Doesn't Get to Win!

What You’re About to See Has Generated Total Gains of 1,359% Since October.

It’s Fast, It’s Nimble, and It’s Perfect for RIGHT NOW!

This Is How You Take Back Control of Your Money.

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Hi, I'm D.R. Barton, Jr.

Things aren't exactly "normal" right now.

And I don't need to tell you that. 

We're all in this together, fighting this coronavirus together.

The greatest doctors and scientists in the world are working on treatments and vaccines.

Our federal and state governments are uniting with the biggest companies to get our hospitals the necessary equipment and tests they need.

They'll get the job done – they always do.

However, no denying there is a lot of fear and uncertainty out there.

That's natural. Because we've lost a sense of control, right?

3up of broll

Control over where we can go. Who we can see. And so many other things.

3up of broll

That's a short-term sacrifice we're making for the greater good.

But when it comes to your money – especially the money you have in the stock market – you are still in control.

I'm Not Letting This Coronavirus Stop Me from Making Money…

Neither Should You!

In reality, this craziness in the market with the pullbacks and the wild swings has created a historic opportunity for rapid wealth creation on a level that we have never even seen before.

So I'm going to show you something right now that will give you the power to control the future of your money.

It's something I've been quietly testing since last October. 

While the Market Has Dropped More than 10,000 Points…

I've Generated 1,359% Total Gains (Which Includes My Losses).

This is going to blow your mind.

You see, it may look like money is literally disappearing from the markets.

It's NOT!

You're just not seeing the entire stock market.

There's actually another side – a secret side.

Wall Street has been hiding it from you (and almost every other person on this planet) for 15 years.      

The biggest investors and institutions are using their money and clout right now to secretly buy the biggest and best stocks.

scrolling GA_01

Often at cheaper prices – I'll repeat: cheaper prices – than what you could purchase those shares for.

We're talking billions and billions of dollars changing hands day after day.

And they're doing it while almost nobody knows what they're up to.

Can you imagine how valuable that is? Especially right now, when companies are already trading at dirt-cheap prices?

chart GA_48

How much money could you make with that type of competitive advantage?

Or how about being able to bet against stocks before the general public realizes those stocks could collapse? Or betting on stocks before they could mysteriously rise again?

chart GA_02

That would be a pretty big competitive advantage as well. Especially with all the volatility and uncertainty in the markets now.

This Is Happening Every Day.

And Yes, It's All Being Hidden from You – Intentionally. 

Look, I know it sounds crazy. 

"A secret side of the stock market? What are you talking about D.R.?"

I'm not asking you to take my word for it. I'm going to prove it to you.

Let's rewind the clock all the way back to February 4, weeks before the coronavirus was headline news.

scrolling GA_02 scroll GA_02scroll GA_02scroll GA_02

They keep going and going. Page after page.

If these were "normal" stock transactions that were processed through major brokers like TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab…

Everybody, including you, could see these deals happening in real time.

But these were NOT "normal" transactions.

Each was made anonymously and secretly.

Each intentionally hidden from almost everybody.

But not me.

I Can See These Secret Stock Deals
Happening in Real Time.

I'll tell you how that's possible.

And also why on that day someone spending $777 million – more than three-quarters of $1 billion – on shares of Visa caught my eye.

scroll GA_02 VISA

I'll show you how I targeted a basic trade on Visa. And why it played out exactly as I expected.


Because this isn't an anomaly.

Take a look at what happened on January 31.

There ya go…

$85.9 billion in stock purchases. Each deal negotiated in secret.

scroll GA_03scroll GA_03scroll GA_03

A total of 411,790 transactions.

But none as intriguing as an anonymous investor spending $1.6 billion to buy shares of Microsoft.

scroll GA_03

That put Microsoft on my radar. 

And look at how the trade I pinpointed worked out.

microsoft C_03

Jump back further to January 9.

A stunning $92.6 billion was secretly spent on stock deals.

Altogether, 395,811 transactions.

scroll GA_04scroll GA_04scroll GA_04

These aren't small companies – and these aren't small deals.

Yet they were done without alerting an army of stockbrokers and analysts on Wall Street. Or the supercomputers they have at their fingertips.

So how was I able to discover that someone secretly ponied up $297 million to buy shares of Merck (MRK)?

scroll GA_04

I can't wait to tell you how.

merck C_04

And also how I was able to target this trade on Merck that generated 105% gains in just 7 days.

Now, turn the clock all the way back to December 16 of last year.    

352,055 secret transactions were made. And $124.9 billion was spent making them.

Someone invested $9.7 million in Renewable Energy Group (REGI).

scroll GA_05

And look at this.

Someone else ponied up $23 million for AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC).

scroll GA_05

Each of these transactions was invisible to you, your friends, family, neighbors… and most importantly – almost all of Wall Street.

But not me.

I locked in on Rite Aid (RAD) after someone anonymously made a $5.1 million share purchase.

scroll GA_05

And I identified another opportunity for another triple-digit winner.

rite aid C_05

This was possible because I can see these "secret" deals happening in real time.

That's right.

Of the 7.8 Billion People That Live on This Planet…

And the 327 Million Living Here in the United States…

Only 110 Companies in the World Can Access This Data in Real Time.

I told ya… this is C-R-A-Z-Y!

