Expected July 30 Event Could Create a Wave of Fast Millionaires

Hi, Tom Gentile here…

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I want to tell you where I’m putting my own money right now.

It’s not in stocks…

It’s not in bonds…

And it’s definitely not in money markets, CDs, or cash…

I’m putting my hard-earned money in a tiny corner of the currency market.

No, I’m not talking about trading the euro, the yen or the British pound. The currencies I’m trading were created for a different purpose.

Right now, many of these tiny currencies are still trading for pennies.

I call them microcurrencies.

And as you’re about to see, they’re poised to go ballistic by July 30.

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Listen, I’m not the only professional investor getting behind these microcurrencies…

Mike Novogratz was a partner at Goldman Sachs.

He put 30% of his net worth into these tiny currencies.

Billionaire Tim Draper - he got out of the stock market and put $290 million in these tiny currencies.

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And Just a Couple of Weeks Ago…

None other than Paul Tudor Jones recently plunked down $400 million into these tiny currencies.

Tudor Jones says microcurrency “may end up being the best performer.”

That’s right, best performer.

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I’m in that exact same camp, and that’s why I’m putting my money in microcurrencies.

Look, Tudor Jones’s timing is not a coincidence…

You see, everything points to this market beginning a massive 10X move because of an event that’s taking place this summer.

I expect it can happen by July 30… just days away.

One Analyst Calls It the “Largest Economic Shift in Society” and, Personally, I Don’t Think That’s Hype.

Another analyst says...

"This July event could ignite a massive 4,300% rally."


Because this July event is going to inject billions and billions of dollars into the microcurrency market… virtually overnight.

And when it does, my research shows that with all that demand… microcurrencies have no place to go but up!


That’s because for the first time, big corporations, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds… they ALL have access to this tiny currency market at scale.

That’s because microcurrency markets were more attuned to the needs of small businesses and small investors.

But now the doors are swinging wide open so institutions can pour billions into this market.

The likes of Fidelity, multinational banks including Mellon, Barclays, Credit Suisse, and even the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange, all worked to open up this market to the big boys.

After July 30, the tiny microcurrency market could soon be the darling of many Fortune 500 companies and push demand to unprecedented levels.

I’m talking about iconic companies like AMEX, Hitachi, IBM, Aetna, FEDEX, Microsoft, and Walmart.

All of these big-name companies are getting in.

Even Google and Oracle are getting in.

That’s because it’s about to make this market so scalable that every big business on Earth can use microcurrencies to save massive money.

I’m Talking Billions and Billions That Can Go Straight to the Bottom Line…

And here’s the best part…

Trading List

Even better, it doesn’t require any experience in trading currencies whatsoever.

It’s one of the easiest ways that you can turn a fast profit today.

Heck, in the last year, my readers have had the chance to close out gains of 197%... 236%... even 687% trading it.

3 bar chart

I’m going to give you all the details on this massive event that is happening by July 30 and show you how to play it.

Because this market is already knocking out big winners regularly… let me show you how these little industrial microcurrencies work.

Take a look in your house. I bet you have at least three items that you purchased from right now.

Global E-Commerce Is Currently One of the Fastest-Growing Industries on the Planet.

It’s grown an astounding 20.7% in 2019, approaching $5 trillion in sales by 2021.

ecomerce bar chart

And that trend is enough to propel this little e-commerce microcurrency to rocket 1,201%.

npxs line chart

If You Had Followed Three Simple Steps…

convert, wait, sell ga

That would have been enough to turn a mere $500 into $6,505 – in just 30 days.

It’s incredible.

And there are dozens of these industry-specific microcurrencies making big money for folks in a short period of time.

Take the advertising industry, a $493 billion market.

Advertisers, creative agencies, media buyers, television and radio producers…

They all deal with dozens of vendors who require payment almost daily.

So this currency is used by industry insiders for the payment of these services.

And in this last year or so, it’s been moving fast – gaining as much as 3,602%… in just 14 days.

ppt line chart

That means you could have bet a mere $500 on this advertising-industry microcurrency…

And 14 days later, your money would have soared nearly 40-fold to $18,510.

Had you started with $1,000, it would have turned into $37,020.

And for those who like to go big…

If you had started with $5,000… you’d have $185,100… all in just two weeks.

How much you invest is up to you. You know what’s best for your finances.

But here’s the point…

To pocket that windfall, all you had to do was buy this microcurrency… wait for it to go up… and then convert it back into U.S. dollars.

Look, I’m showing you some extraordinary gains here. Rare gains I personally picked to show you how these microcurrencies can really pop… in a matter of days.

To be sure, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes you wait weeks… even months… for big gains.

And as you would guess, that’s if you can pick them accurately!

But that’s what is so great about this tiny currency market… especially when you compare it to the regular currency market.

And the fact is it’s been great for traders over the last few years.

But up until now, this little microcurrency market has been under most folks’ radar.

In fact, the average American has never put a nickel into this market. Yet...

