Alpha-9 Summit
Trading Legend Tom Gentile Reveals His Latest Breakthrough

MIKE: Hi. I’m Mike Ward, founder of Money Morning.


Welcome to our Alpha-9 Summit.

And let me just say: GET READY

Because what you are NOW SEEING – directly behind me – has NEVER been seen before.

Today, we are broadcasting from INSIDE the underground Command Center of trading legend Tom Gentile.

This is truly unprecedented. Because, look, even though Tom has reigned at the top of Wall Street’s trading game for 25 years

Only 12 people have ever set foot in this space.

In fact, until now, Tom has expressly forbidden cameras and recording devices.

And folks, even if I gave you the exact address, you couldn’t get in here with a battering ram.

This place is locked down tight.

And with good reason.

The secrets hidden inside these walls are priceless.

Tom has made millions, right here in this very room.

And today, he’s let us inside, so he can announce a major breakthrough

A breakthrough nine years in the making…

A breakthrough only possible when you combine artificial intelligence-based neural networks with processing speeds approaching 15.8 billion calculations per second.

From what we’ve seen so far, I can tell you this...

You are watching the birth of a financial revolution, right here in front of your eyes.

I’m talking about the dawning of a whole new era in trading… for the first time ever – Tom is ready to help put raw, unprecedented trading power behind individual investors… folks like you.

Now listen, folks, this won’t be the first time Tom Gentile has completely disrupted the financial industry.

In fact, back in 2009, Tom sold his first trading system to a big Wall Street firm for untold millions.

And, listen, I’m talking about retire-on-the-spot money, OK?

Fortunately, Tom did NOT retire. Instead, he and his team of data scientists went back into the lab. 

Over the last nine years, they’ve poured millions into Research & Development.

And today, Tom is here to reveal his masterpiece.

It’s called Alpha-9...

There it is, about five feet behind me…

Part supercomputer...

Part artificial intelligence...

And part quant-trading algorithm.

It operates at 15.8 gigaflops. In other words, it can conduct a staggering 15.8 billion calculations per second.

Plus, it possesses a proprietary sequence-matching protocol that can spot hidden trading patterns that are invisible, not only to the human eye, but to every other computerized trading platform on the planet.  

Because of this unprecedented combination of raw computing power, blazing processing speed, and other-worldly intelligence

Alpha-9 is able to generate what Tom calls Double-Your-Money trades every single day of the week, Monday through Friday.

A DOUBLE-YOUR-MONEY trading opportunity, every day the markets are open.

In other words, if you’d had the benefit of Alpha-9 just last week, you could have made a trade, every day, Monday through Friday. And closed them all out for big wins all within a couple weeks.

For example, you could have pocketed $2,775 on Monday’s trade

$2,575 on Tuesday’s trade

$4,350 on Wednesday’s trade

$3,125 on Thursday’s trade

And $2,975 on Friday’s trade.


It’s amazing! With just one week of Alpha-9, you’d have the chance to be $15k richer right now.

And get this: Alpha-9 doesn’t care if the market is going up or going down. In fact, it might work best when stocks are falling.

Plus, anybody can make these trades…

You don’t need a college education. You don’t need a high school degree. You don’t need any special training…

All you need to do is hit a few buttons on your computer or phone, sit back, and watch the opportunities roll in.

And listen, here’s the best part: You can do this all in just five minutes a day.

Talk about freedom. Talk about independence. Talk about loving life, right?

Like I said, folks, this is the beginning of a new era, and what you’re going to see will absolutely blow your mind.

With that said, joining us now is Tom Gentile…   

Tom, I’ve been in this business for 25 years, and I can remember your name ringing out from the beginning…

You’re the real deal – a bona-fide legend…

You’ve been called America’s #1 Pattern Trader so many times I can’t remember.

And it’s no surprise. You’ve made millions, right here in this very room.

You’ve made so much money, that you own properties all over the world, including a home in sunny Florida. A summer home by the Hudson River in New York. And a private estate on the coast of New Zealand.

This is fascinating. Tom, look, I just read an article about New Zealand in Forbes Magazine

As it turns out, billionaires are swarming the place.

And you’ve made so much money, so fast, that your New Zealand estate is surrounded by the rich and famous.

In fact, your mansion is just down the road from billionaire venture-capitalist Peter Thiel, the guy who founded PayPal. 

I_01 Peter Thiel

Even Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, a guy worth over $50 billion, is eying property next to your estate.

I_04 Jack Ma

Birds of a feather flock together. And Tom, there’s no doubt. You belong in that club.

Now, in addition to being a legendary trader, you’re also a best-selling financial author of 12 books.

And to top it off, you’re a regular TV guest, appearing on CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Fox Business.

Tom, welcome. And thanks so much for inviting us into your War Room.

Pic of Tom

TOM: Thank you, Mike. It’s my pleasure.

MIKE: Now, Tom, you’ve got a history of disrupting the financial sector.

In fact, back in 2009, you and your team of scientists developed a trading system called Platinum-1.

And you sold it to a Wall Street firm for millions upon millions.

TOM: That’s right, Mike. Our platform was revolutionary and completely disrupted the industry.

MIKE: That’s amazing. And yet, you feel your new breakthrough, Alpha-9, is better.

TOM: Mike, I’d say it’s way better. It’s gotta be 10 times better – at least.

Think about it. Technology has made quantum leaps in the last decade.

Blinding speed. Raw power. It’s a whole different world. And we can do things today that seemed impossible back in 2009.

MIKE: Bloomberg, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal have all predicted that artificial intelligence would disrupt Wall Street one day.

News Fly ons

And clearly, that day has arrived.

Now, Tom, you developed Alpha-9 with your team of data scientists and programmers.

Is this the same team that developed your previous breakthrough? The one you sold to Wall Street for millions.

TOM: That’s right. And let me say, my team has a combined 112 years experience in software design, mathematics, and even missile navigation.