Here's something even crazier.

I'm only able to see these deals happening in real time – thanks to one of the FBI's most famous informants.

I recruited him to help my team… to open the right doors for me.

And since last October 24, I've been using what I consider the greatest competitive advantage you could possibly have to show folks just like you how to get what is rightfully theirs.

4up chart GA_07

I began sharing this information with 50 lucky individuals.

My Strategy Has Already Given Them the Chance to Pocket Total Gains of 1,359%.

And that's adding everything up, even the plays that went against us.

And I'm not slowing down.

Bull market, bear market, crashing market… there are ALWAYS opportunities to make money.

If everything plays out right – this could help you pocket a 100% windfall every nine days on average.

I even have two trade targets lined up for you after this presentation. Each has triple-digit upside.

So you're going to want to see this for yourself right now.

Let's put those four days I highlighted back up on the screen – February 4, January 31, January 9 – and finally, December 16.

scroll GA_08

There we go.

For each day, I targeted one specific deal.

scroll GA_08scroll GA_08scroll GA_08scroll GA_08

Four very different companies. And I targeted them on four different days, applying the same technique I'm going to demonstrate ahead.

Tell me if you can spot a pattern.

Notice how none of these stocks went up on the day of their big, secret purchases.

Weird, right?

But now look.

Two or three days later – they all popped.


Remarkable, isn't it?

It's almost as if those anonymous investors had a head start before Wall Street found out what they were up to.

And look at what those trades paid out.

Total Gains of 492%.

Each trade would have taken no longer than seven days on average.

And just so you know…

These secret deals are happening every day of every week of every month…

They're happening now – and they'll keep happening…

It's been this way for years.

And I've been showing people a way to take advantage of these secret deals over and over again – while everyone else is watching their 401(k) disappear.

The Fact Is on Average – on Any Given Day… 42% of All Stock Market Transactions Are Invisible to You. 



42% of all shares being bought and sold – are being bought and sold in secret.

That means…

This is not a part of some conspiracy or grand cover-up. No need to get out that tin foil hat.

It's much simpler than that.

This is a 100% legal, competitive advantage. The biggest one I've ever seen.

And it's about time you were able to benefit from it.

Look at it this way.   

Remember when Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100-meter dash?


He beat this guy by 13-hundredths of a second.

That's actually less time than it takes to blink your eyes.

The race was that close.

Now, let’s talk hypothetical…

What if that 2nd place runner discovered an obscure rule buried in the rule book? And by some miracle, that rule allowed him to start the race 42% closer to the finish line than everybody else?

usain bolt clip GA_11

Do you think he beats Usain Bolt now?

Of course!

Should the runner use that competitive advantage?

Absolutely, positively, yes. Yes, he should.

If the rules allow you to gain a competitive advantage – you should absolutely use that competitive advantage – no matter how unfair it may seem.

Because if you don't, somebody else will use it to beat you.

After all, who has the competitive advantage in this situation?

The swimmer floating peacefully in this ocean, who can't see what's hiding in the dark waters below?


Or the shark lurking underneath, who sees it all?

Listen, we all know different stocks behave differently for different reasons.

But the one thing ALL stocks have in common is that they ALL have a finite number of shares.

So if 99.99% of investors believe a stock has 100 million shares available for trading…

Then they find out 20 million shares were secretly sold two days earlier…

The law of supply and demand can kick in.

And those shares can instantly become more valuable.

Well, right now, because of the Dark Pool transactions…

And without real-time access to this data, you'll always be at a disadvantage.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Because an extremely small group of people are using this sensitive information to their advantage – big time.   

Including me. 

I had my team build a very special kind of algorithm.

scroll GA_12

It sifts through the hundreds of thousands of secret stock transactions that are happening every day.

It would be impossible for one, two, or even 1,000 people to do this on their own.

Before going live with it, we backtested over 350,000 examples.

We kept fine-tuning the algorithm…

Hunting for the precise combination of factors that signaled which stocks could pop from these secret purchases.

chart 2up GA_13

Notice how they stay nice and quiet after these deals are made.

Nobody seems to care.

Not a peep the day after either.

Then, two or three days later or so…

They pop. Almost out of the blue.

After cracking the code, I was ready to put my strategy to work with some everyday folks.

Never did I imagine what would happen next…

I'll Say It Again – Total Gains Stand at 1,359%.

This is why I'm constantly targeting these secret deals.

And I've developed a unique way to take advantage of them…

chart 2up GA_14

So let's answer one of the big questions.

Why are some people allowed to make these secret deals with complete anonymity? 

Deals that clearly give them a competitive advantage in a bull market, where they could purchase shares of the most in-demand stocks – possibly at much lower costs – than everyone else?

And these same deals present another competitive advantage in a bear market.

They can bet against stocks before they could collapse, simultaneously enriching themselves and protecting themselves from market pullbacks.

Why are these secret stock deals okay?

Well, think about this…

When some big, powerful investor or institution suddenly buys a bunch of stock in a company and Wall Street finds out – what can happen? 

It can send investors into a frenzy, grabbing shares as fast as possible – driving prices through the roof.

There's a reason why this very scenario has been nicknamed "The Icahn Lift."

icahn lift GA_15

Named after billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

There was a time when just the rumor of him investing in a stock was enough to significantly move its share price.