It’s Been Making People Rich – Almost Overnight – Just Like These Regular Americans Turned Millionaires.

american milli

And that is why the event happening by July 30 will be like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Don’t you think that billionaires like Mike Novogratz, Tim Draper, and Paul Tudor Jones all know something you don’t?

I have no doubt that they see the writing on the wall: that the adoption of microcurrencies is hitting critical mass.

In fact, their use is growing at lightning speed.

Just to show you how fast this market is growing…

Let me compare it to the adoption of the fastest-growing industry of our lifetime: the internet.

adoption line chart

As you can see from this chart, the comparison between the adoption of microcurrencies and the adoption of the internet is remarkably similar.

They both started close to zero – and rose swiftly in record time.

So where are we now?

We’re still early in the game.

Today, microcurrencies are where the internet was in 1994.

My take is we’re at year five on that chart… right where you can see the line shooting up.

In other words, just starting to take off.

And if the adoption curve continues tracking in this way, I can guarantee you that…

Microcurrencies Will Double in Use Every Year for the Next Three Years!

My point is that the internet was a seismic shift in the way that the world communicated.

And microcurrencies are making a seismic shift in the way businesses move money.

That’s what puts them front and center for the biggest paradigm shift in modern history.

With these microcurrencies, businesses are able to transfer money faster – at a cheaper cost.

Which is why industries all over the planet are using them in droves to make their businesses more efficient.

And this event that is expected by July 30 will help them save far more than just transaction costs.

In fact, after this event, a major business cost could be cut to the bone… saving businesses… and ultimately consumers… as much as $1 trillion every year.

I’ll tell you all the details shortly… but in case you’ve been wondering…

YES, you can play this event.

In fact…

Anybody Can Get In – and Anybody Can Trade.

The best part is…

You can make crazy gains of 500%, 1,000%, even 10,000% or more if everything plays out perfectly as I expect…

So while the regular currency market has been taken over by professional traders…

This Microcurrency Market Is Perfect for Anybody.

Take a look at THR.

thr line chart

It’s a basket of microcurrencies that allows traders to make a play on several opportunities at once.

Sort of an ETF for microcurrencies.

And when it came out in February of last year, the demand for it went through the roof.

In fact, in merely 24 days, this microcurrency shot up an astounding 61,714%.

That’s not a typo.

That’s 617 times your money.

That means even a tiny $150 stake would have turned into $92,721!

Now, if you would have increased your investment to just $900…

You would have turned it into $556,326!

That means this dramatic move up…

Would have made more than half a million dollars on one trade!

Now folks, it’s hard to top that…

But amazingly, there’s a microcurrency for online businesses that did.

The symbol is PAXEX.

It was created for online marketers to pay for products and services like custom programming for websites, daily blog posts – really anything companies need to attract new business.

In fact, small online business entrepreneurs can even use this currency to pay for utilities like electricity.

And with 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S. alone, this currency has become very popular.

So much so that it soared 72,059%in a single day!

paxex line chart

That’s right, one day.

If you could have followed my three-step method…

And you had converted $250 into this microcurrency…

Then, just waited 24 hours…

You could have exchanged it back for a massive $180,397 in one day!

As crazy as that is…

That’s not even the biggest gain I’ve seen this year or so…

The top prize goes to a microcurrency used by internet data centers to buy energy at a reduced cost.

As you can imagine, these data centers use up a lot of power.

It would take 34 coal plants generating 500 megawatts each to meet the power demands of data centers in the U.S. alone.

And globally, all that power is going to cost a bunch of money.

That’s why this data center microcurrency is so valuable to data center executives.

It gives them a chance to get a huge supply of power – while saving untold millions of dollars in energy costs.

But it’s not just great for the CEOs and CFOs running data centers…

It’s great for us too.

ytn line chart

Because this data-center microcurrency trades on the secret corner of the currency market that I’ve been telling you about.

And in February of this year, it skyrocketed 137,700% in six short days!

So again…

If you could have converted just a $100 into this tiny microcurrency on a special exchange that I’m going to show you in a minute…

Then, waited six days for the currency to go up in value…

You could have sold it and exchanged it back for $137,800.

Or how about this…

Had you converted just $900 into this tiny microcurrency… you would have cashed out with $1.2 million.

I’m Not Making This Up.

If you would have made this ONE trade following those three easy steps… with just $900 on this little-known data-center microcurrency…

You would have pocketed $1.2 million… in LESS than a week!

And you wouldn’t have needed leverage… or a single penny in a margin account!

You see how simple this is?

Now, obviously, those big gains have already passed.

And I know you’re smart enough to know not every microcurrency is a winner.

In fact, some of these massive gains would be like winning the lottery.

Look – some microcurrencies may go up 1,000%… some 100%… some 10%… some not at all. Many may end up in the red.

No one has a crystal ball to predict the future – not even me.

That’s why I always tell folks that you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

But here’s the thing about these microcurrencies…

The reward can be 10 to 15 times greater than the risk…

And even if you lose on nine trades, the 10th trade could easily make you a fortune.