In fact, these guys climbed the ranks at organizations like NASA, Texas Instruments, and Raytheon.


They spent years developing Air Flight Control Systems, Missile Guidance Technology, as well as Radar Tracking Devices.

Air Flight Conrtol Systems, missle guidance tech, radar tracking devices b-roll

MIKE: So what you’re saying, Tom, is these guys are, real rocket scientists?'

TOM: That’s right. Award-winning rocket scientists, to be exact. Between them, they hold 11 patents issued by the U.S. Government.

MIKE: Incredible. And you’ve asked your scientists to come in today. In fact, we’re going to meet a couple of these geniuses in just a moment, so they can break down the fascinating science behind Alpha-9.

By the way, Tom, I noticed that Morgan Stanley just hired an Ivy League computer scientist to head up their new artificial intelligence effort, so it looks like they are following your lead. Goldman Sachs brought in an AI expert from Amazon, and JP Morgan is getting into it as well.

So let me go ahead and ask you...

Given that you sold your first trading breakthrough to Wall Street for mega-millions, if one of these big Wall Street firms – say Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley – if they offered you $100 million or even $200 million for Alpha-9, would you sell it?

TOM: Not a chance, Mike.

Not a chance in the world would I sell this to Wall Street.

Not for $100 million.

$200 million.

Not even for $300 million.

I stopped needing money a long time ago. I’ve made millions upon millions. I’m not saying that to brag, I just want people to understand my motivations.

I want to give people a way to achieve freedom, independence, and total control

I want to help people start living a retirement lifestyle, TODAY, not 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

MIKE: And you believe that with your new breakthrough, Alpha-9, you can show ordinary folks how they can become millionaires in a year’s time?

TOM: There’s no doubt in my mind. And I’m here today to prove it

Alpha-9, for the first time ever, is going to help me put raw unbridled trading power into the hands of individual investors.

I want to show people watching today how they can trade their way to a million-dollar nest egg in a year’s time.

And you know what, Mike?

I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever set my mind to. I do not fail. And I’m gonna make this happen. Starting today.

If folks had special access to Alpha-9, just last week, they could be $15,800 richer right now.

And when you do that day in and day out... when you start seeing the opportunity for Double-Your-Money trades every day, Monday through Friday…

Well, you could be sitting on $1 million in a year’s time. And I’m here today to put my name behind that claim.

Remember, it only takes about five minutes a day to make a trade, so I think for folks with real ambitions, that’s a piece of cake.

MIKE: Tom, that’s incredible. Do you have to get every trade right? I mean, that seems like a tall order…

TOM: That’s the beauty of it, Mike.

When you’re hitting a trade every day, you don’t have to get ‘em all right to have a real shot at sitting on $1 million in a year’s time.

And let me be clear: Not all our trades double. Some can triple. Some can quadruple. Some may go up 75%. Others 65%. Some possibly may not go up at all. Some may end up in the red. And just because something works in the past, doesn’t mean it’ll work going forward. There’re no guarantees in life or in trading.

But it doesn’t matter.


And this is critical. The key is to hit a trade every day.

It only takes five minutes, and if you do that, you could be sitting on $1 million in a year’s time.

MIKE: Tom, so what you’re saying is, Alpha-9 can generate a Double-Your-Money opportunity every day. Now, I gotta tell you, that sounds incredible, and for some of our audience, it may be hard to believe. So let me ask you…

Can Alpha-9 really do that?

TOM: That’s why my programmers back here are so elated.

I just got the latest indication that Alpha-9 could have generated a Double-Your-Money opportunity every single day… for two years running.

MIKE: Is that the spreadsheet you just got?

TOM: Yes it is. And it’s extremely exciting. In fact, it takes this opportunity to a whole new level.

That’s why my team is pouring over millions of data points and reams of historical data in an effort to see how many days in a row Alpha-9 was able to generate a Double-Your-Money opportunity.

Mike, we’re going to prove this is NOT an anomaly. We’re going to prove Alpha-9 is able to generate a Double-Your-Money opportunity every day.

And, like I said, we know it goes back at least two years. But we have a sense that it could truly be a stunning number.

I mean, imagine how rich you’d be if you’d played a Double-Your-Money opportunity every day for the last two years. The last three years. The last five years.

And imagine just how much more money you could make in the year to come.

MIKE: I guess you’re not exactly chained to your computer or office, Tom…

Mike, I can go anywhere in the world, simply by hitting a few buttons on my smartphone or laptop, I can place one of my Double-Your-Money trades at will. 

Now, for most folks, one trade a day is enough. And, as I said, one trade a day could have you sitting on $1 million in a year’s time.

But here’s the thing: Alpha-9 is so powerful, if I feel like it, I can hit multiple trades in a single day.

Take a look at this, from just the other day...

I could have rolled out of bed, and made a trade at breakfast that ended up making me $4,525.

$3,025 on my way to the gym.

$3,175 at lunch having a shrimp cocktail and a beer.

Another $2,975 before my afternoon massage.

And Mike, I could have taken my boat out, and traded for another $6,250 while cruising the Florida Keys.

MIKE: And Tom, all those trades, they were launched on a single day?

TOM: Absolutely. And you could have been $19,950 richer by working no more than five minutes at a time between all those fun activities.

MIKE: And you’re going to show our viewers how they could do exactly the same thing?

TOM: Yes, I am. Right here. Right now.

Imagine how good it would feel to have total freedom. Independence. And control over your life.

No stress. No hassles. Just crisp, cool cash, anytime you want it.

I’d like to call it a retirement lifestyle, but you’re going to get a chance to pocket so much money every day, it’s not exactly retirement!

I’ve experienced this for myself. This is my reality.

And I want to share it with others.