So how can someone like Carl Icahn or Warren Buffett make a large stock purchase without setting off the alarms?


How can Barclays, for example, buy 15 million shares of Disney without that information leaking to the public and jacking up the price – costing Barclays possibly tens of MILLIONS of dollars?


How can a large company perform a massive stock buyback – or how can a pension fund invest its sizeable resources – without other investors jumping in and driving the costs through the roof?

The answer…

They get some help from "friends" in high places.

Have you ever heard of Sigma X? Probably not.

That's Goldman Sachs's private exchange.

If you can't use it – or don't even know it exists – then it's a secret side of the market, right?

You bet.

Credit Suisse operates a private exchange called CrossFinder.

Merrill Lynch calls theirs Instinct X.

Morgan Stanley named theirs NightVision.

I think that name is pretty cool, actually.  

And it's fitting, because these private markets are classified as Dark Pools.

Ooohhhh, Dark Pools. Sounds so scary.

Lots of people would like you to think that.

dark pool books GA_16

Dark Pools have actually been accused of "rigging the U.S. stock market."

And THEY ARE rigging the stock market. Rigging it against you!

Understand, Dark Pools exist for one reason.

To give billionaires, hedge funds, and institutions the freedom to secretly buy hundreds of thousands – (even millions of shares) of any stock they want…

At any time they want…

At the best possible price.

Good luck getting these stocks at cheaper prices.

These guys don't even have to pay those pesky fees like you do when you buy shares in your favorite companies.

Dark Pools are like private clubs where the rich and powerful do secret deals with secret prices that give them a secret, competitive advantage over you.

And This Is All 100% Legal.

Here's your proof.

rule 611 GA_17

Back in 2005, the SEC introduced a collection of new rules and regulations, including Rule 611.

That's when the modern age of Dark Pools really began.

Originally, the SEC believed Dark Pools would "strengthen price protection for stocks," while promoting "fair and non-discriminatory access and market efficiency."

All sounds great, right?

Especially this part.

According to the SEC, "Rule 611 reinforces the fundamental principle of obtaining the best price for investors."

rule 611 quote GA_17

But clearly, they didn't mean all investors.

Because only 110 companies in the country have real-time access to these Dark Pool transactions.

I'm Shelling Out Big Bucks Every Day to Get My Hands on This Data.

It's Worth Every Penny and 10 Times More.

Because this data gives me a massive competitive advantage over almost every investor on the planet.

And this competitive advantage is only getting bigger…

Last December 31 – the final day of 2019…

$72 billion traded hands on the Dark Pools.

333,804 stock deals. Each invisible to almost everybody.

And one of these deals stood out from the crowd.

Somebody forked over $70.69 million for the Health Care Select ETF.

scroll GA health care select GA_18

Ticker symbol XLV (in case you're wondering).

I made my move.

As expected, the stock initially stayed relatively quiet.

Then it shot up.

It was a 107% winner in 12 trading days.

chart health care select C_36

On January 6 – my Dark Edge Algorithm went hunting through the $100 billion that was spent on 380,648 anonymous stock deals.

The one that caught its attention was a $207 million purchase somebody made on Lowe's stock.

scroll GA_19

The day after I recommended it – Lowe's stock actually pulled back.

Hey, that happens.

And I didn't care – not one bit.

Because once the market miraculously got excited about Lowe's, that opportunity became a 106% winner in just two days.


On January 7, my Dark Edge Algorithm was at it again.

It searched and searched through the $87.5 billion worth of stock purchases made on Dark Pools.

Altogether, it analyzed 363,311 transactions.

Kansas City Southern (KSU) was the belle of the ball.

scroll GA_20

They own 6,300 miles of railroad across North America.

And this play became a 54% winner nine days later.


On January 17, my Dark Edge Algorithm was going crazy over Johnson & Johnson.

4.2 million shares purchased in a single day for this one company.

And for the folks I shared that trade with, that led to another quick winner.

100% in 12 trading days.


The Health Care Select ETF, Lowe's, Kansas City Southern, and Johnson & Johnson…

They have about as much in common with one another as oil and vinegar. 

Doesn't matter. Never does. I don't care if these companies sell yo-yos, semiconductors, electric cars, or lollipops.

Here's what matters:

Altogether, these four plays were able to deliver total gains of 365%.

And each trade only lasted nine days (on average).

As I mentioned earlier, we kicked this off on October 24…

And adding everything up, we've delivered 1,359% total gains, and that figure even includes a few trades that went against us. There weren't a lot, just a few.


No one is bulletproof against losses.

But there is no denying the sheer power of the advantage that I have.

That's how real money is made.

Is this fair? Absolutely not.

But this has nothing to do with what is – and what isn't – fair.

We all know society doesn't operate on an equal playing field.

The richest 1% of Americans now control 40% of all U.S. wealth. 


And the ones who didn't inherit their money from mommy and daddy – the ones who are actually self-made…

They got rich by using any competitive advantage they had at their fingertips.

And now, you can finally benefit from the same competitive advantage they've been using against you.

You can ride the tide alongside them when everything is quiet…

Instead of after these stocks have already spiked – and you've missed the boat.