That means you don’t need to have a six- or seven-figure portfolio to get started.

And every person is different. I might put $1,000 into one of these microcurrencies, but you may only want to put in $100. Just make sure you spread your money out among a few of these.

And I would never, never want someone trading all their money in this market. It’s for your speculative trading money… not your rent money.

Take, for example, a health-care microcurrency with the symbol SOLVE.

solve line chart

It shot up 542% in just 36 days.

Why Are So Many of These Microcurrencies Making Such Big Gains for Folks Right Now?

Well first, the market for these microcurrencies is new.

So for the most part, these young currencies are priced very cheaply.

In a way, they are like penny stocks.

Sometimes they can trade for a fraction of a penny!

In this case, it cost just 76 cents for one unit of SOLVE.

The second thing is that limited supply I just told you about.

As I said, it’s fixed in stone.

So industries realizing how cheap these microcurrencies are…

And how limited the supply is…

Often pour in boatloads at a time – driving up the price.

It’s Supply and Demand 101.


When the demand from inside the health-care industry is great enough…

The law of supply and demand takes over…

And the price of the health-care industry microcurrency can soar very quickly.

But it doesn’t stop there…

You see, when the industry jumps into these microcurrencies with full force…

It sets off a chain reaction in the market.

And that’s exactly what I expect to happen by July 30.

Remember: This microcurrency market is also now available to traders outside the industry.

So if traders see this hot, new health-care microcurrency going up…

Human nature dictates they will do what traders do…

micro soaring trade jumps

They’re going to jump all over it and buy, buy, buy.

Now, as traders pile in, the price of the health-care microcurrency can REALLY get pushed higher and higher.

Depending on how many industry insiders and traders get in together, this currency could soar like crazy.

That's How You Get Gains of 542% or More in Just 36 Days.

And guess what – that’s great for you.

If you are smart enough to get in early at a low price – BEFORE the industry insiders and traders pile on.

Today, you have that opportunity…

Now that you understand how microcurrency supply and demand works, I’m sure you’ll see why this expected July 30 event will be so powerful.

Because it’s a one-two punch of less supply… and more demand.

Let me explain both sides… we’ll start with supply.

Maybe you remember all the hype recently about the Bitcoin halving event in May.

Crypto enthusiasts said Bitcoin would soar because the supply was getting cut in half.

What they failed to say was only the new supply was getting cut in half. That new supply is what they pay the miners who run the Bitcoin network.

Fact is not one Bitcoin was taken out of circulation… and on the day of the halving, Bitcoin actually went down.

bitcoin halving line chart

So if you ask me – and I’ve been following this market for years… heck, I used to mine Bitcoin – the halving was essentially a non-event in the short term.

I’m not the only guy talking about the real event… the event at the end of July.

You see, that’s when the world’s most popular microcurrency cuts its supply in a very meaningful way.

That’s why this event is being called the “largest economic shift in society.”

All Because a Whopping 30% of the Supply Is Expected to Be Locked Up by July 30.


Because they will be locked up in something called smart contracts.

smart contract

They’re going into these smart contracts so insiders can run the microcurrency network. Oh, but don’t worry about them. They’ll get paid interest to keep these microcurrencies running smoothly.

The point is almost 1/3 of the market cap is a lot to lock away… cutting the supply.

That means 30% less microcurrency trading every day… making the microcurrency more explosive.

It’s like a big company buying back their own stock… and adding value to the remaining shares.

In fact, some $710 billion in these stock buybacks happened just last year… buoying the stock market to record levels.

And that is the key to the coming influx of demand by big business.

Remember I told you… these smart contracts are bringing in the likes of AMEX, Hitachi, IBM, Aetna, FEDEX, Microsoft, and Walmart… and dozens of other major companies into microcurrencies.

Not to mention, Google and Oracle recently cut deals to access smart contracts too.

Now, maybe you’re wondering what a smart contract is.

In essence, it’s a self-executing agreement. Let me show you how it works.

Say I’m Walmart.

I need to buy 50,000 pounds of fresh tomatoes for all my stores in Oregon.

I set up a smart contract with the grower, with the first payment to go to the farmer once the tomatoes are picked from the fields.

Then, another payment is made when they’re boxed up and sent to the trucking company…

And then, the final payment is made on delivery.

All these payments are made automatically, without human intervention, using microcurrency.

Of course, this is a very simple example. I’m sure you can see how complicated many sales contracts can get.

The point is smart contracts make payments and contracts simpler, easier to monitor, and have the potential to save companies like Walmart billions of dollars in hard costs every year.

And That Is Why Demand Is About to Soar, Because All the Payments Are Made in Microcurrency.

But it gets even better…

Maybe you noticed Walmart went straight to the farm, bypassing the tomato wholesaler.

That means Walmart eliminates the middleman… and most importantly the middleman markup.

