Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Discovery
Tiny Corner of this $6.6 Trillion Market Has Triggered A…

Global Currency Revolution

Trading Legend Tom Gentile Has Cracked Open a New Market
That's Turning Ordinary Americans into Millionaires

Hi, I’m Tom Gentile.

I want to ask you a simple question.

What do you think is the biggest market in the world?

Well, let me give you a hint.

It’s 77 times bigger than the ETF market…


18 times bigger than the stock market…


And if you’re guessing bonds…

Even with $700 billion in bonds traded every day…

This market I want to tell you about… is still nine times bigger.


In fact, it’s five times bigger than the ETF, stock, and bond markets combined!


What I’m talking about is the currency market…

Where an astounding $6.6 trillion is traded every day.

The Money Being Made Here Is HUGE.

A hedge fund called the Quantum Fund made more than $1 billion in less than 24 hours.

But in this massive global market, something extraordinary is happening…

A tiny offshoot of the currency market is now helping regular everyday Americans become rich in the blink of an eye.

In this little-known offshoot… tiny currencies that most people have never heard of are soaring like crazy.

  • I’m not talking about currencies from developing countries like Brazil, India, or Thailand…
  • I’m not talking about currencies from any country at all…
  • I’m talking about currencies created for industries all around the world.

I call them microcurrencies.

They’re used in real estate, technology, energy, travel, biotech, health care, financial services – you name it.

They help businesses make large financial transactions faster – and more efficiently.

It’s been one of the biggest changes in the currency markets since Forex opened in the mid-1980s.

And these tiny microcurrencies are making everyday folks rich… rocketing up 3,602%






even 61,714% in a matter of days.


Are these rare and exceptional gains? Heck yes they are…

The kind that come along once in a lifetime.

That’s why we are witnessing nothing less than a revolution in the global currency market.

This new and exciting microcurrency market has gone from zero to $95 billion changing hands every day… in nothing flat.

Yet I’d bet not more than one in 1,000 people even know these tiny currencies exist – or how to make a profit from them.

For instance, most people don’t realize that there’s a microcurrency especially created for the health-care market.

It makes affordable medical care accessible to people all over the world.

Many of these folks are suffering from diabetes, cancer, and other difficult diseases.

And this currency helps them get treatment without costing them ridiculous sums.

Recently, this microcurrency got a huge boost when rideshare giant Lyft integrated it into its payment system.

Lyft is using it to help sick patients pay for transportation costs to medical centers and hospitals.

And it’s been soaring ever since.

To make money on this, all you had to do was follow these three simple steps:

  1. You convert U.S. dollars into this microcurrency at a low price…
  2. You wait for the microcurrency to rise in value…
  3. Then, you sell your microcurrency at a higher price… and exchange it back to U.S. dollars.

That’s it…

Had you followed those three simple steps on this health-care microcurrency in April, you would have been rewarded with a fast 542%.


Enough to turn $900 into $5,778 – in just 36 days.

Pretty simple, right?

Yet as great as the gains were for that health-care microcurrency…

There’s another microcurrency that just soared even higher.

It’s a microcurrency created for the e-commerce industry.

I’m sure you know online sales are going through the roof.

Take a look in your house. I bet you have at least three items that you purchased from right now.

Global e-commerce is currently one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet.

It’s grown an astounding 20.7% in 2019, approaching $5 trillion in sales by 2021.


And that trend is enough to propel this little e-commerce microcurrency to rocket 1,201%. 


Again, following my three simple steps…


That would have been enough to turn $900 into $11,709 – in just 30 days.

It’s incredible…

And there are dozens of these industry specific microcurrencies making big money for folks in a short period of time…

Take the advertising industry, a $493 billion market.

Advertisers, creative agencies, media buyers, television and radio producers…

They all deal with dozens of vendors who require payment almost daily.

So this currency is used by industry insiders for the payment of these services.

And this year, it’s been moving fast – gaining as much as 3,602%… in just 14 days.


On July 20, you could have bet a mere $900 on this advertising-industry microcurrency…

And by August 5, your money would have soared nearly 40-fold to $32,418.

To pocket that windfall, all you had to do was buy this microcurrency… wait for it to go up… then convert it back into U.S. dollars. 

Three steps…

1-2-3 – It’s That Simple.

That’s what makes these microcurrencies unlike any other investment out there right now.

They can run like crazy in value in just a matter of days.

Which is why savvy investors who know where to find these microcurrencies are making some of the biggest, fastest fortunes I’ve ever seen.

Like former software engineer Kevin Ackerman of San Francisco, California.

He bought a small portfolio of three microcurrencies.

All three turned into big winners… almost overnight.

In fact, one microcurrency in the communication industry quickly turned into the investment of a lifetime.

How much did it soar?

How about 13,846% in just 90 days!

Not a bad haul for a currency used to pay for creating apps for mobile phones.

By the end of six months, Ackerman had managed to turn his savings into a cool million.

Enough for him to quit work and travel the world.

Now, he splits time between London, New York, and San Francisco.

And he's still investing in this market to this day.

How about Joseph Oster from New Rochelle, New York…

After college, Oster landed a high-pressure sales job for IBM.

For four years, Oster dealt with stiff quotas, and stuck with the 9–5 grind.

But then he discovered microcurrencies… and he plunked down a small stake to get started.

He quickly built a microcurrency portfolio – one of them was a currency used to pay for creating legal contracts without a lawyer.

In about a year, his portfolio gained a massive 10,981%.

That’s more than a 100-fold increase… rocketing his stake to $4.1 million!

Do gains like this happen every day? Of course not. When was the last time you got a 10,981% gain in the stock market?

Look – as I said, these are the rarest and most extraordinary gains that you can find today. Period.

But that’s the power of this microcurrency market.

It Can Turn Anyone into a Millionaire Overnight.

And you don’t need tens of thousands to get started.

Just ask John Erickson of Billings, Montana.

As a teenager, Erickson hated school.

His teachers told him to his face he would end up flipping burgers at McDonald’s…

One day, Erickson learned about trading microcurrencies and became obsessed.

He thought it would help him escape a life of working in fast-food chains. 

Erickson took a $1,000 gift from his grandmother and plunked it into a single microcurrency.

While everyone thought Erickson wouldn’t amount to anything…

He became a millionaire before he was 18.

He even splurged on an Audi R8 coup for $170,000.

And he still trades these little-known currencies. Today, he’s worth more than $3 million.

Now, these stories are just incredible.