More importantly, you could pocket a 100% windfall every nine trading days (on average).

chart 2up GA_23

But why me? Why am I able to access these secret stock purchases in real time?

After all, I'm clearly not some Wall Street hotshot.

I'm a hardworking guy from a quaint Virginia town in the Blue Ridge Mountains called Radford.

Growing up, I never had a competitive advantage over anyone.

If anything, I was at a disadvantage

My dad worked hard at the local munitions plant – he even did some shift work…

My mom clipped coupons to help with the grocery bill.

And since I was 10, I mowed lawns so I could earn my own spending money.

When I left that small town, my original career path took me pretty far away from Wall Street.

I spent 15 years working as a chemical engineer for DuPont.

pic of DR young_dr

My expertise was in complex systems.

I actually led the startup team for the country's first uranium waste processing system.

Later on, my small water company worked with Richard Branson to build the desalination system he uses on Necker Island. That's his private island where he entertains celebrities and politicians.

Eventually, like a lot of us who are married with kids, I started thinking about how to make my money work for me so I could better provide for my family.

At nights, I was studying technical analysis and those really complicated stock market indicators traders talk about on TV.

After a while, I realized I could apply my particular skillset to a different type of engineering: financial engineering.

I co-founded a hedge fund and was the COO for 12 years.

I started getting invited more and more onto Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg Radio, and other financial shows. I even have a permanent weekly guest analyst spot on the highest-rated business show on national television.

And my book, Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, became a New York Times bestseller.

DR book GA_25

But even though I was aware of Dark Pools from my hedge fund days, I still wasn't able to access them and see those massive stock deals in real time.

That is, until I recruited a secret weapon to help my team.

Someone who was once an FBI informant.

You may remember a few years back…

When a dual U.S.–Russian computer programmer named Sergey Aleynikov was arrested for copying Goldman Sachs's high-frequency trading code.

sergei article GA_26

And then uploading that code to a server in Germany.

He was attempting to – and I quote – "manipulate the market in unfair ways."

sergei article GA_26

The arrest of Mr. Aleynikov made front-page news everywhere – New York Times, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, Reuters

But here's what the media failed to mention.

The FBI Didn't Catch Mr. Aleynikov on Their Own.

They had help from a brilliant computer data scientist who had access to every Dark Pool and could identify any type of mysterious moves taking place on them.

He led the FBI directly to Sergey Aleynikov.

When I first got word of this, I knew I had to meet this FBI informant for myself.

It wasn't the easiest thing to do. He wasn't allowed to reveal his identity for many years.

But when we met, it was obvious ours would be a match made in heaven.

His expertise with Dark Pools and his real-time access to these secret trades, and…

My expertise in financial engineering and technical analysis.

We immediately went to work building an algorithm to hunt for the Dark Pool deals that could signal which stocks could pop the fastest.

We backtested and backtested.

Then it was time to put it to work in the real world.

Perfect example: January 10, 2020.

$86.6 billion worth of secret stock deals appeared on the Dark Pools that day including:

For the next few days, these stocks inched along. Then, they popped as if Wall Street suddenly caught wind of all these secret deals.

6 up of charts GA_28

This wasn't a coincidence.

Okay, I've given you the big picture.

Now it's time to give you an inside look at my Dark Edge Algorithm.

This will answer a big question you might be asking right about now.

If hundreds of thousands of secret stock deals are being made every day…

How Do I Determine Which Is Going to Have the Greatest Impact on That Stock's Price…

Once the Rest of the World Finds Out?

I'm not going to bore you with a long discussion about computer programming.

These four groups of formulas make up the essential components of the algorithm.

algorithm GA_59

Here's what they actually do.

algorithm GA_68

The Dark Edge Algorithm first identifies the real hottest sector (or sectors) of the stock market.

I say real because 42% of all stock market transactions are happening in secret – in Dark Pools.

So chances are, your favorite pundit on your favorite financial news show – or your friendly stockbroker or money manager – has no idea which sectors are the hottest at any moment.

My algorithm is designed to track where all the money is really moving – factoring in the Dark Pool deals.

Next, it helps identify the hottest stock or stocks inside that sector.

algorithm GA_30

If you've been investing for a while, you might have heard the term Relative Strength before. It's basically a measure of how much momentum a stock has compared to others like it.

There are two problems with this old-fashioned approach.

pie chart GA_50

My algorithm helps solve both of these problems. It assigns a different kind of relative strength percentage to each stock – one that is weighted more on the future than the past.

It also factors in the Dark Pool activity.

Lastly, it implements a final safety measure.

And this is just more common sense.

Who do you think has more confidence in their investment?

Someone who secretly buys 1,000 shares of a stock?

Or someone else who buys 500,000 shares of a different stock?

You know the answer.

That's why my Dark Edge Algorithm specifically looks for clusters of large block trades, where we typically see hundreds of thousands of shares of a specific stock trading hands on Dark Pools in a single day.

Let's look at this in the real world.

On December 27, the semiconductor sector was red hot.

Inside the semiconductor sector, AMD was clearly the standout.

scroll GA_31

Its relative strength was 13%.

Meaning it was primed to move 13% faster than its peers.

My algorithm just needed the final confirmation, and it got it.

12.9 million shares of AMD were secretly purchased on Dark Pools.

Time to strike.

My trade target was identified.