Middlemen are like an invisible trillion-dollar tax almost every industry pays into. But smart contracts could put them out of business.

For example, escrow services charge as much as one to two percent of property value for holding funds when you’re buying a house.

Calculating that out by about six million homes sold last year at a median price of $258,000 means smart contracts could save as much as $30 billion.

And that’s just residential real estate escrows… commercial real estate is even bigger!

Let me give you one more example.

Do you wonder why your prescriptions are so expensive?

Well, there are a few reasons, but one of the biggest is middlemen.

Middlemen in the pharmaceutical industry add a whopping $320 billion a year to our prescription prices.

Look, I could give you examples all day long, but these middlemen costs add up huge.

Middlemen Cost Businesses up to $1 Trillion a Year.

Money that translates into higher costs for you and me in almost everything we buy.

We pay more for our homes…

Our health care…

Our food…

All because of middlemen.

Smart contracts can do the exact same job for pennies on the dollar…

But you can only use smart contracts by paying in microcurrency!

Which is why some of the biggest companies in the world are in an alliance with the world’s most popular microcurrency.

You see, the event not only locks up 30% of this microcurrency… it also is a major upgrade that makes smart contracts better than ever.

And That Will Cause Unprecedented Demand for This Microcurrency.

Because this expected July 30 event makes smart contracts more advanced and more scalable than ever… just when big business needs them most.

I predict this next-gen smart contract increases demand by making them available… at scale… to massive Fortune 500 companies who will have to buy this microcurrency to use these smart contracts.

So between cutting supply by 30%… and increasing big corporate demand… this microcurrency is set up for a major pop.

10x potential GA

That means a potential 10X return in just a few weeks on a quick-turn trade if I’m right.

And I’m going to put my money where my mouth is…

Because I want to show you a novel way to grab a stake in this amazing microcurrency while the price is still low.

More on that shortly. First, here’s what it could be worth to you…

You could make a fortune… not only on the world’s most popular microcurrency.

But other microcurrencies too.

And I expect we’ll find dozens of ways to play this massive event in the coming weeks.

I believe you can get rich playing these connected microcurrencies. In fact…

You Can Make the Biggest Gains of Your Life.

And the event expected by July 30 will work this exact same way… only the scale can be much, much higher.

Fact is these little microcurrencies go with business like peanut butter goes with jelly.

That’s why today you can go straight down the line and find these microcurrencies in industry after industry after industry.

In fact, I just did a count…

37 industry list

37 industries now have their own microcurrencies. Most have several.

For example, the agriculture industry has nine currencies.

Including one with the symbol HERB.

It allows giant corporate produce companies like Del Monte, C.H. Robinson, and FreshPoint to sell bushels of produce – tomatoes, corn, and lettuce – without the middleman.

Buyers go to a special online marketplace, connect with these corporate farms, and pay using this currency.

It’s much faster and cheaper than wire transfers.

And it has the ability to save big agricultural firms millions of dollars a year on transaction costs alone.

And this microcurrency is traded on an exchange that I’m going to show you in a minute.

herb line chart

In January of last year, this agricultural microcurrency soared 592%IN JUST 11 DAYS.

Now, let’s look at the education industry.

It has 15 microcurrencies.

Including this one: EKT.

This currency lets educators save money on high-quality resources for learning.

ekt line chart

It surged 452% in just five days last year in April.

How about the energy industry? It has 30 microcurrencies.

Like this one: ROX.

rox line chart

It’s an energy microcurrency that allows companies to optimize the electricity grid for reduced energy consumption. It soared 249% in just 17 days.

Do you see how many microcurrencies there are for each industry? It’s amazing.

And you can trade every single one of them.

Now, I don’t know about you, but…

I’ve NEVER Seen a Way to Make Money This Big… This Fast… and This Simple.

And I’ve been trading the markets for over 25 years.

Look – making money in the markets has been my passion since I started investing as a teenager.

My 25-year career has taken me from being boots-on-the-ground at the American Stock Exchange…

To being the co-founder of one of the world’s leading and most trusted financial education companies.

I developed some of the most technologically advanced investing tools in the world.

A big Wall Street firm even paid me $20 million for one of my creations.

And for the last several years, I’ve created even more powerful tools…

Tools that have allowed me to spot the most profitable windows of opportunity by using an indicator that uses historical data with a 90% accuracy rate.

It’s all been backtested.

track record scroll list

In fact, these tools have led me to recommend 119 triple-digit windfall opportunities in 2019 alone with stocks and options.

Granted, my track record isn’t 100% perfect. Nobody’s is…

But as good as I am with stocks and options…

I've never seen anything as lucrative as these microcurrencies.

Banks and credit card companies can now transfer billions, even trillions, of dollars instantly.

This is a huge game changer.

After all, nobody likes to wait for money – least of all, banks.

From banking to agriculture, energy to health care, and technology to manufacturing, they are all developing microcurrencies like the ones I’ve been showing you today.

It’s the biggest shift in the foreign exchange markets since the U.S. dollar became the world’s reserve currency after the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944.