But they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve been tracking this microcurrency market for the last 22 months – and in all my 25 years in the markets, I’ve never seen anything like it.

There are hundreds of these microcurrencies being traded every day.

And anyone can capitalize on them.

So today, we’re going to blow the lid off this thing.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can pocket gains like 473%, 631%, and 939% from this little-known corner of the currency market… every day of the week.

And here’s the best part…


Even better, it doesn’t require any experience in trading currencies whatsoever.

It’s one of the easiest ways that you can turn a fast profit today.

In fact, today, I’m going to show you a strategy that you can use to trade these tiny microcurrencies…

For a shot at making as much as 25,000% or more this year.

I’m going to tell you more on this later. 

But first… maybe you thought about trading in the currency market at some point in your life.

Lots of traders love it.

And for good reason…

Some of history’s greatest fortunes were made here.

Take Bill Lipschutz.

He basically turned $12,000 that he inherited from his grandmother into a $300 million windfall from currency trading…

Or how about Andy Krieger…

At just 32 years old, he made a $300 million profit – from a single trade.

The point is that million-dollar – even billion-dollar – trades are common in the fiat-currency market.

But in the microcurrency market…

Anybody Can Get In – and Anybody Can Trade

Remember: This market is practically brand-new and almost completely undiscovered.

So the potential gains for the average guy are just astronomical.

The best part is…

You can make crazy gains of 500%, 1,000%, even 10,000% or more…

  • Without staying up all hours of the night waiting to the get the latest economic news from London, Tokyo, or Sydney.
  • Without the need to trade on leverage – or put up any type of collateral.
  • And there’s absolutely no margin account to worry about!

So while the regular currency market has been taken over by professional traders…

This Microcurrency Market Is Perfect for Anybody

In fact, profiting on the microcurrency market comes down to that very simple one-two-three process that I just showed you.

  1. Step 1: You convert U.S. dollars into the microcurrency at a low price.
  2. Step 2: You wait for the microcurrency to rise in value.
  3. Step 3: You sell your microcurrency at a higher price… then exchange it back to U.S. dollars.

That’s it.

The Goal: End Up with a Lot More U.S. Dollars Than You Started With.

It’s that simple!

You’re not shorting currencies… placing options on currencies… or trading futures contracts on currencies…

You’re just tapping into a brand-new currency market – one that’s overflowing with the some of the biggest opportunities I’ve ever seen.

I’m talking monster-sized gains.

Take a microcurrency with the symbol TRIO that’s become very beneficial for people working in the travel industry.

It gives global customers access to flights, hotels, and car rentals similar to Airbnb, Expedia, and Priceline.


In 14 days, this currency soared 24,522% against the dollar.

That’s more than 24 ten baggers… or 245 times your money…

Or enough to turn $900 into $221,598… in two short weeks.

Better yet, take a look at this next one.


It’s a basket of microcurrencies that allow traders to make a play on several opportunities at once.

Sort of like an ETF for microcurrencies.

And when it came out in February of this year, the demand for it went through the roof.

In fact, in merely 24 days, this microcurrency shot up an astounding 61,714%.

That’s not a typo.

That’s 617 times your money.

It would have turned a $900 stake into $556,326!

That means people who were smart enough to play this microcurrency’s dramatic move up this year…

Would have made more than half a million bucks on one trade!

Now folks, it’s hard to top that…

But amazingly there’s a microcurrency for online businesses that did.

The symbol is PAXEX.

It was created for online marketers to pay for products and services like custom programming for websites, daily blog posts – really anything companies need to attract new business.

In fact, small online business entrepreneurs can even use this currency to pay for utilities like electricity.

And with 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S. alone, this currency has become very popular.

So much so that it soared 72,059%… in a single day!


That’s right, one day.

Following my three-step method…

If you had converted $900 into this Paxex microcurrency…

And just waited 24 hours…

You could have exchanged it back for a massive $649,431 in one day!

As crazy as that is…

That’s not even the biggest gain I’ve seen this year…

The top prize goes to a microcurrency used by internet data centers to buy energy at a reduced cost.

As you can imagine, these data centers use up a lot of power.        

It would take 34 coal plants generating 500 megawatts each to meet the power demands of data centers in the U.S. alone.  

And globally, all that power is going to cost a bundle of money.

That’s why this data center microcurrency is so valuable to data center executives.

It gives them a chance to get a huge supply of power – while saving untold millions of dollars in energy costs.

But it’s not just great for the CEOs and CFOs running data centers…

It’s great for us too.


Because this data-center microcurrency trades on the secret corner of the currency market that I’ve been telling you about.

And in February of this year, it skyrocketed 137,700% in six short days!

So again…

If we would have followed my simple one-two-three process…

And converted $900 into this tiny microcurrency on a special exchange that I’m going to show you in a minute…

Then waited six days for the currency to go up in value…

We could have sold it and exchanged it back for $1.2 million.

I’m Not Making This Up.

If you would have made this ONE trade following those three easy steps… with just $900 on this little-known data-center microcurrency…

You would have pocketed $1.2 million… in LESS than a week!

And you wouldn’t have needed leverage… or a single penny in a margin account!

You see how simple this is?

Now, obviously those big gains have already past.

And just because they went up so high before doesn’t mean they’ll do it again.

Look – some microcurrencies may go up 1,000%… some 100%… some 10%… some not at all. Some may end up in the red.

No one has a crystal ball to predict the future – not even me.

That’s why I always tell folks that you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

But here’s the thing about these microcurrencies…

The reward can be 10 to 15 times greater than the risk…

And you don’t need a lot of money to get started. Heck, you don’t even need to start with $900.

You Can Start with as Little as $100

That’s why these microcurrencies are so revolutionary.

Industries all over the world are rapidly turning to these young new currencies.

They offer faster payments than traditional currencies.

As well as supremely lower –even nonexistent– transaction fees.

And unlike traditional currencies, they truly adhere to the laws of supply and demand.

Historically, this has been a big problem with fiat money.

Take the U.S. dollar for example.

The FED just prints more and more greenbacks whenever they want.

Today, there’s $15 trillion in the system… and the number is only growing. 

That’s just what’s in circulation.

Our debt is skyrocketing $1 million every minute…

$1 billion dollars every 17 hours…

We just keep printing and printing and printing and printing.

So there’s a colossal supply of dollars weighing down the world’s monetary system.

This can lead to inflation.

For example, in 1985 a brand-new Cadillac cost $17,990. Today, it costs nearly $50,000.

But with microcurrencies, the supply is always fixed.

That means the number of units, or supply, is set in stone.