And what happened next?

The stock didn't do much at first. Then, suddenly it did.

It spiked, delivering an opportunity to grab a 100% winner in six trading days. 

amd C_52

On January 6th, it was Lowe's.

Hottest sector?


Its relative strength?

Primed to move 25% faster than other stocks in its sector.

And the final item to check off the list?

1.7 million shares secretly purchased that day on Dark Pools.

scroll GA_31

Check – check – check.

Then I found the perfect trade target. And it wound up delivering 106% gains in 48 hours.

lowes C_53

On January 31, it was Microsoft.

Hottest sector… check.

Relative strength?

Set to move 25.8% faster than other tech stocks.

lowes C_53


And once my algorithm detected 9.5 million shares had traded hands on Dark Pools – it was time to act.

scroll GA_32

For the next 48 hours, the stock went nowhere.

Then, it popped like a cork from a champagne bottle.

124% gains in just THREE trading days.

microsoft C_54

Take a closer look at those three charts again.

3up of charts GA_33

Triple-Digit Gains…

But Those Stocks DID NOT Move Triple Digits.

So what's going on here?

If you haven't figured it out yet, I have another competitive advantage.

These gains are generated using very basic options trades – nothing complicated.

If you're familiar with options, I don't need to tell you what's great about them.

Not only do they give you the chance to bank gains that are 10 times, 50 times, even 100 times bigger than trading the stocks straight up…

But they're also much – MUCH – MUCH cheaper.

As in for every $1 you would normally have to risk investing in shares of a stock, you might only need to risk a penny trading options on that same stock instead.

That's a win-win in my book.

Options aren't that hard to understand.

When you buy shares of a stock, you own that asset, but the only real benefit you get is from those shares moving up in price.

With an options contract, you aren't really investing in the stock. So you don't own the asset.

Instead, you're investing in just the price movement of that stock. Up or down. That's important. You can choose to bet on a stock or against it.

And each options contract lets you benefit from the price movement of 100 shares of stock at a fraction of the cost.

I'll show you.

On December 10, 2019…

Over 300,000 shares of Best Buy (BBY) were secretly purchased for around $82 a share.

scroll GA_43

So were 4.8 million shares of Apple (AAPL) that were bought for $266 a share.

scroll GA_43

A week later, on December 17, exactly 511,409 shares of Cigna (Cl) were secretly picked up for $193.

scroll GA_43

A week after that, on December 27, a whopping 12.9 million shares of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) were quietly scooped up for $46 apiece.

scroll GA_43

No one – except for the people who had access to the Dark Pools…

Knew that any of these secret purchases were being made – and that those shares were secretly being taken off the market.

Now look at what happened. For the next 48 hours, these stocks barely moved.

But then, like a herd of gazelles being startled by a pride of hungry lions…

They all took off.

4up of charts GA_34

Now let's say that you had my Dark Edge Algorithm working for you, and it had flagged those four deals as they were happening.

Here's what it would've cost to buy 100 shares of each of those stocks.

chart GA_60

And here's what it would've cost to buy just one options contract on those same 100 shares.

chart GA_60

You're saving 99% or 98% of your money.

Wow, right? Your money goes a lot farther with options. 

It gets even better.

Here's how much those shares could've paid you over the course of four days (on average).


Compare that to each of these select options contracts.


Wow again.

Total Gains of 18% for Those Stock Deals
464% from These Options Contracts on Those Same Stocks.

That's like juicing your gains 25 times.

So you can use options to outmaneuver the big investors and big institutions who are using their big competitive advantages in these Dark Pools to grab tiny gains from stocks.

And I like that.

You should too.

Does this make me immune to losing?

Of course not…

Even I don't have a crystal ball… 

So I can't promise that you'll never lose trading this way, because you will.

However, when you can literally see the 42% of the stock market that is hidden from you – where that money is moving – and when, in real time…

You Can Have an Undeniable Competitive Advantage over the Masses.

And even if you've never traded options before, I can show you how to trade like a pro in no time and make money like you've never made money before.

I know it's not easy when the economy suffers like it's doing right now.

After experiencing almost 11 years of a historic bull run, it was only a matter of time before things got dicey in the markets.

And the coronavirus was the spark that ignited this wildfire.

So it's natural to feel uncertain about your portfolio, your 401(k), and your retirement savings.

My Dark Edge Algorithm can help give you the peace of mind you deserve.

It's designed to make you money when the market is falling off a cliff or even before a stock is about to get pummeled.

Because my Dark Edge Algorithm is designed to work just as well in reverse.

It can help me find the worst sector, the worst performing stock in that sector, and where there's been a huge drop in Dark Pool trading for a particular stock.

You have the opportunity to make money from that too.

Case in point: November 27, 2019.

The retail sector was in the dumps.

The ugliest stock of the bunch was Wayfair. It was primed to plummet 36% faster than its peers.

scroll GA_35

I targeted a basic options trade that bet against Wayfair.

As expected, Wayfair dropped, and that pick produced a 102% win in six days.

wayfair C_59

Jump ahead to January 17.

The energy sector was the ugliest of the bunch.

And Marathon Petroleum was the ugliest stock inside that sector.

The target? A simple options trade that bet against Marathon's stock.

The trade went off as expected, the stock collapsed.