Hundreds of these microcurrencies now exist…

And savvy investors realizing how huge this ground-floor opportunity is are trading them for very fast and very big gains.

Heck, in the financial services industry alone, there are now 229 microcurrencies!

We Can Now Trade Every Single One of Them for Big Money.

For example, there’s a microcurrency created for small-business merchants…

I’m talking about those pop-up kiosks you see in the malls.

Merchants use it to speed up their transactions with credit cards like Visa.

It’s currently being used in over 200 countries and more than 50 million of these businesses worldwide.

And if you knew how to trade it, you could make a fortune.

Because the first part of this year, it jumped 191% in just seven days.

pay line chart

That means if we had followed our simple three-step method, you could have converted $2,500 into this microcurrency…

Waited one week for it to rise…

And exchanged it back for $7,275.

Not bad for a mere seven days.

But here’s one that did even better…

cccx line chart

It’s a microcurrency used by insurance brokers to keep track of payment transactions.

Check this out…

It rocketed an astounding 975% in ONLY FOUR DAYS.

That’s enough to turn $900 into $9,672.

Up the ante a bit to, say, $2,500, and you would have walked away with $26,869.

A $5,000 Stake Would Have Turned into $53,738.

Here’s a food industry microcurrency that’s used to pay for the tracking of food quality and safety that jumped 200% in 35 days.

ifood line chart

Here’s a supply chain microcurrency that’s used to pay for trusted identity information that jumped 317% in 30 days.

lina line chart

Here’s an information-technology microcurrency that’s used to pay for getting unbiased reviews for businesses. It jumped 391% in 17 days.

revain line chart

Here’s a computer microcurrency that’s used to pay for extra cloud-computing power that jumped 278% in 26 days.

elf line chart

Here’s an agricultural microcurrency that’s used to pay for trading agave-based products like syrup and tequila. It jumped 260% in 20 days.

agvc line chart

But the crazy thing is…

Most People I Know Just Have No Idea How to Find These Microcurrencies – or Where to Trade Them.

Take a look at this.

exchange image

This is a real, bona fide microcurrency exchange.

Like I said, there are hundreds of these microcurrencies.

That’s good for us – because that means there’s always a trade to make.

So what we’re looking at here is ADA…

ADA video clip

This is one of the smart contract platforms I was telling you about. Every line from left to right is a trade. These trades are happening in real time.

They’re all doing the first step of our simple one-two-three method – converting U.S. dollars into ADA.

Look – right there, there’s a buy for $537.

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted

There’s another buy – much bigger – for $9,033 worth of ADA. See it right there.

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted 2

So that’s buying…

Now, here’s where it gets really exciting…

This is the selling. This is where the money is made. And look at all that money!

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted 3

This is Step 3. These folks are cashing out.

Look – there’s a $33,239 check automatically deposited into someone’s account.

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted 3

Look at this: $19,795 – heading into someone’s bank account right this second.

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted 4

Oh, look at this: $153,321!

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted 5

And wow! Look at this one. It’s $73,405.

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted 6

The point of all that is this is real cash, folks.

People are making money day and night on these microcurrencies.

Look, that’s $45,123 being deposited right this second.

exchange image zoomed in and highlighted 7

And you can do this too. Now – nothing is stopping you.

Like I’ve been telling you, the concept is a very simple one-two-three process.

convert, wait, sell ga same as above

Step 1: Buy a microcurrency with U.S. dollars at a low price.

Step 2: Wait for the microcurrency to rise in value.

Step 3: Sell it at the higher price and exchange it back to U.S. dollars.

And the money gets automatically deposited back into your account.

So at the end of the day, you can end up with a lot more U.S. dollars than you started out with.

Now, the million-dollar question is…

How Do You Know Which Microcurrency Is Going to Shoot Up in Price?

Well, one way is to study the movements of these microcurrencies using the charts they give you on the exchange.

But unless you’ve got 25 years’ experience like me, a chart doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense.

Now, I’ve got an advantage.

About 27 months ago when I realized this microcurrency explosion was generating massive returns for folks…

I decided there was no way I was going to sit this one out.

So my team and I went to work developing an actual system that could examine hundreds of these microcurrencies in real time…

And then help determine the best entry point… just before they have a chance to skyrocket.

Essentially, what we set out to look for was a specific price pattern unique to these microcurrencies.

Many of the most powerful patterns are hard to find – truly needles in a haystack.

To most people, they look like a bunch of random chart lines.

Finding Hidden Patterns Is My Specialty.

Which is why I’m a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business…

And why I’m known as America’s #1 Pattern Trader.

It’s how I became one of the most successful traders in the world over the last two decades…

tom has money gif

The point is I have developed these skills over decades so that I can generate income on demand… while living the life most people can only imagine.

All thanks to specific price patterns I find in the market.

And my team and I have spent the last 27 months spotting, testing, and perfecting a pattern for trading in the crypto market that is designed to make huge gains on these microcurrencies.

