservoir in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, in Japan.

This solar farm has the capacity to power approximately 4,970 households and curb nearly 8,170 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Japan is currently the fourth-largest solar market and is a lucrative investment arena for floating solar panels.

This is not just happening in Japan, either.

Countries like China, India, and the Netherlands are all adopting floating solar panels at a breakneck speed.

These are just a handful of countries leading the way.

The floating solar panel industry as a whole is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of more than 45% from 2016 to 2024.

Innovation like this is exactly why solar energy is becoming INEVITABLE.

I’ll go into more detail below on what this could mean for you in a minute.

But first, let me just quickly run you through the second mind-boggling energy "Super Shift."

Siphon Massive Profits
from Oil at $150 per Barrel.

We’ve seen this movie before.

All commodities in the world, like oil, run in price cycles that feel a lot like Groundhog Day, the iconic 1993 movie.

Right now, booming demand growth and a lack of readily available resources is fueling a surge across commodities that can be dubbed a “super-cycle.”

This is just like in 2008, when oil rallied to an all-time high above $147 a barrel.

No one knows where the price ceiling will be this time. Kent’s research and Rolodex contacts suggest $150 per barrel is coming, fast.

But few are taking any note of an oil shock right now – which is concerning because Kent sees no reason why oil prices won’t rise and every reason why it should.

He bases that opinion on the fact that global oil inventory levels had been steadily declining for months now.

And the amount of oil being produced daily is already below the amount of oil demanded.

Again, just like in 2008.

The market had been misled by stubbornly high U.S. oil inventory data numbers that were being temporarily caused by excessive Saudi oil exports.

Long story short, Bloomberg reported that those excessive Saudi oil exports were dramatically reduced, U.S. oil inventories fell quickly, and now oil prices are up massively – almost 144% in less than two years…

Today, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate Crude fetches $68.

By Kent’s calculations, the 46% spike over the past year alone is the 11th largest of the past 70 years.

That’s fairly modest by some standards.

But hardly suggesting $150 per barrel, right?


Because we’re facing two critical catalysts that Kent’s research (and those he’s in touch with from his Rolodex) indicates could burst oil prices even higher.

Catalyst One: High Demand and Chronic Underinvestment.

Daily oil demand is growing fast, rising by 1.5 million barrels this year to a new all-time high of 99.3 million barrels.

But, when oil prices tanked a few years ago, energy giants curtailed investment in their expensive, long-term projects, such as deep-sea production in the North Sea and Canadian oil sands.

Global oil and gas companies slashed capital expenditures by about 40% between 2014 and 2016.

Some 400,000 workers were let go, and major projects that did not meet profitability criteria were either canceled or deferred.

This is the largest capital spending slump in 20 years.

To illustrate just how bad this is, look at it this way…

The oil industry requires an investment of about $3 trillion between 2016 and 2020, just for maintaining its long-term health.

(That is, the industry needs to spend $600 billion per year only to stay afloat.)

But the industry has two major money drains – debt repayments and shareholder payouts.

Together, these two amount to almost $4 trillion over the course of four years.

The math is simple but painful…

They need to come up with an extra few trillion, fast.

How do you think they’ll try to recoup the missing trillions?

Raising prices is the easiest way out.

This underinvestment could cause a super-spike potentially much larger than $150 a barrel.

According to Kent, reinvestments in oil reserves is the lowest in a generation.

Reduced investment today creates a shortage in oil supply tomorrow.

Because of this, oil prices could top all-time highs near $150 a barrel.

All of Kent’s Rolodex contacts are warning that companies are underinvesting in the type of big, long-cycle projects that yield huge payloads of crude.

And if oil companies do nothing to replenish their reserves, they will barely last for 10 years.

The producers that let their proven oil reserve life fall below 10 years will struggle to grow production without purchasing other oil companies.

At some point the proverbial 'chickens will come home to roost.'

The impact will be production declines and another super-cycle in oil prices.