So with their limited supplies, microcurrencies can never be inflationary.

In fact, they not only can hold their purchasing power… they can often increase their purchasing power.

Take, for example, the health-care microcurrency I just told you about.


It shot up 542% in just 36 days.

Why are so many of these microcurrencies making such big gains for folks right now?

Well first, the market for these microcurrencies is new.

So for the most part, these young currencies are priced very cheap. 

In a way, they are like penny stocks.

Sometimes they can trade for a fraction of a penny!

In this case, it cost just 76 cents for one unit of our health-care microcurrency.

The second thing is that limited supply I just told you about.

As I said, it’s fixed in stone.

So industries realizing how cheap these microcurrencies are…

Also how limited the supply is…

Often pour in boatloads at a time – driving up the price.

It’s supply and demand 101.


When the demand from inside the health-care industry is great enough…

The law of supply and demand takes over…

And the price of the health-care industry microcurrency can soar very quickly.

But it doesn’t stop there…

You see, when the industry jumps into these microcurrencies with full force…

It sets off a chain reaction in the market.

Remember: This microcurrency market is also now available to traders outside the industry.

So if traders see this hot health-care microcurrency going up…

Human nature dictates they will do what traders do…

They’re going to jump all over it, and buy, buy, buy.

Now, as traders pile in, the price of the health-care microcurrency can REALLY get pushed higher and higher.

Depending on how many industry insiders and traders get in together, this currency could soar like crazy.

That's how you get gains of 542% or more just 36 days.

And guess what – that’s great for you.

If you are smart enough to get in early at a low price – BEFORE the industry insiders and traders pile on…

You Can Make the Biggest Gains of Your Life.

The health-care industry insiders who are using this currency… they make out great too.

Because they just increased their purchasing power to secure contracts with doctors, buy medical equipment like X-ray machines, or provide hospital services for sick patients.

Remember: The price of all those things stays the same in U.S. dollar…

But now, all of those goods and services will only cost a fraction of the microcurrency.

Meaning that industry insiders can get more for less!

That’s what makes these microcurrencies such a game changer.

And it’s crystal clear to me that this revolution has only just begun.

Because we are witnessing massive growth in adoption of these microcurrencies

In fact, their use is growing at lightning speed.

Just to show you how fast this market is growing…

Let me compare it to the adoption of the fastest-growing industry of our lifetime: the internet.


As you can see from this chart, the comparison between adoption of microcurrencies and the adoption of the internet is remarkably similar.

They both started close to zero – and rose swiftly in record time.

So where are we now?

We’re still early in the game.

Today, microcurrencies are where the internet was in 1994.

In other words, just starting to take off.

And if the adoption curve continues tracking in this way, I can guarantee you that…

Microcurrencies Will Double in Use Every Year for the Next Three Years!

My point is that the internet was a seismic shift in the way that the world communicated.

And microcurrencies are making a seismic shift in the way business moves money.

That’s why today you can go straight down the line and find these microcurrencies in industry after industry after industry.

In fact, I just did a count…


37 industries now have their own microcurrencies. Most have several.

For example, the agriculture industry has nine currencies.

Including one with the symbol HERB.

It allows giant corporate produce companies like Del Monte, C.H. Robinson, and FreshPoint to sell bushels of produce – tomatoes, corn, and lettuce – without the middleman.

Buyers go to a special online marketplace, connect with these corporate farms, and pay using this currency.

It’s much faster and cheaper than wire transfers.

And it has the ability to save big agriculture firms millions of dollars a year on transaction costs alone.

And this microcurrency is traded on an exchange that I’m going to show you in a minute.


In January of this year, this agricultural microcurrency soared 592%IN JUST 11 DAYS.

That’s enough to turn a small $900 stake into $6,228 in a week and a half…

Now, let’s look at the education industry.

It has 15 microcurrencies.

Including this one, EKT.

This currency lets educators save money on high-quality resources for learning.


It surged 452% against the dollar in just five days last April.

If you converted $900 into this microcurrency…

You could have exchanged it back to $4,068 in less than a week.

How about the energy industry? It has 30 microcurrencies.

Like this one, ROX.


It’s an energy microcurrency that allows companies to optimize the electricity grid for reduced energy consumption. It soared 249% in just 17 days.

Let’s move to real estate. It has 17 microcurrencies

Here’s one with the symbol ECOREAL.


It’s used to pay for properties. And it jumped 155% in 22 days… that’s enough to turn $900 into $2,295.

Do you see how many microcurrencies there are for each industry? It’s amazing.

  • The travel industry has 19 microcurrencies.
  • The entertainment industry has 80 microcurrencies.
  • The computer industry has 47 microcurrencies.

Now, let’s go to the telecommunication industry. It has 22 microcurrencies. One of the most widely used is called DENT.

It was created to help travelers get cell phone service overseas.

Say you’re a U.S. citizen traveling from New York to London. As soon as you arrive at Heathrow, your cell phone becomes useless.

However, with this new microcurrency, you could connect to Vodafone – Britain’s largest mobile phone company.

And you won’t even have to change your SIM card.

With this microcurrency, any global traveler can switch providers instantly with revolutionary new SIM technology that never needs to be physically swapped.


You can also trade this mobile-data currency against the dollar.

In fact, not long ago, you could have made a nice 357% profit trading this currency.

That means by using my three-step method…

You could have converted $900 into this microcurrency…

Waited nine days…

And exchanged it back into $4,113!

That money would be waiting for you in your account!

Now, I don’t know about you, but…

I’ve NEVER Seen a Way to Make Money This Big… This Fast… and This Simple.

And I’ve Been Trading the Markets for Over Three Decades.

Look – making money in the markets has been my passion since I started investing as a teenager.

My 25-year career has taken me from being a boots-on-the-ground trader at the American Stock Exchange…

To being the co-founder of one of the world’s leading and most trusted financial education companies.

I developed some of the most technologically advanced investing tools in the world.

A big Wall Street firm even paid me $20 million for one of my creations.

And for the last several years, I’ve created even more powerful tools…

Tools that have allowed me to spot the most profitable windows of opportunity with a 90% accuracy rate.

It’s all been backtested.


In fact, these tools have led me to recommend 119 triple-digit windfall opportunities this year alone with stocks and options.

Granted, my track record isn’t 100% perfect. Nobody’s is…

But as good as I am with stocks and options…

I've never seen anything as lucrative as these microcurrencies.

And the crazy thing about these currencies is that I stumbled upon them by accident a few years ago.