And a 100% winner was delivered six days later.


I can't stress this enough…

42% of All Stock Market Activity Is Now Happening in Dark Pools.

And Only 110 Companies Are Able to Access the Transactions That Take Place on These Dark Pools Every Day.

I can see these secret deals happening in real time.

Which means I can see 100% of all stock market activity.

If you want to continue investing in stocks, blind to what's happening in these Dark Pools…

That's your decision. I'm not going to stop you.

Just know that the odds may never be in your favor, statistically speaking.

Remember, since last October 24, the people who've been following me and my Dark Edge Algorithm have had the opportunity to grab total gains of 1,359% and pocket thousands of dollars in extra cash every few days with little to no effort.

4 up of charts GA_62

But enough talk…

If you'd like a shot at making 100% gains every nine trading days by exploiting a side of the market that has been kept hidden from you… 

I'd like to invite you to join…

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Below you'll see a list of every Dark Pool market in America.

There are 53 of them.

53 dark pool exchanges List_05

Each one is controlled by a huge investment bank.

And so on.

Every day, on average…

400,000 secret stock purchases (on average) are initiated on these Dark Pools.

For Too Long, Powerful Investors and Institutions Have Used Them to Gain a Competitive Advantage over You.

That Stops Right Now.

My Dark Edge Algorithm is designed to do what nothing else can…

Record, aggregate, and prioritize every private stock purchase that's made each day.

This Is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage.

On September 6, Hurricane Dorian ripped through the Caribbean, resulting in an estimated $3 billion in damages.

hurricane dorian GA_64

It was a day most people spent glued to their TVs, watching the news. And investing when that kind of natural disaster strikes was probably the furthest thing from their minds.

However, it didn't slow down the action in Dark Pools.

That day, $67.2 billion worth of secret stock purchases were made, including:

These stocks all trade in different sectors.

They don't have much in common.

Except what happened next.

Nothing for 48 hours…

Then they all took off like a stampede of buffalo. 

3 up of charts GA_38

Striking when everything is nice and quiet before a big run-up is possible when you have real-time access to Dark Pool trades.

Just like that you can make money when the market is dealing everybody else a bad hand.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you what happened on March 4, 2020.

With the coronavirus spreading rapidly across the U.S., the DOW dipped nearly 1,000 points.

DOW chart C_73

But the Dark Pools didn't slow down…

They lit up like a Christmas tree, especially on Carnival Corp. (CCL).

chart scroll carnival GA_63

Seemed like there was a lot of interest in dumping shares in the largest cruise company in the world. 3.3 million shares were traded fast on Dark Pools.

My algorithm flagged this activity. And I immediately shared a trade target to the small group following me. 

Carnival tanked, and that trade produced a 100% windfall in just 24 hours.

carnival chart C_74

Bull market, bear market, or flat market – from now on, you're going to see where the real money is moving.

And you're going to know how you can use it to your advantage.

Three Days a Week…

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday…

We Will Meet in Our Dark Edge Trading Room.

Dark Edge Virtual Trading room WYG_01

These live video sessions will begin promptly at 10:35 a.m.

And they will last for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Once they get going, it will be all action, all the time.

I'll boot up my camera. You'll be patched directly into my video feed.

Then you'll witness my Dark Edge Algorithm kick into high gear.

In a split second, it will compile every transaction from all 53 Dark Pools.

Then it will use that intel to determine which sectors and stocks are the hottest – which are the coldest – and which are signaling they could be ready to pop once Wall Street catches wind of these secret deals.

Suddenly, you'll see the 42% of the market that's been hidden from you – with 20/20, crystal-clear vision.

Let's pretend you were a participant in my original beta test.

And we'll say it's last November 6.

Here's how you could've collected this 100% winner in seven days on AMD – Advanced Micro Devices. I've targeted this stock quite a bit.

amd C_75

First, you would've joined fellow members in the Dark Edge Trading Room.

virtual trading room trade automation WYG_01C

And when the live session began, you would've seen this.

The semiconductor sector was on fire that day.

virtual trading room trade automation WYG_01C

Now that we've found our hottest sector – it's time we find our hottest stock.

The Dark Edge Algorithm will run those complex formulas I shared earlier – assign a relative strength percentage to each – and identify the winner.

dark edge screener GA_45

AMD was that winner.

Finally, the algorithm confirms that there are large clusters of AMD shares trading hands on Dark Pools, usually we're talking well over 100,000 shares.

It beat that mark by a stretch.

20 million shares of AMD traded hands.

So yeah – that's a pretty strong signal.

All of this research and analysis will be right there on your screen.

And then I'll identify a very basic options trade you can make.

I'll walk you, step by step, through setting it up.

And here's something BIG that I didn't mention before.

I'm going to show you how to automate these trades.

This way, when the time is right – you can automatically deposit any winnings in your account.

And minimize your losses.


With AMD, you could've set up the trade, and seven days later, your 100% winner could've been automatically deposited in your account while you went about your day.

Your life doesn't have to revolve around trading – or waiting by your computer for the perfect moment to exit a trade.

Once you follow my instructions and automate the trades, you won't have to.

Isn't that great? I think so.

And if you're new to trading options – that's no problem whatsoever. I have something special for you.

I'll get to that in a few moments.