Say goodbye to $30 barrels and $1.69 per gallon to fill your car up.

Say hello to $150 per barrel and $3.80 at the pump.

And that’s just one catalyst that Kent has identified.

This next catalyst is yet another reason why we’re expecting to see $150+ barrels.

Catalyst Two: Humanitarian Crisis Close to Home.

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro recently secured himself another six years as president in what was by all accounts a “sham” election.

Venezuela food crisis

The country is faced with hyperinflation at an annualized rate of 15,000%, can’t import basic medical necessities, and currently has the military in charge of dispensing food.

That is terrible news for the people of Venezuela.

And has left the Venezuelan oil industry in shambles.

It is lacking tools, machines, and money. With the country literally falling apart, thousands of oil workers are fleeing the state-run oil firm, PDSVA.

Many of those leaving are engineers, managers, or lawyers – high-level professionals that are almost impossible to replace amid Venezuela’s economic meltdown.

A lack of funds has limited PDVSA's ability to process and therefore sell its heavier grade.

There has been a shortage of chemicals and equipment to properly treat and store oil, so facilities get shut down, or production is rushed to avoid delays.

Exacerbating that, a flood of other factors like U.S. sanctions, food shortages, uncontrollable inflation, and violent protests have left the government unable to respond.

Production is in complete freefall. The situation is only going to get worse.

The U.S. Government imposed sanctions on the country as a result of the Maduro-sham election results.

Keep in mind that Venezuela’s oil production was nearly 2.4 million barrels per day.

Since then, production has collapsed by a shocking one million barrels per day and conditions keep worsening.

In this year alone, Venezuela’s self-reported production fell by 77,000 bpd, from 1.586 million bpd in February to 1.509 million bpd in March.

This is a major global oil producer that is disintegrating at an incredibly rapid pace.

And this drop in production is bound to support higher oil prices.

Is it possible that just another 24 months later, we could get back to $100 per barrel... and top $150?

Yes, Kent’s deep research analysis – and his Rolodex contacts – suggest so.

First, though, let me show you another looming "super shift" that you must know about.

U.S. Natural Gas Exports Expected to Add
452,000 Jobs, $73 Billion to Economy

All added to the U.S. economy in the next couple decades.

Here’s why…

And yet…


The revolution taking place in natural gas has been almost completely overlooked.

The fracking revolution that has transformed the development of America’s crude-oil reserves is also revolutionizing the production of natural gas.

Natural gas is the country’s largest source of energy production, representing a third of all energy produced in 2016. It has been the largest source of electrical power since July 2015.

And the United States has been the world’s largest producer of natural gas since 2009, when it first started out-producing Russia.

Technology has reduced the cost of liquefying natural gas so it can be transported around the world cheaply, making it even more attractive to countries all over the world.

Back in 2012, it used to cost an average of $142,000 per day to ship LNG.

Now in 2018, it’s an average of $36,600 per day.

That’s $105,000 cheaper.

And demand keeps going up, as the market for LNG grew by 29 million tons last year, 30% more than previously expected – and analysts expect a 28% increase over the next couple years.

It’s a textbook example of what happens when the price of something drops: demand shoots up.

The possibilities for U.S. LNG exporters are massive because gas prices are dirt-cheap in the U.S., at $2.75 per MMBtu, which is the measure of energy content in fuel...

But sky-high in Asia, running at $8.74 per MMBtu, just over three times as high.

This combination of low prices and high demand is playing out perfectly for U.S. LNG exporters.

In the simplest terms, exporters can buy low in the U.S. and sell high abroad – that’s winning on price.

And the increase in export capacity is opening up new trading opportunities (with countries all over the world) and creating greater contract flexibility – and that’s winning on geopolitics.

In fact, U.S. LNG will soon pass Qatar as the largest source of flexible-LNG supply that can quickly respond to global market prices.

Countries are already lining up to get more LNG from the U.S.

Just think how much more money all these countries are going to start throwing at American drillers with shale gas expertise.