I was doing research for a trade I wanted to make on American Express when I saw something I had never seen before.

Amex was using a little-known microcurrency to speed up their international money transfers to Santander, Spain’s largest bank.

Why were they doing do this?

You know the old expression – TIME IS MONEY?

Well, just imagine how much time and money is wasted waiting 48 hours for a wire transfer!

That’s what makes these new microcurrencies such a game changer.

Banks and Credit Card Companies Can Now Transfer Billions… Even Trillions of Dollars – INSTANTLY.

They can also allow banks to move funds 20 hours a day, up from only six to nine hours using SWIFT.

This is a huge game changer.

After all, nobody likes to wait for money – least of all banks.

I was fascinated – and decided to dig deeper.

And what I found blew my mind.

Turns out, Amex and Santander weren’t the only major firms using microcurrencies.


The biggest banks in the world, including Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan, Barclays, and others are all digging into them too.

Many of these banks call them alt-currencies.

But most folks refer to them as cryptocurrencies.

Now let me be clear…

I’m Not Talking about Bitcoin.

Yes, bitcoin is digital just like these microcurrencies…

But bitcoin is NOT a microcurrency. It’s not tied to any industry.

It’s intended purpose is a store of value. Microcurrencies are a whole different animal.

Microcurrencies are a revolutionary form of cryptocurrencies that are actually making a difference in people’s lives.

That’s what puts them front and center for the biggest, most paradigm shift in modern history.

With these microcurrencies, businesses are able to transfer money faster – at a cheaper cost.

Which is why industries all over the planet are using them in droves to make their businesses more efficient.

And that’s why regardless of what happens to bitcoin, I have always said that these kinds of microcurrencies are the cryptocurrencies that are here to stay.

And why for everyday folks looking to make life-changing money on cryptocurrencies… these microcurrencies and NOT bitcoin – are the way to go right now.

Plus, let’s face it…

When bitcoin collapsed in December 2017 from $20,000 to $3,500, most people thought it was the end.

And for a while, it was.

But while many of the biggest cryptos fell… many of these tiny microcurrencies gained steam.

I’m talking specifically about the one’s tied to industries like I’ve been telling you about here.

Most people never even realized these “other” cryptocurrencies – these microcurrencies – even existed.

But they’ve been soaring…

In fact, every single microcurrency that I’m showing you today captured their massive gains over the last 12 to 15 months – well after bitcoin’s collapse.

So if this is a bear market, give me a bear market any day of the week.

The fact is that this little-known segment of the cryptocurrency market, big gains are happening every day.

Why do you think the banking, mortgage, and insurance industries are barreling full force into these things?

Because the entire world’s currency supply is going digital.


Even the Wall Street Journal reported that central banks are getting closer to issuing their own digital currencies.

Aren’t all currencies digital these days anyway?

Look at your wallet. How much actual cash is in there? Not much I bet.

That’s because it’s at the bank in digital form.

It’s all ones and zeros on some computer.

Very little physical money actually trades hands anymore.

You just pull a card out of your wallet – a debit card, a credit card, a Starbucks card – and buy whatever you want.

And the store that’s taking your debit card? 

They’re just getting electronic transfers like everyone else…

Again, everything is ones and zeros on some computer in the cloud.

So in reality, there’s not much difference between microcurrencies and fiat currencies like the dollar, the euro, the peso, or the yuan.

The difference is that industries across the planet are now turning to these microcurrencies to conduct their daily business.

From banking to agriculture to energy to health care to technology and manufacturing…

They’re all developing microcurrencies like the ones I’ve been showing you today.

It’s the biggest shift in the Forex markets since the U.S. dollar became the world’s reserve currency after the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944.


Hundreds of these microcurrencies now exist.

And savvy investors realizing how huge this ground-floor opportunity is are trading them for very fast and very big gains.

Heck, in the financial services industry alone, there are now 229 microcurrencies!

We Can Now Trade Every Single One of Them for Big Money.

For example, there’s a microcurrency created for small business merchants…

I’m talking about those pop-up kiosks you see in the malls.

Merchants use it to speed up their transactions with credit cards like Visa.

It’s currently being used in over 200 countries and more than 50 million of these businesses worldwide.

And if you knew how to trade it, you could make a fortune.

Because the first part of this year, it jumped 191% against the dollar in just seven days.


That means if we had followed our simple three-step method, you could have converted $900 into this microcurrency…

Waited one week for it to rise…

And exchanged it back to $2,619.

Not bad for a mere seven days.

But here’s one that did even better…


It’s a microcurrency used by insurance brokers to keep track of payment transactions.

Check this out…

It rocketed an astounding 975% in ONLY FOUR DAYS.

That’s enough to turn $900 into $9,672.

Up the ante a bit to say $2,500, and you would have walked away with $26,869.

A $5,000 stake would have turned into $53,738.

That’s life-changing money, folks.

  • Without any special clearance from your broker…
  • Without a margin account…
  • Without getting up in the middle of the night, and best of all…
  • Without betting the farm.

The gains on these microcurrencies are often so big – you only need a small stake up front to make life-changing money.

Take a look at this one for example.


This is another microcurrency used by the financial services industry for instant payments… like Western Union… but cheaper and faster.

In June, it ran wild against the dollar… 5,715% in 22 days.

That means you could have converted $900 into this microcurrency…

Waited 22 days for it to rise…

And exchanged it back into $52,335.

Or 58 times your money in under a month.

And look…

Here’s What I Love Most about This Microcurrency Market…

There’s always a move you can make.

There’s always a ton of ACTION.

I mean, look at all of these huge gains.

Here’s a food industry microcurrency that’s used to pay for the tracking of food quality and safety that jumped 200% in 35 days. Enough to turn $900 into $2,700.


Here’s a retail microcurrency that you can use at millions of stores in Europe. It jumped 323% in 13 days. Enough to turn $900 into $3,807.


Here’s a supply chain microcurrency that’s used to pay for trustworthy identity information that jumped 317% in 30 days. Enough to turn $900 into $3,753.


Here’s an information-technology microcurrency that’s used to pay for getting unbiased reviews for businesses. It jumped 391% in 17 days. Enough to turn $900 into $4,419.


Here’s a computer microcurrency that’s used to pay for extra cloud-computing power that jumped 278% in 26 days. Enough to turn $900 into $3,402.


Here’s an agricultural microcurrency that’s used to pay for trading agave-based products like syrup and tequila. It jumped 260% in 20 days. Enough to turn $900 into $3,240.