MIKE: Well, Tom, we’re grateful for this opportunity. And already, this is creating a buzz around the financial community. In fact, Tom…

TOM: Hold on a second, Mike. So, I just got the next round of results from my team. They’ve been pouring over millions of data points and historical trading data. As of right now, they’re confirming that Alpha-9 could have generated a Double-Your-Money trade, every day for the last three years

Take a look…

Trade Everyday Spreadsheet

That’s 753 days in a row...

MIKE: That's amazing, Tom…  

TOM: Mike, folks watching now have a chance today to change their lives forever.

I’m talking about reaching out and taking control of their destiny. I’m talking about reaching out and claiming the financial freedom, independence, and abundance that's their birthright.

The time is now, Mike. People have to decide how they want to live for the next 10, 15, 20 years, and beyond. 

MIKE: Tom, can you show us what makes Alpha-9 so devastatingly accurate?

TOM: Sure, for decades – Wall Street has pushed the idea that gaining financial independence comes with years of personal sacrifice.

MIKE: The idea is, if you work a job for 30 years, pinch pennies, and invest in a 401(k), one day you’ll have enough money to finally relax and retire.

TOM: Now, I’ve got a big problem with that…

First of all, it sounds like a lot of hard work. Slaving away like that. No, thanks.

Second, it takes forever! By the time most people are able to finally financially retire, they’re too old and worn out to really enjoy themselves.

The time to live life is now. Not later.

And there’s a third problem… the biggest problem of all…

If you’ve got your money in a 401(k), an IRA, or a mutual fund… you're pretty much stuck with buy-and-hold investing. And that leaves your future up to the whims of the market.

MIKE: So you’re offering people an alternative.

TOM: Yep, and it’s sitting right here…

Alpha-9. A one-of-a-kind trading phenomenon. It is designed to generate Double-Your-Money opportunities, every day in the market while it's open.

MIKE: Can you show us how it all comes together, Tom?

TOM: Sure. As you know, as a stock moves across time, it leaves a trail of data.

This data generates a variety of indicators and patterns, all of which analysts use to pinpoint opportunities.

I’m talking about Bollinger bands, moving averages, and candle sticks, to name a few.

Now, all of these have been used for decades to time the market and generate trading signals.

MIKE: But Tom, aren't those all lagging indicators?

TOM: Exactly. In some cases, you've got to wait weeks to analyze the pattern and generate a trade.

So, while these work well for longer-term plays, it’s nearly impossible to hit fast, quick trades with daily Double-Your-Money potentials.

That’s why, about nine years ago, my team and I decided to throw out the old and create something entirely new.

What we did is create our own proprietary set of pattern indicators

We call them Alpha Channels. They consist of nine different parameters.

MIKE: So, not only have you taken trading to a whole new level, you’ve created a whole new trading universe. 

So Tom, how do Alpha Channels work?

TOM: Great question, Mike. And there’s no better man to answer it than my Chief Scientist and Lead Programmer, John Sanderson

MIKE: This is really exciting, folks. John is the genius data scientist who helped Tom develop Alpha Channels.

John has 44 years of software development experience. In fact, he climbed the ranks at NASA

And is a world-renowned expert in Aircraft Flight Control Systems.

John also won several awards for Platinum-1, the system that Tom and his team developed and sold to Wall Street for millions of dollars.

MIKE: Welcome, John.

John headshot

JOHN: Thank you, Mike. Yes, that's right. I have 44 years of software experience, and was at NASA where I specialized in Aircraft Flight Controls and Missile Guidance.

MIKE: That's incredible, John. Well, tell us about these Alpha Channels.

JOHN: Well, Tom had three main goals.

First, he wanted to find a way to eliminate the lag associated with most technical analyses. In other words, he wanted to convert trading signals into trades any investor could make fast

Second, Tom wanted to create a system that could make money in up markets or in down markets with strictly limited risk.

And finally, he wanted to generate daily plays where everyone had the potential to double.

MIKE: So Tom had a vision, and you helped bring it to reality.

JOHN: That’s right. And basically, we use least-squares data mining and parameter identification to isolate an algorithm with nine distinct variants.   

Each Alpha Channel consists of momentum, suppression, and velocity trends

And, of course, attached to each distinct Alpha Channel is a probability threshold that allows us to pinpoint trading opportunities.

MIKE: So what exactly does that look like, John?

JOHN: Let's take a look. On the upper range, you've got what we call a Suppression Boundary. On the bottom, we've got what we call a Launch Boundary.

Suppression and Launch Boundary

And then, every second of every day, you’ve got constantly changing time variants.

Here’s where it can get complicated.

A single stock generates a MINIMUM of 23,400 Alpha Channels every day the market is open.

23,400 Alpha Channels

We focus on S&P 500 stocks. All 500 of them. So that’s 11.7 million Alpha Channels per day.  

MIKE: That’s a lot of activity, John…

JOHN: Yes. Lots of activity.

And it gets even more complicated because we evaluate our Alpha Channels in 12-day periods. So over 12 days, and 500 different stocks, all of them creating 23,400 patterns a day… you’ve got a minimum of 140 million Alpha Channels.

Consequently, any single Alpha Channel is invisible to the naked eye. And because Alpha Channels are proprietary, they are also invisible to every other trading platform on Wall Street.

MIKE: So, in other words, John, what you're telling me is no one else is doing this?

JOHN: That’s right.

Now, we made a breakthrough discovery regarding Alpha Channels. We found that when three specific Alpha Channels lined up in a very specific way, it gave us the signal we’re looking for.

MIKE: So that’s, what, three Alpha Channels out of roughly 140 million?

JOHN: Yes. That’s exactly right. Now, again, I can’t tell you which three Alpha Channels I’m talking about.

But for our purposes, I’m going to call these three Alpha Channels:

And Alpha-Sideways.

Alpha Up down Sideways

Here’s what we found. When these three specific Alpha Channels line up in a very specific way, they form a highly accurate trading signal.