That's not to mention all the American firms that are going to make a killing on the coming boom in domestic gas production.

Research from the American Petroleum Institute shows that increased LNG export volumes could support between 220,000 to 452,000 additional jobs and add $50 to $73 billion to the U.S. economy.

It's not just the drillers that are going to reap the benefits, it's…

The very best part for American energy investors is this…

There are two specific "catalysts" that could catapult the U.S. to the forefront of the fast-growing global LNG industry within the next 6-24 months.

Catalyst One: New Terminals Equals More Export.

The U.S. LNG export boom continues at breakneck speed, putting the U.S. on track to become the world’s greatest LNG exporter in five years or less.


Over the past few years, a large number of U.S. coastal terminals originally slated for LNG imports are now in the process of converting into export stations.

Another handful of export terminals are leading the way right now…

These terminals will make the United States one of the top three LNG exporters in the world.

Bottom line: Liquefied natural gas is going to change the global energy game – and the U.S. will soon be at the head of the LNG pack.

Especially as this next catalyst is taking effect right now.

Catalyst Two: China (and the World) Demands More U.S. Natural Gas.

China’s got a problem.

And the U.S. is uniquely positioned to charge a premium to help them fix it.

Let me explain…

China is investing tens of billions of dollars every year into renewable energy deployment and supply chains.


Its motivations are simple: The country wants to improve its environmental footprint and air quality, develop a leadership position in global markets, and increase national security and energy independence (you don't have to import renewable energy).

Last year alone, China's gas demand boomed by over 15%, with imports rising by 30%.

Which means they just passed Japan to become the largest natural gas importer in the world.

Key arteries bringing in foreign LNG supplies, such as the China-Myanmar pipeline, however, often see utilization rates of just 50-60%, due to numerous economic, political, technological, and weather problems.

That’s not boding well for the success and reliability of that pipeline, at all.

And here’s the thing…

Many of China's LNG sources have issues that open the door for U.S. LNG.

China needs U.S. LNG. Badly.


There's plenty of room for U.S. gas exporters in China as the need for imports is surging that fast.

Supplying China with energy is like trying to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool with a hose.

All of this is putting America in the sweet spot for potentially cashing in big on LNG exports for years to come.

These looming "Super Shifts" could make you incredible money – if you know how to play them.

Kent can help you do that.

Let me show you how…

And how YOU can start reaping the benefits right away.

Not just with the three "Super Shifts" I've just revealed to you...

But for every one that he’s involved with – or aware of – from now on.

Straight from Kent's Rolodex:
Three Potentially HUGE "Super Shift" Winners.

You won't hear about the "Super Shifts" I just laid out for you in the mainstream news for years.

Sure, you might hear an occasional sound bite or two that are related to them…

Like when more LNG export terminals come online. Or when geopolitical fallout strangles cobalt supplies.

That stuff will make the headlines.

But you won't get the big, lucrative picture behind any of these occurrences...

Not unless you know Dr. Kent Moors – the one man who's actually involved with making all of them happen.

Now, for every "Super Shift" Kent detects, there are typically dozens of lucrative plays in his sights...

"As these new changes take place in the energy market, you're actually going to have sequences of companies that tend to benefit," says Kent.

I mentioned a few of these earlier – things like oilfield service providers, oil and gas processors, rail and sea shippers, pipeliners, environmental companies, etc…

But there's usually one front-running company in particular that Kent sees busting out into profitability first...

And as his track record shows, he's usually right.

So how does he find them?

Easy. As I've touched on all along, he uses early, sensitive information...

Information that people like you and I – and most brokers – simply cannot easily get.

"The reason why my experience has been so beneficial – and you can see it in the track record," says Kent, "is that I've got people to call so that I can get an early indication of things."

The way Kent picks his winners is actually rather simple, in theory at least.

Since his official job is to pinpoint and predict "Super Shifts" for governments, energy companies, and policy research forums...