Here’s an entertainment microcurrency that’s used to pay for music, TV, and movies that jumped up 214% in 34 days. Enough to turn $900 into $2,826.


Now, the great thing about all of these big gains – they all came within the last 14 to 15 months. 

They’re all hot off the press.

But the crazy thing is…

Most people I know just have no idea how to find these microcurrencies – or where to trade them.

So where can you make these kinds of trades?

Let me show you…

Take a look at this.


This is a real bona fide microcurrency exchange.

This is the ACTION I was telling you about.

Look at all those lights.

Like I said, there are hundreds of these microcurrencies.

That’s good for us – because that means there’s always a trade we can make.

So what we’re looking at here is XRP…

I alluded to them earlier.

This is the financial microcurrency that Amex was using to exchange billions of dollars with Spain’s national bank Santander.

Every line from left to right is a trade. These trades are happening in real time.


They’re all doing the first step of our simple one-two-three method – converting U.S. dollars into XRP.

Look – right there, there’s a buy for $522. 


There’s another buy – much bigger – for $18,106 worth of XRP. See it right there.


So that’s buying…

Now, here’s where it gets really exciting…

This is the selling. This is where the money is made. And look at all that money!

This is Step 3. These folks are cashing out.

Look – there’s a $6,326 check automatically deposited into someone’s account.


Look at this $11,441 – heading into someone’s bank account right this second.


Here’s another one for $23,969!


And wow! Look at this one. It’s $32,850.


The point is that all of that is real cash, folks.

People are making money day and night on these microcurrencies.

Look that’s $17,741 being deposited right this second.


And you can do this too. Now – nothing is stopping you.

Like I’ve been telling you, the concept is a very simple one-two-three process.


Step 1: Buy a microcurrency with U.S. dollars at a low price.

Step 2: Wait for the microcurrency to rise in value.

Step 3: Sell it at the higher price… exchange it back to U.S. dollars.

And the money gets automatically deposited back into your account.

So at the end of the day, you can end up with a lot more U.S. dollars than you started out with.

Now, the $1 million question is…

How do you know which microcurrency is going to shoot up in price against the dollar?

Well, one way is to study the movements of these microcurrencies using the charts they give you on the exchange. 

But unless you’ve got 25 years’ experience like me, a chart doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense.

Now, I’ve got an advantage.

About 22 months ago when I realized this microcurrency explosion was generating massive returns for folks…

I decided there was no way I was going to sit this one out.

So my team and I went to work developing an actual system that could examine hundreds of these microcurrencies in real time…

And then determine the best entry point… just before they skyrocket.

Essentially what we set out to look for was a specific price pattern unique to these microcurrencies.

Now, in the markets, a price pattern is something that appears over and over again like clockwork.

It can help you predict where the price is likely to go.

Many of the most powerful patterns are hard to find – truly needles in a haystack.

To most people, they look like a bunch of random chart lines.

Finding Hidden Patterns Is My Specialty.

To be completely frank, deciphering market patterns is what separates me from all of the other trading experts out there.

Which is why I’m a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business…

And why I’m known as America’s #1 Pattern Trader.

It’s how I became one of the most successful traders in the world over the last two decades…


Making untold millions and living life on my terms.


The point is I have developed these skills over decades so that I can generate income on demand… while living the life most people can only imagine.

All thanks to specific price patterns I find in the market.

And my team and I have spent the last 22 months spotting, testing and perfecting a pattern for trading in the crypto market that is designed to make huge gains on these microcurrencies.

I ran this model through every market condition. And I tested it on over 250 of these microcurrencies from every industry under the sun.

And the results blew me away.

Let me show you what I mean…

Here’s a normal price chart for ENJ, a microcurrency used in the data-storage industry.


What’s the first thing you notice about ENJ?

It’s had a lot of up-and-down movement, right?

This thing is all over the place – typical for any currency.

But here’s what you don’t see on this chart…

When you smooth out that action over a specific period of time, you get a very distinct pattern.

Take a look now.


This is something called the Long-Term Currency Wave.

It tells me, based on the price over the last month, the long-term price trend.

But this is just the first wave…

There’s another wave I’m looking for to complete the pattern.

Here it is now.


This is called the Short-Term Currency Wave.

This tells me the short-term price trend of the currency – I’m talking minutes, maybe days.

Now, here’s where my team of scientists and my 25 years of market pattern experience comes into play.

Because we have a new tool that tracks these two patterns in real time.

And it sends me an alert every time the Short-Term Currency Wave crosses over the Long-Term Currency Wave.

That’s where the magic happens.

Let’s take a look at my initial backtesting.

As soon as I see that cross, it’s my signal that this microcurrency is set to soar…

Take B@, a finance microcurrency I mentioned to you earlier.

Here’s the chart…


As you can see, it has a lot of ups and downs.

But then when I smooth it out – we can see my Long-Term Currency Wave appear.

All of this gets tracked by my software in real time – minute by minute.

Once the Short-Term Currency Wave overlaps the Long-Term Currency Wave and forms a cross…

I am alerted that a potential big gain is coming.

There it is – my backtests show it would have occurred on July 6, 2019…

The two lines crossed – and boom.

The result? It would have shown a 3,077% gain in just 29 days – less than a month.

Enough to turn a small stake of $900 into $28,593.

To pocket that money, all you would have had to do was follow my simple one-two-three method.


The money would have been automatically deposited in your account! Heck, you could have taken a nice trip to the Caribbean with your family – and still have plenty of cash left over for your savings account.

This is the pattern I discovered… and using my three-step method it can help you pocket loads of cash like clockwork.

This IS NOT Buying and Holding.

This is actively trading in and out for large potential gains in short periods of time.

Like this one…


The symbol is CCX, a financial services microcurrency. You could have hit pay dirt in just 13 days.

Look – you can see it on the chart.

There’s the Long-Term Currency Wave. And there’s the Short-Term.

They cross right here. A 939% windfall.

That’s enough to turn $900 into $9,351 in just 13 days.

Here’s another big gain, this time on a microcurrency used by the global dental industry.


Its symbol is DCN. And there’s the cross. 8,167% in just 25 days.

It’s incredible. That’s enough to turn $900 into $74,403 in just over three weeks.

SNT, a microcurrency for the mobile industry, spiked 1,787% in just 37 days.


There’s the cross right there.

Enough to turn $900 into $16,983… not too shabby.

Here’s another financial microcurrency, XLM. There’s the cross.


Boom 2,556% in 48 days.

That would have turned $900 into $23,904.

Now, the gambling industry is very interesting.