You see that? 

You’ve got the Up Channel and the Sideways Channel lining up in perfect unison, and then stacking on top of the Down Channel.

MIKE: And what does this mean?

We call this a Triple Stack Compression

And it means that the price of the underlying stock is artificially suppressed in a major way. In other words, it’s poised for an explosive and violent surge upward.

Again, it’s when the three Alpha Channels stack.

Alpha Up down Sideways

Now, it can’t be just any three channels.

It must be these specific three channels… that’s three channels out of roughly 140 million Alpha Channels generated during any 12-day period.  

And keep in mind, all of these 140 million Alpha Channels are constantly shifting, merging, and colliding to form even more patterns.

To you and me, the whole thing looks like this...

MIKE: That's impossible for the human eye to decipher… 

JOHN: And impossible for Wall Street's trading software to spot.

So, the trick is spotting the Triple Stack Compression, in real time.

And Tom is going to show you how we do that.

MIKE: You know, John, that's incredible. And by the way, congratulations on Alpha-9. This is a monumental achievement.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

MIKE: Now, as John explained, the Triple Stack Compression indicates an imminent and explosive move to the upside. Tom, why is that?

TOM: Good question, Mike.

Remember, we only want to trade S&P stocks.

These are big companies with massive market caps. Put the S&P 500 stocks together, and you are looking at roughly $25 trillion in market cap. 

That’s a tremendous force. And keep in mind, these stocks can trade over 100 million shares in a single day. Sometimes in massive blocks.

Consequently, you can see billions shift behind a single company in a matter of hours.

MIKE: That's a lot of power, Tom.

TOM: And as a result, the pressure that builds up under the Triple Stack Compression is staggering…

Over one day... over two days... over three days... with every passing second, the pressure is getting more and more intense.

By the time the Triple Stack Compression pattern forms, the pressure has hit critical mass.

It simply can’t be restrained. And the stock can only go one direction.


TOM: That’s right, Mike. And the stock must release the pressure.

In other words, it must make a move. And when you get $5 billion$10 billion… even $20 billion in market cap flooding into that move, we're talking about the potential for an explosive surge to the upside.

Fast and hard. 

MIKE: Now, Tom, can you show us exactly what you mean?

TOM: Absolutely. Here we have Alpha-9 scanning the market. Monitoring the chaos, when up pops a Triple Stack Compression.


See it there. In this case, the stock is Hewlett-Packard.

Now watch. The Triple Stack is formed. The pressure builds. And when the stock makes its turn, the volume comes in...

And the stock can only do one thing: move fast and hard to the upside.

Folks who played the Alpha-9 signal could have pocketed $2,500.


Here’s another example: This time, the Triple Stack forms in Macy’s. See it there?

The stock is artificially suppressed. And, sure enough, here comes the volume rushing into the stock.  


Folks could have pocketed $3,150


And here it is again. This time the Triple Stack appears in Visa. See it right there.

And like clockwork, the volume rushes in as the stock surges.

Folks could have pocketed $2,675

MIKE: So I think I get it, Tom. You spot the Triple Stack Compression, and then make the trade to exploit an upward move.

TOM: YES. And if the laws of physics hold, the upward move is inevitable.

When this much pressure is built up under the stock, the stock MUST make a move. And in this case, THE MOVE IS UP.

It’s a virtual certainty. And we knew this nine years ago.

The problem was, by the time you could get the charts, decipher the charts, spot the pattern, and generate a trade, the opportunity was long gone.

Remember, there are a minimum of 11.7 million Alpha Channels generated every single day the market is open. And 140 million Alpha Channels over any 12-day period.

MIKE: That would get hard to keep track of…

TOM: Exactly. It would be impossible for a human to keep track of. Heck, Wall Street’s trading platforms can’t even see it.

And it gets even more complicated. Because all of these Alpha Channels are constantly overlapping, merging, and colliding to form even more patterns.


TOM: That's right. Indecipherable to the human eye. Indecipherable to Wall Street software.

MIKE: And I guess you never know exactly where the Triple Stack Compression could show up?

TOM: It could hit anywhere. We don't pre-select the stocks. We want to trade when the Triple Stack Compression shows up. 

So we don't know in advance where it will appear.

MIKE: And with over 140 million patterns, all colliding, finding the Triple Stack Compression is like finding a needle in a haystacks.

TOM: Exactly. For a human, it’d be impossible.

Fortunately, my team members are EXPERTS at using technology to find needles in haystack.

Remember, Mike, these guys have a combined 112 years’ experience in software design, mathematics, and missile navigation.

Finding needles in haystacks is what they do...

And Alpha-9 is designed to find that needle in the haystack.

To help show you how the Alpha-9 spots Triple Stack Compression patterns…

My Chief Software Engineer, Ray Baxter, is joining us.

Ray Baxter Headshot

MIKE: Quick background on Ray. He’s got 38 years of software experience. In fact, he was a Senior Fellow at Raytheon where he was an expert in Missile Navigation.

He also worked on Military Technology and developed software programs to support our National Defense.

Ray, I guess that makes you a rocket scientist, as well…

And you helped Tom develop the software that allows Alpha-9 to find the needle in a haystack. 

Do you feel your work in Military Technology and Missile Guidance has translated into finding invisible Alpha Channel Patterns?

RAY: Oh, absolutely. And again, this took a team of scientists about nine years to create, so, believe me, it was a real team effort.

MIKE: And you guys have 11 patents between you, all protecting your proprietary property. That's simply amazing.

Now, can you show us how Alpha-9 finds the needle in a haystack?

RAY: Sure thing. Mike, Alpha-9 is written in a server-side scripting language known as Hypertext Preprocessor.

At the same time, it runs at about 15.8 gigaflops. In other words, Alpha-9 can conduct 15.8 billion calculations per second.