During these live trading sessions – you can fire off any questions you have. I'll see them. Everybody else in the room will too.

We're all in this together. All on the same team.

I might address your question – maybe another member does.

What tends to happen is that people start to get to know each other.

So yeah, there will be a lot of trade talk.

But there's gonna be jokes. We'll probably discuss the news and how that could impact the market.

This will be a lot of fun. And it's going to be very exciting.

When we have time – I'll even do a Dark Edge Evaluation

You tell me what stock you're looking at and I'll show what kind of Dark Pool activity is taking place on that stock – in real time. 

Remember that only 110 companies have access to this data – and now, so will you.

It looks like this on screen:

There will be some sessions where you have three, four, five, or more chances to collect triple-digit windfalls.

The Dark Edge Algorithm will guide us. 

We won't chase anything – but we will capitalize on every opportunity we can.

reverse DE trades WYG_02

And I bet this will be a quick favorite of yours.

I'll also recommend "Reverse" Dark Edge Trades.

That's where we'll target the weakest sector and the weakest stock inside that sector, where at least 100,000 shares have been SOLD on Dark Pools.

And we'll use a basic options trade to bet against that stock. 

Like on February 19, 2020, when my algorithm detected 1.7 million shares of Qualcomm (QCOM) being sold on Dark Pools.

This was right after the algorithm turned bearish due to the growing coronavirus outbreak…

The stock was already on the edge of tanking.

I recommended an easy trade…

Qualcomm tanked – and that trade delivered a 100% winner in 48 hours.


During the live sessions, I'll give you all the information you need if you want to set up every trade.

action alert WYG_04

But if you miss a session, that's okay.

Each will be recorded and archived so you can watch at your convenience.

Plus, whenever I recommend a trade, I'll immediately email you a Dark Edge Action Alert.

Open it up and you'll find all of my research and findings for that trade – my risk assessment – my profit projections and step-by-step instructions.

It's all streamlined.

And let's be honest – you've got a busy life.

website WYG_05

So I've made it really easy to add a reminder to your calendar for every live trading session. 

Just push a button on the Dark Edge Project's website – pick your calendar – Google, Outlook, I've got all the big ones programmed in – and you'll be good to go.

I also strongly – and I mean strongly – recommend you take advantage of my Cell Phone Alerts.

phone alert WYG_06

If you prefer, you can actually do everything from your cell phone.

I'll text you before every Dark Edge Trading Room session begins. You'll be taken straight into the room – from your cell phone.

I'm also more than happy to text you after I email a Dark Edge Action Alert.

You can read that alert on your cell phone.

You can even make the trade from your cell phone.

And I'll text you again, when I email you a Windfall Reminder.

If you followed my original instructions and set up the trade to automatically cash you out, then this will remind you to check your account to see how much money you made.

windfall reminder WYG_07

But if you are someone who likes to do everything yourself, no problem.

Follow the simple instructions in your Windfall Reminder to close out the trade on your own.

Now, in the business world, M&A stands for mergers and acquisitions.

With the Dark Edge Project, it stands for "motivation" and "accountability."

The excitement of the live trading sessions will be pretty motivating.

But once a session is over, I encourage you to work with other members to find your own trade targets.

With my Dark Edge Screener, you’ll have key data I put together on the hottest sectors, the strongest stocks in that sector and the major Dark Pool trades – I’m putting it all on our private, members-only website for you to use.

You can take this data and put it to work with members in our Dark Edge Debriefing Rooms.


With the Dark Edge Screener, you could give yourself one, two, three, (or more) triple-digit windfall opportunities every week.

Now listen to this…

On your cell phone or computer – you can easily set up your own local chapter of the Dark Edge Project.

set up chapter WYG_09

You can invite members who live near you to meet up at any spot you'd like – a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, it's your choice.

Get together. Talk about the trades. Everybody can share their own approaches to the market.

hotseat WYG_10

Make some new friends.

You can arrange meetups in a few moments or organize your own group online.

So let's talk accountability. 

Every Thursday, you can put me on the Hot Seat.

This is a different kind of live video session.

Sure, I'm going to perform a complete review of all of our open trades in the model portfolio – that's a given.

But really, I want you to constantly hold me accountable for every trade I recommend and decision I make.

progress report WYG_11

I've got thick skin. I can take it.

And there will be rewards for this.

Big ones.

Every Thursday, I will send you a Personal Progress Report.

It takes maybe a minute to fill out.

It will list the trade recommendations from our sessions that week.

You can check off the ones you acted on. No big deal.

This is all up to you. You don't have to fill anything out on this progress report.

This is for your benefit.

You can't make money if you don't participate. Use these weekly progress reports to hold yourself accountable.

And this can be pretty motivating too.

It certainly was when Gary Ross and Ryan Miller each reported banking SIX 100% windfalls in just over a month. 

And when Larry Mason notched his SEVENTH triple-digit windfall.

And Kevin Reamus, his EIGHTH.

Martha Hiller, her NINTH.

And Clarence Fruman, his TENTH.

I also include a place in every progress report for you to share your thoughts and suggestions.

If there is a feature you'd like to see on the website or something else you believe can help you succeed, tell me.

I created the Dark Edge Project for you.

And if at least half of all members fill out their weekly Personal Progress Reports

I will reward all of you.