I ran this model through every market condition. And I tested it on over 250 of these microcurrencies from every industry under the sun.

And the results blew me away.

Let me show you what I mean…

Here’s a normal price chart for ENJ, a microcurrency used in the data-storage industry.

enj line chart

What’s the first thing you notice about ENJ?

It’s had a lot of up-and-down movement, right?

This thing is all over the place – typical for any currency.

But here’s what you don’t see on this chart…

When you smooth out that action over a specific period of time, you get a very distinct pattern.

Take a look now.

enj double line chart image37

This is something called the Long-Term Currency Wave.

It tells me, based on the price over the last month, the long-term price trend.

But this is just the first wave…

There’s another wave I’m looking for to complete the pattern.

Here it is now.

enj double line chart 2 image38

This is called the Short-Term Currency Wave.

This tells me the short-term price trend of the currency – I’m talking minutes, maybe days.

Now, here’s where my team of scientists and my 25 years of market pattern experience come into play.

Because we have a tool that tracks these two patterns in real time.

And it sends me an alert every time the Short-Term Currency Wave crosses over the Long-Term Currency Wave.

enj double line chart 2 image38

That’s Where the Magic Happens.

Let’s take a look at my initial backtesting.

As soon as I see that cross, it’s my signal that this microcurrency is set to soar…

Take B@, a finance microcurrency.

Here’s the chart…

b@ line chart image39 needs circles up and down

As you can see, it has a lot of ups and downs.

But then, when I smooth it out – we can see my Long-Term Currency Wave appear.

All of this gets tracked by my software in real time – minute by minute.

Once the Short-Term Currency Wave overlaps the Long-Term Currency Wave and forms a cross…

I am alerted that a potential big gain is coming.

There it is.

 chart with lines crossing and money gain 3077%

The two lines crossed – and boom.

The result? It would have shown a 3,077% gain in just 29 days – less than a month.

Enough to turn a small stake of $500 into $15,885.

A stake of $1,500 would have turned into $47,655.

And a larger stake of $5,000 would have turned into $158,850.

Again, how much you stake depends on whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Every person is different.

But it works the same whether you invest $100 or $5,000.

To Pocket Money, All You Would Have Had to Do Was Follow My Simple One-Two-Three Method.

convert, wait, sell ga for b@

The money would have been automatically deposited in your account! Heck, you could have taken a nice trip to the Caribbean with your family – and still have had plenty of cash left over for your savings account.

This is the pattern I discovered… and using my three-step method, it can help you pocket loads of cash like clockwork.

This IS NOT Buying and Holding.

This is actively trading in and out for large potential gains in short periods of time.

Like this one…

ccx line chart two crossing lines

The symbol is CCX, a financial services microcurrency. You could have hit pay dirt in just 13 days.

Look – you can see it on the chart.

There’s the Long-Term Currency Wave. And there’s the Short-Term Currency Wave.

They cross right here for a 939% windfall.

939% windfall graphic

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $10,390 in just 13 days.

Here’s another big gain, this time on a microcurrency used by the global dental industry.

 number doesnt match dcn line chart double crossing image 42

Its symbol is DCN. And there’s the cross. 8,167% in just 25 days.

It’s incredible. A $2,500 stake would have turned into $206,675 in just over three weeks.

SNT, a microcurrency for the mobile industry, spiked 1,787% in just 37 days.

snt line chart double crossing

There’s the cross right there.

Here’s another financial microcurrency: XLM. There’s the cross.

xlm line chart double crossing

Boom – 2,556% in 48 days.

Now, the casino industry is very interesting.

Remember: Gambling is not just in Vegas and Atlantic City anymore.

It’s become a huge $240 billion business employing over 1.7 million people in 40 states.

So it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of microcurrencies were created for the gambling industry.

46 to be exact.

And several of them have soared in value recently.

Like this one: EGT.

egt line chart double crossing

There’s the cross right there. The gain? 5,770%.

Enough to turn $900 into $52,830.

We also would have hit it with ENJ.

enj line chart double crossing

There’s the Long-Term Currency Wave. And there’s the Short-Term Currency Wave.

They crossed right there.

So again, had you converted, say, $2,500 into ENJ…

And waited 18 days for a 631% gain…

You could have exchanged it for $18,275!

Now, what I’ve shown you so far is just remarkable. These were some of the top-performing examples from my backtests.

Of course, not all of the plays soared by 631%.

Some went up 100%.

Some went up 10%.

Some didn’t go up at all. We even lost our fair share.

No system is perfect.

And that’s why I always say to folks that they should never invest more than they can afford to lose.

But the best part about these microcurrencies is there is no need to invest a lot.

Not when so many winning opportunities are available.

So even if you lose a few, you only need to hit one massive winner to see life-changing wealth.

That’s the beauty of these tiny crypto trades – these revolutionary microcurrencies.