MIKE: That’s a lot of speed and power.

RAY: Well, Mike, anything less just wouldn’t work. Remember, a single stock can generate a MINIMUM of 23,400 Alpha Channels every day the market is open.

And because we focus on all of the S&P 500 stocks, that’s 11.7 million Alpha Channels per day.  

Factor in our 12-day cycles, and you’re talking 140 million Alpha Channels, all colliding, merging, overlapping, and forming new patterns every second.

And hidden inside those 140 million Alpha Channels is our needle in a haystack.

MIKE: The Triple Stack Compression.

RAY: Yes, that’s exactly right. Now, a human can see the Triple Stack Compression for one stock. Maybe two or three at a time.   

But the thing is, we don’t follow individual stocks. We monitor 500 stocks, every day, all day, and all at the same time.

MIKE: No human can do that.

RAY: By the time a human trader spotted an opportunity, the trading opportunity would be long gone.

That’s why Alpha-9 is so critical.

Now, we’ve armed Alpha-9 with an artificial neural network, as well as a proprietary sequence-matching protocol.

Put it all together, and Alpha-9 is able to do something that Wall Street’s analysts simply cannot do.

In short, it can spot hidden trading patterns that are invisible to the human eye. 

Remember, Alpha Channels are proprietary. They’re designed to be completely invisible to Wall Street’s trading software as well.

MIKE: So Alpha-9 is the only way to trade these Alpha Channels. And you've cornered the market, so to speak.

And Alpha-9 monitors the entire S&P 500, in real time. As it happens. Every second of every day.

RAY: Exactly. And when a Triple Stack Compression forms anywhere in those 140 million patterns, Alpha-9 can see it immediately.

And as a result, Alpha-9 generates a trading signal that Tom quickly analyzes and converts into a recommendation with a Double-Your-Money trade, every single day of the week.

What you see is Alpha-9 scanning the market. Now, it looks like total chaos to us, right?

But here’s what Alpha-9 sees...

triple stack compressions chart

MIKE: The Triple Stack Compression

RAY: Yes. There it is again, clear as day. And I believe Tom is going to show you how he turns these Triple Stack signals into Double-Your-Money opportunities.

MIKE: Ray, thanks so much for joining us. It’s a rare treat to meet not one, but two rocket scientists in the same day.

RAY: My pleasure.

MIKE: And by the way, I want to point out that Tom believes anyone can use these Triple Stack Compressions to become a millionaire in a years' time. Isn’t that right, Tom?


TOM: That’s correct, Mike.

MIKE: OK. So can you show us what happens when Alpha-9 spots the Triple Stack Compression?

TOM: Sure thing.


Right here we’re looking at a Triple Stack Compression in CenturyLink.

Now, Mike, we don’t care a lick about CenturyLink. We don’t care about its PE ratio. Or its Book Value. Or any of that. 

All we care about is that CenturyLink is in a Triple Stack Compression. In other words, the stock is under extraordinary pressure, and ready to bolt hard and fast to the upside.  

In this case, Alpha-9 spotted the opportunity in a flash. Now, when Alpha-9 shows me the Triple Stack, I issue a trade recommendation which folks can receive on their phone or email.

CenturyLink surged to the upside, and folks could have seen a fast 273%. That’s good enough to pocket $6,825.

MIKE: $6,825 for about five minutes' work. That's amazing, Tom.

TOM: Yep. Here’s another example.

This time the stock is Exxon. And there’s the Triple Stack. The stock surges. Folks could have seen a 114% gain.


Good enough to pocket $2,850.

MIKE: Seems so easy.

TOM: It’s actually extremely complex. But Alpha-9 does all the heavy lifting.

Anyone who wants to can make these trades. Just click a few buttons, and that’s all she wrote.


Let’s try one more. See the Triple Stack. There it is, in Ross Stores. And you’re looking at what could have been a 167% gain. Good enough to pocket $4,175.

MIKE: Tom, that's incredible. Tom, it seems so easy. And I…

TOM: Just a sec, Mike. We have another update. And I can confirm, right now, that Alpha-9 has generated what could have been a Double-Your-Money trade, every day the markets are open, for the last five years. Incredible.

That’s a trade for over 1,250 days in a row. And they’re just going to keep testing to see how far back we can go.

MIKE: You know, Tom, that's absolutely amazing. So, Tom, to recap, when Alpha-9 spots the Triple Stack Compression, it tells you that the stock is under tremendous pressure to uncoil to the upside.

So all you would do is buy the stock and collect any profits that come your way.

TOM: Well, it’s even better than that, Mike. Way better… 

I’m able to calculate what I believe are the odds of each special Alpha-9 trade doubling… BEFORE I issue the trade.

So, you mean, on these special plays, you are able to calculate what you feel are its chances of doubling before the trade is even issued?

TOM: Yes. And, of course, I only issue a trade recommendation if the odds to double are 85%–90% minimum. If the odds are low, say 65%–70%, we'll take a pass.

So when the odds are in our favor, we strike.

And by the way, when I issue the trade recommendation, I share the odds to double with you so you’ll know, in advance, what your chances of a double on any given day could be.

MIKE: You know Tom, that’s almost like cheating. Is this even legal?

TOM: It’s 100% legal, Mike. And it’s not cheating. It’s using cutting-edge technology to give yourself a DOMINANT ADVANTAGE over other folks.

So, this is exactly why Wall Street paid millions for our first trading system. They wanted an edge.

Now it’s time to give individual investorsfolks like your viewers the edge.

And by the way, no one else can do this, Mike. It’s completely proprietary.

MIKE: You know, it's amazing. I mean, it creates such an edge for people with Alpha-9 on their side, it’s kinda scary.

TOM: And I’m telling you, knowing your odds to double BEFORE making the trade sure takes the guess-work out of the game.

MIKE: In just a moment, you’re going to show folks how they could be sitting on over $1 million in a year’s time. But first, you’re going to show us how it works.