Remember: Gambling is not just in Vegas and Atlantic City anymore.

It’s become a huge $240 billion business employing over 1.7 million people in 40 states.

So it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of microcurrencies were created for the gambling industry.

46 to be exact.

And several of them have soared in value recently.

Like this one, EGT.


I ran this system through various scenarios, and the data shows that in May 2019 our pattern would have appeared. There’s the cross right there. The gain? 5,770%.

Enough to turn $900 into $52,830.

We also would have hit it with another gambling industry microcurrency ENJ.


There’s the Long-Term Currency Wave. And there’s the Short-Term Currency Wave.

They crossed right there…

So again, had you converted $900 into ENJ…

And waited 18 days for a 631% gain…

You could have exchanged it for $6,579!

Now, what I’ve shown you so far is just remarkable. These were some of the top-performing examples from my tests.

Of course, not all of the plays soared by 631%.

Some went up 100%.

Some went up 10%.

Some didn’t go up at all. We even lost a few.

No system is perfect.

And that’s why I always say to folks that they should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But the best part about these microcurrencies is there is no need to invest a lot.

Not when so many winning opportunities are available.

Let me show you something that will blow your mind.

If you add up all the gains from these top-performing backtested plays, you could have walked away with 22,927% in winning trades.

And all that from a puny seven trades!

That’s the beauty of these tiny crypto trades – these revolutionary microcurrencies.

If you know how to find the right ones, triple-digit and even 1,000% windfalls happen with dizzying frequency.

But these are just single trades on single currencies.

I’ve got something even more incredible I want to show you.

It’s where the thrills of these microcurrencies really begin.

I call it Profit Stacking.

What do I mean by Profit Stacking?

Let me explain…

Profit Stacking is when you string a few trades together and stack one profit on top of another.

And boy… this gets exciting fast…

For example, there’s a microcurrency in the cannabis market. Its symbol is PRG.

Late last year, you could have put $900 in PRG… and in eight days turned it into $4,158.


That’s a 362% gain… in just one trade.

But say this cannabis microcurrency flashed another buy signal a couple of months later… which in this case happened.

If you rolled your $4,158 into this new trade… you could have seen it grow by another 411% in three days.


That means you multiplied your $4,158 into $21,247!

In the end, two decent trades could have turned $900 into $21,247 in 11 trading days.

All by stacking one gain on top of the other… and all on the same microcurrency!

Not bad, huh?

I love Profit Stacking with these microcurrencies.

Of course for these trades to work so perfectly, you’re definitely going to need the stars to line up.

You’re gonna need some luck.

A loser can sneak in there and snap your chain of winners.

That’s investing for you…

But listen…

When the Long-Term Currency Wave and the Short-Term Currency Wave cross, Profit Stacking on these microcurrencies can certainly happen.

For example, let’s go back to the currency in the financial services industry for instant payments… the one similar to Western Union… the symbol is DUO.

Last June, it ran the dollar… 5,715% in 22 days.


That’s enough to turn your tiny $900 stake into $52,340.

Or 58 times your money in under a month.

And after that, say you pulled out your original $900 so you’re just playing with $51,440 in pure profit.

The next time this currency was poised to pop against the dollar, you let it ride.

And 10 days later… the instant-payment currency soars another 530%!

So you’re stacking a 530% gain on top of the original 5,715% gain… and turning the $51,440 of pure profit into $324,211.


That’s More than a Quarter of a Million Dollars… Starting from $900.

And remember: You’re only in two trades for just 32 days total!

But the real magic can happen on the next trade.

Because this little instant-payment currency took another run.

If you'd rolled your winnings, in four more days, you would have been a millionaire.

A millionaire in 36 trading days… starting with only $900?

You bet.

In fact, $1,289,325.08 to be precise.


That’s how exciting this Profit Stacking can be.

I mean, turning $900 into $1 million in 36 days…

That’s a scenario that few to none will ever get to experience.

But you can see from all the opportunities I’ve shown you today…

Aggressive Traders Could Easily Turn a Tiny Little Stake into a Huge Amount of Money.

The best part is… you don’t have to use Profit Stacking with a single currency.

In fact, it can be a lot easier just to string three different microcurrency trades together!

Let me give you one last example to show how it works.

Again, we’re only starting with $900.

This time, we put that $900 into a microcurrency in the gaming industry.

Well, in 12 days, it jumps 1,532%

That turns your $900 into $14,688.

Three days later, say you get a signal on a financial services microcurrency.

It’s the one used by insurance brokers to keep track of payment transactions.

Now say that you’re feeling pretty aggressive, so you roll your $14,688 into this new trade.

Well, four days later your aggressive nature gets rewarded with a 939% gain.

And your $14,688 rockets to $152,608!

So in two trades… your small $900 stake could have grown to $152,608.

That’s great… right?

Darn right it is.

So you decide to roll it all into one more trade… just to crank up the Profit Stacking power of microcurrencies.

So around three weeks later, you see another trading signal flash.

It’s a microcurrency used by game developers to pay for access to a platform that helps them monetize their games…

You decide to roll your $152,608 into it.

Now, say the sell signal took a little longer to arrive… this time it’s 33 days after you buy.

That’s not a long time, right?

Of course not… especially when it soars 1,077% in barely over a month.

And the best part is that this is the trade where all the magic happens.

In this case, your $152,608 skyrockets you to almost $2 million.

In fact, $1,796,196 to be exact… that’s near multimillionaire territory!

Again, I’ll point out that you would have to be tremendously lucky to hit all of these trades.

I mean, hitting all three trades with perfect timing could happen…

But for these rare and exceptional trades, it’s going to take some serious stars aligning to say the least.  

Like I said, when you’re dealing with the cryptocurrency market, you can’t get away from the fact that there’s going to be some volatility.

But that’s what makes this market so exciting.

As someone who’s been trading for 25 years, I can tell you that if there weren’t volatility… we’d be talking about 5% and 10% gains instead of 500% and 1,000% gains.

Look – I don’t care if it’s stocks, bonds, options… whatever.

Investing in anything carries risk.

And the cryptocurrency market is no exception.

But the point is… just stringing a few nice microcurrency gains together could hand you life-changing profits.

So do you see why Profit Stacking can be so great?

These trades can come so fast – every day.

This proves that it doesn’t take a lot of trades to get rich with microcurrencies.

The bottom line is that there’s no other market on Earth where you could turn such a small stake into $1 million so quickly.

And that’s what makes microcurrencies so appealing.