All Dr. Moors really needs to do is figure out which companies are expected to benefit first – and most – from these shifts as they unfold.

To do this, he doesn't start scrutinizing annual reports and stock charts and technical indicators and all the other crap every other investment "guru" does...

He just dives into his trusty Rolodex and starts dialing the right people.

The people who actually know what could happen – and who's going to benefit.

At the 17:40 mark of an interview, Kent described the process like this…

"On any given day, you've got this ocean of information out there. And you have to determine what's important from what isn't. If you know the source, you can determine whether the information is valid. And if that source is also in your Rolodex, you can call them up and ask them questions about it. That's the advantage. It isn't simply mining inside information. It's knowing where things are coming from, who you can get information from, and where you can verify things."

Now, sometimes Kent has to get a little bit crafty to get the best investing "intel."

In fact, he often ends up playing competitors against each other in order to get the real dirt – or the juiciest information.

"Most of the valid stuff I end up getting about companies," Kent adds, "I get from their competitors."

The bottom line is that because of Dr. Moors' position as one of the most powerful people in energy – if not THE most powerful person...

He almost always ends up getting the straight scoop for his readers.

That's because most people in the energy world are afraid to lie to him – or to dodge his call.

"Often, I'll call somebody and they can't afford not to take the phone call," Kent says.

That's why I named his research advisory service Energy Advantage...

Because that's the source of its phenomenal moneymaking power, the ultra-connected inner circle of the energy world.

A place where Dr. Moors is – in the minds of many – the undisputed alpha male.

And to prove that to YOU beyond any possible doubt...

I'd like to GIVE you Kent's three most urgent and potentially lucrative picks: one for each of the three "Super Shifts" I briefed you on a few minutes ago.

Now, it's Kent's job to explain all the ins and outs behind these...

Why he chose them, how he gathered the intelligence, how they relate to "Super Shifts" in energy, and how much money he realistically expects them to make.

I couldn't relay all that information to you if I tried. I'm just not qualified to do it.

But don't worry. I'm going to show you a way to get Kent's complete briefings on these three plays – totally FREE OF CHARGE – in just a moment.

Just to whet your appetite, though...

Let me just give you my quick and dirty impressions of them, based on what Kent told me in our recent interviews.

Here they are right now…

Solar: An Epic Mega-Shift That Could Hand You 373% Gains or More.

Kent believes solar is the fastest-rising star in energy over the next decade.

And at the center of this feeding frenzy sits one tiny company that could deliver early investors 10, 15, 25, even 50 times their money.

Kent’s recommendation for solar is one of the premiere solar companies that is capitalizing to the fullest from the recent explosive growth in solar power.

The company is positioned to dominate, completely.

They produce solar modules, solar system integration services, and photovoltaic (PV) products for countries around the world, making them one of the most highly sought-after producers in the business.

They’ve been cinching deals left and right lately…

  • Deals with major companies like NextEra Energy (NEE) and large projects like the Bungala solar project in Australia…
  • And another one with Colombia – the agreement states that the company will supply 85 megawatts (MW) of solar modules to Colombia’s largest PV plant.

But best of all…

They have a huge competitive advantage in the market with patented technology that brings the cost of solar down from $76 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to just 5 cents per kWh.

That’s a cost reduction of 99%.

And the way it works is amazing.

Their patented technology turns grains of sand, right off the beach, into highly efficient, wafer-thin solar cells that deliver dirt-cheap energy.

No wonder every major player in the world is lining up to do business with this company.

No wonder surging demand is so extraordinary they've had to set up offices around the world in places like China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and even Saudi Arabia just to handle the overflow.

Plus... with 130 patents, this is only the tip of this company's potential.

Think of an octopus, an ever-expanding octopus with 130 arms, reaching around the globe, into every country, every utility company, every corporation…

Every aspect of the rapidly expanding solar sector… and pulling out big, fat profits.

All well and good. But then Trump unleashed tariffs.