TOM: Yes. Let’s do that.

So, as you can see, Alpha-9 monitors the market. Scanning 140 million Alpha Patterns.

Now, here is what a human eye would see. Same with Wall Street trading platforms. Gibberish, right?


But here’s what Alpha-9 sees...


A Triple Stack Compression, this time in Best Buy


See it, clear as day. And it tells us that Best Buy is ready for an explosive surge to the upside

Folks who played this could have seen a 232% gain and pocketed $5,800.

And this just goes on, day after day after day.

Here’s another play. This time, Alpha-9 should have spotted a Triple Stack Compression in CBOE


Folks could have pocketed $5,325.

Mike, when you have trades like these designed to Double-Your-Money, day after day, the wealth can really build up fast.

Here’s another example. This time in MotorolaAlpha-9 scans the market data, and there it is.


Motorola surged, and you could have hit a 147% gain and pocketed $3,675.

MIKE: It just keeps going on and on. That’s truly amazing.

TOM: And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Alpha-9 is designed to spot a Double-Your- Money trade every day the market is open.

Just take a look at the recent wins Alpha-9 should have spotted.

MIKE: You know, day after day after day… on and on and on like clockwork.

This just goes on and on...

TOM: Mike, if you added up all those wins up, you could be sitting on $122,200. And that’s after just four weeks’ worth of trades.

MIKE: Do that for a year, and you can be a millionaire and then some.

TOM: Well, I don't have a crystal ball so I can't guarantee gains like these will repeat.

But, Mike, it gets even better. Because Alpha-9 isn’t limited to just one trade a day.

Some days, we find up to five or more with Double-Your-Money trade potential.

Check out what we found the other day.

A Triple Stack Compression on five different companies. Folks could have pocketed...

C_19 C_21 C_23 C_25 C_26

Mike, that’s $19,950, all taken in one day. 

MIKE: This is like clockwork. Daily trades that can double your money.  

And you say you can make these trades from practically anywhere in the world?

TOM: That’s right, Mike.

And let me tell you, when you can make money – up to $3,000, $4,000, or even $5,000 a day – right off your phone or computer, it opens up a whole new world.

In the last year, I've made quick, fast trades from some of the most exotic places in the world… and I never stop finding ways to make money, no matter where I am.

MIKE: Now, Tom, look, you sold your first breakthrough to Wall Street for a mega-million sum.

And you believe this new breakthrough – Alpha-9 – is even better.

TOM: It’s 10 times better, Mike. Only this time, I’m not selling to Wall Street. I’m here to show how ordinary folks can turn into millionaires.

MIKE: Well, Tom, this is amazing. You’ve made millions, right here from this very room.

You’ve helped scores of regular folks rack up big wins fast. Take a listen to what some of your followers have to say… 

"I just hit the $54,000 mark in my account in roughly four months. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. God Bless you Tom. I hope I get to thank you in person someday!"
Richard Hunter - Cumming, GA

"This week, I made $36,700. I’ve doubled my account in 50 days."
Dave Pinewood - Medina, OH

"I’m recovering from bankruptcy, but I have made $100,000 in the last 11 months. I love Tom. He’s my guy!"
Linda Spangler - Hudsonville, MI

"$20,374 in just 19 days... but the confidence and empowerment are as important as the money!"
Carly Morrison - Hobe Sound, FL

"We made $14,500 on a single play – an absolutely great trading day!"
Sally Wakefield - West Jordan, UT

"You are the best. I’ve made $70,000 in my first month with you. You have changed our lives."
James West - Conroe, TX

MIKE: Tom. You're making a whole lot of folks a whole lot of money. A big congratulations. Alpha-9 is truly incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

TOM: That's because there is NOTHING like it, Mike. Let me be clear: I created Alpha-9 to help ordinary men and women who want to enjoy freedom and financial independence, RIGHT NOW TODAY, even if they haven’t saved a penny in their 401(k).

Look, I’ve made millions over my career. I don’t need more money. What I want is to create a legacy…

When people remember me 50 or 100 years from now, I don’t want to be remembered as the guy who helped Wall Street pocket trillions of dollars.

I want to be remembered as the guy who helped ordinary folks become millionaires in a year’s time.

MIKE: And you’re here today to make folks an extraordinary offer. Unprecedented, really.

TOM: That’s right. 

Today, I’m launching a new research service called Alpha-9 Trader. 

And Mike, I’ve got one objective: Give ordinary folks a shot at millionaire status in the next 12 months.

MIKE: Is Alpha-9 Trader open to anyone?

TOM: Mike, it is.

But because of the trading imbalances it’s going to create, I’m going to have to limit the number of people I accept today.

MIKE: Tom, we’ve got about 2.3 million folks invited today. 500 slots is a tiny fraction.

How are you going to decide who to admit?

TOM:Like anything else, the cream rises to the top, Mike. First come, first served.

This is for decisive people who know in their hearts they want freedom, independence, and the chance to become a millionaire in a year’s time.

With that in mind, we’ve set three criteria that can help people determine if they have what it takes to be an Alpha-9 Trader.

MIKE: And you’ll give us the three qualifiers in just a moment.

First, what can they expect to receive when joining Alpha-9 Trader?

TOM: Great question. Let me tell you how it will work.

Every day, our Alpha-9 system will scan the S&P 500. It’s going to scan and analyze over 11.7 million Alpha Channels, each and every day.


And when a trade signal emerges, and a trade opportunity is identified, I will analyze it and confirm the trade.

MIKE: And then you'll send the trading instructions…

TOM: Via phone or email.

And, in addition to the trade, I'll also send the trade's odds to double so folks can know their chances BEFORE they make the trade.

Members review the information and if it’s right for them, they can simply forward the information to their broker, or enter the trade themselves via online or phone.