The Fact is That Microcurrencies Are THE Most Lucrative Market on the Planet

So if you want the best shot at turning a small stake into life-changing money… this is where you want to be.

Now, like I said earlier: I’d be surprised if more than one in 1,000 people even know these microcurrencies exist.

So I realize that there is a good chance you have never traded in these microcurrencies before.

But that’s okay! 

Because starting today, I’m doing something special.

Starting today… immediately after this presentation…

I’m taking a small group under my wing…

And I’m going to show them how they can make a boatload of money from these microcurrencies day in and day out for a full year.

It’s a new research service I’m launching called Microcurrency Trader.


And today, I’d like to invite you to become a Charter Member.

It’s for folks who are looking for a new and exciting way to make money.

People who like to move in and out of plays fast.

People who want to experience the thrill conquering the hottest ground-floor crypto market on the planet.

With all the opportunities I see lining up right now, I expect to provide record-breaking profit opportunities.

I don’t care if you’ve never traded fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, or microcurrencies in your life.

Heck, I don’t care if you never bought a stock in your life.

Because I can promise…

This Is Going to Be a Lot More Fun than Buying Stocks!

And potentially a heck of lot more lucrative too!

As long as you are…

  • Willing to spend a short bit of time reviewing my video tutorials right from the get go…
  • Willing to spend about seven minutes setting up an online microcurrency trading account…
  • And willing to spend less than five minutes each week making the trade recommendations that I send you…

I am willing to take you under my wing

Because I have no doubt you’re going to be able to make serious life-changing money from these microcurrencies if you decide to trade them.

Look, I’ve launched some of the most successful research services in America over the last five years…

Services that have made untold millions for my readers by trading stocks and options.

I get emails every day from folks who can’t thank me enough for the money they’ve made…

Darren Saunders made $60,000…

Matt Shelby made $50,000 – in just six months…

David Phillips “picked up over $18,000 in PURE PROFIT…”

Ron Petruchio made a $6,237 profit…

Max Cruise “paid her granddaughter's school fee with a $10,000 gain…”

Donald Buchanan had a stroke in 2004 and lost mobility in his right side but made a $5,750 gain…

Charles Barclay made $6,300 in his first week of trading…

Winston Leblanc? $9,827.24…

Richard Pannell made $8,000…

Steven Gronsky $15,593…

Al Gregory? $5,314…

Kenley Fitzgerald? Over $6,000…

Trevor Balsam? $8,000…

Doug Jones? $11,580…

Roger Blake's total profit on two trades was just over $7,000…

But check this out.

Paul Lingenberger made $80K!

And the list just keeps going on and on.

We have literally dozens and dozens more stories like these.

That’s how powerful my patterns are…

Now, most of those folks captured their big winners with options trades.

But now, we’re in a market where we have a chance to capture gains that are 10 times bigger than options….

And you can make these microcurrency trades…

  • Without all the options rules…
  • Without the regulations…
  • And without the requirements…

None of that stuff is needed to trade microcurrencies.

That’s why I’m so incredibly excited about Microcurrency Trader.

The gains can be 10 times bigger than options…

AND YOU NEVER have to deal with margin… leverage… Level 2 or 3 clearance from a broker…none of those rules exist.

There’s nothing complicated about it.

It can be as simple as one, two, three…


It really is the easiest way to make the largest gains available in the markets right now.

And we’re going to run at full throttle so we can tap into it every day.

And let me be blunt…

This may not be for you.

While I pride myself on providing easy-to-understand research that everyone would benefit from reading…

While I can promise that you’ll learn more about trading microcurrencies the RIGHT WAY with me than you’ll learn anywhere else…

If you are more of a traditionalist – a meat-and-potatoes kind of person who wants to stick to basic stock and options plays…

If you have no interest in moving fast… going in and out of these tiny microcurrencies every week… for some spectacular gains…

It’s totally okay – I understand. And to be honest, space in Microcurrency Trader is limited. 

So if you DON’T want to play these microcurrencies, just click out now.


But if you’re ready to get into the fastest-moving market with the biggest gains I’m seeing right now…

Here’s how it’s going to work…

The first order of business is setting up your trading account.

That’s why I’m going to send you a Quick-Start Guide, which gives you full instructions.

And setting up an account couldn’t be easier.

I timed it. It took about six minutes to set up mine. 

Honestly, it was more time consuming to setup a Prime account on Amazon than it was setting up a trading account on this microcurrency exchange.

I hand-picked the best exchange.

It allows trading in the most valuable microcurrencies – seven days of the week.

I also like this currency exchange because it’s incredibly easy to exchange dollars for the microcurrency when buying…

And then exchange the microcurrency back to dollars when selling.

It’s an instant transaction – just a click of a button.

The Quick-Start Guide will show you exactly how to make these transactions.

In fact, I’ll walk you through everything.

How to buy the microcurrencies in U.S. dollars…

And how to exchange them back into U.S. dollars when it’s time to sell.

Remember: You don’t need a lot of money to start.

I’ve been using $900 as an initial stake example, but heck, you can start with $100!

The exchange even lets you trade with a credit card if you want.

When you’re looking at potential 2,000%, 5,000%, even 24,000% gains, $100 of up-front money is plenty.

So don’t worry. Setting up your account is going to be easy as pie.


Next up, I want you to spend about 30 minutes watching my Video Tutorial Series

I’m serious about this time… 30 minutes is not a lot to ask when 1,000% or more gains are on the line.

There are six videos in all.

You’ll want to watch them to understand my system.

The important point is that we should all be on the same page.

These videos are our playbook – and they’re exciting!

In these videos, I will give you full details of how and why these industrial microcurrencies can be so lucrative…

How my system works…

And how we can find the best microcurrency to trade… at any given time… with the best entry point… and optimal time to sell.

I show you how to spot the Long-Term Currency Wave… and the Short-Term Currency Wave.

When they cross – that’s our signal to get in.

The videos will explain all of that… because I want you to understand the “why.”

But make no mistake…

As a member of Microcurrency Trader, you’ll NEVER have to find any of these trades yourself.

My team and I will be watching these microcurrency markets all day – every day FOR YOU.

We have built a proprietary software tool that automatically detects the Long- and Short-Term Currency Wave crossover.


Then as soon as we get the go-ahead signal from the system…

I do some final vetting to make sure this is the best trade for us at the time…

Then I send a detailed Buy Alert to your email.