If you know how to find the right ones, triple-digit and even 1,000% windfalls happen with dizzying frequency. The fact is, as far as I’m concerned...

Microcurrencies Are THE Most Lucrative Market on the Planet.

So if you want the best shot at turning a small stake into life-changing money… this is where you want to be.

Because starting today, I’m doing something special.

I’m taking a small group under my wing…

And I’m going to show them how they can make a boatload of money from these microcurrencies day in and day out for a full year.

It’s called Microcurrency Trader.

CRY logo banner

And today, I’d like to invite you to join.

Microcurrency Trader is for people who are looking for a new and exciting way to make money.

People who want to learn more about the microcurrency markets.

People who like to see fast plays – moving in and out quickly.

People who want to experience the thrill of conquering the hottest ground-floor crypto market on the planet.

With all the opportunities I see lining up right now, I expect to provide record-breaking profit opportunities.

I’m even going to do something unprecedented.

I have my top three microcurrency plays locked and loaded.

These are the three microcurrencies I see soaring the highest just before the July event occurs.


The key is to get into these three plays before the event occurs.

So if you join me, the first thing I’m going to do is rush you a special Triple Play Buy Alert.

You can have it in your hands today.

It will include a full explanation of the big event that’s going to occur. And most importantly, it includes the three biggest profit potential plays you can make right now on the expected July 30 event that I’ve been telling you about.

This Triple Play Buy Alert will tell you exactly how to play these three microcurrencies step by step.

This Is Going to Be a Lot More Fun than Buying Stocks!

Look, I’ve launched some of the most successful research services in America over the last five years…

Services that have made untold millions for my readers by trading stocks and options.

That’s why I’m so excited about Microcurrency Trader.

There’s Nothing Complicated About It.

It can be as simple as one, two, three.

1, 2, 3 GA?

It really is the easiest way to make the largest gains available in the markets right now.

And we’re going to run at full throttle so we can tap into it every day.

quick start guide

Here’s how it’s going to work…

The first order of business is setting up your trading account.

That’s why I’m going to send you a Quick-Start Guide, which gives you full instructions.

And setting up an account couldn’t be easier.

It took about six minutes to set up mine.

I hand-picked the best exchange.

It allows trading in the most valuable microcurrencies – seven days of the week.

I also like this currency exchange because it’s incredibly easy to exchange dollars for the microcurrency when buying…

And then, exchange the microcurrency back to dollars when selling.

It’s an instant transaction – just a click of a button.

The Quick-Start Guide will show you exactly how to make these transactions.

How to buy the microcurrencies in U.S. dollars…

And how to exchange them back into U.S. dollars when it’s time to sell.

Remember: You don’t need a lot of money to start.

But this type of trading should only be for that money you have earmarked for speculation.

And the good thing about it is that it’s up to you how much you wish to invest. In this market, a little money could go a long way.

When you’re looking at potential gains of 2,000%, 5,000%, even as high as 24,000%, if everything plays out perfectly, you don’t need a whole lot of money to get started.

I know folks who open an account with $500, or $1,000, or even $5,000. It all depends on how much you want to spread around between each microcurrency play you make.

video tutorial series

Next up, I want you to spend about 30 minutes watching my Video Tutorial Series.

I’m serious about this time… 30 minutes is not a lot to ask when 1,000% or more gains are on the line.

I show you how to spot the Long-Term Currency Wave and the Short-Term Currency Wave.

When they cross – that’s our signal to get in.

The videos will explain all of that… because I want you to understand the “why.”

But make no mistake…

As a Member of Microcurrency Trader, You’ll NEVER Have to Find Any of These Trades Yourself.

My team and I will be watching these microcurrency markets all day, every day FOR YOU.

We have built a proprietary software tool that automatically detects the Long- and Short-Term Currency Wave crossover.

buy alert

Then, as soon as we get the go-ahead signal from the system…

I do some final vetting to make sure this is the best trade for us at the time.

Then, I send a detailed Buy Alert to your email.

The Buy Alert will include…

Even better, I am going to send you a Buy Alert Video that walks you through the entire trade “live” in person.

video alert

That way, you can see with your own eyes exactly what to do.

And remember, the first thing you’re going to receive is your Triple Play Buy Alert. I got so excited when I looked at the charts. The Long-Term Currency Wave and the Short-Term Currency Wave on all three plays have crossed, so our timing is perfect.

Listen, you can make life-changing money on these three plays alone…

Again, I’m going to show you exactly what to do… step by step.

And I’m telling you…

My Strategy Is Incredibly Simple.

Follow my three-step process. By now, you probably know it by heart.

You get in the exchange and purchase the microcurrencies I recommend with U.S. dollars…

Wait for them to soar…

Then, when I give the signal… you sell the microcurrencies and exchange back to U.S. dollars.

That’s it, folks. The money can be automatically deposited in your account.

Again, as soon as you come aboard, you’ll get these three hot 10X recommendations right away.

But it’s just the beginning.