MIKE: So they get a new trade recommendation every day?

TOM: That’s right. Every day after the markets open, members will receive a new Double-Your-Money trade opportunity with specific instructions… delivered to their email or smartphone. Of course, my team and I will monitor each and every trade.

And when it comes time to close out the trade and take any Double-Your-Money profits, we’ll send notice to their email or smartphone.

All very easy. 

MIKE: It’s like paint-by-numbers. I can see how the wins could add up really fast.

TOM: Mike, I’m going to show folks how they could be sitting on $1 million in a year’s time.

But listen, this is just the beginning. We’re going to go so much farther…

And here’s the best thing: I want this to become your lifestyle. I’m looking for people who want to live well. That’s what Alpha-9 Trader is about.

You can make these trades in about five minutes a day, and your life is yours.

You could do what you want, when you want, however you want.

If you want to travel, do it.

You want to relax on the beach, do it.

MIKE: And if you want to sit on the couch all day and count your money, you can do that too.

TOM: That's right. Alpha-9 Trader is a doorway to freedom, independence, and total control.

I'm here to make it happen… all folks need to do is step forward and follow the plan.

MIKE: Man, it sounds so easy, Tom. And after all, you’re living proof of the trader’s life.

You’ve made so much money, you’ve got so many properties all over the world. You’ve got a yacht you zip down to the Florida Keys with. And it’s all because of trading.

TOM: I live the dream, Mike. And I want to make it happen for others. Right now.

Wow... So, I just got another update from my team.

They’ve been pouring over millions of data points, and they can now confirm – and this is mindboggling – that Alpha-9 was able to generate a Double-Your-Money trade every day the markets are open going back the last seven years.

MIKE: Oh my God, seven years, Tom, I'm just doing the math in my head, that's over 1,700 days in a row

TOM: It doesn't surprise me. In fact, I'm gonna have them stop now, because, I'm pretty sure that they could keep going back 10, 15, even 20 years.

Point is, going forward, folks need to get ready, because we’re going to be sending them a recommendation on a Double-Your-Money trade every day… Monday through Friday. And as the name implies, each trade has the potential to double their money, every day.

MIKE: Now, you are really serious about creating millionaires, aren’t you?

TOM: Dead serious. This is my personal mission.

And that brings us to what I consider the very best part of this entire opportunity.

MIKE: Oh, so there’s more?

TOM: A whole lot more. Like I said, Mike, the next part is the very best part. 

It’s really the core of my mission, and what we’ve been working toward the last nine years.

MIKE: Let’s hear it, Tom.

TOM: OK. And let me give you a bit of history on this. Back in the 1980s, there was a legendary trader by the name of Richard Dennis.

In fact, he turned an initial $1,600 grub stake into $200 million. And Dennis believed that ANYONE could become a millionaire trader, if they had the right instruction.

MIKE: I remember that story, Tom. He was so certain that he made a bet with a colleague. And the bet was, he would take a handful of ordinary folks, and turn them into millionaires.

TOM: Right, to get started, he ran an ad in The Wall Street Journal inviting anyone who wanted to be a millionaire trader to come forward.

About 1,000 people actually responded to the ad, wanting a shot at becoming a millionaire trader.

Of course, Dennis had to limit his program, pretty much like I’m going to do today.

MIKE: But the folks who got in were from all walks of life: An accountant. A school teacher. A kitchen worker. And even someone who was unemployed. All kinds of people. But none of them with any real investment expertise. They were all novices…

TOM: That's right, Mike. So Dennis put them all in a training program. Gave them some instruction. Some tools. And some very specific rules to follow.

The results were mind-blowing. In fact, over the next five years, all the novices earned a total of $175 million between them. 

MIKE: As I recall, one of them, a guy name Jerry Parker from Lynchburg, Virginia, not only became a millionaire – he made roughly $100 million before age 40!

TOM: Exactly, Mike, I want to do the same thing. I want to give folks all the tools and information they need to become millionaires. And I’ve created a one-of-a-kind approach to do just that: Alpha-9 Trader.

MIKE: Let's break it down for our viewers.

First, folks will get one Double-Your-Money trade recommendation, every single day, Monday through Friday.


MIKE: And they can get these recommendations delivered right to their email, or smartphone if they prefer. 

TOM: And if they like what they see, these are specific trades they can just forward to their broker. Takes about five seconds

Of course, my team and I will monitor the recommendation, and when it's time to take any profits, folks will get an alert telling them exactly what to do.


MIKE: But Tom, you're also taking things to the next level…

TOM: Absolutely. In addition to all those Double-Your-Money trading opportunities, we're going to give folks our Alpha-9 Trader Video Training Series.

Now, Mike, this is based on my 25-year career as a trader. I've taken everything I know and broken it into a series of five videos.

The series is designed to take complete novices and give them everything they need for a chance to become millionaire traders fast.


In this video series, I'll pull back the curtain, and show you exactly how real traders beat the pants off the general public

Folks will learn exactly how easy it can be to exploit trends and pick the market's pocket on a daily basis when they've got the one critical tool to get the job done.

MIKE: And you're also going to give people a copy of The Alpha-9 Trader’s Bible


TOM: That's right. This manual is chock-full of hard-hitting trading tactics and techniques – all my secrets. The very secrets I've used to make millions, right here in this very room.

MIKE: That is fantastic, but you're not stopping there.

TOM: You're right, Mike.

There's no substitute for live coaching. That's why I've also included the Alpha-9 Trader's War Room.

Every week, members will get inside my mind, as I show them how to trade live. You'll pick up little tricks and internalize the mindset of a millionaire trader


And remember, as a subscriber, you'll be getting a trading opportunity every day, so you can use these tactics yourself in real time.

MIKE: This sounds like a heckuva lot of fun…

TOM: It's a blast. And as you can imagine, there's going to be quite a bit of camaraderie among our Alpha-9 Traders.