The Buy Alert will include…

  • The name, symbol, and price of the microcurrency…
  • A full explanation and my research on why this microcurrency is a “BUY…”
  • The chart showing the Long-Term and Short-Term Currency Waves – and where they cross…
  • And complete instructions on how to buy on the exchange and make the trade if you chose to do so.

Even better, I am going to send you a Buy Alert Video that walks you through the entire trade “live” in person.


That way, you can see with your own eyes exactly what to do.

In fact, I have a hot play you can make right now.

I looked at the chart. The Long-Term Currency Wave and the Short-Term Currency Wave have crossed, so our timing is perfect.

This is a no brainer… a potential 1,700% gain in the short term – and the perfect trade to get started with.

So as soon as you come aboard, I’m going to send this recommendation to you. I expect it to be big.

Listen, you can make life-changing money on this one play alone…

Again, I’m going to show you exactly what to do… step by step.

And I’m telling you…

Trading microcurrencies is easier than placing a stock trade with your broker.

Remember: It’s not like trading options either. 

You don’t need any special clearances. There are no requirements. No margin is needed.

My Strategy Is Incredibly Simple.

Follow my three-step process. By now, you probably know it by heart.

You get on the exchange and purchase the microcurrency that I recommend with U.S. dollars…

Wait for it to soar…

Then when I give the signal… you sell the microcurrency and exchange it back to U.S. dollars.

That’s it, folks. The money can be automatically deposited in your account.

Save it for a vacation, a new car, gifts for your family… whatever you want.

Again, as soon as you come aboard, you’ll get this first hot recommendation right away.

But it’s just the beginning.

After this first trade…

I’ll be sending you additional Buy Alerts for new plays – along with special Buy Alert Videos – at LEAST once a week. 

Sometimes more.

It all depends on how many signals I get from my software system.

Look, I’ve seen some aging politicians out there pitching the idea that you should just buy one of these cryptocurrencies – and that’s it.

That’s a bunch of baloney – like playing the lotto.

And it’s not what this is all about.

We’re going to be playing dozens of these microcurrencies. In and out… trading them the way professionals do.

Remember: There are 250 to 300 of these industrial microcurrencies that we can target at any given time.


So let’s just say you can expect a minimum of 52 Buy Alerts for the year.

That’ll give you a heck of a lot of opportunities to make huge money.

Now, you can also sign up to get Buy Alert Texts.

I highly recommend doing so.

Say you’re on vacation visiting family and a Buy Alert comes up.

Via Text Alerts, I can send the Buy Alert right to your phone. 

That way, you’ll never miss a big trade if you’re not at home or near your email.


The exchange we’re using lets you make a trade right from your phone too.

You just download an app that connects you to all the action 24/7.

Of course, when it’s time to take any profits, I will send you a detailed Sell Alert.

This will give you complete instructions for closing out your trade… and converting your earnings back to U.S. dollars.

It will all be explained step by step.


Now, on top of our Buy Alerts and Sell Alerts

I am going to pull together our group every morning for a special Daily Debrief.

It’s a way for us to examine our recommendations… keep on top of the markets… and discuss potential big opportunities on the horizon.

Don’t worry if you can’t participate every day.

I’ll be posting these Daily Debriefs and my Weekly Watchlist of potential trades on our password-protected website.


You’ll also find a complete list of all our picks and any past Buy and Sell Alerts.

My goal is to keep the communication between us open at all times.

As you may know, every year I hold a special meetup for all my followers.

And this year, I’m holding a special event just for my Microcurrency Trader members.


It’ll be somewhere very nice – and warm – I can promise.

We’re going to go into even more detail on how to make life-changing money from this market.

And of course, we’ll get a chance to congratulate each other – and share our success stories.

It’ll be a chance to get to know each other.

There’s nothing better than shaking hands and saying hello face to face with the people I work with!

So as you can see, this is going to be a lot of fun – and we are going to create a microcurrency community together.

Most importantly…

Microcurrency Trader will give you everything you need to pocket the biggest windfalls from this revolutionary new currency market.

Make no mistake. These gains can be quite large. 

I Can Say with Unwavering Confidence That You’ll Have a Chance to Make 1,000% Winners Every Single Week

Let’s say we average 480% a week.

That means if we add them all up, you’ll have the opportunity to make a total 25,000% this year.

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But the fact is you could hit my first Buy Alert for a monster trade and never have to worry about money again for the rest of your life…

Or a few trades could make you a millionaire like the story I told you about Kevin Ackerman…

Or Joseph Oster…

Or Montana teenager John Erickson…

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – and I see these microcurrencies taking off like never before over the next 12 months.

So I want all of you to have a shot at what’s coming.

Right now, you have a historic chance to get into these tiny microcurrencies changing industries all around the world.

I showed you the adoption curve chart earlier. These things are already going up fast.

But as more and more industries adopt them…

All signs are suggesting that we are going to witness an absolute feeding frenzy with these currencies.

That means we have the chance to make huge money on these microcurrencies over and over and over again.

And starting right now… you can be on the ground floor of it all.

Now, I can only offer this special low price for Charter Members. 

And unfortunately, I have to limit membership today to the first 500 people who sign up.

There Are Only 300 Spots Available Today.

I expect those seats to fill up very quickly.

So if you’re ready to go, do it now.

There’s a button that will take you to an order form I prepared for you.

The order form will walk you through the entire service – everything you’ll get as a member of Microcurrency Trader from A to Z.


Including my Quick-Start Guide… my Six-Part Video Tutorial Series

And your first microcurrency Buy Alert.

Right off the bat you’ll have a shot at 1,700% gains with this pick.

But that’s just trade Number 1. 

After that, we’ll have a minimum of 52 new trades for you to make huge money with this year.

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll make the biggest returns in your life, I’m going to back it up with a guarantee…


If you don’t get the chance to see a minimum of 25,000% in cumulative microcurrency trading gains in the next year… give me a call… and I’ll give you another year of service on the house.

In fact, you can choose from any of my research services.

That means if the gains only stack up to 10,000%… you’ll get another year free.

If the gains only stack up to 15,000%… you’ll get another year free.

Even if the gains only stack up to 24,999%… you’ll get another year free.

That puts all the pressure on me.

And that’s okay. Hold my feet to the fire.

I’m willing to go out on a limb because I believe so strongly that these microcurrencies can change your life.

Even if you've never bought cryptocurrencies before – this is a whole different ballgame.

Look – I’m putting a lot on the line for my Charter Members.

I’d like you to be one of them.

But of course, that’s up to you because you really only have two choices.

First, you could continue just buying stocks…or options… or whatever it is you buy.

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December 2019