You will unlock a bonus, live trading session that Friday.

Yes, I am going to host an extra special session strictly for folks like you who take this venture seriously.


That could be another one, two, three, or more triple-digit windfall opportunities every week.

A bonus trading session is a pretty good reward, don’t you think?

I’ve got so much more in store for you.

I’ve actually built a Dark Edge Rewards System.

That's right. You're going to receive points for hitting milestones and collaborating with other members.

Points you can redeem for all kinds of great perks like gift cards and special events. Really, there's going to be tons of stuff.

And it's easy to earn points.

Attend a live trading session – you get points.

I mentioned those Dark Edge Debriefing Rooms.

Well, when members post their own trading ideas in them – other members will vote on those ideas.

The winners each day will earn points.

If you launch a local chapter – that means more points.


You'll see all the ways you can earn these points when you get going. 

But I'll tell you one more now.

I've created an interactive training series called Dark Edge: Declassified.

Each video is fast-paced and focuses on the most important things you need to know now.

You'll understand Dark Pools.

What they are and why they exist.

I'll explain how my team, which includes one of the world's most famous FBI informants, was able to build this algorithm – and why it can be so effective.

If you're new to trading options, you're going to receive an accelerated boot camp.

It will help transform you from a beginner to a pro in no time.

I love options, because you never have to risk more than $50, $100, no more than $500 on any given trade.

The folks in my Dark Edge beta test experienced this firsthand.

In the Dark Edge: Declassified series, you'll learn how to set up your account to trade options.

We'll cover everything.

Including how to automate your trades…

This way, you are automatically cashed out when the time is right…

To help limit your losses…

And automatically deposit any winnings you have coming right in your account.

You will earn points for every video you watch in this series.

Now, it's time to get down to business.

You are officially invited to become a founding member of the Dark Edge Project.

package shot

I'm not limiting the amount of people who can join. No cheap marketing tactics like that.

I want to help as many people as possible. And I believe in the power of the network effect.

Meaning the more of us there are – the more money we can make together.

I'll admit, I've had a good bit of success over the years.

Since joining Money Morning, I've delivered some of the biggest gains this business has quite possibly ever seen.

And I've provided thousands of hard-working Americans an opportunity to make a ton of money along the way.

And that was BEFORE I could access every secret stock purchase taking place every second of every day across all 53 Dark Pool markets.

It's something that has given me a competitive advantage over almost every other financial professional I can think of in America.

After giving members of my original beta test a shot to capture total gains of 1,359% in a matter of months, now I'm ready to bring this to even more people.

I want to make it extremely easy for you to win.

I want you to feel confident you can dedicate just a tiny piece of your portfolio to this at first or even paper trade it until you are ready. 

And then use any winnings from your first trades to pay for your entire membership and then some.

I'm not a gambler or big risk taker.

So when I conducted that original beta test, I recommended participants only risk a few hundred dollars per trade.

And everything played out perfectly.

When you come out of the gate like that, it's really motivating.

And another thing I should mention: During the beta test, I only shared about two trades a week.

That didn't stop Ryan Miller from banking SIX triple-digit windfalls in seven weeks.

Or Clarence Fruman from locking in 11 triple-digit wins – all 100%+ winners.

But with the Dark Edge Project, we're taking things to the next level.

No more two trade targets a week.

There's going to be days where you receive three, four, five, or more opportunities in a single live trading session.

And there will be three sessions a week.

And I'm not waiting for the next live session – I have your first two trade recommendations ready to send your way right now.

Each could make you 100% or more in a matter of days.

I'm all about motivation.

There is a button below. Click it, and it will take you to a short order form. 

You'll see the incredible Founder's Membership rate I'm authorizing for you.

But First, Let Me Tell You About My 1,359% Guarantee.

As you know, my original beta produced total gains of 1,359% over the course of about five months.

So I want you to remember this day. Mark it down.

One year from now, if our recommendations don't add up to 1,359% total gains…

Call my team up immediately.

guarantee WYG_17

You'll receive a 100% refund on your membership. Every penny. 

1,000%, 1,200%, 1,358% – it doesn't matter. If I don't hit that 1,359% mark, I don't deserve your money.

But I'm not really worried about that guarantee.

I plan on beating that mark by a country mile.


And I have one more reward for you.

This might be called the Dark Edge Project, but every year, we're going to get together somewhere warm and sunny for a retreat.

I'm already eyeing the Reach Key Resort in Key West, Florida, the Jade Mountain in St. Lucia, a few prime locations in California, and some other really great spots.

What a great opportunity for everybody to meet each other, network, and hear each other's stories.

I'll teach you some more of my trading tricks in person.

Frankly though, I look at this as a great excuse to celebrate our success together.


So we're going to have a lot of fun.

You will receive an invitation for you and a guest for every retreat.

And when you arrive, make sure you bring your Gold Membership Card.

You'll receive extra special treatment from the moment you arrive, until the very end of our annual getaways.

So let's get started. 

Click the button below and secure your Founder's subscription to the Dark Edge Project.

If you have any questions about the service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 855-509-6600 or 443-353-4770 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: WBFWW507.

Your first two trade targets are ready to go.

I'll meet you on the dark edge.


D.R. Barton, Jr.