And because there's nothing like rubbing shoulders with your brothers-in-arms, we're going to create an Alpha-9 Trader Network.


Every day of the week, our Alpha-9 Traders can go online and share stories, strategies, and revel in our wins.

MIKE: Now, that alone could take your trading game to a whole new level.

TOM: And it gets better, because in addition to weekly War Room gatherings, we're going to conduct annual Alpha-9 Trader Summits.


We'll all get together, in person, to meet, greet, and enjoy each other's successes, and trading strategies.

Locations for our first gathering are being discussed, but some of the options include Palm Beach, St. Barts in the Caribbean, and even the Big Island in Hawaii.

Finally, there's no substitute for direct feedback. And that's why we're setting up the Alpha-9 Trader's Hotline.


Think of it as a direct line to me and my team, a way for you to get the most popular trading questions answered fast.

MIKE: Tom, this is absolutely incredible. It's almost like you're paying people to get a chance to become a millionaire

Let me summarize...

Folks get a daily recommendation that targets a Double-Your-Money trade.

Shot of all premiums

Truly amazing stuff…

The question is, however, I mean, how much is this going to cost? I'm thinking $25,000 a year would be fair. Maybe even a bargain.

TOM: Mike, for what folks get, $25,000 would be a bargain.

But here's the thing, and I said this before: I don't need more money.

I want to create a legacy of giving people freedom.


And control of their lives.

In the process, I want to show ordinary folks how they can become millionaires in a year's time.

And I want this to be available to anyone and everyone who moves fast today.

MIKE: So, the price is not going to be $25,000.

Or even $20,000.

TOM: It's not going to even be $15,000.

For folks who get in now, while spots are available, they can take advantage of our entire research service for a very reasonable price.

It's so reasonable, in fact, that you could pay for the entire Alpha-9 program on the very first day.

MIKE: Given everything we've heard today, some might ask, why not just make it free?

TOM: It's a great point. And, I could do that. But here's something I've learned over my career, and it's especially true of successful traders.

To be successful, you've gotta be committed.

People who get something for nothing too often treat it that way.

When someone puts up a personal stake, even a modest sum, it shows commitment.

It shows resolve.

And it shows dedication to success.

In a magical way, it opens the flood gates to absolute abundance

That's the kind of person I want. Someone committed to becoming a millionaire.

MIKE: So with that in mind, Tom, what are the three characteristics necessary to become an Alpha-9 Trader today?

TOM: Rule #1: You must be Alpha-9 Trader material. That means you must be decisive. Alright, remember, you're going to get a Double-Your-Money trade opportunity every day. When the market recommendation is initiated, it requires fast, aggressive action.

MIKE: So people who hesitate, who want to think things over for a few days, this really isn't for them. In short, when you see an opportunity, you must be ready and able to strike

TOM: That's right. Rule #2 is you must trust the system. According to our research, Alpha-9 has the power to generate a Double-Your-Money trade every day for the last seven years. That's over 1,755 days in a row.

It strikes with near 90% accuracy. We have a game plan. And with it, you could be sitting on over $1 million in a year's time.

MIKE: So if you like what you see, you hit the trade and move on. It's as simple as that.

TOM: You got it. 

MIKE: How about Rule #3?

TOM: Anyone who becomes a member must honor our 'DO NOT SHARE' policy. Mike, my team has 11 patents between them. We poured nine years into Alpha-9.

You must honor our DO NOT SHARE policy.

And I believe what we have created is a breakthrough.

The trade recommendations it generates are for Alpha-9 Traders only. We don't want plays to leak out and jeopardize the gains for everyone else.

MIKE:That all sounds very reasonable.

But again, we have 2.3 million Money Morning readers, and with only 500 spots available today, I'm sure this will be a sell-out, fast

TOM: For the folks who move quickly, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We want to show folks how to become millionaires in a year's time.

MIKE: A millionaire in a year's time, now Tom, that's a big promise.

TOM: And to show you how committed I am, let me make a personal pledge and guarantee to anyone out there who thinks this might be for them.

You only get a few chances in life to make big things happen. And when opportunities present themselves, you gotta be decisive.

So, to make your decision a complete no-brainer today, let me promise you this...

In the next 12 months, I'm going to do everything in my power to give you the opportunity to become an Alpha-9 millionaire. So here's my iron-clad guarantee...


Go ahead and secure your spot as an Alpha-9 Trader today. In the next 12 months, I guarantee to give you a trade recommendation on average every single day the markets are open.

And let me be clear: Every single recommendation will be a Double-Your-Money trade with the potential to do just that.

MIKE: So that means you're guaranteeing people at least 250 Double-Your-Money trade recommendations in the coming year.

TOM: Precisely, and if you don't see 250 chances to double your money in a year's time, all you need to do is call my VIP Concierge team…

And I'll refund every penny of your subscription price. No questions asked

MIKE: Wow. That's about as fair as it gets. Actually, more than fair.

TOM: I think it is. But please understand: This is strictly limited.

Again, because of the nature of this opportunity, I can only open it up for 500 people today.

First come, first served.

MIKE: Tom, this really is an incredible offer.

Folks, listen: I've been in the business for 25 years, and I've never, ever seen an opportunity like this

Imagine starting tomorrow with Alpha-9 Trader and waking up in a year's time with over $1 million in your account

That's the potential at hand.

But we can only hold this open to 500 people today.

So, are you ready for your shot at becoming an Alpha-9 millionaire?

If so, hit the green button below, and you'll be able to review everything you'll get ahead of time. 

Study the page carefully.

But please remember, the spots are going to go fast, and I'd hate to see you miss out.

I'm Mike Ward. For Tom Gentile, and all of us here at Money Morning, thanks for watching, and have a great day.

If you have any questions about the service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 855-509-6600 or 443-353-4770 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: WALFV142.

December 2018