After this first trade…

phone alert

I’ll be sending you additional Buy Alerts for new plays – along with special Buy Alert Videos – at LEAST once a week.

Sometimes more.

It all depends on how many signals I get from my software system.

So let’s just say you can expect a minimum of 52 Buy Alerts for the year.

That’ll give you a heck of a lot of opportunities to make huge money.

Now, you can also sign up to get Buy Alert Texts.

I highly recommend doing so.

That way, you’ll never miss a big trade if you’re not at home or near your email.

sell alerts

The exchange we’re using lets you make a trade right from your phone too.

You just download an app that connects you to all the action 24/7.

Of course, when it’s time to take any profits, I will send you a detailed Sell Alert.

This will give you complete instructions for closing out your trade… and converting your earnings back to U.S. dollars.

It will all be explained step by step.

Now, on top of our Buy Alerts and Sell Alerts

daily debrief

I am going to pull together our group every morning for a special Daily Debrief.

It’s a way for us to examine our recommendations… keep on top of the markets… and discuss potential big opportunities on the horizon.

Don’t worry if you can’t participate every day.

I’ll be posting these Daily Debriefs and my Weekly Watchlist of potential trades on our password-protected website.

You’ll also find a complete list of all our picks and any past Buy and Sell Alerts.

My goal is to keep the communication between us open at all times.


So as you can see, this is going to be a lot of fun – and we are going to create a microcurrency community together.

Most importantly…

Microcurrency Trader will give you everything you need to pocket the biggest windfalls from this revolutionary new currency market.

Make no mistake. These gains can be quite large.

I Can Say with Unwavering Confidence That You’ll Have a Chance to Make 1,000% Winners Every Single Week.

That’s the kind of money that will completely change your life… even allow you to retire early if you so choose.

But the fact is you could hit my first Triple Play Buy Alerts for three monster trades and never have to worry about money again for the rest of your life.

Right now, you have a historic chance to get into these tiny microcurrencies changing industries all around the world.

I showed you the adoption curve chart earlier. These things are already going up fast.

But as more and more industries adopt them…

All signs are suggesting that we are going to witness an absolute feeding frenzy with these currencies.

The expected July 30 event is just the start of a major bull run.

That means we have the chance to make huge money on these microcurrencies over and over and over again.

And starting right now… you can get in the thick of the action.

Not to mention I’ll show you how you can stake your first trade.

Now, I can only offer this special deal for a few weeks.

And unfortunately, I have to limit membership today to the first 300 people who sign up.

There Are Only 300 Spots Available Today.

I expect those seats to fill up very quickly.

So if you’re ready to go, do it now.

There’s a button that will take you to an order form I prepared for you.

The order form will walk you through everything you’ll get as a member of Microcurrency Trader from A to Z.

update package shot image 57

Including my Quick-Start Guide, my six-part Video Tutorial Series, and your Triple Play Buy Alert with your first three microcurrency trades.

Right off the bat, you’ll have a shot at legit 10X gains with these picks.

But that’s just the first three trades.

After that, we’ll have a minimum of 52 new recommended trades for you to make huge money with this year.

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll make the biggest returns in your life, I’m going to back it up with a guarantee…


If you don’t get the chance to see a minimum of 10 big gains of 1,000% in the next year, give me a call, and I’ll give you another year of this research service on the house.

In fact, you can choose from any of my research services.

That means if you only get the chance to book three big 1,000% gains… you’ll get another year free.

Even if you only get the chance to book nine big 1,000% gains, you’ll get another year free.

That puts all the pressure on me.

And that’s okay. Hold my feet to the fire.

I’m willing to go out on a limb, because I believe so strongly that these microcurrencies can change your life.

And this expected July 30 event could get us to as many as a dozen 1,000% gains well before a year is out…

Starting with my top three plays that you’ll receive right away.

For the biggest potential gains, it’s critical you get into these plays before the expected July 30 event.

Even if you've never bought cryptocurrencies before – this is a whole different ball game.

Look – I’m putting a lot on the line for new subscribing members.

I’d like you to be one of them.

But of course, that’s up to you, because you really only have two choices.

First, you could continue just buying stocks… or options… or whatever it is you buy.

You could take a hard pass and play it safe.

You could just sit and wait for some other opportunity to trade something else…

And that’s fine.

If you have doubts that I’ll deliver the goods, Microcurrency Trader isn’t for you.

But you also have another choice.

As they say…

Fortune Favors the Bold.

In this bold, new world of currency trading, there are massive fortunes still yet to be made.

Then, click on the “Subscribe Now” button.

If you have any questions about the service and how it works, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 855.509.6600 or 443.353.4770 (international) and mention Priority Code: WCRYW791.

Only the first few people who join today can get in at the highly discounted price.

So take action.

We’re going to have a lot of fun with this.

One thing I know is that the thrill of making 10 times your money is a thrill like no other.

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I’m looking forward to showing you how exciting microcurrency trading can be.

Click that “Subscribe Now” button, and I’ll see you on the other side.