Earlier this year, President Trump announced and put in place a 30% tariff on imported solar products.

Predictably, this made globalist heads explode, warning of layoffs, factories closing, and reduced U.S. investments.

It certainly seemed like a major blow for this company, too, as they’d be subject to the tariff with all the ramifications you’d expect, such as loss in revenue and profits.

Except it’s not.

Because there’s a tiny loophole that makes Kent’s pick essentially tariff immune.”

It turns out there’s a tariff exemption that allows for up to 2.5 gigawatts of solar cells per year to be assembled in the U.S.

So what do you do to get this exemption?

You invest millions into a factory in Florida to supply a local counterparty with plans for thousands of megawatts' worth of solar projects over the next four years.

The city council of this town even approved $24.2 million in incentives to attract this “unnamed” foreign manufacturer to build a $410 million factory.

This “unnamed” manufacturer is the company I’ve been talking about and that Kent shared with me.

Tariff problem solved. Money in the bank. More profits in your pocket.

How to Triple Your Big Returns
Thanks to Oil’s Rise.

Right now, booming demand growth and a lack of readily available resources is fueling a surge for oil that can be dubbed a “super-cycle.”

This is just like in 2008, when oil rallied to an all-time high above $147 a barrel.

No one knows where the price ceiling will be this time. Kent’s research and Rolodex contacts suggests $150 per barrel is coming, fast.

But few are taking any note of an oil shock right now – which is concerning because Kent sees no reason why oil prices won’t rise and every reason why it should.

He bases that opinion on the fact that global oil inventory levels had been steadily declining for months and that the amount of oil being produced daily was already below the amount of oil demanded.

The market had been misled by stubbornly high U.S. oil inventory data numbers that were believed to have been temporarily caused by excessive Saudi oil exports.

Long story short, Bloomberg reported that those excessive Saudi oil exports were dramatically reduced, U.S. oil inventories fell quickly, and now oil prices are up massively…

It has been rebuilding steam for the past two years – but quietly.

And if you move fast, you can join them for the real returns to come.

Kent says double- to triple-money gains shouldn't be unrealistic to expect as the price per barrel shoots up to $150.

Up to 1,000% Gains Thanks to LNG.

More than any of the other "Super Shifts" I've shown you today, the global LNG boom is going to be the one to infuse many companies, in many countries, with sizeable gains.

Its effects are going to permeate just about all aspects of global culture and society, according to Kent...

And at the center of it all is a company Kent is recommending, that’s already been exporting LNG since early 2016 at one of their facilities, with three “trains” (facilities) and a capacity of about two billion cubic feet per day.

They’re also in the process of expanding to five “trains” and getting contracts and financing for a sixth “train.”

Not to mention their Texas facility, currently under construction on 1,000 acres. It’s about 70% complete and the first train is expected to begin operating in the first half of 2019.

Across the U.S, there are another 12 LNG export terminals in the queue, which could export the liquefied equivalent of 25 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.

And this company is at the forefront of the LNG export game – but perhaps more importantly than that, they're also involved in natural gas liquefaction processing and rail transport of finished LNG.

This company already has a number of multibillion-dollar long-term LNG export contracts outside the United States and already has blanket permission from the U.S. Department of Energy to begin LNG exports.

But you'd better hurry.

Perhaps more than any other company, this one is set up to positively explode in rapid-fire succession as more export terminals come online and as China and the Asian markets continue to gobble up LNG like there’s no tomorrow.

Investors are starting to catch on, too. The firm's shares have crept up 47% over the past year. But Kent says that's just a warm-up.

Once its expansion plan takes off, this firm’s stock should easily haul in up to 1,000% in gains, or a lot more.

Again, these are just my brief summaries of the exciting and lucrative plays Kent's recommending on the three "Super Shifts" he's outlined for you today.

Dr. Moors is the one who's going to give you the full details on them...

Including their names, ticker symbols, financial info, "buy" and "sell" price targets, you name it.

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